SasuSaku pairing

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Sakura peered out the window from her seat in first-class, watching the lights from the city below pass by. Being the red eye flight from Seattle to New York City should have meant that the pink haired girl was exhausted, but she found herself undeniably awake.

She slowly glanced around the small cabin of the plane and noted that there were only two others up front with her. Both appeared to be businessmen since they were dressed in suits and either working on their laptops or talking on their phones.

With bored disinterst she turned her head back around and once again faced the front of the cabin. She considered pulling her own laptop out, but decided against it. For some reason she felt content to just stare out the window even though the scenery wasn't much to look at, and once they were higher in the sky she wouldn't even be able to see the city lights anymore.

Sighing, she settled back further in her seat preparing for the long flight ahead. She didn't understand why her godmother had insisted that she take the red eye flight when she could have easily taken a later one tomorrow, but she didn't really mind. A part of her was excited to return to New York City.

'I wonder what Itachi's been up to.' She pondered breifly. 'He probably doesn't even remember what I look like.'

Although, she would imagine that her pink hair was probably hard to forget. She'd let it grow long in the years they'd been apart. It now fell past her waist in soft waves.

Most people would have found her hair difficult to maintain, but the truth was that she didn't do much with it, and although it was long it never seemed to get in her way. The only time she put it up was when she was volunteering at the hospital her godmother worked at.

Which brought her thoughts to the reason for the long flight she was currently on. Her godmother, Tsunade Senju, had recieved an offer to become the new Chief of Surgery at Konoha General Hospital where her parents used to work, and had promptly accepted.

The hospital had given her a month to make the move. They'd immediately started packing and sold their house just outside of the city in record time. Tsunade's first day wasn't until next week, but she wanted to give herself and Sakura time to adjust. She also needed the time to enroll Sakura in her new school, Konoha Acadamey. It was a pristegious private school that only the children of the cities wealthiest elite attended.

Seeing as how Sakura's parents left everything they owned to her upon their death,her godmothers well-paying job, and a scholarship for her perfect grade point average she could easily afford it.

Sakura frowned upon the thought of her parents, and immediately recalled why she'd had to leave New York City in the first place...

Sakura peeked at the man sitting next to her through her hair hoping that he wouldn't notice that she'd been starring at him for the past several minutes.

She felt a slight blush grace her cheeks at how beautiful the boy next to her was. With his long black hair that reached slightly passed his shoulders, dark mezmerizing eyes, and smooth pale skin that was the only word Sakura could think to describe him. Beautiful.

Almost as if he'd heard her thoughts the boy in question slowly turned his head and caught the small girl peering at him through her light pink tendrils. A small smile formed on his lips and he gave the girl his full attention.

"What is it, Sakura?" He questioned. "Do I look funny?"

The small girl immediately shook her head in response.

"No. Your pretty Itachi. Prettier than me."

He gave a small laugh, and placed a hand on her head ruffling her hair in an affectionate manner.

"Thank you, but I think your much prettier than I am."

"Really?" She asked gleefully.

"Yes." He promised. "But looks aren't everything Sakura. It's always better to have a kind heart and caring personality than looks."

"That's true I guess." she mumbled, wishing he'd keep telling her how pretty she was.

"However," he told her confidently. "your very lucky because you have both."

"Thanks Itachi!" She grinned up at him.

"Your very welcome." he laughed.

At that moment Sakura's parents, and Itachi's among others, walked out of the meeting room they'd been inside moments ago. Several doctors took off in multiple directions. Apparently something very serious had happened. Itachi and Sakura's parents walked up to them with very worried expressions on their faces.

"Itachi," Fugaku Uchiha addressed his son. "We need you to stay here with Sakura while her parents go take care of a very important patient. Your mother and I have another meeting upstairs to attend. Will you be okay for the next hour or so?"

"Yes. We'll be fine." He assured.

"Thank you for looking after her so much Itachi." Sakura's mother Mebuki said gratefully. "I know she can be a handful sometimes, but she's a good girl."

"Mom." Sakura whined next to him. "Your embarassing me."

Itachi chuckled and patted Sakura on the head once more.

"I don't mind Dr. Haruno. She's much easier to watch over than my younger brother Sasuke."

"Sasuke?" Sakura inquired, her face puzzled.

"Yes. He's your age." Itachi responded. "You'll be in the same class with him next year when you both start school."

Sakura made a disgusted face at the prospect of school, which caused everyone else to laugh.

"Well, thank you again Itachi. We really must go now. Our patient is in dire need of help and she's at least a twenty minute drive from here." Mebukie fretted, glancing at her husband Kizashi.

