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Paramount mountain Logo fades into the image of a hand-drawn mountain on a large peice of old paper that appears to be a map. The mountain drawing is lowered where a real mountain much like the one in the drawing is ahead in the distance. Three rugged men about in their 30s stand close behind the man holding the map. One Aulstrailian man named Ethan speaks up.

Ethan: That's the same mountn' top aint it?

The man holding the map is reveled to be none other than the leather jacket, and fedora wearing globe trotter Indiana Jones. Indy answers back to Ethan without taking his eyes off the map.

Indy: Yep. Where defenatly on the right course now. This way.

The four men press on through the hot forrested area lead by Indy. The area is New South Wales, Aulstralia. The year is 1933. After a long bit of walking past much wildlife Indy stops and looks at the ground ahead.

Indy: Hold on.

Ethan: What is it cobber?

Indy: What do you hear?

Ethan: I don't hear a bloody thing.

Indy: I know...and I don't like it. Give me that boulder there.

Indy points to a softball sized rock. Ethan grabs it and hands it to Indy. Indy tosses it to a pile of brush that is directly in there path. The rock sets of a large bear trap, and the steel teeth lock together. One of the men named Dominic speaks up.

Dominic: It's a bloody croc trap!

Indy: Looks like we're crossing through poacher territory. Watch where you put your feet!

The four carefully walk ahead watching for more bear traps that have been covered in brush. Indy grabs another rock and throws it at another trap setting it off. He looks behind him a second and happens to see the fourth man named Mason about to unknownly step on a trap. Thinking fast Indy dives at Mason.

Indy: Look out!

Indy tackles Mason just as the trap goes off! The pair hit the ground and sigh of relife.

Mason: Thanks mate. Almost got my foot locked off.

Indy: I know they're hard to spot, but be more careful. That goes for everyone! I'm not gonna haul dead weight.

Dominic points ahead at a quicksand pit.

Dominic: Look Indiana, over there!

Indy: Quicksand.

Ethan begains to walk around it where the quicksand stops.

Ethan: This way mates, there's nothing to bring us down here.

Ethan takes one more step ahead and what seems to be solid ground turns out to be a pit about 8 feet deep and 4 feet by 4 feet. Ethan screams as he falls. Indy walks over and lowers his whip.

Indy: You going stay in that hole all day?

Ethan climbs out and gets on his feet. The four keep walking.

Mason: You O.k.?

Ethan: Yeah...fine.

Indy: You got lucky. Could have been impailed on spikes.

Ethan: Are you serious?

Indy: Some poachers want their prey alive...some want them dead.

Ethan: I'll step where you do from now on.

The four men walk ahead awhile and come to a small stream. Ahead about 50 yards is a waterfall going over a 100 foot cliff. Indy stops in his tracks and grins.

Indy: There it is boys. We found it. Just as it should be. The maiden's jewel.

The three other men look at each other and grin as they feel relieved. Ahead it is revelead that 'The maiden's jewel' isn't a jewel at all but a steam powered paddle boat.

Indy: She's right on schedule. If we hurry we can hop a ride.

Indy pulls out a softball sized disk made of rock from his satchel. The disk is very flat, rough around the edges, with etchings all around it and a small hole in the center.

Indy: I can't wait to get this back to the museum. I'm sure whoever made this would want it on display rather than being buryed under a wreacked train.

As Indy is facing the direction of the cliff, the other men look at each other and pull out their guns, and point them at Indy.

Mason: I thought we could save you the trouble and take the disk ourselves.

Indy slowly turns around with his hand reaching for his gun.

Dominic: Don't bother.

Indy hands the disk and gun to Dominic.

Indy: So this is how it is?

Ethan: Sorry mate. You picked a poor bunch fellows to guide ya.

Indy: I'm sorry I did.

Ethan: Turn around and get on your knees yank.

Indy: So your going to rob me and kill me? After I saved all you how many times?

Ethan: True Jones. But sometimes fate deals you a bloody awful hand. Know what I mean?

Mason: Goodbye Dr. Jones

Mason aims the gun at Indy's head and pulls the trigger but it just clicks. The men get a look of confusion but Mason pulls the trigger again.

Ethan: What's the problem? Shoot him!

Mason: My gun isn't firing. Try yours.

Dominic and Ethan get their guns out and they all pull their triggers but nothing happens.

Indy chuckles softly gets a hand full of black powder from his satchel.

Dominic: What is that in your hand?

Indy: Gun powder. Last night while you all where sleeping I took the liberty of removing the bullets from your guns.

A look comes across the men's faces as they relize they have been outwitted. Just then Indy throws a hand full of gun powder all over Ethan. As he chokes on some of it and tries to rub some of it out of his eyes, Indy quickly flips on his four leaf clover lighter and holds it up to Ethan causing the powder and him to burst into flames. Indy than quickly turns to Mason and back-hands him knocking him out as Ethan is rolling on the ground trying to put the fire on him out. Dominic is frantically tring to reload his gun but Indy gets his whip out quicker and whips the gun out of his hand. Dominic tries to run but after getting just about 10 feet Indy whips a small branch near Dominic's head and pulls it hard into Dominic's face knocking him out. Ethan starts to get up after the fire goes out, but Indy punches him out cold with one hit. Indy walks over to Dominic and sees his gun and the rock disk laying on the ground near where Dominic is laying. