Explorers of the Universe

Chapter 18: Picking Up the Pieces; Starting Out on a New Mission

Time Passed

1 Week Later

The darkness that descended on him from exhaustion had finally subsided as Isaac's eyes opened. He closed them again to squeeze the exhaustion out, as his eyesight began to clear up. AT first there were light and colors and then shapes began to form again. Isaac managed to look upward to see a bright light, but it was not the path to Heaven. It was actually one of the lights to the infirmary. As he looked around, he saw it was the lights of the sick bay of the Ishimura. Though it was less of a bloody warzone and more cleaned up, with a few droids helping out due to the staff being mostly dead from what happened.

He slowly started to get up, but felt his left anchored, as he looked to see a rather familiar sight but rather welcomed. It was Kori, as she was sleeping on his hand, while holding it, propping her head on her two folded arms like a pillow and sleeping in a chair pulled next to his bed as she seemed to hold onto him like an anchor. Not daring to let go of him if he was slipping.

He smiled seeing his dear friend still around, but then noticed something else. Sleeping in another chair, next to the wall was Misty, arms folded and still sleeping as well. Apparently both girls were watching out for him.

He blinked, "What the... ? Misty?"

"They've been at your side since you collapsed." a familiar voice said from the door quietly to let the girls sleep.

Isaac turned and saw Adam there, his eyes shut as he leaned against the door, arms over chest as he stood there.

Isaac sighed a little, as managed to sit up, though his left hand was still trapped with his orange-skinned friend, as he looked to the Warrior Spartan and asked, "What Happened? How long was I out?"

"Well, we've been out for the better part of a week. At least that's what Dr. Kain said," Adam replied.

Isaac was fully awake as he blinked, "I've been out for a week? What's been happening since then?"

"I only woke up a day ago myself, but all the survivors have begun to clean up and burial preparations for the souls of those who were killed since this attack began have been made." Adam explained, approaching as he looked at Isaac and asked, "What do you remember after we passed out?"

Isaac sighed, as he hated to go through what he did, "I remember shooting Genus dozens of times. Two shots to kill and a dozen to make sure he'd stay dead. The monolith and the slab being swallowed by the Black Hole. And then I saw the Falcon again and as soon as we got on board I suddenly conked out due to everything that's happened."

Isaac remained silent, before he sighed, "Twice now."

Adam blinked, confused by the younger boy's statement, "Pardon?"

"That's twice I killed a person. Not counting my dad since he was already dead," Isaac replied as he remembered. "First I killed the crazed girl Pinky, and then I killed your former friend. It's not exactly easy taking lives."

"No it isn't...Only the criminal insane would find taking a life easy or enjoyable. However, sometimes we must do it in order to save the lives others." Adam told Isaac, "Every leader knows that and they will continue to if they wish to protect the people they care for."

Looking outside he said, "I took someone's life during the Colony War and the faces of those people will remain with me. But I cannot dwell on the past as long as there are people in the present who need me. But I acknowledge those deeds to keep myself in check."

Looking back at Isaac, Adam said, with a friendly smile, "If you need to talk to me about it, you may. I have had my fair share of nightmares after the Colony War."

Isaac nodded, as he replied, "Maybe later."

Suddenly, a soft moan escaped from Kori's lips as Isaac turned to see she was slowly starting to wake up. Her eyes blinked awake, as she saw Isaac, smiling as he replied softly, "Hey, glad to see you're awake and okay."

Adam apported his sunglasses to his hand before slipping them on as he said, "I will allow you to catch up with her, she barely left your side."

He then left for the two of them to have their time together. The moment the door closed Adam's face hardened as he said to himself, "So he didn't see anything at all..."

"I don't think he didn't see anything."

"Dr. Kain." Adam greeted, turned to see Dr. Kain approaching as he looked a bit tired. Adam greeted. It was due to helping the injured as well as Kera was sitting nearby a bit sleepy herself. Though next to her was DRU who was allowing himself to be used as a pillow for her satisfied comfort.

"It's quite possible the symptoms haven't revealed themselves him yet, but it could be fairly accurate he's the 1 out of 10 with a stronger defense against the hallucinations," Dr. Kain theorized. "Who knows what could have happened from that overexposure to the Monolith's carrier waves."

"So I was able to see was my lucking out because of the fact that Genus was correct about the Warriors, Dr. Kain? Or because of my own mental strength?" Adam asks, respectfully to the doctor. The two begun to walk along the corridor alone.

"Not entirely sure of that myself, my boy." Dr. Kain remarked, though looked back at Isaac's quarters, "Though I will say this: he may have come out with just one scar, what's he's faced and experienced, that's worse than anything. He'll probably carry that back to Earth with him. If he chooses to go back."

