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"Hiccup Haddock!" came the shrill cry of the woman standing in the front of the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a set of double doors that only appeared normal. To Hiccup, those doors represented a lot more than just 'the door at the end of the hall'. Oh yes, through those doors lay his future... possibly, if the Gods felt generous.

"That's you, genius." Came the confidant and smarmy reply from his ever so wonderful best friend, Astrid, as content as could be. She never lacked for confidance even before discovering her gifts. No, they only worsened. "You'll do fine, now get moving. I should be next." She said as he gulped deeply, tugging on his green t-shirt a bit before he said, "Here I am!" he said. The woman, a curvy and volumptuous red head looked him up and down as if it were a joke.

"You're the son of..." she said as she did him a one more once over. So, he wasn't exactly much to look at for a young man of 16. Barely 5'8", maybe 130 lbs of no muscle and his shaggy brown hair. His most noticable traits were his freckles and eyes, the only thing that gave his parentage away... not many people had freckles everywhere.

"I have my ID and paperwork, if you don't believe me." He said as she just sighed and wrote down some notes, "Not gonna bother. Lets move on." She said as she gestured for the boy to follow her through the doors. He picked up the pace, suddenly aware of... everything. Every eye that starred at his back.

Every step of his feet

Every single beat of his heart, growing faster as he approached the set of double doors at the end of the hall. By the time the woman had walked through, he swore he could feel the blood in his veins traveling through his body, heat flowing through it as he pressed his sweaty palms to the cool door and pushed.

When he stepped through the otherside, the reason why those doors weren't normal (Other than what he already knew) was made apparent to him. It was beautiful.

He felt his heart pound in excitement as he looked around the landscape. There was commerce and city but it was as if it had blended perfectly with nature. Flowers blooming in the streets, people were floating, training and living their lives as necessesary. All Hiccup could have ever dreamed existed here, it seemed.

He finally returned his gaze to the red head woman, whose scowl was gone and her red hair was now a gorgous column of flame. An elemental. She spoke in a voice that sounded a bit deeper as she suddenly burned her paperwork and pen in one flourish.

"Welcome to Zone Zero, the School where Hero's are born." She said before laughing, "Sorry, the whole 'Bitch' thing is an act to scare the kids. Kind of a running joke around here." She said as she shook Hiccup's hand, "Though, you really don't resemble your father."

That's right. This world is inhabited by superheros. Well, Supes, as they are properly called. They aren't as plentiful as normal humans but they are almost as plentiful. One in every eight people born are infected with a special virus known as Pso-4. It was originally designed as a prototype weapon to use among counter terrorists strike teams but ended up being more contagious than previous results had shown and thus, the virus got out.

It sounds forboding until the point of Pso-4 actually is explained. It's sole purpose was to infect the cells in the body and spread a special component to the bodies DNA, altering it to make them more hardy against harsh weather, require less sleep, food and water than normal humans and even self-regeneration of bullet wounds.

But life had other plans. Not only did the virus not work in the way intended, but it was potent enough to permeate the lab technicians protective gear. And when they went home, it was all history from there. Their spouses caught it, kids, their kids went to school and their spouses did their work and within a week, there were hundreds of cases of people who were doing weird things they shouldn't be able to do.

Not as advanced as we are now but it was revolutionary watching people move a glass across the table without touching it, healing small cuts or even lighting the end of a cigarette without a lighter but by simply touching it with a heated finger. It was because of that virus that Hiccup could sit here today.

Many kids these days had a super powered parent, whose life revolved around protecting major cities if they prove effective enough. And at the age of 16, all kids that have a powered parent are offered to go see Zone Zero, and see if they test for super powered aptitude. Then they are to study until they graduate. The best students are assigned to the big cities, NYC, San Francisco, Miami... places most in need of crime fighters.

Hiccup, however, wasn't blessed with a powered parent... he was blessed with two.

Stoic the Vast, a man with the strength of an army of Elephants. He could pick up a car and throw it like a child throws a tempertantrum. He can stop bullets and in fact leads as the chief of police in the city of New York. He was a kind man to his family but a terror to all threats on his turf. Any man looks at his wife or his son, it's almost a guarentee he will chase you with a street lamp. He had done it with Hiccup's last boyfriend.

On the opposite end of the row was his mother, a woman with a power over the mind that baffled any and all who saw her. She was a telekinetic and was not only an amazing hero, she was literally the perfect housewife. Hiccup couldn't recall the amount of times he walked home to see the vaccume, dust fan, dishes and other cleaning supplies flying through the house while his mother sat/floated in mid air, reading a book and cooking dinner. All without moving a muscle. She was a bit less violent than her Behemoth of a husband, but that didn't mean to underestimate her in combat. She could stop a meteor or create a tornado with a wipe of her hand. She was often feared more than her husband.

