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"Saiyaman, if you're seeing this broadcast, you have 3 days to submit to a trial of your case" the government presenter stated, "but know that if you do not show up, you WILL be classified as an armed and dangerous terrorist." They finished threateningly.

The crowd of paparazzi buzzed loudly taking photos and talking over each other in an attempt to get the scoop. They were ignored and silenced by the security.

"A government escort will be awaiting you at a certain location. The details to this location will be in the air craft circling West City for the duration of this waiting period. Collect the information and head to the designated area where you will be escorted to your trial." At the end of this explanation the mayor walked away, refusing to answer any questions about the matter.

"If they have this "air-craft" set up for you why don't you just get escorted from directly below wherever the ship is?" Vegeta questioned skeptically, "Why create a whole separate location and waste more time? It doesn't make sense…"

"Im sure you're overthinking it Vegeta, it's government sanctioned," Videl commented placatingly.

"So you're suggesting that "government sanctioned" means there's no chance of foul play and that Gohan just offer himself up on a Silver platter?" The Prince bit back snidely.

The teenage girl's nostrils flared, "Hey! I don't like this anymore than you do! I'm just saying that maybe it's worth it trying to resolve this peacefully. If we can negotiate with criminals then why not government officials right?" Videl suggested optimistically to the two super-beings before her.

"I agree." Gohan stated simply before marching out the room and briskly making his way across the hallways of Capsule Corp leaving Vegeta's eyes as wide as Videl's smug grin. Vegeta shot her a glare before following the son of his rival to question his decision with Videl in tow.

"You can't be serious boy! There's something clearly not right here! This girl WORKS for the government, did that cross your mind when she made such a naïve suggestion?" Vegeta prodded in frustration.

"Hey, wait a minute! What are you saying!?" Videl remarked, offended and growing angry at the mere implication.

"I trust Videl and value her word." Gohan answered, eyes flashing dangerously as they locked with Vegeta's.

"Tch, more than the word of your kin and comrade?" Vegeta muttered quietly, surprising Gohan. "Whatever weakling, I don't care what happens to you anyway, best case scenario you die and there's no one left to stop me from ruining this back-water mud-ball." He continued with irritation and contempt in his every word. "Don't come crying to me when they betray you like all cowards do." At that the offended Prince walked away.

"Yeesh what crawled up his ass and died? I don't get how you can be friends with someone that rude and insensitive!" Videl declared to herself while crossing her arms indignantly.

Gohan merely smiled sadly at the prince. "He's really not all that bad once you get to know him." Gohan remarked thinking back to all the two warriors had endured together. "He's a very proud warrior, and he considers me the last of his kin."

Videl listened intently to this piece of information and found herself feeling more and more sorry for the angry man.

"There's Goten and Trunks of course but I get the sense it isn't the same to him…they aren't warriors, they haven't experienced what he and I have. After my father died I think deep down he felt alone in the universe. I've hurt the closest thing he has to feelings by taking your word over his. I hope I'm right." Gohan muttered the last part.

"Do you plan to mozey on over in your jeans? Coz in case you forgot, your last Gi was damaged in the fight with Broly." Videl pointed out, eyeing the teen up and down.

"I'll need a new outfit, yes. So to Bulma it is then." Gohan pointed out before starting in the direction of Bulma's Ki, with Videl in tow. They made their way to Bulma who was working on some kind of machinery when they arrived. She heard their footsteps approaching and turned in a huff, dropping her tool on the bench.

"I told you if you broke it again I wouldn't fix your damn-!" she stopped when she realised that her visitors weren't her mysterious and irritable husband but in fact Gohan and his lady-friend. "Oh, it's just you Gohan. Sorry about that, I thought you were somebody else." Bulma apologised with a guilty smile.

"Bad time? I can come back later if you like." Gohan offered politely, not wanting to bother the stressed out woman.

"No, please, distract me from this thing. It's driving me nuts." She jerked an annoyed thumb back at her machine.

"I don't suppose you've come with something for me to do have you? I need the satisfaction of completing a project." Bulma jested hopefully making Gohan smile knowingly.