"Everyone have scars, some visible while others are deeper within. He will not return... I can tell he has something he must do..." Adam said, but getting back on topic he told the doctor, "If only this never happened... We were so close getting the evidence we needed, but now this happened and from what I saw there is more to the monoliths and the Creators than anyone thought."

Looking at the stars he commented, "To think that the monoliths have both a consciousness and the capability to choose a sort of "Herald of Death"."

"It makes me wonder what else the Creators have done." Dr. Kain replied, as he was lost in thought. "Though one thing does puzzle me: what is it that changed their minds?"

"What do you mean, Doctor?" Adam asked.

Kain looked to him as he explained, "They ended up having a hand in creating us. Then millennia later, they develop a super weapon to kill us. Something changed their minds, my boy. And we don't even know what it was."

"Maybe my findings will reveal something to you, doctor." Adam said before he heard footsteps approaching.

"Dr. Kain. Adam." Gwen's voice called out.

Before them, Gwen, Jeff, Sphere and Ben walked up as Gwen asked, "Is Isaac okay?"

"He just woke up right now." Adam informed them with a straight face, pointing in the direction of his room, "Both Princess Andr'z and engineer Vanqeuz are currently tending to his need."

Gwen looked dumbfounded, as she arched an eyebrow, "What? Okay, I get Kori because she clings to him like a life preserver, but Misty? That's a twist."

Back in Isaac's Med Room

As soon as Isaac replied to her, Kori went wide eyed and almost began to cry, as she cried out, "Isaac." And then glomped him, as she cried and hugged him as he was surprised, "Oh, thank X'Hal you are alive. I worried when you were the passing out. I was worried when you did not wake up."

Isaac was a bit startled once again as a girl was hugging him and happy he was alright. but he returned it, as he softly smiled, "Sorry for the worry, Kori." But then noticed as Misty woke up and blinked to see him awake. as he waved, "Hey, Misty. Why are...?"

Misty cleared her throat, as she looked away, a bit red in the face, as she grumbled, "Finally. I was on watch for Gwen when her cousin would wake up. Why'd it take you so long, idiot? everyone was worried."


Back in the Hallway

Adam smiled as he said, "Some people are not as they appear."

He then extended his arm to the door, "Please go to him. I have much work to do before I can meet all of the members of the Falcon crew on the Bridge and tell the survivors on what the cause of this disaster is."

Gwen nodded, "thank you, Adam."

And with that, they went to Isaac's room.

Though Rei did seem a bit worried, as she stopped, and looked to Adam, as she asked her surrogate brother, "What will happen now? The Falcon is nearing repairs, as well as extra modifications done to DRU and Sphere's guidance with installing the Gravity Drive to the ship. The Earth Government will want that technology, as well as ask about our otherworldly visitors."

"We'll tell them what they want." Adam, assured his surrogate sister, "We'll have a video of our friends to tell our people about their own and the civilization they come from and then they make their case to the earth government to join us against the Xenecromorphs and the Creators."

Looking to Rei, he confessed, "We may need to be a bit more creative about how to safe guard the technology that Sphere provided your crew."

He then goes into deep in thought before asking, "Do you remember when we watched the early twenty-first century Harry Potter movie together?"

"I recall that," Rei replied. "Why?"

He gives her a smile, a smile that she knows that means he has a devious idea. Especially as he used his PIC's holopad and began typing.

Isaac's Patient Room

The door suddenly opened, as Isaac and the others were greeted by Gwen and the others coming in, as they walked in. Isaac smiled seeing everyone, as he replied, "Gwen."

Gwen walked over and sat down on his right, as she smiled, "Good to see you're alright, Doofus."

Isaac smiled, "You do, Queen of the Dweebs."

Jeff smirked, "Good to see your attitude is still as good as ever."

Isaac nodded, "You too, Jeff." He then noticed Ben as he nodded, "Hey, Ben."

"Nice to see the Hero of the Hour is wide awake again. You were asleep for a whole week," Ben replied. "Ernesto's got a new cyber arm, the Falcon's all patched up, and we are ready to go home."

The room felt a little silent on that, now that the horror had been done with. Now that it was all over for now, neither person in the room knew what would entail next. Isaac and everyone could go home, but for Sphere, DRU, and especially Kori, that wasn't true on the matter. Even if they could go to Earth, they'd have a worse time than he or anyone else had on this planet. Kori and DRU would probably be treated as outcasts or hated by bigots; even if the government gave them special treatment everyone who couldn't see that would treat them as such. The Unitologists would see them as heretics and probably hunt them down. Or worse, treated as lab experiments. Either way, Isaac's feelings were coming down with doubt and worry for the three.

