AN: Hey, so I started this story when I first started Finding Home. I wasn't sure if I was going to post it but I figured what the heck. Warning, there will be a lot of angst, drama, sexual content, and some abuse. I am a HEA girl; if you will stick with me, I'm sure this story will be fun to write.

"Agent Morgan I would appreciate it if you would refrain from pet names." Her voice came over his phone. "No can do, Sexy Momma, can you get me everything you got on a Dustin Roberts?"

"Yes, Agent Morgan. I will have it sent to your phone in a moment." He then heard the click.

He didn't get it? Everyone wanted him; women would beg for him to flirt but Garcia wouldn't even bat an eye no matter what he tried. He wanted her, he wanted to taste those red lips, feel her curves against his hard body. But she wouldn't have any of it. It wasn't like flirting wasn't her thing; she had names for everyone in the office but him. He would walk by and hear her in the break room saying anything she could to get a raise out of the other agents; even Reid would play along with her.

Sometimes they'd be in the bullpen and she'd be flirting with Rossi or Reid and he'd try to include himself. Garcia without fail would turn to him annoyed and say, "What can I help you with, Agent Morgan?" to that he would always reply, "You know exactly what you can do to help me, Sexy Thing." She'd roll her eyes then look back at whomever she was flirting with call them a saucy name and leave.

At first he thought it was the play hard to get game but as time went on he really thought she had no interest in him and that only made him want her more. He was the strong Alpha male, the self-proclaimed protector of the group and he didn't like being told no. Whenever she would pout her lips at him and roll her eyes he had to use all his control not to turn her over and spank her perfect ass.

She invaded his every thought; even in his dream state she would appear. She would be controlling and fulfilled every fantasy he had. The problem was it was just a dream. He'd wake up hard as a rock with no way to get the relief he wanted. He decided he was going to come up with a plan to show her he was serious.

AN: I have three more chapters ready for this story if you guy like it.