A/N: This is my first actually finished McDanno story. I've got a couple but this one got completed first. I haven't written Steve/Danny before so please, be gentle. This story takes place before, during and after the season 4 episode Blood Brothers. It does contain some episode dialogue but only were necessary to move the scenes along.

WARNING: Contains Male/Male relationship. Sexual content. Spelling/Grammar mistakes. (Because I'm writing this late at night and am too eager to share to get a Beta) So if you're a grammar Nazi, go no further.

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Chapter 1

Steve didn't even really know what he was doing there. No, that was a lie, he knew exactly why he'd gone to Danny's because there was nowhere else he wanted to be. The real question was why he was still there, sat on the porch, a six pack warming at his feet. If Danny wasn't home he could only be one place, out with Amber. - The thought made his gut tighten and he allowed it to show in his face, under the cover of dark. Too tired to hide behind his mask.

He probably should go home, only Catherine was there, doing god knows what. Drowning her sorrows with Kono on his couch, possibly. He could go to Chin, or maybe Grover. - They'd been getting closer the last few months. - Maybe Max. Steve shook his head, no he didn't want any of them he wanted Danny. - Which was precisely why he was here, sat in the dark outside on empty house.

Steve took a deep breath and dragged a hand through his hair. The thing was, Danny was the only person he could talk to, or rather the only person he wanted to talk to. Maybe if Freddy was still alive he'd be turning to him. - Or maybe not, because then there would be question. One's he couldn't answer and Freddy wouldn't just take the facts, he'd want the reasons. Which led him back to Danny, because his partner wouldn't expect reasons, he'd want them no doubt and he'd push for them but he wouldn't expect them, because Danny got him, they got each other.

Steve let his fingers play over the tops of the bottles, humming tunelessly to himself, his eyes locked on the ground as he replayed the events of the night in his head and still came away not knowing how it had spiraled into this.


He looked up startled. Such great awareness of ones surroundings. He scolded himself sarcastically. He looked up at Danny, taking in his casual appearance: jeans and t-shirt. Movie and drinks. His mind provided as he got to his feet and finally acknowledged the woman beside his partner. "Oh, uh hey...damn, sorry you're on a date. I'll just..." he reached for his beer.

"How long have you been sat here?" Danny demanded, his eyes narrow with confusion and concern.

Steve shrugged. "Not long." he sighed, forcing a smile. "Hey, I'm Steve." he held his hand out to the woman, who shook it with an awkward smile.

"Hi. Amber."

Steve nodded, already knowing the woman's name, Danny had been talking about her for weeks.

Danny looked from Steve to the dark house then back to Steve. "Why? What's happened? Shit is...?"

"Everyone's fine." Steve chuckled. Leave it to Danny to think of the worst case scenario, though in his defense with their lives it's always a possibility.

"Then...?" Danny frowned deeper and then exhaled a long sigh, as if reading his mind.

They just stared at one another for a moment before Steve cleared his throat and made to leave, surprised when Danny held up a hand to stop him. Steve watched curiously has his partner guided Amber away from the house, his hand in the small of her back. Steve pinched his lips tight and dropped his gaze, intent on being a shadow. It was late and the street was empty so the voices carried.

"Sorry but he's clearly had a fight with Catherine. If I let him go we may not have an island in the morning. Rain check?"

Amber giggled, smiling warmly down at him. "Sure." she leant in pressing a kiss to his lips. "You're a great friend, Jersey."

"I'll call you a cab just..." Danny turned to Steve who wasn't watching them. He wasn't. "Go inside, I'll be in, in a minute." he ordered.

Steve looked a little torn, though secretly he couldn't help but feel overjoyed that Danny was kicking his date to the curb to hang out with him. He turned at the wave to move from Danny. Steve sent the woman a forced apologetic smile before dragging his spare key out of his pocket and letting himself inside. He hadn't let himself in when he'd arrived because he wasn't Danny, he didn't just waltz into people's houses.

He carried the beers into the kitchen and stowed them in the fridge, glad to see Danny had his own, he really didn't fancy warm beer. He grabbed two cool bottles, twisting the caps off and bumped the fridge closed with his hip before heading back into the living area, pointedly not looking outside. He that it was soccer or who was playing, he just needed to fill the silence and distract himself from what was happening outside.