Though at that moment, Rei entered the room, as Kori beamed, "Oh Rei, you have arrived."

Rei seemed to nod, as Isaac stated, "Kori and Misty told me you had a hand with the Gravity Drive. Thank you."

Rei let a small smile appear, as she nodded, "Thank you." For a moment of silence between the two friends was quiet, Rei broke it as she replied, "I like your scar, Isaac."

Isaac's worry and outer smile faded as a look of genuine surprise appeared, as he asked, "I have a scar? Where?"

Adam came in and said, "Under your left eye."

At the mention of the word eye, he felt Isaac's, Kori's, and Misty's attention on him as he sighs and asks, "Is this where I reveal why my eyes are different from the other Warriors? Or did you all what will happen now that the crisis is over?"

Everyone looked and then finally Gwen asked, "So what happens now? Now that the Falcon is close to repairs and the threat is over. With everyone recovering and the Ishimura about ready with a few more days of repairs… what happens now?"

Isaac sighed, as he added, "I think we're all pretty much curious on that, Adam. That and maybe the eye thing later on."

"Yeah, what is the game plan," Jeff asked.

"After getting in contact with the bridge, they were able to fix the long range communications which will allow us to contact Earth. From there we tell everyone the truth, as what the cause of this attack was and what the Creators wanted to do with these undead weapons." Adam told them. Seeing the looks he was getting, he said, "It's the only thing we can do to ensure that no one repeats this tragedy should someone else finds a Monolith somewhere else."

Everyone seemed to take that in to account, until Isaac asked, "What about the rest of us?"

"Why do you think I wanted you all to come with me to the bridge. But right now I need the princess, DRU, and Sphere to come with me." Adam said looking at the three non-humans in the room.

"DRU's with Kera, sleeping, Sphere and Kori are here," Gwen replied.

"Why do you need to see them?" Isaac asked out of concern.

"I want to make a video conference between your non-human friends for the people of Earth to know them and their species." He said looking at Isaac, assuring him, "This will convince people that their species are no different from us except how their look and what they can do."

His stance became cold and said, "I will not stand for anyone trying to hurt others just because they are different..."

Isaac asked, "How long do you think this might take?"

"A few hours, at most." Adam replied.

Kori got up from be bed as she walked over to Adam, as she nodded, Sphere following behind her, "Then let us show your people that there are those who do not wish to bring hard to your people."

Adam bowed subtly, "Thank you, princess."

Few Hours Later

Everyone was waiting on the outside of the communication room for long range contact.

Once the interviews were over, Isaac was awaiting for any good news, along with the others, and now with Jonie, Ernesto, Theodore, and Kera. Kera was a bit worried about DRU's absence, as it was no surprise the girl was showing a certain feeling for him. Ernest's prosthetic arm was a bit on the slow grade as the joins were making a motor whirring sound, though Kain stated that he could get some upgrades when they get back. It was a standard humanoid model with five fingers, and the triceps missing from the back, as it was a rush job but still worked pretty well.

Isaac had gotten dressed and like everyone else was still waiting for everyone. as he groaned, "This shouldn't take so long. I mean..."

Gwen assured her cousin, "I know, you're worried about them."

"Who wouldn't be," Isaac replied.

Misty, seemed a bit quiet, as she sighed, "Yeah, I gotta admit. I do miss Kori." Isaac and Gwen arched an eyebrow at her, as she shrugged, "What? I think she's a badass alien gal."

Kera, being new to the group, then asked, "What if they decide to take them away?" That question hung in the air, as they thought on that. Realizing what she had just said, she shied away ashamed, "I'm sorry."

At that moment, the door opened, as everyone was awaiting with smiles to see the others... though seemed a bit downed and confused when they saw Kori's saddened face, as well as DRU's stationed calm, while Adam looked ashamed, even with Dr. Kain walking and Sphere flying in.

Gwen was the first to ask, "I take it there's something not good news, seeing that Kori doesn't look too happy."

Isaac got up and walked towards them, as he asked, "What happened?"

He placed his hand on Kori's should and said to the three non-humans, "I'm sorry..."

Adam turned to the group and said, "Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news?"

"I think the situation would dictate the bad news first," Isaac replied.

"I knew he'd say that," Sphere droned a reply.

Adam then began to explain everything, "The Unitologist representative of the council refused to believe the truth even with audio and visual evidence provided to us by Dr. Kain, DRU, and Sphere. One of the major supports of the W-Organization suggested of using the Falcon as a first line of defense to understand more about the universe and to find a way to unite our peoples while searching for anymore Monoliths. However, when Senator Grey spoke, he made it sound as though this was a conspiracy against the people of Earth which led to a political dispute between us. Until the head of the council ended it as he came to a decision and issued the following orders to Dr. Kain and myself. In which the three of them will be taken into quarantine from the survivors of the Falcon, until we return to earth where they can get a more direct result. They also want the Falcon in order to examine the new technologies integrated with it. When we arrive in the solar system we are to bring the Falcon, ship and Crew to one of the mining colonies around Saturn where the stationary commander will be able to get a better understand of their situation. All those of you who lost your families will be placed in a foster system as a means to help you recover from your trauma."

