Chapter 1 – The honeymoon


The gentle summer breeze is coming through the open doors of the balcony of our rented villa in Kos. Ana, my wife is of course still sleeping peacefully. We arrived yesterday after a 14 hours flight, where we even had to stop in Madrid to refuel. I have been lying awake for some time now watching Anastasia sleep. I wanted to surprise her with a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast in bed. But I immediately dismissed that thought, I'm sure Ana remembers my last attempt on making breakfast. My wife…Anastasia is finally my wife. I glance down at my wedding band and smile. It's a weird feeling wearing the ring, since I never ever wore a ring in my life. But I makes me feel proud. To my opinion and knowledge a wedding ring represents your own commitment to your marriage, your love for your spouse, your faithfulness to this relationship. But Ana pointed out to me on the jet that a wedding ring represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of your spouse to you. I fucking loved that!

Basically, it's an ongoing reminder of the promise that the other person has made to you. It's a sign of the promise that Ana made with me, and I have freely embraced and entered into. The same promise I also made with my wife.

At her breathing and stirring I notice that Ana is waking up. Her lips are partially opened, her mahogany hair spread out on the silk sheets and the duvet only covering the lower side of her sensual naked body. Quickly removing my boxer shorts I crawl on the bed and lay back next to Ana facing her gorgeous face.

Bliss, that's what I felt this morning when I woke up and felt Ana's presence beside me. The heat of her body radiating against mine, her breath softly tickling my neck and her small hand tightly holding on to mine. Fucking bliss…

Probably feeling my presence, her eyes flutter open and it only takes her a few seconds to realize where she, and the most beautiful shy smile spreads across her face.

"Hi" Her hands reach for my hair where she lazily starts massaging my scalp.

"Good morning beautiful wife."

Stretching she moves closer to me and places her head on my shoulder, in the meantime her hands are still lazily massaging my head. Fuck, the feeling is out of this world.

"How did you sleep?" I kiss the top of her head and pull her closer to me.

"Ssshh" is the only answer I get.

Albeit reluctantly I keep my mouth shut. However, I realize after a few minutes that the hand massaging my head is not moving anymore. Her breathing is deep and she is completely relaxed. She has fallen back to sleep. Well, time to take matters into my own hands.

With my free hand I pull the duvet down exposing her naked body and I start massaging her perfectly shaped ass. With my fingertips I make my way to her breast where I start brushing over her hardened nipple.

While I keep playing with her nipple, Anastasia starts placing little kisses on my shoulder. Then she slowly moves to my neck then my jaw until she finally reaches my lips. With sleepy eyes and her voice thick with sleep she whispers against my mouth. "You're not playing fair Mr. Grey…" Her eyes scan my face and while swiftly kissing my lips she lets her head fall back on my shoulder.

"I never said I would…" I pull her up so that she is lying on top of me.

"And another thing." She lifts her head and rubs the hairs from my forehead. "It's so not fair that you look so incredibly handsome so freaking early in the morning…"

"You are the one looking extremely hot baby…" And it's true. I mean every fucking word. Even with her hair messed up she looks like a goddess.

"Liar" Her voice sounds muffled since she has her face buried in the crook of my neck.

"You even smell good Christian…"

In one move I turn us around so that I'm now laying on top of her, my elbows on both sides of her face.

"Don't ever doubt me baby…do you know what the favorite part of my day is?"

With eyes wide she shakes her head.

"My favorite moment is when you wake up and your eyes flutter open, adorned by those long eyelashes. Then you blink your eyes once or twice and they focus on me…and even though I know that you sometimes have the urge to kick my balls when you have just woken up, you manage to produce a smile…" I kiss her nose. "That's my favorite part of the day."

As she smiles she blushes and wraps her arms around my neck.

"I don't have one particular favorite moment…" she lets her teeth sink into her lower lip and moves her hips.

"I have a lot of favorite moments…" She continues.

"Tell me" I whisper against her neck.

"I love it when you lick your lips when you are concentrated…the way your tongue brushes against your lips…god…that's so hot…"

"Tell me more…" I move my mouth to the other side of her neck and lick my way up to her earlobe which I bite gently.