"We'll get there as fast as we can and do our best to help her." He promised, and then ushered her to the ambulance waiting outside to take them to their patient.

Sakura turned her head to watch her parents walk out the door and climb into the back of the ambulance with a small frown of worry on her face.

"Don't worry." Itachi whispered in her ear. "They'll be fine."

She turned to face Itachi and looked into his black eyes that held nothing but complete faith in her parents.

"What about the girl?" She asked. "Will she be okay too?"

"With your parents taking care of her I'm sure she'll be doing fine too. They're wonderful doctors Sakura. You should be very proud."

Sakura gave a firm nod of her head. People always told her what wonderful parents she had, and how lucky she was to be their daugher. She knew people respected them, and thus treated her with the utmost care. Everyone said she'd grow up to be just like her parents one day.

'I hope I'm just like them when I get older.' She thought to herself.

Jumping down from her seat Sakura grabbed Itachi's hand and pulled him up.

"Let's go get some food Itachi. I'm hungry."

"Okay." He said, then turned to his parents who had been watching him encourage the young girl with smiles on their faces. "I'll see you both after your meeting."

"Alright. Have fun dear." Mikoto waved as she and her husband rounded the corner to take the elevator.

"Now," Itachi said, returning this gaze to the girl still clutching his hand. "What would you like to eat?"

Several hours had passed and Itachi's parents returned, meeting them in the cafeteria to get some food for themselves while they waited for Sakura's parents. They all chatted happily and Sakura kept them all enterained with her childish enthusiam. She was an innocent 5 year old girl with stars in her eyes, and dreams in her head of the wonderful things life had to offer her.

The Uchiha's watched her with a hint of jealousy. Their innocence lost long ago and wishing they could see the world through the eyes of a child again.

Sakura was telling Itachi a story, waving her hands animatedly to help emphasize certain parts, when two doctors walked up to their table with grave looks on their faces.

"Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha, may we speak with you privately?" One of them inquired.

"Of course." Fugaku responded. "Stay with Sakura, Itachi. We'll be back shortly."

Itachi nodded his head in confirmation and returned to listening to Sakura's story about how she was going to grow up and be a princess that lived in "the biggest, most beautiful castle" and one day her parents wouldn't have to work so hard because her servants would take care of them since they'd taken care of everyone else.

Fugaku and Mikoto proceeded to slowly walk to a corner of the cafeteria witht the two doctors for privacy. Since it was the middle of the night not many people were there so they didn't have to worry about noise, but apparently the doctors wanted to be sure no one overheard them.

Itachi glanced up only moments later to see his parents speaking to the doctors in heated whispers. Their faces paled and devistated. He immediately wondered what was going on, but his thoughts were interupted when Sakura tugged lightly on the front of his shirt.

"I need to go potty." She shyly confessed.

"Okay." Itachi laughed. "Do you know where it is? Do you need me to come with you?"

"No. I can go by myself. I'm a big girl." She promised.

"Alright. I'll be waiting right here, okay?"

"Okay!" She exclaimed, already heading to the restroom.

Itachi's parents and the doctors stopped talking as she walked past them. They returned her wave with small, strained smiles, and proceeded with their conversation once she was out of earshot.

Itachi began to worry. His parents usually kept their emotions under control but they looked very upset right now.

'Did something happen with Sakura's parents?' He wondered. 'They didn't want her to hear them. Something must be wrong. I can feel it.'

He glared at the ground in contemplation. Almost as if it was to blame for whatever problem had arisen. He knew his parents would tell him eventually, so he tried his best not to watch their conversation and waited as patiently as he could for Sakura to return from the restroom.

However, because of his staring contest with the floor he didn't see the young pinkette sneak up behind the doctors, and it seems neither did his parents for their hushed conversation continued.

"What happened exactly?" Fugaku demanded. "Ambulances don't just explode for no reason."

Sakura came up behind the doctors and hid behind a chair within close proximity so she could hear their conversation. She wanted to see if she could surprise them all with how sneaky she was, but when she heard Itachi's father mention an ambulance she decided not to jump out from her hiding spot just yet.

'Is he talking about Mommy and Daddy's ambulance?' she pondered, then shook her head after a moment. 'Itachi said they'd be fine so I'm sure he's right.'

"The young girl they were helping was supposedly pregnant." One of the doctors explained. "Which is why Mebuki went along. The call the hospital recieved said she was going into labor, but her pregnancy had complications. When it comes to difficult deliveries Mebuki Haruno is definitely the doctor you want to have."

