Here's a story I've had bouncing around in my mind for a while now. It'll be a sort of dark Super Hero Highschool story. The pairing is Gohan and Videl. And you'll notice I've SIGNIFICANTLY toned down the powers of the characters in this as I plan to build them up stronger and seeing as Gohan and Cell could destroy Solar Systems I wouldn't really have much to work with so I'm toning them down quite a bit and I'll make them stronger as we go. Alright here we go.

Gohan sat on the side of the street in an alleyway in pure agony. In his arms lay an Auburn-haired girl gasping for air that she so desperately needed as her lungs began to fill up with blood due to the knife wound she suffered. Gohan, almost in tears, desperately tried to comfort her, hoping that she'd make it but as her Ki faded he knew that there was nothing he could do for her. Blood was spilled that night and a life that Gohan would never get back left him.

2 Days Ago: Early Morning

Gohan awoke to his little brother jumping on his stomach screaming for him to wake up. Gohan's vision was blurry as he opened his eyes from yet another nightmare. They'd all never stopped plaguing him since, the incident. He frowned at the mere thought and assured his brother he was awake. He heard Goten yell something before jumping out his window and, landing on Nimbus, flying back home to the 439 Mountain Zone. Gohan didn't live at home anymore, as he would be attending his senior year at Orange Star High School out here in Satan City. He had spent days trying to convince his mother that his' moving out was a good idea, but with Bulma's help he succeeded in cracking the tough shell that was his mother. Back before then Gohan never would have been able to convince her he was ready to move out, even if it was for his education. But they had all changed since then...

It had now been 8 years since the horrific accident that rocked the world had taken place. The accident in question being the monster named Cell. Cell had come to destroy the Earth, or rather, was MADE to destroy him. Gohan remembered that horrific battle like it was just yesterday.


Vegeta flew forth with his son in tow, and as a team they attacked Cell with all that they were worth. The boi-droid simply blocked their attacks as if they were nothing before swaying back, smoothly avoiding a wide right hook from the Saiyan Prince, before countering with a vicious knee to the open gut, cracking multiple ribs in the warrior's body. Seemingly without even trying, he caught the kick aimed at his head by the time-traveler and used the young fighter like a mace and beat Vegeta into the ground with him.

Piccolo and Krillin charged him almost at the same time but both their attacks were caught with each of Cell's hands. Then, using the Z-warriors as leverage, jumped up and drop kicked them both letting them fly into the base of a mountain, causing it to partially crumble on top of them. Yamcha dashed forward but his punch hit only air, an up-kick to his solar plexus cracked most of his ribs and caused him to cough up some blood. Cell lifted a palm to blast the fighter into nothing but just as he fired Tien dived in from the side and tackled his comrade out of the way. The blast continued on and sped towards where the recovering Trunks was crouched, clueless as to the ball of destruction that was fast approaching him.

"CHIAOTZUUUU!" Tien bellowed desperately to his friend who looked back and saw the blast. Cursing, the small man used his psychic ability to contain the blast in a barely visible, transparent field of white energy. With the two first fingers on his left hand to his temple, he screwed his eyes shut and stretched out his right hand and made the motion of grabbing a ball and slowly the blast came to a stop. Only feet away from Trunks who now saw the danger and inched away from it, a dazed expression on his face. With a scream Chiaoutzu was suddenly surrounded by a Dark Blue flames of energy so potent and heavy it distorted the others' vision of him like looking out in a heat wave. The small Emperor cast his right hand upwards, palm open and the blast the size of a basketball suddenly shot up into the sky, once it was out of dangerous range he quickly closed his hand into a fist and the energy became unstable and exploded in the sky, rocking the surrounding area.

The shockwave from the blast pushed down on them like increased Gravity and they actually felt the air around them rise in temperature several degrees. As it slowly wore off and the temperature returned to normal they all heard the chilling laugh of Cell.

"Hahahaha! All that trouble over one measly blast? Chiaoutzu your psychic powers are indeed impressive, however you have only delayed the inevitable little man." The android mocked as he suddenly disappeared, reappearing by Tien's side and kicking him hard in the side. Yamcha threw a punch that struck Cell but did essentially nothing to the unstoppable monster. "Annoying humans." He remarked, disinterested. Yamcha felt the elbow fly back and hit him in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him 5 feet back.