"I do actually…but…what the hell is that you're making?" Gohan questioned the genius curiously.

"Useless unresponsive pieces of steel and wiring at the moment, but hopefully one day…liquid hope…" Bulma explained cryptically looking wistfully at her seemingly random bits of machinery, "But it's not important right now, anyway, you said you had something for me?" Bulma suddenly questioned, changing the subject of conversation entirely.

"Yeah actually I was wondering if you had any way of making me a sturdy, lasting outfit for crime fighting?" at the quizzical expression stretched her features Gohan felt the need to elaborate. "My dogi's keep getting ruined and they take forever to put on. I'm hoping you have something or other to cover that for me. Preferably a sturdy suit fit for combat but nothing too intimidating. I'm supposed to be a hero after all."

Bulma took a long second to think as she wracked her brain for a solution to the boy's dillema. After a while she seemed to have an idea, "Nothing like that exists right now, but I think I have an idea!" the genius exclaimed excitedly before bustling about the lab grabbing various plans and instruments, she stopped for a second to address the confused teens, "Can you wait a few hours?" She asked, almost sounding impatient herself.

"Yeah of course, take your time, we'll just go hang out with our friends for a while." Gohan assured with a grin.

With a gesture to Videl to follow him they made their way out the room and headed to their friends. Videl meanwhile still plotting her plan of action in her mind, making sure whatever she came up with wouldn't backfire on her.

They arrived back at the group and were mobbed for the second time that day. Friends and classmates asking questions and the like. "Where did you two disappear off to!?"

"Videl I saw that thing on the news!"

"Is Saiyaman dangerous?Can you beat him!?"

"Hey, hey! Everybody chill out, the world isn't ending, the government and Saiyaman are just having a little uhhh…" Videl suddenly lost her way and began reaching for the right way to say this.

"Conflict in interests." Gohan finished for her confidently.

Videl snapped her fingers in enthusiastic affirmation, "Exactly! A conflict of interests!"

"Yeah, Saiyaman wants to save lives and the government wants him under their thumb." Gohan added, continuing his train of thought, making the students murmur and Videl glare at him.

"Hey! We don't know that yet! I just think a lot of people are afraid of him and what yo- uhhh, he might do, and they want him accountable for any inconveniences he may have caused." Videl argued in defense of their government.

"Inconveniences!? This guy is hardly better than a terrorist! He leaves death and destruction everywhere he goes!" Sharpener interjected receiving a few nods and murmurs of agreement.

"Yeah! He thinks he's above the law or something! He must consider himself a god or something to us because no normal person puts themselves so high above the law." Someone else passionately added.

"This asshole destroys lives and kills living people! At least terrorists stand for something! All this guy does is fuck around and play hero, saving us weaklings every so often from his high horse, like he's any better! The freak…"

Gohan made no move to argue with his friends, they couldn't know that he was Saiyaman, they were just naïve to his situation and the way the world was. Even still rage and betrayal bubbled deep within him. His eyes narrowed and darkened, cast to the ground at his feet. His mouth pressed into a thin line and his fists clenched.

Videl saw this and immediately felt a little guilty about accidentally causing a chain reaction from her classmates. The pain in his face was almost palpable.

Suddenly a high, bubbly personality made her presence and opinion known, "I don't want to argue with anyone, especially not my friends, but I really don't think you guys are being very fair to Saiyaman…" someone spoke up.

In delighted surprise, Gohan's eyes shot up and saw Erasa standing amidst the group, looking almost shy for the first time ever.

"Whaddya mean 'Rase?" Sharpener questioned.

"I don't know if you guys saw it, but I seem to remember a massacre much earlier today." Erasa quietly reminded, "It was horrific and I balled my eyes out, but when that little girl woke up amidst it all my heart shattered into thousands of pieces…" she trailed off quietly.

Everyone kept listening and urged her to continue, Erasa was never this quiet and shy after all and they wanted to hear it all.