"I love it when you are driving and you have your sleeves rolled up to your elbows. And then your strong, large hands gripping the steering wheel…" My head snaps up. "You like that?" I ask incredulously.

Ana just nods her head, while looking at me through hooded eyes. Her hands are caressing my back slowly. Up and down, up and down. The feeling is amazing. Her touch on my skin is enticing, scattering goosebumps all over my body. I immediately feel bereft the moment her hands stop at my ass.

"I could actually go on and on about all my favorite moment, but right now I just want you to make love to me Christian…"

Slowly I let my fingertips slide from her face down to her legs. Ana moves slightly to accommodate me and I'm hit with the sweet smell of her scent. Her hardened nipples are grazing against my chest, a place where a few months ago I couldn't even be touched. Suddenly I feel this overwhelming love for my wife.

"What?" Ana asks while her hands are slowly moving up and down my back.

"Nothing, I just love you…" Before she has the time to reply I brush my tongue against her lips which she immediately opens to me. It first starts with the tips of our tongues. Teasing, tasting. That's until Ana moves her hand to my hair and grasps it firmly. Trusting her tongue in my mouth. In the meantime my hand has found his way to the apex of her thighs. Fuck, she is wet, warm and all mine.

As I let my fingers slide against her clit she moans in my mouth and moves her hips for more friction.

I continue caressing her clit slowly, barely touching it…until I slowly let two fingers slip inside her.

"Aah" She whimpers against my mouth. Slowly pumping my fingers into her I feel her juices sliding down my hand. Fuck, I need to be inside her.

Removing my fingers I move back on top of her and enter her. Her hands move to my arms. And while not breaking eye contact with the woman I love most…we both reach an earth shattering climax.

"What is that?" Ana asks pointing to the box in the middle of the bed as she comes wandering in the bedroom. She is wearing one of the sexiest dresses I have ever seen. I actually don't think it's a dress, or better I hope not, because she is definitely not wearing that in public. No fucking way.

"Is that a dress?"

"No…" is her short answer followed by an eye roll. "Those boxes what's in it?" Impatiently she taps with her fingernail against one of the boxes and joins me on the bed.

"Taylor just brought it. He said it was from Megan and Elliot. Elliot gave it to him yesterday." As I say this I'm not looking at her face, but at her body. Actually not her body, just her tits.

"Baby….you're drooling…" Ana places a kiss on the corner of my mouth and puts her finger on my chin, closing my mouth.

"The box Christian, for god sakes…open the box." She huffs in frustration.

"Excuse me little Ms. Impatient." I mumble.

"Little, Mrs. Impatient." She giggles and taps the box again. "Open it."

"I think we are supposed to read this letter first."

Dear Ana and Dickhead,

I truly hope that you two haven't been naughty and opened the box before reading this letter, because that would really ruin our surprise.

So, you are married now (thank fuck for that) and sitting with your pretty asses somewhere in sunny Europe.

Anyway, I really loved you vows…Actually I didn't. (Megan made me write this). But since we are talking about vows…I didn't hear you say…"to have and to hold"…I really missed that part guys. So because I am a really thoughtful guy and the best brother in the whole wide world, I thought I would surprise you both.

As you both know, a few weeks ago I made really nice friends in this bakery in Seattle, due to a little-itty-bity-incident. It only took one of my famous panty-dropping-smiles and their annoyance turned into willingness. Their assistance and cooperation was outstanding!

Okay, time to open the biggest box. Do not read further! I repeat…do not read further (I know how curious Ana can be)

I look at Ana who has the biggest grin on her face. She briefly looks at me and impatiently pries the box open revealing a huge cake in the shape of a dick. Written across the cake are the words "To have and to hold."

We both laugh and continue reading Elliot's letter.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool right? The next box is mostly for Ana. Pay close attention:

Ana, I know this might come as a shock to you. Yes, this is a huge dick…and yes, the form, but especially the size derive from mine. I thought about taking Christian's dick as an example, but it was just not doable, too small…they said at the bakery.

Ana, a little birdy told me that you recover best from shocking information by drinking coffee…well, that's why we bought you this little gift. See it as a life line.