Goku powered up with a shout, "VEGETA!" He called, not even needing to further explain as the Prince knew what to do.

"Yeah I know! Green man! Trunks! Kakabrat! MOVE NOW!" Vegeta bellowed and they all charged Cell at once. Fists and feet clashed. Cell ducked Piccolo's punch and wove past him, shoving the Namekian back away from them. Cell then deflected Trunks' elbow to the side and uppercutted him in the gut before moving around him and kicking Vegeta once in the chest and once in the chin before also moving past him and turning around to face them once more. Trunks and Piccolo moved right back into the fight as Vegeta turned to look at Gohan, "BOY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! I SAID FIGHT!" He screamed at the 9 year old boy who was frozen with fear at the sheer power advantage Cell had.

Trunks was grabbed by the hair and pulled down into a savage knee to his face before he was kicked in the gut and thrown through a plateau. Piccolo was grabbed by the throat and had a hole blasted through his stomach before being tossed aside like a ragdoll. Vegeta growled and flew right at Cell, punching him as hard as he could but Cell felt no more than a slight sting. The mass-murderer retaliated with a back-hand across the face that spun him before being angrily kneed in his back, cracking his vertebrae. Cell then turned his attention to Gohan.

"Poor, scared child. I'll kill you quickly so as to spare you the pain of watching your friends be slaughtered. Cell began gathering energy in his two first fingernails to use them like a blade and cut the boy's throat. Goku saw this and saw that Gohan was completely frozen in horror of Cell.

"Dammit! GOHAN!" Goku screamed launching at Cell faster than the speed of sound, the shockwave from the sound barrier being broken pushed everybody to the ground as he sped at Cell with his energy concentrated in his fist.

"Die, son of Goku!" Cell proclaimed with a sadistic grin marring his malevolent features, before bringing his hand down to end Gohan's life.

"CEEEEELL!" Earth's savior bellowed in a mixture of rage and desperation.

The following shockwave tore the whole battlefield apart for a half-a-mile radius.


"Dad!" Gohan yelled, coming out of his haunting memory. Gohan realized he was still at home many years after it all had happened. "Ugh, pull yourself together Gohan" he muttered, repulsed by his own mental instability. A while ago Gohan had read some books and, from a third-person perspective completely objectively, and identified multiple symptoms of a condition called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was exactly what it sounded like and was commonly found among war veterans or those who had survived through horrible ordeals. Gohan recognized that he fit that description but refused to believe he had such a condition. Saiyan's were stronger than that after all. Well...technically he was Half-Saiyan but biologically and physically speaking he was every bit as Saiyan as his father.

Bulma could not find a difference, it appeared that long ago his Saiyan DNA fused with his Human DNA and overpowered it. Bulma theorized that it was Gohan's ascension to a Super Saiyan all those years ago that did it. Her theory was that upon unlocking and activating the most ancient of his alien genes the sheer energy and power of it changed him completely. On top of that he had had the same biology as a Saiyan since birth anyway, so the transformation only finished the job he supposed.

At that Gohan stood and went about his morning routine as if on autopilot until he got to his appearance. He had to look normal and approachable, first impressions were supposedly important after all. He wore a long white-sleeved shirt under a blue T-shirt that had the Capsule Corp Logo on the front. He wore slightly baggy black pants and white runners. He decided he looked normal enough to-crap wait.

Gohan frowned at his reflection and picked up the rectangular band-aid from the bench and stared hard at the straight, up-and-down scar that ran from just inches to the right of his bottom lip cutting straight down the jawline and ending where his neck met the underside of his jaw and it was roughly 3-4 inches long. He had got that particular mark of battle, along with the one on his left shoulder, in the incident. It was a symbol of his failure that day. He placed the band-air over the scar on his jaw. He nodded at himself in the mirror, deeming himself normal enough he left his rather luxurious apartment (courtesy of the ever insistent Bulma) out the window in a burst of harmless Ki that blew his curtains around a bit. He was on the top floor anyway so he didn't have to worry about anyone seeing him.