He'd drank his beer and was halfway through Danny's when his partner strolled into the house, having put his date in a cab and sent her on her way.

"You didn't think to get me one?" Danny grumbled, glaring at Steve as he gulped at the Longboard.

Steve lifted it from his lips, waving it at the other man. "Actually I did." he said matter-of-factly, his eyes never leaving the screen.

Danny huffed, grumbling something about "Typical Neanderthal." as he strolled away towards the kitchen.

Smirking to himself Steve called after him. "I'll have another as your up." the slam of the fridge door turned his smirk into a grin and he slumped lower into the couch, the tightness in his muscles finally easing.

A bottle clanked him on the side of the head a few seconds later, Danny coming into view a moment after, taking a seat next to him on the couch. Steve chuckles as he reached for the fresh beer, only to have if pulled out of his reach.

"Hey, hands off, I'm two behind and I need them more than you do right now."

Steve looked at him expectantly.

"I just sent my date home on the first night I've had alone time in weeks."

Steve cleared his throat and dropped his gaze to the empty bottle in his lap. "You could have just told me to get lost. - You should have told me to get lost." he took another breath, fidgeting forward. "I shouldn't have stayed when I realized you weren't here."

"Well you're here now so shut up about it." Danny brushed off, shoving the spear bottle in his hand at Steve.

Steve looked at his partner who was looking at the TV, sipping his beer. Steve slid back into place and made himself comfortable.


They didn't speak other than to yell at the team. Steve got up to fetch himself another beer or two, then Danny got up to go take a leak and grab another couple of beers and a bottle of Black Label he'd brought when his dad came to visit. By half time there were bottles scattered on the coffee table and they were both feeling a little buzzed. That's when Danny made his move.

"So what happened? You and Cath have a fight? I didn't think you guys ever had fights." he scoffed.

Steve stiffened slightly. Danny was right, they didn't fight, not really. The only time they really had argued was when he'd found out she'd been helping his mother lie to him. - And maybe that was a problem. They never fought, so they never blew off steam, it just kept bubbling away and then bam, melt down and suddenly things were being said, secrets being spilled and flung around like monkey shit. "We broke up." he said finally. He glanced side ways to find Danny staring at him, dumbfounded. It was a nice look on him and Steve smirked inwardly.

The silence stretched, only broken by the voice on the screen. They were heading into the second half when Danny finally said something. "How can you break up with someone you're not 'dating'?" he wiggled his fingers, his bottle pressed between his thighs.

Steve glared at him hard, the running joke ill timed. He turned back to the TV with a grunted. "Screw you, Danny."

Danny sighed. "I'm sorry." he murmured almost imminently. "What happened? You guys seemed fine yesterday."

"A lot can happen in twenty four hours Danny, you know that." he sighed, sipping at the last of his Longboard before deciding he needed something stronger and reached for the whiskey. "We had a fight, things were said." he shook his head. "She doesn't think I can commit." he grumbled, throwing back the amber liquid.

"Can you?" Danny frowned.

Steve didn't answer, slouching back into the cushions, the empty glass in his hand. He was surprised when Danny didn't push for more but was grateful.


It was another ten minutes before Steve finally answered him. "I'm committed to Five-0, to my job. To...to...you. - And the team."

"Not exactly what I meant Steven. - And I'm guessing it's not what Catherine meant either." Danny scoffed, lifting his beer to his lips.

Another long silence followed, more whiskey thrown back, more goals missed on screen.

"She said I don't know how to have a proper relationship." Steve said flatly.

"I'd have to agree." Danny nodded, his gaze locked on the TV.

Steve turned to look at him, brows pinched. "I can't help it if I haven't had the opportunity to have 'normal' relationships." he snapped defensively. "It's not my fault that my life was swallowed up by wanting to protect my country! - It's not my fault that the longest relationship I've had with another living person is you."

Danny's head turned quickly to stare at him. "We're...what?" he frowned. "We...our 'friendship' is not the same thing, Steven."

"We've been together four years, Danny. - The only other relationship that comes close was with Freddy and...well, that was different." he muttered. "We didn't see each other all the time." He sighed regretfully.