With lots of love,

Your handsome, well-endowed brother Elliot

A little apprehensive Ana opens the second box and it reveals an IV-bag. However this one is definitely different, since it's intended for coffee.

"Baby that's perfect! That's absolutely fucking perfect" I say and take the gift from her and study it closely. My wife on the other hand is trying very hard not to smile.

Holding Ana's "life line" in the air I kiss her pouting lips. "This is really perfect baby…I mean we both know that especially in the morning coffee is a fine line between that smile on your face or your foot up my butt."

"Yeah, but you still love me…" She says pouting. And I will never stop loving you, I think while kissing her lovely pout.


Eleftherias Square is a in the heart of Kos town. We are strolling past a marvelous market with fresh fruit and vegetables, honey and herbs. The aroma is simply extraordinary.

The Mediterranean sun leaves a tingling feeling on my skin. This warmth is completely different then back in Seattle, where the humidity is much higher.

One hand is tightly clasped in Christian's while I'm holding my guidebook in the other. A gift from my husband. I love it!

I quickly look behind me and see Taylor walking a few feet behind us. Unintentionally I probably frown, what gets the immediate attention from Christian.

"Don't Ana…"

"What?" I ask innocently while looking at the neatly displayed oranges on one of the many market stalls.

"It's his job. He gets paid for it and very well I might add."

I sigh not wanting to repeat the discussion we had a few days prior to our wedding. Our conversation began calmly, just as civilized people would do, but after five minutes we started shouting at each other. In the end, Christian walked angrily towards his study loudly shutting the door behind him. To say I was fuming would be an understatement…so I walked towards the study and threw my shoes at the closed door. We both sulked for two hours. Christian in his study and me in the library. When he finally came to bed that night, he apologized and we had the best make up sex ever. However we never discussed it again…

"Besides Taylor wouldn't want it any other way…" Just drop it already. He really doesn't know when to stop. He just wants to be right.

"Don't ignore me Anastasia."

"Will you just let it go? Geez Christian. What do you want me to say?"

"Admit that I'm right." Nope. Don't think so.

"Let's agree to disagree on this one okay?" I add and look the other way, trying to avoid his angry face.

"Why is it so fucking difficult to admit that I'm right? You're an intelligent woman Anastasia. You know that being married to me comes with a lot of risks and when it comes to you I. won't. take. risks."

We are now standing in the middle of the square facing each other. Other tourists are walking past us, oblivious. His angry gray eyes, fighting a battle against my annoyed blue ones.

Christian who still is holding my hand, reinforces his grip when I try to pull my hand away.

"I'm hungry" I say.

"Fine let's eat!" Without letting go of my hand, Christian pulls me to one of the little restaurants where he finds us a seat in the shade.

Christian is staring straight ahead of him, completely ignoring me and in the meanwhile playing with the wedding band on his finger. Suddenly I just feel tired, angry and extremely sad…

When I feel the tears stinging in my eyes I open my guidebook and start browsing through it without even reading anything. I'm too worked up at the moment.

"I don't want to fight you Anastasia." Taking the guidebook from my hands and placing it on the table, Christian entwines our hands and shifts his chair closer to mine.

I swallow to fight back the tears and blink my eyes rapidly. "Don't cry please Ana…I don't want to make you cry…"

"Please don't…" I whisper without looking at him. Instead I stare at our joined hands.

"Ana…security is a necessity in my life…our life…" His voice sounds pained.

"I know"

"Ana, look at me please…"

When I turn my face to look at Christian, his eyes that only five minutes ago looked angry, now look hurt. The carefree and happy Christian I woke up this morning to is gone. Instead it seems like he is carrying the world on his shoulders. Shit, now I feel stupid.

"Look, I'm sorry Christian…I was being stupid…it's just that…" I shake my head and look at the people passing by.

"Talk to me Ana, don't bottle things up. Tell me how you feel." Christian insists.

He tenderly puts a tendril of hair behind my ear.

"We are in Greece Christian…no one knows you here…they don't even know where we are."

Christian stares at me for a long time and eventually sighs.