However he was flying in the opposite direction of the school and school wasn't for another 20 minutes. He carried on out of the city limits, passing a sign that said, 'WELCOME TO SATAN CITY'. Originally the place had been called Orange Star but after the incident Hercule appeared to be the only survivor and was praised for surviving such a detrimental conflict and so his home city, where he was already a very famous and renowned Martial Artist, renamed itself after him. He still lived here apparently. Gohan was indifferent to the fact that most people thought he and his friends had all died in that fight, they were mostly right anyway.

After about 5 minutes of him flying a small village came into view, not more than 20 miles out of town, only 3.5 miles from where he was now. Normally from the ground, due to the curvature of the Earth, you couldn't see something more than 3 miles away but it helped that he had an aerial view. He stopped the flow of his ki and allowed his momentum to carry him forward the rest of the distance and somersaulted a few times before landing directly in the clearing in the center of the village. Chazke village.

"Gohan! There you are!" Lime called out running up to him from her house not far away. "You ready?" She asked him, seeing the backpack on his shoulder. She merely received an affirmative grunt in response from the much taller teen. She scoffed at him, "Talkative as always huh? You need to get out more." She stated matter-of-factly. "Seriously, how about you say something to me for once?" She said encouragingly.

To her surprise Gohan opened his mouth as if to say something and she leaned forward in anticipation when suddenly, "NIIIIIIIIMBUUUUUUUS!" Gohan bellowed, completely destroying her ears in the process. Lime recoiled as if she had been burned purely by his voice clutching at her ears as they rang. Gohan smirked devilishly at her before following his sudden scream with a, "Oops, sorry."

"You did that on purpose Son Gohan!" She accused vehemently, pointing her accusatory finger between his eyes and he merely grinned at her. She sighed in exasperation at her confusing friend before hopping on the floating cloud. "Let's just get to school." She grumbled with a pout that made Gohan chuckle before taking off at the same pace he arrived, knowing Nimbus could keep up with that.

They flew high enough so as not to be seen as they entered the city until they arrived above the school. Gohan grabbed Lime up off the loyal cloud, "Thanks Nimbus, head back home to Goten for me would you?" Gohan asked the small yellow puff. It putted at him which Gohan had learned was an affirmative. The cloud took off and Gohan sat above the clouds holding Lime. "This is going to be a strange sensation for you but I have to move down to the roof of the school faster than anyone would be able to see. Since no-one is looking I only have to go just below the speed of Sound. Normally though I'd have to go much faster than that which I can't do in this form. Actually to move across the horizon faster than you could see I'd have to move almost 20 times faster than sound, man if it were only that easy. But anyway at this range and angle it shouldn't be a prob-"

"ENOUGH WITH THE SCIENCE JUST DO IT!" Lime screeched in his ear causing him to cringe at the damage it did to his sensitive hearing. Without another word Gohan held Lime tight and used a burst of his Ki to shoot down at speeds approaching Mach 1 before using his energy to stop himself only a foot from the roof creating a blast of wind that swept over the top of the school building. Gohan put Lime down and, after beating back the nausea from the sudden speed changes and her displacement from her original position faster than she could properly register (which made her throw up the first dozen times it had happened), she began to walk towards the door to the stairwell.

"I will NEVER get used to that" she muttered before noticing that Gohan wasn't near her. She turned and saw Gohan standing in the exact same place with a troubled expression. "Gohan?" She questioned with confusion evident in her features.

"There's a mugging happening only a block away from here..." Gohan said quietly with a slight bit of guilt on his face. Immediately concern overrode the confusion on her face and she stepped forward. She placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to catch the downcast eyes of the much taller boy.

"You know you could stop it Gohan. You could help that person" She told him, "The crime is supposed to be terrible here, but you could help the city." she pointed out gently, trying to coerce him and make his decision easier for the boy she knew suffered from great guilt for his actions throughout his life.

"No, I don't fight anymore. Never again will I allow my heritage to cause another person harm directly. Besides" he pointed to a device on his left wrist that looked like a watch of some kind but without a strange screen below that of the actual time display. He had made it for himself 3 years back, "I couldn't if I wanted, this thing delivers enough electricity to kill a Human 3 times over through my body to discourage violence." He explained for the umpteenth time.

