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Ozpin waited patiently in his office as he awaited news from the general. As he sipped from his mug he realized that he actually felt nervous. He knew that he was up against what would be a dangerous enemy. But this one was different than the creatures of Grimm. It was much more powerful and deceptive.

Ozpin's scroll vibrated on his desk, it showed a message from the General.

Package en route, extra cargo is with the package.

Ozpin smiled, when he had looked at the scroll signals earlier he had noticed that Ruby's scroll had been pinging from the emerald forest for the entire day. He knew that the huntress in training didn't skip classes, so there had to be someone in possession of her scroll. Ozpin also knew that there was a small possibility that those who had Ruby's scroll might know something about this new threat. It was just a hunch, but Ozpin felt confident about it.

At this point we need any help we can get.

Ruby waited nervously in the elevator ride up to Ozpin's office. She and Sly had been sent up by the General to speak to Ozpin. Bentley stayed behind to discuss with the general. Ruby looked over at Sly.

"Hey Sly, thanks for helping me out in the forest. The birdie didn't seem that tough so I thought I could take him. I guess I've just gotta train a bit more"

"It was the right thing to do. I wouldn't leave you alone against that… thing." Sly spoke with disdain at the mention of the large bird.

"Back there, when you saw it, it looked like you were afraid. Do you know what it is?" Ruby tried her best to ask nicely.

"I wish I didn't." His fist tightened up as he said this. "I'm afraid of it because it took so many things that were important to me. He's haunted me for the better part of my life. I just don't want to him do that to anyone else."

Ruby didn't truly understand what Sly meant. But either way, as a fellow team leader and a friend she wanted to reassure him. "You don't have to fight alone. You've got team RWBY on your side now!" she said with a large smile.

Sly smiled. He found that her way of speaking, her enthusiasm to take on any challenge presented to her, it was easily caught. "Thanks"

The elevator doors opened as they arrived at the top floor of Beacon's tower. Ozpin's office lay beyond the large double doors ahead.

As Ozpin reviewed over some final details for this meeting, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." He smiled as he saw the short redhead enter the office. "Welcome miss Rose, I hope the General wasn't too rough on your-" his speech had hesitated when he saw Sly walk in, "-your friends". I know James mentioned similarities to Faunus but this is, unheard of. "You must be Mister Cooper?"

Sly seemed uncomfortable at how Ozpin addressed him. "That's me, but if you could just call me Sly that'd be great."

"Very well, please have a seat. We have important matters to discuss." Ozpin waited for both Ruby and Sly to take their seats. "Sly, the first thing I'd like to know is where you came from."

"That's not easy to explain, but I can definitely tell you that I'm not from around here." How did Bentley say it? Trans something?

"Perhaps you are trans-dimensional?" Ozpin didn't hesitate in his speech one bit.

"Yeah, that's how my partner Bentley said it!" Sly seemed surprised.

Ruby's gaze switched between Sly and Ozpin. "I'm sorry, transwhat?"

Ozpin took a sip from his mug. "In other words, Sly comes from a world that is different than ours. He comes from a world that is in another dimension."

"Whoa , that so cool," Ruby replied.

Ozpin laid his cup on his desk. His demeanour had changed; it made him seem more serious. "Sly, I need you to tell me everything you know about the armoured bird that attacked Miss Rose. Its presence in Vale has been rather… troubling these past few days."

Sly's fist tightened around his family cane. "It's a long story..."

Ozpin held his ground firmly. "I understand it may bring back some… undesirable memories. But we've already lost two of the Atlas military's best bullhead squadrons and a few outposts. Anything you know can help us take the threat down."

Sly paused, he thought back to everything he had lost at the hands of the bird. He also thought about how it could easily do the same to the people that lived here in Vale. He had no choice. "Alright, I'll tell you."

Both Ozpin and Ruby listened carefully to Sly.