"I'm assuming you'll be a telekinetic like your mother but I have seen stranger things."

"Such as?" Hiccup asked as she motioned for him to follow. She laughed, "Last week, this 400 pound girl came through. Turns out, she has super speed. Combine that with her size and she'll be the human wrecking ball before we know it." She said as Hiccup nodded and laughed nervously, hoping to not get killed by this human wrecking ball.

The woman stopped as they stood in front of a giant auditorium. The building was domed and easily one hundred feet tall and made of stone. It also had golden pillars all around

"This is what we call the Mauselium Mock 2. This is where we coerce the power right out of you with fear and the threat of death." She said as Hiccup gulped, "Really?"

She nodded before looking around, "If I'm telling you the truth, the test won't actually kill you but it will get close. The purpose is to strike fear into your hearts and cause an adrenaline rush, thereby instantly tapping into your powers. From there, our teachers can help you coerce it out and train you as needed... but don't tell anyone I told you that and you'll be fine." She said with a wink before turning and ushering him in, "There are two more after you, plus ten in this group. So take a seat and be patient." She said as he nodded and waited anxiously for Astrid, slowly pacing down the halls towards the center of the MM2.

Now that he was alone to contemplate his thoughts, he thought about how nervous he was. A million questions raced in his mind. What powers would he have? His Mothers? His Fathers? Something totally different? Would he have powers at all? What would happen if he didn't have powers? Would his family be dissapointed in him?

His heart was pounding and his breath was catching... his forehead felt clammy and his vision was blurring as panic set in for all the possibilities. 'I'm so pathetic... I can't even walk into this place without panicking..." He said as he felt tears well in his eyes at the sight he must be making... thinking Astrid would find him in the hall and have to call off her plans again because of him.

Suddenly he felt the coolest of cool hands upon his back and he was suddenly brought back to reality as a hand landed on his forehead and it instantly chilled him from his heated state. He was saved from a panic attack... somehow. He shook his head as his mysterious savior set him up and placed a water bottle to his mouth.

"Slow sips. My little sister has panic attacks too. Deep breaths now." he said as his deep voice rung in Hiccup's ear and soothed him, he nodded, sipping the icy water and breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth as his pulse returned to normal. His eyes opened and he was greeted with the most concerned pair of Cerulean blue eyes he may have ever spied in his life.

The man had handsome features... a sharp chin, rounded cheekbones, and oddly white hair that suited his obviously ostentacious personality. "Hey good lookin', what's cookin'?" He said as he pat Hiccup's shoulder and caused the green eyed boy to laugh.

"See? I told her that line was funny." He said as he quickly explained, "My sister, as I said, has panic attacks and when she comes down, I like greeting her with those cheesy lines. Not that you aren't good looking but..." He shook his head, white locks moving with him, "I'm Jack. Jackson Overland Frost."

Jack Frost? Well, that explained the cold. He was another elemental. To top that off, his name could also be his superhero name. And... he was even hadsome. 'Some guys just have all the luck.' Hiccup thought to himself as he cleared his throat and took another sip of water.

"Hiccup... Hiccup Haddock." He said as Jack's eyes brightened, "No way... you're their kid. I was told... but I didn't expect... Uh, it's an honor, Mr. Haddock." He said as he pulled Hiccup up. Hiccup pouted slightly as he realized Jack was also tall and just... dressed great.

He easily towered a good four inches over Hiccup. Even standing on his tip-toes wouldn't get him that tall. He was also dressed in a stylish Blue zip up hoodie and a pair of brown slacks. Under his half-unzipped hoodie was a gorgous expanse of muscles with hair so light it was nearly invisible.

"Gonna guess you prefer the informal. How about just Hiccup? Or Hic?" He asked as Hiccup nodded, "Thank you... and thank you for saving me." He said as Jack gave him a pearly white smile, "Well, what kind of Hero would I be if I didn't save those who needed it?" he said before he pat Hiccup's shoulder... hearing footfalls behind him as Hiccup's familiar blonde companion came running up to him. "Hey Hiccup, what are you still doing out here? We just got here. It's too early to flirt." She asked as he turned to her.

"I... I had an attack. Jack saved me, Astrid... and I don't flirt." he defended as Jack nodded in agreement. "But... I do have an appointment to keep. See you later Hic." He said with a smirk before he dashed off... and Hiccup saw he wore no shoes. Just another quirk of the man who saved his life, he supposed.