"Saiyaman may not have been there to stop the initial massacre but who was? Certainly not the government, not the police" the Blonde pointed out, "But Saiyaman was there to see the girl, and the hurt and the rage he experienced seeing it was something I have seen many times before, only more intense. He cares about us, this isn't a game to him. He's just trying to do his best to help people as well as he can, and I truly believe that…"

The group of teenagers went quiet and Erasa looked up to see the bewildered faces and slacked jaws of her classmates. "I…never considered that. The mayor made him out so awful and…" Sharpener couldn't word a proper response to her rebuttal.

Videl smiled, happy that her best friend had unknowingly fixed her mistake. With a smile on her face she turned to face her friend and see his reaction only to see something she didn't expect.

Gohan was smiling brightly at Erasa with admiration sparkling in his eyes, she hadn't seen him grin like that before, and the fact that it was directed at someone other than her sparked a raging fire of jealousy in her stomach instantly.

She pushed the feeling down, she was just over thinking it she told herself. It would not be the last time she thought this that evening. For the next few hours the group played various group activities and chatted amongst themselves.

They had played pool, in which Gohan reigned supreme, being uncannily accurate with his shots. On multiple occasions he had taken a seemingly impossible shot and made it work by perfectly ricocheting the cue ball off other pool balls or walls to get around his opponents opponent's object balls, sinking his intended target.

They had watched a movie, they had eventually, after a lot of arguing between the group about whether or not it should be a romantic comedy or a dramatic action movie, they had eventually turned to the quiet and preference-less Gohan. Up till now he had remained completely neutral and merely stood and watched the sides argue with mild-amusement, hands shoved into his pockets in a bored manner.

When asked what he thought they should do as an impartial judge, he decided a compromise was their best option and suggested a kung fu movie with a romance plot. They had agreed, (not realising that he had covertly pushed them closer to his kind of movie, an over the top kung fu movie with comedy so he could watch his life-story from a lighter perspective and laugh about it, preferably starring Jackie Chan or Jet Li) and ended up settling on a movie they were all willing to watch.

After the movie they played Volleyball, the teams consisting of Videl, Sharpener, Pencile, and Casey versus Gohan, Erasa, Papere, and Sarula.

Gohan's team won by a landslide, though the Saiyan did it in a way that no-one would pick up on his gigantic advantage. He himself had scored a point only once, just so as not to draw attention himself. But he made sure, by pre-empting his opponent's movements, that he was conveniently right where the ball was going to be when his team failed to stop it. His teammates scored all the points, Gohan just made sure that the other team rarely scored at all. Though he did purposely dive and barely miss several times just to keep it fun for both sides.

It seemed like a fun couple of hours but Videl saw each event differently to say the least. More specifically each activity was seen increasingly bitterly by the Raven-haired crime fighter. In the games of pool they played everyone mostly had their attention on the game and didn't talk amongst themselves all that much in Videl's humble opinion. Yet when Gohan wasn't playing it seemed like every time she looked up he was paying more attention to their mutual blonde friend than he was to how she was doing.

Then when it came to the movie, rather than siding with her immediately like she expected since he had no personal preference between the two, he instead compromised, taking Erasa's preference into account along with hers. Then he ended up next to her on the couch and talked to Erasa throughout the movie more than he talked to her!

By the time they got to the volleyball game she was boiling with jealous rage. Erasa and Videl had been team captains. When the rest were told to line up in their desired teams there was a rush and her team was quickly full. She looked at Gohan questioningly who's simple response was 'guess I'm on Erasa's team'. Like who the hell did that jerk think he was fooling! She knew he easily could have been first in line for her team with his Super Human speed. But he CHOSE Erasa over her! Originally she had planned to take it somewhat easy on the team of girls as none of them were particularly athletic. But in fury she desperately tried to thrash them so she could rub it in Gohan's face that he should have been on her team, but not only did he stop most of her shots but not the shots of her teammates, but he ALSO led his team to a swift victory. Videl had just about blown a fuse when she saw them doing a victory dance together on their side, laughing and smiling.

She moved to stomp on over to him and…well she didn't know what she planned to do yet but it would set them straight that's for sure! As she got in ear shot though she heard Gohan talking very seriously to her, "Thanks for being on my side of the argument before by the way Erasa, you said what I was too afraid to say."