Lime exhaled in reluctance, "You know Gohan, I think you could do anything you truly put your mind to. The watch isn't what's stopping you. It's you." She commented somewhat disappointed in the answer she got from him. Gohan scoffed as a response to that. What part of "device that zaps him if he tries something violent" did she not understand? He wasn't a Saiyan, okay he was but technically he was only half and Gohan hung to the idea of that Human mother he had to pretend he was just like anybody else. And anybody else couldn't do anything with his inhibitor on.

They walked down the stairs together to get their schedules for school. They arrived at their first class of the day and knocked on the door to the class. An elderly man answered and he looked surprised to see what appeared to be polar opposites standing right in front of him. A very tall, stoic-looking, casual and, possibly empathetic about his situation, teenage boy. And a short, optimistic, rambunctious, expressive, smiling and happy teenage girl. The teacher shook the thought away and greeted them, "Hello there, can I help you?" He asked them politely.

"Hi sir! Me and my friend here are new here!" She explained to the man who's eyes slightly widened, as if in recognition of something.

"Ah yes, the new students!" He exclaimed happily and opened the door, "Step right in and I'll introduce you to the class." He instructed and stepped to the side to allow them entry to the room. Lime took the lead and entered first followed by Gohan. Some people had looked down to see what was happening but most had engaged in furious conversation about the latest gossip the moment the teacher's eyes left them to answer the door. "Class! May I have your attention for a moment?" He called over the sound of the room and, after a few moments, the chatter died down to mere occasional whispers. Nodding in satisfaction at the volume he continued. "Today we have been graced with two new students! Introduce yourselves you two." He told them nodding to the girl, figuring that she would go first, judging by Gohan's seeming unsociable demeanor so far.

"Hi everybody! My name is Lime Lao! I live in Chazke village. My hobbies include reading, jogging and hanging out with friends." She presented to her classmates. "This here" she gestured to the boy behind her, "Is Gohan. He's really grumpy all the time and doesn't talk a lot but he's really a nice guy. He just hasn't had a lot of friends his age before so don't be too hard on him!"

"Wow thanks a lot for putting me out there like that Lime! Why don't you just spill my life story while you're at it?" Gohan though sarcastically with a passive kind of contempt only possible for a teenager.

"He won't talk much on his own so anybody got any general questions about him?" Lime asked, making up for the fact that Gohan would not say anything on his first day if he didn't have to.

"What kind of girl are you into cutie?" A girl up in the top row asked and Gohan's face tinted red and he turned his head away from her, unable to retain eye contact with the girl after that. Gohan stammered and 'uh'd a lot in response unsure of how to reply to a question like that. Lime snickered at him and Gohan tried to glare at her for it, but the blush still staining his cheeks made it very un-intimidating and she just laughed outright at him. Several other chuckles and giggles moved throughout the class and even the teacher smiled before taking charge.

"Now now, appropriate questions class." He told them hoping to coax an actual question from his class this time.

"What are your interests?" A random guy asked him closer to the front row. Gohan was happy that it was a normal, non-personal question this time. He decided he would take the easy route and began to shrug his shoulders but was stopped in his tracks by Lime whom had her back to Gohan at this point.

"No shrugging or grunting for a response. How about you try using that brain of yours to form a response to the nice boy who asked you a question?" She reprimanded, somehow preempting Gohan's apathy for interaction with new people. With a sigh and a roll of his eyes he decided it was easier to just listen to her.

"I like reading, eating, swimming, flying and stargazing." He said rattling off the last 5 things he had done over the past 2 days without really thinking about it. "And before you ask I lived in the 439 area my whole life until I recently moved to an apartment here in the city where I live alone." Gohan regretted adding those last crucial 4 words as he could immediately sense a change in atmosphere surrounding a few girls in the room who were looking at him very intensely all of a sudden. He groaned internally before trying to see the bright side. To be fair it could be worse, he could have told them it was the most luxurious apartment in one of the best hotels in Satan City and he OWNED it all to himself from now on.

It appeared that Lime had suddenly gained the ability to read his mind because, as innocent as she appeared, Gohan's now very frustrated teenage mind irrationally told him that she was just trying to spite him as she suddenly added, "That's right you live in the top floor of the Orange Star Oasis now don't you? I forgot about that."