"That doesn't explain the explosion." Fugaku practically growled.

"It turns out she wasn't pregnant at all." The other doctor hurridly interjected. "She was hiding a mass of explosives under a fake baby belly. Once they reached a heavily populated area she set them off, killing Kizashi, Mebuki, the ambulance driver, and five others in surrounding vehicles. Several others were injured but they'll make it."

"Why would someone do such a thing?" Mikoto questioned, close to tears.

"She was being treated for a brain tumor. Chemo and radiation weren't suggested because of the supposed pregnancy. Kizashi was seeing her to discuss surgical options. Apparently, the tumor was sitting on a part of her brain that controls her personality causing it to become unstable. She became very volatile and erratic. No one could have predicted this would happen."

"The police found a video recording at her house." The other doctor continued. "In it she said that she'd been planning to kill the Haruno's for months. That they were the cause of her sisters death years before. She also had a brain tumor, and was pregnant at the time. Kizashi was unable to save the mother, and although Mebuki succeded in delivering the baby it was premature and died shortly after."

The Uchiha's stood frozen in place. Disbelief evident on their features from the story they'd just heard. None of them said a word and stood in silence as they tried to come up with a course of action, but Sakura chose that moment to come out of her hiding place.

They all lifted their heads in shock at her presence, unsure of what all she'd heard of the conversation, but judging from the tears streaming down her face they knew she'd heard enough.

Mikoto Uchiha began to approach her, but Sakura broke down before she'd even taken a few steps.

"Where are my parents?" She yelled, causing Itachi's head to snap up from across the room. Noticing her tears he started to walk towards her, but stopped in shock at her next words.

"They can't be dead! Itachi said they would be fine!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Sakura honey, I'm so sorry." Mikoto said, finally reaching the girl and kneeling down to pull the crying child into her embrace.

"They can't be dead." Sakura continued in a whisper. "They just can't be. Itachi promised me."

"You promised me!" She yelled, when she noticed Itachi standing before her.

"You promised..." She trailed off quietly.

She kept mumbling to herself about how they just couldn't be dead. They were suppose to take her to the park tomorrow, and she'd already made their Christmas presents. Everyone looked down at her with grave sadness in their features, wishing more than anything that they could change what had happened to her parents. She was far too young to be an orphan.

Mikoto held her gently and cooed in her ear trying, but failing, to stop her tears. She slowly rocked her back and forth in a comforting manner, but nothing seemed to consol her.

Sakura dejectedly lifted her head from Mikoto's shoulder to look into Itachi's devestated eyes.

"You lied to me Itachi." She cried. "How could you lie to me?"

"I am so sorry." Itachi said, kneeling beside his mother and brushing Sakura's tears away with gentle fingers. "I didn't mean to lie to you. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry."

"What am I supposed to do without my Mommy and Daddy?" She sniffled.

At this question everyone peered to the doctors hoping for an answer.

"We already called her godmother. The Haruno's made it clear to everyone in the hospital that should anything ever happen to them that she was the one to call. She's already booked the next flight out to pick up Sakura."

"Auntie Tsuna's coming here?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, dear." Mikoto answered quietly. "She's going to take care of you now. Everythings going to be okay."

Her words were meant to assure Sakura, to calm her down and make her feel better, but everyone among them knew that everything was most definitely not okay.

'That was twelve years ago.' Sakura thought to herself, still gazing out of her window. 'The last time I saw Itachi was when he said goodbye to me at the airport. He's 25 by now. I hope he's doing okay.'

To no one's surprise Sakura turned out just like her parents; caring and compassionate. She'd even taken an interest in the medical feild and was hoping to become a doctor one day just like them. Which is why she'd been volunteering at the hospital where her godmother worked and studying under her since she'd entered high school.

'I just want to make them proud of me.' She mused.

Shaking herself out of her somber thoughts she decided to get on her laptop after all and proceeded in pulling it out. Once she turned it on and logged into her account she found and email waiting for her.


I've been in contact with Tsunade. She informed me that you all have yet to find a place in the city to stay. I immediately offered up the possibility of you staying with us at the Uchiha manor. She gratefully accepted. Did she tell you? Also, I'll be picking you up from the airport. She already told me when your flight lands. We've fixed up two rooms for the both of you. Your more than welcome to stay as long as you need. It'll be so nice to see you again. I've missed you these past twelve years. I'll see you at the airport. Be safe.

Itachi Uchiha

"Fuck." Sakura muttered to herself.

'Living with the Uchiha's? This is going to be interesting...' And she immediately set to the task of writing him a response.

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