"You've been with Catherine longer." Danny argued. "You guys were together before you even came back to Hawaii!"

Steve reached for the whiskey again. "We started sleeping together before I came home, maybe but were weren't together, not really. We hook-up, it was sex and favors and that worked because she never expected anything from Me." he rambled, taking slow deep breathes. "Now she does and I can't..." he shook his head, throwing back the whiskey.


Steve sighed down at the empty glass, watching the light from the TV dance off the small droplets at the bottom, his mind buzzing. "I've never met her family." he stated suddenly.

"What?" Danny frowned, staring at him like he'd lost his mind.

"Not once." he sighed absently, as if buying himself time. "We've known each other over five years, we've been...just over a year and not once have I met her parents, her brothers, her cousins...no one." Steve's voice hardened for a second before tampering off. Danny didn't speak but Steve could feel his eyes burning into the side of his face. "I knew you a week Danny, a week and you were introducing me to you daughter. I've met you're mom, dad, Mattie and your nephew, hell I've even met your ex-wife and her husband." he snorted drunkenly.

"I didn't much give you a choice." Danny reminded him.

"Didn't you? I didn't have to go with you to collect your mom, I didn't have to pick your dad up from the airport for you so your mom wouldn't catch on. I could have made you leave your nephew at home, but you know what, I wanted to meet them, I wanted to get to know your family, find out what makes you, you. I wanted that because..." he looked at Danny, who was staring back at him expectantly but Steve didn't finish what he was saying. He couldn't, not with those blue eyes on him. - So instead he gulped down his whiskey.

"Because?" Danny pressed softly after a few tense seconds of silence, his tone wary almost, like he didn't want to hear what Steve had to say and honestly Steve don't want to say it. He knew what would happen if he did.

But he'd drunk a lot of beer and he'd mixed it with Black Label, which he never drank. - He hated whiskey. - So when he looked back at Danny's concerned, uncertain face, everything seemed so clear, so crystal clear. All thoughts of consequences and ramifications and how very bad everything was going to be after went flying out the window. For the first time in his life he swallowed his anxiety and faced his fear.

He didn't think he'd moved that fast, not really, but he'd clearly been faster than Danny's brain because the man didn't dodge or weave out of his way when Steve lifted his hand, gripped the back of his partner's neck, while simultaneously leaning into his personal space and catching his lips.

The world stopped, in that second the world actually stopped turning and they were swallowed by silence. Steve skimmed his tongue over Danny's lower lips, sucking on it for a second or two until he finally, finally, realized that his partner wasn't moving, he was solid as stone. Well not completely, there was a subtle tremor running though him that vibrated through Steve's hand and month. Like Danny was fighting to control himself. - And like that Steve was drowning in ice water, yanking himself back violently, his eyes wide with panic.

"Shit! Shit Danny, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he panted, scrambling to his feet, putting as much distant between them as he could, his heart racing and his hand shaking. "Fuck!" he groaned furiously at himself, turning to pace the space in front of the TV. When he finally found the courage to look at his partner he found the man leaning forward on the couch, throwing back a large glass of whiskey, his features pinched, his face pale. Shit!

Steve watched him, panicked. He shouldn't have come here, he should have gone to Chin or Max, or just simply found a hotel and drank himself into a stooper. If he had he wouldn't have just detonated a sixty ton nuke under his friendship. "I'm sorry Danny, I'll go." he placed the glass on the table and moved towards the door.

"Sit down!" Danny ordered in that no-argument tone of his, causing Steve to freeze, swallowing hard. "Now."

Steve walked back and sat on the other couch, keeping the distance between them. Nothing was said. Danny switched off the TV, then refilled his glass. He reached for Steve's discarded glass and filled that too, holding it out to his partner. Steve took a slow breath, pushing himself out of his new seat and reaching for the whiskey, being careful not to let their fingers touch. Danny didn't let go of it until Steve retook his original seat beside him and Steve frowned, shifting uncomfortably on the cushions, silence reigning once again, the pair staring into their glasses.