After Adam explained he looked at the crew and said, "I'm sorry..."

Clenching his fists Adam spat, turning his head away. "The short-sighted fools in power refuse to see the bigger threat."

They could see how angry Adam is by his eyes glowing more from the space made by his glasses.

Looking at them he asks, "I have a plan around this, but I must ask... Do you trust me?"

Isaac replied, "I trust you. So, what's the plan?"

Adam leads everyone to the Bridge as their arrival surprises the officers. Campbell, although relieved of everyone's recovery, asked, "What's the situation Adam?"

"I have use for the ship wide coms, it's time to tell everyone what happened." Adam said looking at Campbell. Chitt was going to protest, but seeing Adam looking at him, stopped as he didn't want to be killed like Mathias was.

Campbell, being the brave captain and understanding of the Warrior, nodded "You can go ahead, lad. Say what needs to be said."

Adam nodded as he approached the main station while everywhere throughout the ship people can see Adam's image appearing.

Later on

The Bridge of the Ishimura

Adam stood at the bridge and used the entire ship's coms as he said, "Everyone onboard the Ishimura, this Adam Wesker."

Everyone turned, to listen as Adam continued, "As you know we have survived something that many would not want to believe or could believe, especially as it had infected or turned our loved ones against each other. After must discussing with the Captain, we agreed that you should know the truth about how and why this happened."

His image disappeared to show the monolith as he continued, "Many of you may find it hard to believe, but this artifact was the cause of our suffering, it is the one who caused this. The monolith is actually a weapon speculated to be created by the species known to us as "Creators" that has been designed to target any species it can get with its psychoceramic field and the cause them to kill everyone around them before it can infect their bodies with a virus that will mutate its host's corpse into the creatures you had to force to fight and kill. We were saved by everyone working together and thanks to the efforts and intelligence given to us by Isaac Shepard and his crew-"

An image of Isaac and his crew standing together was shown behind him as several scenes that were still active, caught what they done to fight against the Xenecromorphs and help civilians, "-then we would not have figured out what to stop this nightmare and save us all. We have also learned that the creators had planned to make what happened to us, happen to the home world of us and our loved ones. Will you stand by while these false prophets attempt to try and send us to our graves and perverse our bodies to hunt down and kill our loved ones!?"

Many of the people, after recovering from shock and horror of learning what caused their suffering, all shouted, ready to fight back should the Creators come.

Adam lowered his head while closing his eyes behind his sunglasses, "We have lost many of our people and the only way we can honor them is by living to tell the people the truth about what happened to them."

All of those who were grieving over what happened to their loved ones were able to stop their tears and stand up, feeling inspired by the young war hero's words.

"Will you be like the swine we feed on and be led down the path to destruction?!"

More people shouted, in response, "NO!"

"Then we shall go back to earth and report exactly what happened to us and this ship. Refusing to let anyone alter the truth."

The people nodded at this.

"We will prepare!"

They all cheered, hearing this.

"We will stand ready!"

They cheered louder, agreeing.

"And when they come, we will stand together as our species should and fight against these creators of death! Along with the Savior of the Ishimura, Isaac Shepard!" Adam exclaimed, presenting Isaac Shepard standing with Adam.

They all cheered loudly at the speech before chanting Adam's and Isaac's name, "Adam! Shepard! Adam! Shepard! Adam! Shepard! Adam! Shepard!"


Back at the bridge Adam stood there and listened as the people were cheering about the future plans against the Creators before he ended the transmission throughout the ship those on the bridge stopped hearing the cheers. He looked back at the crew of the Falcon and asked, "What did you think?"

"This is well good and all but how does this help us with our current problem?" Gwen asks, raising a brow.

Adam smiled, "Watch."

All around the Ishimura

Everyone saw Adam turned back to them as he held his hand up for silence. Once everyone was quiet, Adam then said, "We have told the people in charge of Earth and all Colonies of our story but they refused to listen."

That made people angry or shocked as Adam continued, "It saddens me to say that they refused to accept the truth as they wish to imprison three of your heroes for the fact that they are not humans, but in fact people from another part of our universe."

This began to rile some of them up more while Adam continued, "And then ship the rest of these heroes, especially the brave Isaac Shepard, away to be cast aside in the foster system instead of acknowledging his deeds!"