Jaws dropped and eyes fixed on him. It made the Saiyan warrior, who had fearlessly faced the greatest threats the universe had experienced, very uncomfortable and he gulped. Suddenly he felt like prey before a multitude of predators against which he had no defense. Thankfully the attention was taken off of him by the teacher deciding that he had better start the class again.

"Alright class time to get back to work, Gohan, Lime, you may sit wherever you like." The teacher told them gesturing for them to go take their seats as he turned back to the board and continued explaining what they would be doing this first quarter. They moved to the only free seats next to a blonde girl wearing a green tube top and tight jeans.

"Hiya there, I'm Erasa!" The now apparently bubbly girl introduced herself to the two. Gohan acknowledged her with no more than a nod and Lime slapped the back of his head from the other side.

"Gohan! Be polite and introduce yourself." She demanded of her friend who looked confused at her and said something along the lines of 'but she already knows my name now' which earned him another smack to the back of his head. "I'm really sorry about my friend Erasa, he doesn't know how to socialize with people and not be a total dick." She said putting extra emphasis on the last two words with an irritated glance at their secret savior.

"Oh it's okay, Sharpie here can be much the same way sometimes." Erasa replied in a good-natured way that made Lime smile. "That's Sharpener there" she said pointing at the other blonde who had long hair and wore a tank top that his rather muscular form bulged out of. "Then here next to me is Videl Satan herself." Erasa said pointing to the black-haired blue eyed girl glaring at Gohan, a fact that Gohan found disconcerting, but that he decided would be best to overlook.

"Satan as in Hercule Satan? Wow, how cool." Lime said, surprised to find his daughter on her first day of school. The group, minus Gohan, engaged in idle chatter and a friendship was formed between Lime and Erasa and eventually Erasa even got Gohan to participate occasionally.

Gohan supposed that she was nice enough. By the end of class and beginning of lunch he found that he quite liked her bubbliness and she kind of reminded him of Lime. Besides, he was happy that Lime was already making friends, though he would never let her know something like that. He couldn't damage his image after all. However he noticed that all day that Videl girl had been glaring at him suspiciously, admittedly it was the lesser of two evils when compared to the unadulterated and shameless lust being directed his way from a few of the girls who just couldn't seem to contain themselves, but it was unnerving.

As the bell rang and they were allowed to leave for lunch the group moved to gather their belongings. Erasa proposed that Gohan and Lime eat lunch with them. "We'd just love to wouldn't we Gohan?" She said with a tone that made sure Gohan knew he didn't actually have the freedom of speech right now.

"Yes thank you Erasa that would be nice." Gohan returned cordially and they followed the three new friends they had made. The trio stopped under a tree in the field outside the building and Gohan and Lime caught up and sat down with them. Gohan pulled the capsule out of his pocket that contained his lunch. He clicked the top and dropped it in front of him. With a poof of smoke there was suddenly a whole feast before them all. The three new friends they had made, for obvious reasons, where awed and confused by the feast.

"Is uh, this all for you Gohan?" Sharpener asked tentatively, not wanting to appear rude or offend the guy. Gohan looked at him confused for a moment before realizing what the problem was.

"Oh that's right, you probably haven't seen a lunch this big before huh? Well know some of it is for Lime and I suppose you guys can have some if you want. But mostly yeah it's mine." Gohan explicated clearly, even trying to further play it cool by offering them some of it and, though Videl did it with a suspicious inspection of the food (as if he would poison his own food), they all seemed to relax and began trying bits and pieces of the banquet and even commenting on how splendid it tasted. They tried to be polite and not stare but Gohan did not miss the glances and looks he got as he ate at his so called "inhuman pace". Gohan never liked when people said that, it reminded him he was a Saiyan, and in turn different, and hence brought memories of all his childhood traumas, guilt and failures.

The shrill ringing of the school bell rang to send them off to class minutes after Gohan had already eaten everything that was in the capsule. "So now our class has gym Gohan, Sharpie's wet dream and Erasa's worst nightmare." Videl stated monotonously with an expressionless face. Sharpener and Erasa began to bicker with her in each of her ears but she simply kept walking with her arms crossed. Gohan watched for a moment and took note of her.

"She's very quiet, cool, cold even. Calculated and suspicious. Cautious and thoughtful, it just...doesn't suit those eyes of hers which sparkle with something I can't place. They remind me of Goten's eyes...they remind me of his eyes." Gohan suddenly shook the thought away and made a point not to look at the troublesome girl. He did NOT want to be thinking about that crap right now.