"Oh, it's nothing Gohan, though to be honest I saw it more as team Saiyaman." She responded, her usual bubbly self.

"Yeah, I know…" he said after a moment of silence, "but thanks anyway."

Videl no longer felt unyielding rage, instead her heart felt guilty and her jealousy was cold instead of hot because she felt she had brought it on herself. If she had sided with Gohan rather than letting her personal opinion of the government get in the way maybe it would have been Videl sharing a victory dance with her super-powered friend. Or Videl sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with the flame-haired superhero. She had hurt his feelings and presented an opportunity for Erasa to swoop in and gain his respect and admiration. She had brought this on herself.

Vegeta's words rang in her mind from before. Why create a whole separate location to escort Gohan from, it didn't make sense. She wanted to have faith in her government but there was a glaringly obvious black-and-white situation here. She KNEW Gohan's motives were pure, but she didn't know for sure that the government shared his lack of ulterior motive. The obvious choice should have been Gohan but her unwavering and naïve blind trust in her government had given her pause in what should have been a simple decision. The girl cursed internally at her mistake, she had pushed her friend away due to this behaviour and now he was showing an interest in someone else.

Just then a robot zoomed into the area, "Message for Son Gohan!" It called out in its electronic robo-voice.

"I'm Son Gohan." The Saiyan affirmed stepping forward from his conversation with the Blonde girl.

"Your presence has been requested by Miss Briefs, please follow me now." The machine instructed before rotating and humming away as it's programming dictated, it's repulser-lift thrusters working to keep it off the ground.

Gohan began walking after it and Videl saw a chance to follow him and have some time alone with him to talk, so she followed after him. She fell in stride with him, albeit having to take two steps for every one of Gohan's. The boy looked at her and nodded, acknowledging her presence before starting conversation with her, "I wonder how my new suit will look. I hope it's viable for combat." He wondered aloud.

"I'm sure Bulma took that into account, she's a genius after all, give her some credit…" she assured, "it's the aesthetic value I'd be most worried about if I were you. I imagine her idea of a cool Superhero suit is skin tight spandex, underwear and a Red cape." Videl said teasingly to her friend who chuckled along with her, shuddering at the thought. Little did she know how close to the truth she actually was.

The pair entered her lab and Bulma spun around in a whirl at the sound of the door opening, jumping on the spot like a kid on Christmas. "You're here! What took you so long?" she demanded urgently. Gohan's even expression remained as per usual and he opened his mouth to make a sarcastic comment but was cut off immediately, "Never mind that! Your suit is finally ready! Thank you so much for trusting me with this, it's the most fun I've had on a project in months."

Gohan was glad he hadn't bothered her at all with his request. With a swipe of her arm that genius cleared the bench of all the bits-and-bobs around, casting them straight onto the floor. Gohan's mind raced in anticipation. What would it look like? Would it satisfy his criteria? Would it look heroic? Enough at least to make the public trust him more?

He expected her to whirl around and cast an outfit of some kind on the bench but instead she placed a watch in the center. Gohan stared at it in silence, as did Videl.

"Now I know what you're thinking, 'this is just a watch, not a whole outfit, where's the rest?' but don't worry just trust me" she explained, Gohan remained skeptical for a moment before pushing those thoughts away and focusing on his godmother. "Gohan, put the watch on, and once it's on and firmly secure, press that Red button on the side there." Bulma instructed with excitement evident in her tone and posture.

Gohan nodded and picked up the time piece, wrapping it around his left wrist and securing the latch/clip at his wrist. He lightly tugged on it just to make sure it was securely held before bringing his left arm up closer to his face. He brought his right hand to the face and hovered his finger over the Red button on the side.

Gohan looked up at Bulma in silent question and she gave him a grin and a thumbs up. Videl tensed as the suspense grew to ridiculous proportions before Gohan's finger made its way to the button. As he clicked it in he felt a strange sensation and a bright light enveloped him.