Despite having a reputation among his naval friends for being a 'smooth dog', he really wasn't. He could flirt and charm a girl, easy but when it came to actually liking someone he was no better than an awkward teenager. It was probably because 'smooth dog' was an act, a mask he put on so no one ever knew the truth. - No one but Catherine apparently. She hadn't been fooled, she'd just hoped that with time he'd get over it. Like that was even possible.

"So...you're gay?" Danny asked in a too calm voice.

Steve swallowed hard, his lips pressed tightly together. It was so much more complicated than that. "Danny, I'm..."

"Answer the question Steven. I'm not the damn Navy. I'm asking, you're telling. I have a right to know!" he ranted loudly.

"Yes." Steve sighed. "Partly. - Bisexual, I guess."

"You guess!" Danny snapped, glaring at him.

"It's complicated." Steve sighed, leaning forward to put his glass on the table, untouched.

"And you thought the best way to tell me was to try and stick your tongue down my throat!"

Steve groaned brokenly, his head falling heavily into his hands. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."

"You never think Steven." Danny countered, calmly. "You just go charging in with no idea what you're walking into."

"I know. I'd take it back if I could. I...I didn't..."

"Didn't what? Mean it?" Danny snapped, almost sounding insulted. No, he did sound insulted.

Steve looked at him intensely. "Yes. No. I...I mean..." He panted, his racing heart stealing his breath. "I mean, I didn't mean to...upset you. I didn't mean to do it, now." he shook his head, frustrated at his inability to explain. "I was reacting, okay. It's what I do, you know that. I get worked up and I react, I've drunk too much and I wasn't thinking."

"So it didn't mean anything?" Danny asked turning to look at him, his eyes searching Steve's face, his voice hopeful.

Steve swallowed and met those eyes, he took a breath before he lied. "No, nothing."

Danny continued to stare at him, for long drawn out seconds, his gaze burrowing deep into Steve, causing him to fidget, doubting his own ability to lie which was ridiculous because he'd been lying for years, hadn't he? He'd been trained to lie.

Danny broke away, turning his head he threw back the large whiskey he'd been cradling then he just sat there, staring into space for what felt to Steve like hours. He got lost waiting for Danny to say something, to yell, to throw a punch. - To quit. - He was so focused on just how badly he'd screwed up that he didn't even react when Danny turned suddenly and grabbed hold of his shirt, yanking him forward. He didn't even flinch at all when Danny's mouth met his in a hard press of lips.

Suddenly he was in Danny's place, frozen with surprise. Only Danny wasn't drawing back at Steve lack of response, he was pressing forward, his tongue prodding at Steve's lips, demanding entry and refusing to retreat. Knowing that seemed to flick a switch in Steve's head and he parted his lips, welcoming his partner inside with a soft whimper.


Danny tasted of beer, whiskey and popcorn, Steve noted absently as he tangled his tongue around the other man's. He was surprised by the intensity of Danny's kiss, even more so than the fact that Danny was kissing him. Why was he kissing him? Steve asked himself. Is he trying to make a point? Trying to get his own back in some way? Steve didn't know and frankly with Danny's mouth moving against his and the man's hand warm and solid on his neck, he didn't much care. He'd waited four years for this. He'd convinced himself it would never happen, because Danny was straight. - Wasn't he?

Steve had been contemplating, fantasizing about this since the day Danny pulled a gun on him, shooting him that 'Don't fuck with me' look. It had gone straight to his dick, Steve couldn't deny that. As had the beautiful curve of Danny's ass. He hadn't seen an ass in such desperate need of a flirtatious slap in his life.

Neither could he deny that Danny was the reason he'd taken Jameson up on her offer. At least it had been the most contributing factor. He'd also needed time, with the deaths of Freddy and his father in such close succession he'd planned on taking leave as soon as he'd brought Hesse down. - It had never been his intention to leave the Navy, turn his back on years of training to return to Hawaii, not until he'd set eyes on Danny.

It hadn't mattered that Danny was straight, not really. He wasn't looking for sex, he had sex. - And yeah, that made him sound pretty back, using Catherine like that, but it was a fact. - He'd been looking for...something else and Danny provided that. A deeper connection he'd never felt with anyone. He didn't believe in love at first sight, per se, but...well, if it did exist, he'd fallen in love with his partner that day.