"You're right no one knows me here of even knows we are here, but Ana…people go to great lengths to get what they want. If someone has set his mind in hurting us…"

"It's okay …I get it. I understand."

"So, are we good?" Christian stares at me with his lost eyes and I immediately wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me.

"Of course we are…I'm sorry Christian." Burying my face in his neck the tears that I was trying so hard to hold back are now rapidly falling down my cheeks.

"What's wrong…why are you crying?"

"I don't know…just tired I guess…"

"Do you want to go back to the villa?"

I shake my head. "No, I just want to enjoy this…I'm sorry it's just the lack of sleep."

"Why did you choose Greece?" I ask while we are walking towards the ruins.

"I have never been here before. I wanted it to be a first for both of us."

"That's is really sweet Christian…I like our firsts…"

"So this is the tree?" We are standing looking at the tree of Hippocrates from a distance.


"Kind of a disappointment…" Christian states as we move closer to the tree.

"Christian, this is not the original tree. This tree is only standing here for 500 years, but they say that it may probably be a descendant of the original tree which allegedly stood here 2400 years ago."

"Ana there are even some branches supported by metal scaffolding…"

"Geez, don't be such a grouch. Just imagine Hippocrates, who was considered the father of medicine, teaching his pupils the art of medicine…right here on this spot…"

"Whatever baby." Christian grins at me and pulls me to one of the benches near the tree.

"Look I say pointing to a picture in the tour guide. He even invented the Hippocratic bench. That was a medieval device which used tension to aid in setting bones. The patient would lie on a bench at an adjustable angle and the ropes would be tied around his arms, waist, legs or feet. He would uses winches to pull the ropes apart."

"Kinky bastard" Christian mutters. However seeing Christian's face, I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

"What do you mean?"

Christian shrugs and stares at the tree. Clearly uncomfortable. "In the BDSM there are bondage beds…submissives are restrained to the bed…and some of the beds even have a cage underneath." Even though Christian is telling me this in a casual way, I can see at the set of his jaw and at the tone of his voice that he isn't really comfortable in sharing this information with me. Christian had led a life before me that I don't know anything about.

"A cage?" A freaking cage?

"Yes, it's mostly used as a punishment." Christian's eyes are set on the tree in front of us. He is avoiding eye contact completely.

Shit! Did he use to have a bed like that? Did he use to punish those girls and let them sleep in a cage while he slept on the bed? I start fumbling with the pages of the guidebook that I'm still holding in my hand and ask the question that is burning on my lips.

"Did you…?"

"No!" Christian answers cutting me off.

"Okay…" I reply meekly. That's good right? I know so little about that lifestyle. I would really like to understand what the appeal is for a submissive or even a dominant. Maybe I can convince Christian to take me to a BDSM club sometime. Maybe if I saw what those scenes entail, that I can somehow understand. I mean I don't even know how a dungeon or playroom looks like.

"I would like to go to a BDSM club I blurt out…"


"Come again…"

"I said…I would like to go to a BDSM club …will you take me?" Ana is nervously picking at the nail polish on her nails. Her face is bright red and her leg is nervously moving up and down.

"Absolutely not…"

"Why?" She whispers.

I sigh as I hear the tinge of annoyance in her whisper. Why the hell isn't she a little more compliant? Why is my wife so incredibly inquisitive and why…why can't she just listen to me? No, my wife always wants to know the underlying thought in every fucking answer. Then a discussion develops, where everything is analyzed. And I mean everything. Every word I say can be taken out of context, and then she starts analyzing again.

"Because I say so…" Is the only answer I can come up with. Doesn't she understand that I don't want to taint her with my past? I don't want her to be repulsed by me. Because I'm pretty damn sure that when she witnesses the harsher scenes, she will be repulsed. And in the end she will leave me. That can't happen. I can't let that happen. Ever.

I'm sure that if I would have met Ana before I left the lifestyle and I would have asked her to become my submissive she would have turned me down. She would have been repelled by the dominant asshole I was. If she knew what I use to do with my submissives…

"And that's the end of it right?" Ana's demeanor has changed from insecure to defiant. Her hands are firmly clutching the guidebook in her hands, making her knuckles turn white. She has her chin raised in the air. Let the battle of wills start.