The light faded away and revealed to all in the room Saiyaman's new suit. A Black Saiyan-style spandex full body suit stretched over his form. His hands and feet were covered by the iconic White gloves and boots worn by Saiyans and the rest of Frieza's empire. A lime Green Tunic covered his body from just above his knees up to his shoulders. At said shoulders 2 Gold pins held a Ferrari Red cape. The look was finished by the Orange and Black visored-helmet on his head, tinting his vision of the room slightly and muffling his hearing just enough for the teen to notice.

Videl stared in awkward silence at the strange, colour-clashing of the Red cape, Orange Helmet and Green Tunic.

Gohan saw himself in a mirror and cringed slightly at his appearance, "Ugh Bulma…I'm very appreciative of what you've worked so hard on, but…" he trailed off , not wanting to hurt her feelings.

"The suit looks kinda dorky and unfashionable Bulma…" Videl finished for her friend, always the blunt one.

"Well yeah it's a little tacky but Gohan wanted to go with a sort of public friendly hero suit so I figured this was a good compromise" Bulma began explaining various thought processes in its design. "See first I had to find a suit design that would be quick and easy to put on. I struggled a lot to think of anything that I could use that would be sturdy AND easy to put on."

The woman walked over to Gohan and indicated the watch, "Then I had the idea that I could use a similar concept to Dynocap technology to compress and store the matter of the costume in the exact parameters of your body. So when you pressed that button it would capsulate your own outfit and de-capsulate the suit onto you."

Gohan quirked an eyebrow at that revelation, "But wouldn't that be extremely dangerous for me? If I'm not in a position the suit is being opened on, won't it splice through me or something?" Gohan asked, making Videl's jaw drop at the implications that held.

"Aha! There's that science brain of yours!" She complimented before continuing, "Well as a matter of fact I found a way around that. It's designed as a watch rather than a Capsule for a reason." She informed with a tone that said he shouldn't be surprised at what she was saying.

"It's generating a constant 3D sonar tracking system over your body, and adjusting the position of the suit to match with 100% accuracy. Very similar in notion to motion Capture technology but with far more accurate and powerful technology courtesy of yours truly."

Gohan stared for the umpteenth time but this time his shock was mixed with awe and it was directed strictly at Bulma herself, "That's…genius! And on top of that you also designed and developed hardware and software that can actually do it!" Gohan exclaimed, his eyes wide in genuine awe.

"Don't act too surprised, you might offend me." Bulma joked with the Saiyan teen.

"Besides, it really wasn't that hard. Now deciding what it would look like was the real challenge. Especially now that I had left myself with minimum limitations on what your suit could be made of."

"I settled on a middle ground between Saiyan armor and Earthling super hero. The body suit is spandex-like, just as all Saiyan Fatigues are." Bulma started, gesturing to it. "Very durable and it doesn't hinder your movements. The boots and gloves too are standard Saiyan armor."

Bulma stepped back so as to take in the full image of the suit. "I didn't want to give you Saiyan armor because it seems too formal and military to gain public favour, especially with the Black bodysuit. So I went for a more familiar, and human design that people could learn to like. A bright green went really well with the Black so I just picked a Black belt to match. It stands out nicely with the Gold orb in the buckle in my humble opinion."

Gohan's smile went a little wry now, "And the helmet and cape?" The teen questioned.

Bulma grinned a little and shrugged, "I just thought a Superhero should have a cape and I figured the helmet would do well to disguise your identity."

"Disguising my face is a very good idea for the tournament coming up, so no one I know gets a close-up of my face and figures me out. However…." Gohan pulled his face into a snarl, and with a shout quickly ascended to Super Saiyan. In doing so the helmet fell away as if disintegrated.

Bulma stared on with shock evident on her face, as did Videl. "Yep, I was afraid of that. Anything that covers the top of my head stands no chance of surviving the jump to Super Saiyan. Is there anything else you can give me for hiding my face?" he asked hopefully.

Bulma looked a little lost in thought, "Uh yeah sure thing, it might take me a while to make before I can implement it into the watch though. Will the suit do you for now?" she asked as she moved over to a computer and started typing.