Sure he'd hoped it would lead to this, but he'd never truly expected it, Danny's preferences always seemed so obvious. He'd been fooling himself when he'd made Danny is partner, told himself he didn't want more, that he could be happy with their friendship, and in all honesty he was. He just hadn't realized what it would mean for others. - For Catherine. He hadn't wanted to face the fact that loving Danny was going to tear any other 'relationship' apart.

A wave of guilt flooded through him at just how selfish he'd been, how blind to other people's feelings and he pulled away breathlessly. He didn't deserve this, he didn't deserve to get what he wanted.

Danny frowned, his chest heaving as he fought to regain his breath. "What, now you don't want to?" he said angrily.

Steve swallowed a thick ball of oxygen. "If this is you trying to prove a point Danny, don't. - Just...don't." Steve growled. "I've already lost one friend tonight, I can't..."

Danny didn't let him finish, typically, he simply launched himself at Steve once more, his tongue driving deep into Steve's month, his fists curled in the front of Steve's shirt, forcing him back against the couch. Steve instantly gave up fighting and surrendered to the moment, allowing himself to accept what was being offered. Tomorrow they'd deal with the fallout.

Steve grabbed at Danny's shoulder, squeezing and massaging the solid toned muscle beneath the white cotton as their tongues dueled wonderfully. Danny's own hand slowly surrendered their death grip on Steve's shirt, sliding up his broad chest and shoulders to rest either side of Steve's hand, allowing the shorter man to brace himself above Steve.

A broken whimper rumbled out of Steve's throat when Danny pressed his hips down against Steve's groin, his heart shooting into his throat, pounding relentlessly against his vocal cords, igniting a fire throughout Steve's body. He dropped one hand from his partner's shoulder to grope at that ass he'd been quietly fantasizing about for four years. Squeezing it in his palm before using it to pull the shorter man tighter against him, thrusting his own hips up hard, his body singing at the deep moan Danny released into his mouth.

Steve shifted his legs to create more space between them for Danny to fit more comfortable, his other hand clamping down on the man's other ass cheek, his fingers flexing against the smooth orb as they rutted desperate together, kissing all but forgotten. They were doing nothing more now than breathing into each other's mouths, sharing sex charged oxygen.

Then Danny was pulling away and Steve's gut clenched fearfully. Had he finally come to his senses? Had he now realized just what they were doing? Was he going to start yelling and throwing punches, finally?

No, he was leaning back on his knees between Steve's spread thighs, his hands grappling with the hem of Steve's shirt. Yes, it took Steve too many minutes to realize just what was happening, but when he did he was right there. Sitting up he raised his arms so Danny could free him from the dark grey tee, smiling brightly as Danny tossed it haphazardly over his shoulder. Then it was Steve's turn, curling his fingers in the white cotton hem he tore it upwards violently, desperately tossing it over the side of the couch with one hand while the other reached out for Danny, drawing him once more into a deep probing kiss, lowering them both back down onto the couch like a couple of horny teenagers.

Steve took full advantage of having a shirtless Danny he could actually touch, who wouldn't punch him in the face. - At least not this side of dawn. - He skimmed his palms up from Danny's ass over his flanks, where he paused to savor the feel of his ribs expanding, his heart pounding against them. Then he brushed slowly up his partner's back then down his front, loving the feel of his chest hair playing beneath his fingers. Danny groaned, breaking their kiss to gasp in quick much needed breaths. He looked down at Steve with lust blown eyes, more black than blue, his face flushed red as he hovered over Steve, his arms straining beneath his own weight. He didn't say anything and Steve smirked proudly. It seemed he'd finally found a way to shut his partner up.

Whether Danny somehow read his mind or not, Steve didn't know but he suddenly gave a hard thrust of his pelvis. All Steve could do was choke on his pathetic moan of pleasure. In retaliation he reached for Danny's nipple, giving it a twist, his dick hardening further at the noise ripped from Danny's throat.

Snaking his arm around Danny he used all his skills in hand to hand combat to switch their positions, much to Danny's protects. Steve smirked, leaning forward to suck on his neck, marking him in a primal show of possession, before skimming his body down his partner. He spent a few blissful minutes lavishing attention on the man's solid furry chest, his tongue swirling and lapping at his partner's ill-treated nipple, rolling it gently between his teeth till Danny was whimpering and begging for more and less in the same breath.