"You don't flirt? Pfft, maybe not intentionally." Astrid rolled her eyes and put an arm around her best friend. "Hiccup, if you realized how many guys swoon for those big green eyes of yours, you'd be swimming in c-"

"So, we were here to test our superpowers, Astrid." He interrupted before she could get on this speech again. She nodded and poked his nose, "Well, you are here to find out," She said as she pointed at herself, "I already know."

And she was right. Astrid had been one of the very rare cases where her powers had been discovered prematurely. Her ability was also rare, as it was twofold. She had the ability to predict an attack before it happened and the ability to harden her skin to the point where it was as hard as stone. Couple this with three years of boxing training and the woman could hit like a truck. And it even helped with her aggression problems. Though Hiccup would never admit that...

"Yes, yes, I know. You are the almighty. 'Iron Lady' May us lesser beings bow before your might." He said as he rolled his eyes and she chuckled, "That's damn right. Now let's see if your power compliments mine so we can be paired together."

And with that, the duo walked into the center of the arena... a big white spire with glass edging it. On the other side of the glass were what was likely where they would be seated, where their class was. Nerve-wracking...

But the most nerve-wracking thing of all was the man standing in the center of the room, twirling a staff in hand, "I'm Jack Frost. And welcome to Zone Zero. Take your seats and we can begin."

And thus, the long hours of testing the students began. He watched as people unlocked their powers and failed their entrance exam. The first in the set had been a set of Twins named, Rona and Tony. Or 'Ruffnut and Tuffnut' as they liked to be called. They were both tall, skinny and looked insane.

The best (worst) part of it was their actual power set. When their test had begun, the two had decided between four tests. The Quiz, The Maze, the Trap Room and the Royal Rumble. Obviously, they chose the last one. It involved the two being surrounded by killer robots and their task was to defend one another. Sadly, the two worked together about as well as a toaster and a bath tub. And due to their lack of cooperation, they were easily overwhelmed.

He would applaud their loyalty to one another. The two were pinned down, attempting to beat the robots off but the outnumbering had them shambling for space... when suddenly the duo cried out to each other and split into three each. The two were both duplicators, people who could clone themselves instantly. He watched as the two (six?) openly punched the battle robots into submission and spent a good few minutes high fiving, chest bumping and head-butting.

Astrid smiled at him, "Guarantee their dad owns a Harley." She said as the two started giggling.

And Astrid of course blew the judges away in the same test by fighting off the robots by herself and much more efficiently than the twins had done.

All in all, they had a wide variety of heroes, which included two elementals, a Vocal Projector, a illusionist, an invisibility user and even a ectomorph, among others. Only three of his group had failed so far... but Hiccup was last to go.

"Hiccup Haddock!" came the shrill cry from the head coach, a particularly heavyset woman with two colored eyes... one was pure white and the other a soft magenta. He dreaded to find out what those eyes held as far as power.

He took a slow inhale as his pulse picked up. It was just like this morning, he slowly but surely made his way to the room below... standing in the center of the MM2. And of course... the same questions and comments rang out around him.

'That's their kid?'

'He doesn't look like much.'

'Are you serious?'

He took a shaky breath as Jack smiled at him from behind the glass. His stare fixed him with a very simple message, 'Don't be afraid. I believe in you.' which was very sweet... considering he didn't know Hiccup very well...


The brunette took a steadying breath as he looked up at the woman with the heterochromia condition, "I want The Quiz." he said as she sighed, "Figured you would." she said as a few of the students chuckled again. Jack and Astrid shot glares at anybody they could... but suddenly the floor began collapsing beneath his feet until there was about enough room to move about four feet in any direction... and beneath that was a bit of water with fins sticking straight out and moving...

"Fucking Sharks?!" He heard Astrid shout at someone before the reply came, "He chose his fate, Ms. Hofferson. The Quiz is easily the most difficult test of them all. Now sit down or you shall be removed from the MM2." The Coach said as she pressed a button and the remaining floor began to shake beneath his feet, making his balance forfeit.

"First question, Mr. Haddock! What is the capital of Papua New Guinea?" She said over the intercom.

Hiccup felt panicked as he thought of the answer, "Port- Ah- Moresby!" and the shaking stopped and the woman said, "Correct. You only lose one foot this round." She said as a foot of flooring dropped off and Hiccup screamed. He knew this was only a test of fear but this was too damn realistic, all these eyes on him. He heard Astrid scream something at somebody, words like 'Bullshit' and 'Panic' crossing her lips as the woman asked him a second question, "Explain the process of oxidation?"

