New Chances at Life
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Harry was sitting in the car watching at the cars passed him by. Next to him was his older brother Godric. They had moved from London to Forks since their parents had gotten divorced and their mother was in jail.

James, their father, had gotten sick of Lily leaching of from Godric's fame. First from him being the boy-who-lived. Then from him defeating the dark lord. The other reason was that since Godric brought her fame and Harry didn't he pushed him to the side.

Harry was born two years after Godric had defeated the dark lord as a baby. James found out that Lily wanted to get an abortion and even tried to but that only caused her to go into labor early. After that she only pretended to care in public and when James was around.

Lily never pretended when Godric was around and that had been a mistake. Godric hadn't known what to do until he had asked his dad to go to the music room. There was a mirror that connected to a mirror in the boy's room. Godric knew that their mum would be in the boy's room yelling at Harry for taking the spotlight so he and his dad went to the music room.

He had asked the mirror to show him the bedroom. Once he had both of them froze in shock. While Godric knew that his mum would yell at and ignore Harry he never knew that she had been physically violent toward him.

James was the first to move. He ran upstairs to the bedroom and stunned his wife. He grabbed Harry and took him to the hospital to get checked out. He then had her arrested and divorced.

Once Harry was allowed to leave the hospital they moved away to where Sirius, Remus, and Remus' wife Nymphadora lived. They had received word of what had happened and were pissed. They loved Harry a lot.

"We're here boys." Their father said as he pulled into the driveway of their new house.

Harry and Godric got out of the car and grabbed the bags out of the trunk and placed them inside. The house elves grabbed the bags and put them away. Harry then cuddled into his father's side.

"I have registered you both in a muggle school. At home I want you both to self study since the tutors can only come on Saturday. You have school tomorrow."

"Okay dad." Godric said as Harry nodded.

"Both of you are roomed together and are in the bedroom across from mine." James said as he gave them a tour.

Harry stayed cuddled into James' side the whole time. James and Godric looked at Harry sadly and continued on until they reached the boy's bedroom. Harry finally let go when he laid down on his bed and fell asleep.

"Dad?" Godric whispered as he stared at his sleeping little brother.


"Will Harry ever heal?"

"He will. Just give him time." They shut the door behind them as they left the room to let Harry sleep.