Satisfied, Steve slipped lower, his fingers working quickly as he popped the button of Danny's jeans, drawing down the zipper over the swell of his crouch and curling them into the waistband, all the while Danny's heavy breathing an erotic soundtrack that told him he wasn't pushing his limits.

His breath hitched as he took in his first real look at little Danno, through maybe little was the wrong word for the guy. Steve dragged his tongue across his dry lips and swallowed, he'd only ever done this once, years ago before he'd left the island and he'd been a teenager, as had his...'friend'. They'd been nowhere close to being fully developed. Then his dad had sent him off to military school and he'd tried so hard not to let his dad down, not to cause him anymore pain or shame, he'd buried those desires, buried them deep beneath layers of regulations and rules, and girls he'd have much preferred to have as friends than lovers.

"You just gonna stare at it all god-damn night? Cause it ain't getting any bigger." Danny snapped, pulling Steve out of his head.

Steve looked up, meeting Danny's impatient dark eyes with a smirk. "I'm not sure it could." he complimented, grinning when Danny rolled his eyes.

"Flattery will get you nowhere Steven."

"You sure about that?" Steve murmured huskily. "So saying it's the most perfect dick I've ever seen isn't going to go right to...oh, look at that, it can get bigger." he chuckled, brushing a finger along the underside, his lips hovering inches from the tip, teasing and taunting until Danny growled for him to...

"Get the fuck on with it!"

It was better than he remembered, a billion times better, no offence to Walker Richards. For a brief moment Steve wondered where the guy was now. Probably married with 2.4 kids, Steve had never fooled himself that their experiment meant anything beyond two horny teenagers, alone in the showers pushing boundaries. Which was part of the reason why this was better, shower gel left a horrid after taste.

Steve groaned as he felt a pull on his hair and looked up through his lashes to see Danny's unimpressed face looking down at him.

"Am I boring you?"

Instead of reply, Steve plunged his mouth down further, thankful for basic SEAL training when the head hit the back of his throat, cutting off his air supply. He did the best he could without any real experience, he mirrored what he'd seen in the tacky DVD's he'd brought occasionally so his search history wouldn't get flagged, as well as what he knew he like and somehow it seemed to be working. At least it sounded like it was.

He may be got carried away listening to the sounds Danny was making with the heady scent of musk playing at his nose and the heavy salty taste on his tongue, because he didn't really notice Danny's hand pushing at his head until the man clobbered him hard enough to shock and sting. He lifted his head with a scowl, wiping saliva off his chin with the back of his hand. "What?" he growled huskily.

"Not on the couch, my daughter sits on this couch!" Danny scolded, pushing himself to his feet.

Steve got to his own, that ball of nervous fear that kept expecting Danny to stop this tightening in his gut again. His partner didn't look at him, he simply held his pants together and headed down the hall to the bedroom.

"If you don't get your ass in here in the next ten seconds Steven..." he didn't finish the threat, he didn't have to.

Steve rushed down the narrow corridor and into Danny's room to find the man waiting expectantly on the bed, his jeans and underwear tossed in the corner. His breath caught in his throat at the sight and he swallowed convulsively, his tongue still painted with Danny sharp flavor.

Danny cleared his throat. "Don't tell me you've change your mind?"

Steve shook his head slowly, his heart pounding painfully against his ribs. "No! No, just...are you sure, Danny?" he asked softly. "I could leave now and we could forget any of this ever happened." he lied, because there was no way he was forgetting this. Ever. If it ended this second or at dawn he'd hold on to those wondrous few minutes for a lifetime.

Danny skimmed to the edge of the bed and got to his feet, moving to step into Steve's personal space, his hands rough on Steve's hips as he locked their gazes, a silent conversation passing between them, a plan of attack they both agreed to. That was all Steve needed to know at that moment, so he bowed forward and captured his partner's lips, his hands curving over the bare back as Danny cradled his head with both hands, kissing leisurely.

A/N: Sadly I'm still having trouble writing McDanno sex, so I'm ending here, you'll have to use your own imagination as to what happened from here on, though I can tell you that in this story Steve is a bottom!