Everyone on the bridge could hear booing as Adam kept going, "You who have suffered because of the undead creatures known as Xenecromorphs, and saved by these heroes."

He stepped out of the way to reveal them with him on the bridge as he asked, "Should they be allowed to do this!?"

"NO!" The crew yelled, protesting against this unfair treatment of their heroes.

Adam raised a hand, "Should they imprison them and force them to endure something that they did not deserve!?"

"NOO!" The crew cried out, still going to protest against this.

The war hero then raised his other hand and asks, "Should we allow this mockery to make them suffer?!"

"NOO!" The crew cried out, the thought of protest in their minds.

"Then when you arrive tell them that these heroes who saved you all have a mission to complete. They will find the Creator's homeworld. They stop them before they can complete their mad quest of universal extinction. And they will bring peace and prosperity to the universe itself!" Adam said as the crowd cheered.

Adam smiled as he ended the coms as those on the bridge could hear the people cheering throughout the ship.

Despite the roar of the crowd, and Isaac and the rest of the others weren't exactly sure what to make of the situation. Even Gwen had her dads and she walked up after Adam, and asked are you sure this was a good idea Adam? And the last thing we want is for a rebellion against the government to start. And don't forget: you're also a part of the government, so I'm not sure they'll be lenient on you.

"They will not fight, they will protest, but they will not fight." Adam said assuring her.

I hope you're right about that," Gwen replied

"Isaac, i'm leaving you in the hands of my sister for a bit while I... say some good-byes." Adam said solemn as he walked to elevator while it lowers as he used his PIC to have anyone who wishes to leave with Isaac's group to have them wait by the Falcon.

Isaac nodded but also had his own plan as he gently led Rei away and asked, "Rei, can I talk to you alone for a minute?"

Rei a bit confused, but nodded as she replied, "Of course."

While the two of them were alone she asks, "What is it that you wish to talk about Isaac?"

"Remember back in the Creator's ship when we were in the pilot area? You were able to download the map's into not just your memory but your SIG suit, right," Isaac asked.

Rei nodded "Yes"

"You also understood the languages, so that also means you can read their maps and charts, right?"

Two nodded , "Of course"

Then Isaac asked "And the Falcon. She's hooked up to the Gravity Drive?"

Rei arched an eyebrow, "What are you implying?"

Isaac took a deep breath and finally answered, "I'm taking Kori, Sphere, and DRU out of here."

Rei blinked, "But Isaac... I do not understand why you feel you wish to do this."

"Well, for one thing I did promise I would take Kori back to her home," Isaac defended. "It was my promise to make for her and I didn't want the others to be made to do so."

Rei then asked, "But there is something else you want to do... or to go. Isn't there?"

He nodded as Isaac answered, "I also want to go to where the Creators are. But I won't do it if you don't want to help."

Really thought about what Isaac was suggesting to do. It was true that this plane was full hearty and that it was sort of reckless to go on all by himself. But when she saw the look in his eyes, she also saw the kindness and the determination that he had. But there was also a sense of promise to what he was trying to keep. Understanding that there was no chance to talk him out of this and that he had made his mind, really understood the burden he was carrying, and replied, "Yes. I can help you on this. When do we make way?"

Isaac answered. "We'll make our chance on the night before the Ishimura heads back to earth."

Rei smiles as she nodded.

Later That Night

Boarding Shoot Docking Area

That night while everyone was asleep Isaac led Kori to the hanger where the Falcon, things looked quiet... too quiet...

Kori looked around, as she asked, "Are you certain this is wise, Isaac? I thought you would want to return home?"

"I don't' really have much of a home to go back to, Kori. My parents are dead, and it's pretty official despite the crew's fighting spirit, the government's pretty much gonna have me and Gwen separated into foster," Isaac replied. But he turned around and smirked, "And besides, taking you home is one of the reasons why I'm doing this."

Kori smiled at her friend's promise as she nodded, "Isaac…"

"We should get on board fast," Sphere suddenly spoke up, spooking the two.

Both looked and saw Sphere, accompanied by Rei and DRU who were both packed up as well to board the Falcon.

"I managed to disable the alarm for unauthorized boarding," Rei replied, "DRU had also made certain to shut off security cameras and put them in a loop. They won't notice the boarding shoot doors open."

Isaac arched an eyebrow, as he stated, "That shouldn't have taken you guys that long."

DRU looked rather calm but had a small smile appear, as he answered, "We had something else to take care of before you got here."

The brunette boy shrugged, as he asked, "Then shall we board now?" They all nodded in agreement, as the boarding shoot door opened, as the five were prepared to leave. As they all entered, Isaac was the last to board. But before he did…

"Mind telling us why you're leaving so soon?"