They arrived at the gymnasium and Sharpener looked back over his shoulder to Gohan who, having been able to hear the brief conversation they had due to his heightened senses, already knew what was going to happen. "Hey Gohan, you follow me, we have to get changed." He called casually and Gohan nodded in acknowledgement.

"And Lime you follow us we'll show you the way to the girls' lockers!" Erasa squealed out, receiving a smile and a nod from the Auburn-haired girl. The groups split up and headed to their individual lockers. Gohan and Sharpener entered the guys' locker room and Sharpener went straight to his locker.

"This one next to mine is empty, it's yours now. You bring any clothes for gym?" He asked to which Gohan's head shook a negative.

"No I didn't even think to." Gohan replied. Sharpener said something about not sweating it since it was his first day as the Blonde teen dug for something in his locker. He fumbled around in the locker for a few moments before he made a sound of accomplishment and retracted his hand holding a ball of clothes.

"Here you go, this is all I have to lend you but you look about my height so it should fit you man." The muscular teen explained, generously lending Gohan some spare clothes which could now be distinguished as a long sleeve shirt and a pair of sweatpants. "You look a bit thinner than I am so they might be a bit baggy, I don't know if you mind that or not."

Gohan merely gave him a small appreciative smile, "Thank you Sharpener these will do just fine." Gohan replied thankfully.

Sharpener smiled whole-heartedly, pleased he could help the new guy on his first day. It made the teen feel wholesome. "Great, you get changed quick though looks like everybody else is already out there." Sharpener told him as he left the room with a light jog. Once he had left Gohan changed, put his stuff in the locker allocated to him and moved out to the gymnasium.

When he arrived outside the changing room he saw that all over the place were students doing different activities and exercises. "Glad you could join us Mr...Son is it?" The coach said questioningly. Gohan nodded and he continued, "Today since it's the first day you're just going to be doing something active, whatever it may be. You look a little thin so feel free to use the weights if you so choose, though no heavy lifting without a spotter to help you, or you can play a sport if that's your thing. Whatever, as long as its active." The gym teacher instructed, "Now off you go."

Gohan gave a final nod and a thank you before looking around, thinking of what to do. He couldn't do weights, he'd immediately stand out and he doubted any amount of weight they had in a high school gym would be enough for him to even notice. He couldn't run laps, he'd pass everyone up easily and he wouldn't be tired. He'd have to do some body-weight stuff and be sure to not do anything too crazy or make it look too easy when people were watching.

With that thought in mind Gohan looked around and didn't see anyone watching him or even paying him any mind. While he was surveying the scene a certain Black-haired girl caught his eye. She was sparring one of the other students in a small makeshift ring. He watched as she dodged her opponent, a tall, broad-shouldered boy, skillfully and without great effort. She looked to everyone else as if she was on the ropes but Gohan's Martial Art's sense that was carved into his brain told him otherwise. She was merely luring him into a false sense of security while looking for an easy opening.

Just as he thought, as she ducked another punch, this time a right hook that was thrown a little too wide for his current stance and it threw him off slightly, she used his unbalance and hook-kicked his only supporting leg in the back of his knee, buckling him. Videl then took that same leg and continued its course, stretching her leg out behind his now buckled supporting leg. She leaned back and gave a hard shove in the center of his chest that pushed him backward. Instinctively he moved to put his other foot back behind him to steady himself but found it was stopped by her outstretched leg and he tripped backwards falling on his back. He moved to get up but a foot was planted on his upper chest pushing him back against the floor.

"I win." She said simply with a smirk before extending a hand to help him up. Gohan personally thought she did quite well for a human without any real Martial Arts training. However now that he was thinking about fighting he thought about his father again which brought a grimace to his face. This girl kept reminding him of his father and he didn't like it. Videl was turning out to be quite troublesome and he wasn't quite sure if he disliked her or was merely indifferent to her. In any case he couldn't be around someone who reminded him of his father so he turned away from her. Got down on his hands and toes and started doing push-ups.

