Ch. 5: You Are In Love

Rafael chuckled softly. He leaned up, pressing a kiss right beside her ear. "Because I know you..." He breathed her in, and then teased her jawline with his nose. "You wouldn't bring an itch scratcher into your home with Noah. No, ma'am."

She smacked playfully at his arm. The laughter bubbled up sleepily between them. Her head turned, taking full hold of his lips with her own. Her bare body shifted, sliding right up against him as her head came to rest against his shoulder. "You're an ass, Barba."

He smirked, closing his eyes. "That's why you love me." He hadn't meant for that particular phrase to leave his thoughts, but now that it had, he was completely comfortable with it.

She smiled against his neck. "Go to sleep before I make you sleep on the couch."

"Yes, ma'am."

The next morning, Rafael woke to an empty bed. He frowned, but only until his brain focused enough to hear the shower running. He moved slowly to sit up and then dropped his feet to the carpeted floor. He pushed himself to stand and reached for his boxer shorts.

After slipping them on, he moved toward the hallway. After a quick peak into Noah's room to see the still sleeping child, he moved toward the sound of the all too inviting shower. He opened the door, slipping inside quickly to keep the heat trapped inside the bathroom. He let his boxers fall to the floor and eased in behind her in the shower.

Her back was to him. It was inviting as he stepped to her, kissing her exposed neck. "Good morning, Liv," he murmured as he placed his hands on her hips with a slight squeeze.

Gone was the morning after jitters that caused her flight from the warmth of her bed as she relaxed completely against him, moaning in appreciation of his proximity. "Morning." She turned slowly in his arms, letting the water fall against her back. Her mouth sought his, kissing him deeply. Her arms moved around his neck, fingers moving into his sleep mussed hair.

"That's more like it," he breathed as their lips parted. His forehead pressed against hers as their eyes met. "Noah's still sound asleep."

"Good." Her mouth found his again. This way they could take their time and enjoy thoroughly waking up together.

His hands encircled her waist, bringing her flush against him. "Something in mind, have you?"

"Definitely..." And that she did. Neither of them paid attention to time after that until the water ran cold.

Shivering, she turned the water off and reached for two towels. After handing him one, she began to dry herself off. "He's likely to be awake now or at least soon."

He nodded, drying himself off before he wrapped the towel around his waist. He leaned over, kissing her cheek. "How about I make us all some breakfast?"

Olivia's stomach took that opportunity to rumble appreciatively. "Sounds like heaven. The coffee pot is on a timer. Should already be started." She wrapped the towel around her body and headed for the door.

His arms snaked out, catching her just before she could open the door. Shower shenanigans had been fun, but they hadn't quite relieved the tension they'd built up. "Straight to breakfast, huh?"

Her laughter bubbled up as she turned slowly, snatching his towel with one hand just as she pulled open the door with the other. She managed to get out of his grip and through the door before he could even speak. "You'll have to catch me first."

He managed to catch her just as she made it into the bedroom, relieving her of her towel. Now they both stood, naked and all smiles. He reached for her waist, pulling her against him; his desire for her trapped between their bodies. "Now I wonder what it is that I should do with you..." He licked his lips as he tilted his head.

Her stomach burned hot with anticipation. Last night had been nothing short of amazing, and then the touches and kisses in the shower were the highlight of the morning. Thus far anyway. She moved onto the unmade bed, settling in the center and crooked her finger at him.

He crawled onto the bed, catching her mouth with his. He had deepened the kiss, intent to take it even further until he heard Noah calling out for his Momma. He groaned softly, slightly disappointed, but not one to get in the way of her parental duties or begrudge the little man his wanting of his mother, he kissed her nose. "Go."

"Tonight, I promise," she said as she kissed him fully on the mouth, biting at his bottom lip playfully before scooting out from under him and grabbing his discarded dress shirt that he'd left on the floor of her bedroom.

He lay down and watched as she pulled it over her body and fastened several buttons before disappearing out the bedroom door.

"Mommy's coming, Noah."

Half an hour later, Rafael had managed to dress himself in what was left of his clothes from yesterday. She'd laid claim to his shirt for the time being, and he was content to let her wear it as she took care to get Noah up and ready for the day.

Their eyes met as she entered the kitchen with Noah on her hip. She winked as she held out his shirt to him and leaned into him as she kissed his mouth. Being that she was still barefoot, he was that slight two inches taller than her, and damn if it didn't feel good. "Smells delicious in here. You made waffles?" Her eyes lit up she noted the waffles on the plate on the breakfast bar.

"Don't be too excited. Found a box of frozen ones in the freezer." He took his shirt, slipping it on and buttoning it, but he didn't bother to tuck it in or pull up his suspenders. He tickled Noah's stomach. "Buenos dias, Noah. How did you sleep?"

The little boy giggled and tucked his head into his Mommy's neck. He fisted Olivia's shirt and held on tightly as she moved around Rafael and toward his high chair.

Rafael then went about fixing himself another cup of coffee. "I'd like to really show what I can do for breakfast. This weekend maybe?" He glanced at Olivia, who happened to look over her shoulder at him after sliding Noah into his high chair and securing the tray.

"Only if you spend the night beforehand." That was her only request. She moved back to the bar, grabbing a waffle and started to tear it into bite sized pieces for Noah. She then moved to dump several pieces on his tray and allowed him some syrup to dip it in. She kissed the top of his head as Barba stepped up with a cup of juice in hand. "Thanks." She took the cup and placed it on Noah's tray. "Eat up. Lucy will be here soon. Then Mommy and Rafael have to go to work."

Rafael reached out, catching her waist. He met her eyes. "I wouldn't have it any other way." He leaned in then, kissing her mouth softly and letting his lips linger.

"I love you. You know that, right?" Her forehead leaned against his as she closed her eyes and held her breath.

He felt his heartbeat quicken. His eyes moved to study her. "Look at me, Liv..." When she did as he requested, his hand cupped her cheek. "I love you, too. Last night was everything to me. Here with you...with him..." He cut his eyes to the boy, who was now covered in syrup as he greedily ate the waffle on his tray, and then back to her. "This is where I want to be. With you. With him. No one is going to mess this up. Not me. Not you. And most importantly, not Johnny Drake."

Her arms moved around him, hugging him close to her. She buried her face in his neck. That was all she had needed to hear, and he'd already confirmed that the night before with his talk with Noah. And now he'd told her that he'd loved her, too. She couldn't ask for anything more.

Well, except for a long and happy life with the both of them.