"You know me well Ana." I stand up as a sign that this conversation has ended.

Amazingly, my wife surprises me again. After a few seconds and a deep breath she carelessly throws the tour guidebook in her purse and her entire attitude shifts. Her shoulders relax and without any hesitation she lovingly takes my outstretched hand. Why do I have the feeling that this was just too easy?

Ana doesn't mention our conversation again during our walk through the island. Ana is her happy self. Cheerful, funny and extremely affectionate. Every now and then she stops to kiss me or just to tell me how much she loves me. She is constantly consulting the tourist guide I gave her on the plane as we reach a tourist attraction. I'm positive that by tomorrow, Ana will probably know more about the islands history than most islanders. She absorbs all information and details.

It's a joy to see.

"Are you hungry or thirsty?" I ask her when we are strolling back to the town's square.

"I'm thirsty" She says looking up at me. "And I would love to taste that Baklava…" She admits shyly.

"Let's go then baby." Because what my girl wants, my girl gets.


"Mmm, Christian…God this is divine. Taste it."

I cut a piece of the sweet pastry made off layers filo dough, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey, with my fork and bring it to Christian's mouth.

His perfectly shaped mouth opens and he lets me feed him.

Enthralled I'm looking at my husband's mouth. I wipe the small drop of honey from his lips with my thumb and just when I'm about to kiss his perfect mouth I feel a presence at our table.

Looking at my left side I see a little girl standing at our table looking at the pastry. Her long black hair is disheveled, like the rest of her. The thin dress she is wearing is scruffy as is her face. Her almost black colored eyes are shifting from the pastry to me.

"Are you hungry?" I ask softly.

A little frown appears on her sweet, little face. Beside me Christian is shifting in his seat nervously.

Shit, she doesn't understand a word of what I'm saying.

Placing the fork back on the plate I shove it towards her and smile at her. But before the little girl can take the fork to her mouth Taylor is standing at our table. His posture is tall and frightening. What the hell is he doing?

"Taylor go…please…she is just a little girl…she's hungry" But before Taylor has the change to turn around the waiter is standing at our table, shouting to the little girl. With a last glance at the pastry I see her bottom lip trembling before she runs away in the direction of the marina.

I have the urge to run after the little girl. She was hungry…so incredibly hungry that she silently sneaked up to our table and begged me with her eyes. I throw the paper napkin on the table and slump back in the green, metal and very uncomfortable chair. It's too late, she is to war away. The baklava is still on the table. I can't eat it.

"Do you want me to ask the cook to prepare something?" Christian asks.

"I'm not hungry anymore Christian." I'm still looking towards where the little girl ran off to. God, she must have been so hungry.

"For the girl." He says softly. "We can walk in the direction of the Marina. She is probably hiding there somewhere."

"God, I love you Christian."

While Christian and I are waiting for the food to be prepared, different questions run through my head. What is a girl like her doing here alone? Where are her parents? Does she even have parents? If not…who is taking care of her? Does she have a place to sleep?

Why did that waiter have to yell at her like that? And what the hell was Taylor thinking? That she was a threat? With my eyes glued to where she disappeared I hope that the cook just hurries so we can at least feed her.


I have to admit that the word "giving up" doesn't exist in my wife's vocabulary. Packed with a bag full of food, we walked twice around the Marina. Unfortunately without success. I don't know if it was Taylor's presence or that she simply wasn't there.

Ana refused to take the food back to the villa. Instead she entered a small bakery. Using her little pocket dictionary she tried to tell the elder lady behind the counter for who the bag was mend to. Sadly, we have no idea if the woman understood anything of what we said or if she even knew the little girl.

Leaning against the bathroom door I've been staring at Ana for a while who is taking a bath. She is mindlessly staring in the distance.

What Ana doesn't know is that we don't only have Taylor with us but also a few undercover security guards. They are locals and know the people and the area. I asked Taylor to talk to them and tell them to find the girl and give her at least something to eat and find out what a little girl like her was wandering the streets by herself.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Startled, Ana looks at me bringing her hand to her chest. "Shit, Christian, you scared me."