However just as Gohan looked away, Videl looked up and at her surroundings seeing what everyone else was doing. No one else wanted to fight her for today so she decided to see what her friends were doing. That's when she saw Gohan, away from everybody else, even Lime who was currently with Erasa playfully kicking a ball between them. The mysterious flame-haired youth was just off to the side, eyes straight forward at a wall, mouth closed, face expressionless doing pushups in a meticulous fashion. He never took a second longer or a second less to do the next push-up as it did the last. Never speeding up, or slowing down. It was as if he was a robot and merely completing a task.

Though his face was expressionless his eyes betrayed a glimmer of emotion. Hurt. And not the physical kind. Videl approached Gohan from across the gymnasium and slowed her pace when she was within earshot of him. "Hey Gohan, are those Sharpener's clothes you're wearing?"

Inwardly Gohan sighed in frustration and resignation, but he didn't wish to be impolite so he stopped his push-ups and stood up to reply, "Yeah, he said I could borrow them. I didn't bring any spare clothes." He explained to the girl who he really didn't want to have to see right now.

"Oh him? Wow, normally he's a bit of a dick on his first day" Videl half-joked to the tall boy, "He must like you." She said wiggling her eyes suggestively at Gohan.

"Very funny Videl." Gohan replied evenly, without a hint of it affecting Gohan in the least showing in his features. Videl laughed openly at her own joke and Gohan couldn't help but be reminded of Goku. Again, Gohan turned his eyes away from Videl and she saw it but chose to ignore it. She noticed that pained look in his eyes again.

"Hey, Gohan? Are you okay? All day I've been seeing some inner turmoil in you." She stated simply and to the point, not one to dance around the subject. Gohan's eyes widened in surprise and a little bit of fear.

"W-What? What are you talking about?" Gohan asked, his face pulling into a slight frown and his voice turning defensive. Videl shot that down immediately, seeing through it like she had X-ray vision.

"Don't get defensive I'm not trying to be a pest you know. I'm just really good at reading people, I was concerned for you, you know, new guy trying to fit in and all." Of course this wasn't necessarily all true. Videl knew there was something else bothering Gohan but she took note of the way he got defensive and a little panicked when she brought it up. He was startled that she could see through his mask so easily. She knew this because she could tell he had a very good mask and that meant he had something her very desperately wanted to keep to himself. She was normally very, shall we say? 'pushy' with people but just from Gohan's reaction she could tell that the particular thing that was bothering him, could not be forced out. So she figured by being nice and friendly, eventually he would tell her and she could offer her help.

Just as she'd hoped Gohan's face relaxed a bit and he sighed audibly, "Yeah no I apologize, that was rude of me." Gohan said apologetically. Inside however he was frustrated, "I can't even be mad at her because she's a good person. Ugh, of course the one human I don't want to have to be anywhere near happens to be a model citizen who wants to be friends. Figures." The young man thought bitterly.

"No problem, I get that this whole thing is a bit overwhelming and you feel a bit on edge and alone. Just know that we're here for you. You can fit in with us, you seem like a pretty nice person." She complimented with a small smile that made Gohan even more frustrated at her.

"Things aren't always what they seem..." Gohan muttered without really thinking about it and Videl rose an eyebrow at him and crossed her arms.

"Gee, you must be fine at parties -outlook." She remarked sarcastically, "Come on, don't be so hard on yourself. I doubt you can have done anything that would make a young teenage guy think little of his character. Besides, even if you have so what? You're only human." And with that Videl waved a bye at him and began walking away.

Gohan's teeth clenched as she walked over to Sharpener and his fists curled tightly, knuckles turning white, "That's just the problem, I'm not human." He thought angrily before walking quickly for the exit. That...girl...was really getting to him. The coach called out to him asking where he was going and he simply responded with some bullshit about needing some air. Gohan walked outside and saw it was very overcast and it was starting to spit tiny raindrops here and there. He walked out away from the building and out of eyesight or earshot on the field to a tree and punched a hole in the trunk with shout.

His satisfaction was short lived however when the electricity shot through his body, telling him without words that violent actions would not be tolerated. He shook as the volts ran through his body before receding back into the watch. His muscles relaxed and he eventually stopped shaking. He stood there by the hole in the trunk for a few moments before exhaling all his air and taking a deep breath.

"Fucking human girl..." He muttered somewhat angrily.

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