Isaac nearly jumped, as he turned around slowly, only to be greeted by Vincent, Dr. Kain, Captain Campbell, Angelo, and Irons. They didn't look like they were wanting to stop them, but Vincent asked, "Well?"

Isaac sighed, as he turned to face the adults, and replied, "I'm leaving. Along with Kori, DRU, Sphere, and Rei. I'm planning to go take Kori back home, since she was taken." He then hardened his resolve, as he replied, "I'm also gonna find out the Creators' homeworld."

Dr. Kain stepped forward as he asked, "Can you explain why you have to go?"

"These beings had a hand in creating us, and suddenly after millions of years, they create something to kill us. Something changed their minds," Isaac explained. His resolve hardened, as he finished, "My parents died to find out if their theories were right all because of them. I deserve to know why they hate us enough to do that."

Dr. Kain nodded, "I agree with you that there must be something going on, but is it worth being seen as an enemy of Earth's Government as well as Unitology itself?"

"By the time they decide what to do, it'll be too late," Isaac replied. "And besides, both sides already view me as an enemy anyway. Might as well get going before they get too serious about a teenager going awol with a ship."

Angelo didn't like this but a look from Vincent made him sigh, "You determined see this through till the end no matter what?"

Isaac sighed, as he nodded, "Yeah, I'm willing to accept this. Besides, I'll keep everyone posted and confirmed when we find more stuff out there."

"Glad to hear that. Because we wish to come with." A voice from behind said as Adam stood there, though it seems as though something seems different with his hair. behind him were Ernesto, Ted, Jonie, and Kera.

Isaac blinked as he was a bit surprised, "Huh? You guys?"

"Not just them, Dweeb," Gwen's voice popped up as he looked to see coming out from behind the adults, Gwen, Jeff, and even surprisingly Misty.

Though Gwen seemed a bit hurt and annoyed, "You were seriously going out on your own to another rpart of the Galaxy without me? You know I'm a budding Xenobiologist, I'm not gonna let that pass me by."

Isaac arched an eyebrow, as he asked, "Is that all?"

"No, I'm also going to keep an eye on my cousin," she replied, walking over and punching him slightly in the arm in a playful way.

Jeff also walked up as he slapped his shoulder hard, as he smirked, "I'm also chief of security. I have to make sure this exploration expedition has everyone coming out of it alive."

Jonie also saluted, "We're also his new squad members, so where he goes, Theodore and I go too."

Theodore shrugged, "It's better than a trek back to Earth."

Kera also shot up, looking like a flustered girl confessing her crush, "I'm also going! As a medical officer. And also… well, to um… to help out. I have to figure out DRU's anatomy or I'll not be able to do my job properly." Realizing what she said, she heavily blushed and covered her face, "That came out wrong. It was better in my head."

Though Misty sighed, as she crossed her arms, "And the Falcon's gonna need heavy maintenance to outfit it with new stuff and to patch it up in case you decide to wreck one of the more advanced exploration ships Earth ever made. Ernesto and I can help DRU out if he's not enough."

DRU didn't know how to take that as a compliment or an insult, but simply nodded, "Thank you."

Adam smiled as he said, "I have been curious about the universe since I was a young boy when Wayward found me, so coming along with you will help me expand my horizon. Plus there might be more planets with Monoliths and I figured you could use someone like me on our crew."
He then held up a data disc, "Before I forget I got that program that you and I worked on Rei."

Isaac walked over to it, and blinked, "Program?"

"It's a safety precaution to keep the war mongers and greedy bureaucrats back on earth from getting the designs for the Gravity Drive and other advance technology that the Falcon had been added with." Adam said making the same devious idea smile that Rei knows too well. He quietly chuckles to himself at how they will be pulling their hair out trying to figure it out, "If they try to delete the program they'll delete the designs for those devices as well.

Isaac smirked at both Adam and Rei, "Pretty ingenious, you two."

"Well, now that you're all okay with the idea, you should all get going before the Ishimura gets the wakeup call," Campbell replied. Isaac nodded, as they were all getting ready to board, but not before Campbell replied, "If you find my grandson, Kenneth, out there… please do what you can to bring him home, if possible."

Isaac, despite being bullied by Kenneth, nodded, as he would keep this promise, "I'll do my best, sir."

Adam handed the data disc and a video disc to Angelo as he said to his old friend, "You take care of earth until our return."

"Count on it." Angelo said as he and every Warrior saluted their leader and friends as they entered the Falcon.

Minutes Later

The Falcon was detaching from the Ishimura, as it was slowly beginning to leave distance between them both. Inside, everyone was getting to their stations, preparing to take off.

