I wrote this a while ago, but never posted it. Don't know why. After seeing Age of Ultron and having one of my ships sunk to Davy Jones locker, I felt this needed to be out in the world.

It takes place in the first Avengers movie, right as Loki touches the scepter to Clint's chest.

Disclaimer: I own nothing... obviously because Clintasha is not canon. :(

Characters: Loki, Clint, (mention of) Natasha

Pairings: Implied Clintasha

He felt it immediately. It flowed into him and coursed through his very being. His limbs tingled slightly with the sensation as he gripped the scepter in his hand. He had never felt it himself before, but he knew the dangers of it.

Love. It was a terrible thing.

He saw images flash by in his mind. Memories and emotions, all balled up together, connected by little things. Hesitant touches, fleeting kisses, and quick exchanges of words. He saw long talks well into the night, followed by periods of passionate embraces and tangled limbs. He saw sparring sessions, mission briefings, rendezvous points. He saw anger, hatred, desperation, jealousy, fear. But above all, he saw courage, trust, loyalty, patience, and love.

He saw the day they met. His arrow was pointed at her heart, her hands in the air, accepting defeat. She showed no emotion. She believed this was the day she died. She'd had enough of everything. It would be a relief to end it all here. But his arrow never touched her. He offered her a place in the world, to take her away from the life she'd had before. He saw the potential in her and knew she could prove to be very useful. But it was also her beauty that had captivated him, although at the time he would never admit it.

He saw the day she called him by his first name. He had never trusted in someone nor had someone trust in him this much. He had broken through her walls.

He saw the first night they spent together. The heat, the sweat, the pleasure, it was everywhere. It went on for hours. Not once did they tire.

He saw the day he first admitted his feelings for her. The words were jumbled as they came out of his mouth and he was sweating despite the cool air. Then she smiled, a rare sight that made his heart leap. He was overwhelmed with love and joy when she returned his feelings.

He saw the day she was severely injured. He panicked as they nearly lost her twice during the surgery. He'd never been so scared in his life. He promised that when she recovered, he would never let her out of his sight ever again, no matter how much she argued.

He saw the day he was assigned as her backup for a seduction mission. He hadn't known it was possible to become that jealous. He wanted to kill each and every man that looked at her. She couldn't be theirs. She belonged to him and only him.

He saw the day they had to leave on separate missions. He saw the worry, the fear that something could go wrong and he wouldn't be there for her. But they had to do their jobs. This was no time to let their personal lives interfere with their professional ones.

All these moments passed by within a second. Loki smiled.

The Midgardian in front of his froze as the power from the scepter infused within him. His eyes glowed blue, the same color that radiated from the staff. Loki stepped back and removed the tip from the Midgardian's chest. He watched as the human replaced the gun he'd been holding back into its holster. Despite the mind control, his eyes burned with a passion that could only be obtained through being in love.

Oh yes. This Midgardian most definitely had heart.

End scene.

I mean seriously, Natasha and Bruce?! It was so awkward to watch.

I'm still rooting for Clintasha. You can't stop me.