"Uh, 1 moment…" Gohan gripped the red cape from his shoulders and tore it away completely, tossing aside the bright red garment, "Yeah it'll definitely do me for now, thanks Bulma, you've really helped me out here." He thanked gratefully.

"No problem kid, you could have come to me a lot earlier for this you know." Bulma informed the boy who merely responded with a cold, detached expression and something about not having a need for it until now.

He pressed the button to return to his regular clothes and powered down to his regular state. Then he and Videl left the office and began the trek back to the courtyard where there friends still were. Gohan looked down at the watch, "It's definitely way too late for me to go now" he commented with an exasperated sigh, "Tomorrow it is then." He affirmed out loud.

Just then Gohan's ears twitched and he looked up, "We've got company." He stated. Sure enough they rounded the corner and came face-to-face with the Saiyan Prince who looked surprised to see them. Gohan glared for a second before greeting him, "Vegeta! We need to stop meeting like this, what will people say?" he joked, taunting the older warrior who merely composed his shock and scoffed at the boy.

"They'll say I'm guilty when I'm in court for executing my unfunny jester you spineless son of a clown, now beat it brat." Vegeta spat scathingly.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were in a hurry to get somewhere…" he insinuated seemingly innocent of any scheme. Vegeta stiffened for a fraction of a second before continuing past the son of Goku, "So it's a good thing I know you better huh?" he added, laying on the naivety.

At that the Saiyan Prince moved on down the hallway Gohan and Videl had just emerged from. Gohan watched him leave from the corner of his eye, "Do you have to torment the one person you know who can seriously hurt you so badly?" Videl asked rhetorically, frowning at him with her hands on her hips.

Gohan shook his head at the Raven-haired girl beside him. "It had a purpose, didn't you see how surprised to see us he was?" Gohan asked with a hushed tone.

"Uuuuuhhhh, duh! We just came around the corner and he wasn't expecting to walk into us." Videl argued.

"You're forgetting Vegeta and I share the same abilities Videl, he SHOULD have known we were near, I noticed him before we saw him. He would have had to be concentrating really hard to just not notice us whatsoever." Gohan pointed out, making Videl 'Oh' silently at him.

"So what do you think is up with him then? What could be motivating him to think about anything other than fighting you or training?" Videl questioned. She hadn't known Vegeta all that long but he seemed like a pretty one-track-minded guy.

Gohan merely continued walking, "I'm not sure..." he replied thoughtfully.

They continued on their way and Gohan bid Videl goodbye once he got to the hallway that lead to his bedroom. Videl said her goodbyes with a smile on her face as Gohan disappeared around the corner.

However as soon as he was out of sight Videl's smile became a determined scowl, it was time to execute her plan. The plan she had subtly titled 'Operation ward off fangirls by sabotaging her own bed and staying in Gohan's room but purely platonically'.

She power walked down the various hallways heading back to where her classmates were. She checked her own watch noting that it was now nearing 10pm. She'd have to be quick if she wanted to execute her plan efficiently.

The plan was to get to her room and get ready to sleep as per normal, then after an hour had passed she'd "accidentally" set her bed alight using some Ki, all without causing suspicion from Erasa. Then she'd put it out safely, inform one of the robots of the incident and that she'd organised another sleeping space with a friend.

She'd then make it to Gohan's room, ideally before any of the girls had any ideas. She'd softly knock on his door so as to not awaken him too violently, at his answer she'd put on her friendliest expression and tell him that she had a bad dream about the time she thought Gohan died in the huge underground explosion and subconsciously released some of her energy and set the bed on fire and decided to stay with him as he had the most space and because her bad dream made her a little bit concerned and she wanted to check on him.

That should hopefully appeal to his logical mindset and also tug on his heartstrings a bit to soften him up, at which point she'd ask nicely if she could take up the couch. Then stumble across the capsule with the spare bed she had taken from her emergency survival kit and pretend she had forgotten it was there.

The plan was flawless! She couldn't possibly- suddenly she realised that a girl was already making her way to Gohan's room. With no time to spare Videl bolted to his room, throwing thoughts of stealth out the window as she shoved the girl aside and made her way through the hallways at top speed. She'd have to improvise this first part of the plan...

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