As they were meeting their stations, Rei was opening a manhole entrance that was behind the captain's seat, to which Isaac was slowly easing in, as DRU and Jonie were taking control of the sub pilot stations beside him. Rei noticed Adam sitting down, and asked, "Adam? Did you change your hair?"

"I cut it off." Adam told her, as she knew that his long platinum blond hair was another symbol much like him wearing his sunglasses every waking moment as he said, "Throughout the day I tied my hair into a pattern to represent all the lives stolen by the Unitologist's false Idol, the monolith."

As Rei slipped in, Theodore was sitting down, and spoke as the manhole cover closed, "You could just say you're getting a haircut, man. I mean, we all need one at times."

"I was not allowed to while growing up in Wayward, though I do admit I did look good with my hair that long." He said smiling at how some of his fans liked how he looked with his long hair, before he stated, "However, I felt that the people who lost their lives and had been corrupted by the Monolith deserved something to know that they would not be forgotten. Why I haven't slept since I awoke from my coma."

Isaac looks behind him as he sees Adam's haircut, as he smirked, "Looks good on you still."

At the moment, the manhole cover extended out into a pillar of metal, as pieces began to retract back from the front to reveal a glass interior, with Rei naked but covered as he opened her eyes, and spoke through the comms, "All navigational systems are online."

"Alright then," Isaac sat back, as he spoke up, "Let's get underway. Activate the Gravity Drive."

DRU began to type in commands, as Sphere floated over to Isaac, as the Nano-morph droid lifeform spoke up, "Gravity Drive shall come online in 5 minutes."

As Sphere floated to Isaac, he stated, "You know, a captain should maintain a log in the first run. Why not say something?"

Isaac arched an eyebrow, as he looked at the floating bobble, "Really? What would I say?"

Kori floated to the deck as she stood next to him, implying, "Say what is on your mind."

Adam blushes as he saw Rei undressed before looking away to Isaac and said, "And don't hold anything back from your mind. This is your first report as captain of the USSCS Falcon. You need to make a lasting impression in it."

Isaac lay back in his chair, thinking about it real hard as to what he was going to say, but Gwen replied, "Just don't choke, okay?"

As the Falcon was pulling away, and the rings around the Gravity Drive aligning with one another, Isaac thought on it, as he replied, "Captain's Log. 1st Log." And then took a deep breath, as he began, "Someone once asked me what it is that I believe in. Everyone wants to know where we came from and where our creators went, and why we're here. I believe the answers to who we are and why we're here are within us."

The Falcon then turned away from the Ishimura, just as the ship was about to raise comms, as Isaac continued,

"We carry those answers with us; how to find those answers is up to us."

Everyone held on and buckled up, just as a tear was forming right in front of the Falcon.

"Final Report of the Falcon; the Prometheus and its crew are gone, as well as the majority of the old crew of the Falcon. Do not come to the point of origin known as Aegis 7. There is nothing but death, and both ships the Ishimura and the Falcon are leaving it behind. But the Falcon is not returning to Earth. It is December 2186 of Earth."

The tear finally managed to form a perfect gateway, as it was stable enough to go through,

"My name is Isaac Shepard, one of the last surviving crewmembers of The USSCS Falcon and its new captain. Not my choice or idea though, but still, everyone wanted me to do it."

The others shook their head as they groaned, as Isaac cleared his throat as he finished the log,

"And this message is to our Creators: Leave Planet Earth alone."

The ship's engines roared as it prepared to move, and shot right at the Gravity Drive door, as Isaac's last line for his log finished,

"Because we're coming... for you."

And with that, the gateway closed, as the Falcon and its crew embarked on another history exploration journey. Though when and if they would return was entirely up to the Explorers of that ship.


Back on Aegis-7

On the now seemingly abandoned Aegis-7, near the ruins of the fallen Creator crashed ship and the wreckage of the Prometheus, life was stirring awake again. There, on the ground, with the damage of the shot healing up automatically, the corpse of Vickers stood still. And then suddenly, Vickers gasped as color returned to her eyes. She was genuinely shocked to be alive, just as shocked that she was breathing the atmosphere of the exhaust pipe-like air that should have asphyxiated her.

But then suddenly, her body began to sweat and almost heat up, as she finally cried out, "OH GOD! IT'S HOT!" Suddenly without force or reason, she grabbed the collar of her suit and ripped it open, exposing her b-cup breasts bare out, as she tore off the life support pack SIG unit, and began to try and pull off her shirt. She then desperately pulled her pants and boots off, stumbling about forward, as she sweated profusely, weakening at the knees, while breathing heavily; her skin reddened due to an unknown heat racing across her body.