"The Cooper family name is famous for its thieving reputation; we're a long line of master thieves. Ever since my first ancestor, we've kept track of our techniques and achievements in a book called the Thievius Raccoonus. The book was passed down in the family line like an heirloom." Sly took a deep breath, "the night I was to inherit the book, was the night where I met him."

Ozpin clasped his hands together as he listened to Sly. "The night you met the bird."

Sly nodded. "He calls himself… Clockwerk."

I was just a small boy on my father's knee, enjoying a simple chat with him. Then suddenly there was a loud noise from outside. My father's smile went away and he froze for a moment. My father looked me in the eyes.

"Sly, I need you to hide in the spot we've talked about before. I need you to hide there." Back then, I wanted to ask why. As a young child, I couldn't sense the fear in his eyes. "Sly! I need you to go now; don't come out, no matter what."

We had a secret passage in one of the walls, once inside you would be well hidden, and if you wanted you could look through one of the vent grates and see inside the main living room. I hurried myself and hid inside the compartment and slowly made my way to the vent so I could see what was happening.

My father was locking the thievius raccoonus inside our painting safe. He then grabbed his cane and looked towards the door. I had almost yelped when I saw the door get ripped to shreds by a large bird like claw. This massive bird, accompanied by other intimidating looking individuals, ganged up on my father. Against that many skilled opponents, my father didn't last long. I watched as the bird took out his hatred on my father, he then proceeded to ransack the house. This was when they found the thievius raccoonus. The group split the book amongst each other and left my house in shambles.

Right before the bird left, I swear it had taken a second to look back at the house, and at me. Hidden in the vents, where I should've been out of sight. But there he was, his deep red eyes filled with anger stared at me, it filled me with fear. I hid back into the compartment, awaiting the worst. But nothing happened. Just silence. I looked through the vent again, everyone was gone. The bird as well. But the damage they did remained, my father wasn't moving. Looking back to it now, I know that he had passed. But back then, I simply thought he was exhausted from the fight.

Not too long after the police showed up. After they did their investigation, they placed me in the local orphanage. That's where I met my teammates Bentley and Murray. We became inseparable. Fast forward about ten years, they both agreed to help me take down the criminals who took both my father and my family legacy away from me. We had tracked down and defeated the first four members of the Fiendish Five. Those were the ones who accompanied Clockwerk when he attacked my house.

The fifth member was Clockwerk himself. It was hard, but we eventually did beat him too. But, a few years later, the threat of Clockwerk was back. We beat him sure, but his pieces stayed intact. And because of that someone was able to put him back together. We beat him a second time, that's when Bentley injured his legs. We thought that after the second time he would be gone for good. But once again, someone found a way to bring him back, and the threat of Clockwerk lived on.

Sly took a moment to steady himself, getting lost in the memories.

"This time he managed to steal one of Bentley's inventions, the trans-dimensional porter disc. It's how Clockwerk got here. We had one as well, but it broke due to an accident. Now Clockwerk has the only one. To get back home, we have to beat him again."

"Your team won't be alone this time. You've got team RWBY with you now," Ruby added as an attempt to bring the mood back up.

Ozpin took in all of this, understanding the situation as a whole. But something still bothered him. "Sly, you said the bird, Clockwerk, he exhibited actions of anger?"

Sly nodded. "According to him, his anger and hate for my family line is what kept him alive through the past hundred years."

Ozpin took a breath. "This will be a problem then. I'm sure you've encountered some dark-skinned creatures whilst you were in the forest."

"Yeah, my team and I, we had to take out a few," Sly thought back to the dark creatures.

"Those are the creatures of Grimm, they are highly attracted to negative emotions. If what you said is true, that Clockwerk stayed alive all these years with negative emotions as a fuel, then the situation might get much, much more complicated. We will need to act swiftly if we are to apprehend the threat. For now, I'd like you both to go meet with the General and your other teammates Sly. I think the General may know where Clockwerk will strike next."

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