Hiccup nodded as he sat on the floor before shouting, "The interaction between molecules of oxygen! When an atom loses an electron when two or more substances interact!" He shouted as another foot fell from his remaining space and he let out a sharp scream... and the feeling set in again... the fear, the racing heart, the burning... he was failing and everyone was laughing at him... his classmates, his friend and even Jack, who acted so confidant in him...

"What a baby!"

"God his parents must be disappointed."


Hiccup felt tears pouring down his face as his head began to burn and his body began to tremble with his panic attack as he heard multiple voices shouting. Astrid, the Coach... and even Jack.

"He's Panicking, Sonja, stop the test-"

"You don't make the rules Frost, he has to-"

"He can't stop you! He has panic attacks you stupid bitch!"

He felt the tears burning... heard them yelling, laughing and could even sense their fingers pointing at him... he felt his head hurt as if all the blood in his body rushed there... this wasn't a panic attack. Not a normal one. He felt his body slowly numbing from the tips of his toes and quickly moving up to possess the rest of them… maybe their intention wasn't to kill him but at this rate he would die from shock…

Then… then his power unleased.

He suddenly was powerless as his tear stained eyes opened up to a mighty scream that could have been a roar... and it stunned the room into silence. May have even broken the sound barrier as Hiccup heard a voice whisper to him, "It's just me... I'll protect you now." It whispered as he felt his hair growing and watched it darken. He felt his teeth, felt them lengthen... His arms growing considerably in size and color, growing claws and turning as black as a moonless midnight.

And he roared... oh did he roar, as he felt a white hot pain shoot through his body and remove the numbness and then it focused on his back as his shirt tore in the back and long black wings expanded from his body and he floated in the air.

"Shape changer..." came a whispered voice before Hiccup suddenly let out another roar and fired a purple blast of energy as the glass case and shattered it, people screaming as he flew around the room, shooting energy blasts from his mouth and tearing what he could with his new claws as his new enhanced hearing caught Jack saying, "I'll calm him down. Get the others to safety and we'll join you out there!"

"But Jack-"

"Go, Ms. Hofferson. I need you to do this! I won't let anything bad happen to him… I promise." He said as he and Hiccup turned to face each other. "Okay! Come on! Let's move everyone!" She said as she smashed the doors open with pure force and began pulling the remaining students down the hallway

Jack smiled as he starred the half dragon-boy down and slung his staff out, "Sorry about this, Hic..." He said before he slung a bolt of ice at the boy, who dodged it easily and took off at him but Jack already had a plan in motion, having allowed the frost to flow from his bare feet while he stood there before taking off, running along the wall, ice forming behind his feet wherever they touched.

Hiccup followed in close pursuit but was no match for Jack's natural grace and trained ability... Hiccup wasn't even aware that Jack was trapping him in his own little prison until it was too late.

"You will not hurt him anymore!" the voice within Hiccup said before Jack stopped, staff pointed at him. "You're right... I won't." He said before leaping at him... Hiccup took a swing that Jack prepared for, staff hooking onto a wing before Jack pulled his body close, arm trapped and the two went tumbling to the ground.

There the two struggled but Jack, empowered by all the ice around them, merely froze Hiccup to the ground as he Dragon boy struggled.

"You have a great fire within you... but you aren't a Shape changer Hiccup... you're something rarer than that. I knew you were special when I saw you. But you, Hiccup, is someone I will help and protect as best I can... but I can't help you until you calm the beast within..." he said as Hiccup let an energy blast loose near his face, which Jack barely dodged before he looked down at the boy again... but this time his eyes were different.

His eyes were narrowed and his mouth was sly as his hands ran through the darkened locks, "I thought the old you was much cuter..." he whispered as Hiccup suddenly felt his mouth dry... and then that feeling was dashed as the white haired boy dipped in to kiss his lips, a light smacking sound as Hiccup almost immediately succumbed to his icy charm, letting Jack place his hand on his cheek and heart.

Jack easily dominated the boy, but after a few lingering seconds, it became clear that this was more than a kiss... Hiccup felt his Icy powers flowing through and calming his heart... the pain in his head subsiding as the voice that spoke earlier said, "I'm going back now... now you're safe." it said as Hiccup felt his wings and claws retract, his teeth return to normal and his hair grow back to its natural length as he opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around Jack's neck, fresh tears falling down his cheeks as Jack pulled away slowly, "Hey good lookin'. What's cookin'?" He whispered as Hiccup whimpered, still held close by Jack, "What am I?" He asked as Jack pushed a strand of hair back, "Hiccup... you're a Soul Alterer." He said as his Hiccup felt his vision cloud...


"You'll know more later... for now... just go to sleep..."

And he did.

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