Vickers looked at her hands which were itchy... and saw her nails turn black, adn her skin metallic gray. As she saw this, all, she could do was scream in panic.

Her spine cracked and popped as it seemed to grow blackish gray armor plating, and her shoulder blades as well, as her back arched up. Her breasts seemed to inflate until they were D cup, and cupped with tube-like structures covering her private bits like a bikini, including a thong-shaped structure too.

Strangely, the wind blew, carrying an eerie tone to the mutating Vickers. Vickers collapsed onto her knees, with her hands propping her up, as she gasped, as she strangely responded, "Who... who said that?"

As her entire skin changed to steel gray, Vickers collapse on the ground, as her new form was done. Her legs had been encased in blackish gray leggings with her toes and ankles out, her nails on hands and feet and turned black. Her hair once blonde now metallic white, with her eyes had gone black with irises of pure red. She was now wearing a tube-shaped bikini on top and bottom, with dark veins traveling on her arms and thighs. Her back now had an armored spine like a stegosaurus, and her ears had elf-like protrusions of metallic gray on them. She was far from human anymore.

She breathed out, as she asked, "Who is talking? What's happened to me!? WHAT ARE YOU?!"

Almost instantly, an invisible and unheard voice whispered through the winds, only audible to Vickers, as she asked again, "What do you want me to do?"

Vickers shakingly got onto her feet, looking around, as she stated to the invisible forces, "I don't even have a ship... much less a crew. They're all gone from the looks of it. And the colony..." She then looked at it, and grumbled, "Well, screw that."

The winds and invisible voices spoke once again, as Vickers seemed to understand, as she looked at her right hand. And then via her mental commands, her nails grew long like claws, almost like the proboscis of the Xenecromorph Infector's. Vickers brought her flexing fingers up, and smiled, as she looked at the destroyed colony, "I see." She then strode to the colony, as she implied, "I think I'd like the idea of an army of my own."

And she set off to the colony, with only the invisible force that changed and spoke to her know of what she was doing.



In a shady location with the radiance of a red sun chiming through the exterior of what appeared to be a hotel room from an Arabian apartment that looked like it came from the set of Star Wars' Mos Eisley Spaceport, a bedridden familiar face began to wake up. It was Ken, and he was alive and in one piece. As he slowly opened his eyes, he noticed the rays of a red sun shining across irritating his eyes to force him to wake up again. As he got up, he looked around for a moment, before looking back to the room he was in. it was definitely not the Falcon, or the temple that he had spent the night in.

Kenneth looked around in a daze, as he tried to find his thoughts.

"What the heck happened," he asked himself, as he turned to the side, sitting on the edge of the bed he was on, unaware that he was not wearing anything anymore except his birthday suit and a messy head of bed hair, "I remember getting sucked into that black hole thing, and then things went black? Where the heck am I?"


Ken was brought out of his thoughts as he looked behind him onto the bed's right side. There, lying next to him was a female form hidden underneath the sheets, as the figure gently pulled the covers off their upper body, as they revealed themselves to him… surprising him greatly.

There, next to him, was a girl around his age, Caucasian, striking beautiful, as she was physically fit; a curvaceous slender body with a C cup chest size that went up and down with her breathing, a flat stomach, slender arms, with her fingernails colored purple, and a face that could sink a ship or more. Though her striking features was her long silver hair that stretched down to her mid-thighs and lay flat on the bed like a blanket of white, with three bangs that framed her forehead, and two bangs that went down to her breasts covering her privates. Though the bangs and the bottom of her hair had purple highlights. She also had purple lipstick to match her nails, and under her eyes were gothic 'Eye of Horus' styled eye makeup. In truth, she was something to behold, especially to Ken.

She was still asleep though with a happy smile, and a glowing on her face.

Ken's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he stared at the mysterious white-haired girl sleeping next to him in the same room. In the light of the sun, her pale skin shined like the surface of snow on a beautiful sunny day. It was as though he was staring at the representation of gothic beauty itself on its best day. He also noticed that he too was naked, and noticed his suit folded up on the side on a chair, along with what appeared to be the girl's clothing and a satchel bag.

'What the…?' Ken thought in shock, 'What's going on?! I'm in a hotel room, with a girl I don't know, we're both in bed, and both naked...' His mind began to race more at what he must do next. 'what the hell happened!?'

The sound of a cute yawn broke Ken from his panicked thoughts as he looked towards the sound of the voice. It was the girl who was yawning as she began to awaken. She opened her eyes, which revealed to be purple as well, as she looked up at the ceiling…. And then turned to face the stunned Ken, as the latter was wondering if she was gonna freak out.

But instead… she smiled smally, as she simply said, "Welcome back to the world of the Living and Waking. Welcome to Skaar, Kenneth Campbell."

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