Smiling at her I raise my eyebrows awaiting her answer. "Of course you can join me." She adds quickly.

A few seconds later Ana's soft body is leaning against my chest.

"God, I can't stand it" Ana say breaking the silence. "I can't stand the thought of that little girl being hungry."

"You have the biggest heart Ana Grey." Carefully I shove her hair to the side and kiss that special spot behind her ear.

She turns around and straddles me, placing both arms loosely over my shoulders. Her fingers immediately find my hair.

"You, Christian Grey have a big heart…what we did today or tried to do, pales in comparison to what you have been doing for years. Your project in Darfur, which not only helps children, but entire villages. You support your parent's charity. And your mother told me that you even donated extra money for those children who were a part of that Waves project. I've also been told that you keep an eye on them. You provide them with everything they may need…selflessly just because you can and want to help them. That is what I call having a big heart."

Her small hand glides to my chest and she spreads her fingers across my heart.

"You are an amazing man and well it happens you are my husband. I'm incredibly proud of you…"

She stares at me with those beguiling eyes and that gorgeous smile and I'm about to burst with happiness.

I take my hands to her breasts and start grazing my thumb against her nipples, but then when I squeeze lightly she winces.

"Did I hurt you?"

"A little, I don't know my breast are incredibly sensitive…I'm sorry…but don't stop…"

"Ana, I'm not going to hurt you. Why are your breasts sore? Could it be that you're pregnant?" I blurt out and I can't help the hopefulness in my voice. But fuck, it would make me incredibly happy. Scared shitless, but happy none the less.

Ana's eyes widen and she shakes her head sadly. "Christian, I told you that it might take to even eight months until my period returns…I don't think that we can conceive while not having a period."

"I've read stories Ana that woman even get pregnant while on the depo shot…" I shrug.

"Where did you read that?" She asks scrunching up her nose.

"Well…when you told me that you stopped with the depo and that…well you know…I did some research…" I'm fucking blushing. It was the best kept secret ever.

"What kind of research?" She probes.

"I might have ordered a few books?"

"A few?"

"All of the books I could find…" I admit begrudgingly.

"How many?" she is biting her lip and trying her best not to fall into a fit of laughter.

"About thirty…maybe thirty five…" Ana's eyes get huge, her mouth drops open and then she throws her head back and starts laughing.

"Oh my god Christian, that's so cute…" Cute? That's not cute. That's being in control. I'm prepared, I know what awaits us.

"Baby, I've practically read everything there is to read. You can ask me anything, from the moment the child is conceived until he or she goes to college." I tell her proudly.

"Do tell Mr. Grey" Ana says playfully and quickly kisses my lips.

"Basically all I have to do is insert my penis into your vagina, thrust a few times, I ejaculate and then my little swimmers do the work." Simple. Easy. Piece of fucking cake.

"Jesus, Christian…or should I say Mr. insert-penis-in-vagina, you make it sound like a business deal." Ana says appalled.

"No business deals when it comes to conceive our child Ana…our little baby is going to be made out of love…but technically I'll have to insert my penis in your vagina baby…"

"Show me then…" She whispers against my mouth, but then I remember what started this conversation in the first place.

"First tell me why your breasts are sore?" I look down at her breasts and they are perfect. To me it seems as if they are bigger, but I'm certainly not going to tell her that and then again you won't hear me complaining.

"I think it's one of the side effects…" She blushes and suddenly I have this feeling that she is keeping things from me.

"What aren't you telling me Anastasia?"

"It's nothing really…" She admits, but avoids eye contact. "Ana, talk to me" Placing my finger under her chin I force her to look at me.

"I'm a little nauseous and I feel bloated..." What the fuck? Ana doesn't give me a chance to answer.

"But it's not really bad…the nausea is not constant, but like I said, it's not bad…" She shrugs it off as if it's nothing serious and it really pisses me off.


"Please Christian…believe me that if I even had the slightest doubt I would take a pregnancy test. Please don't blow this out of proportion…"

"Just tell me if it gets worse Ana…promise me."

"I promise Christian…Now help me remember please…how babies are made." Lazily she bites my lip and whispers against my mouth.

That I can do.

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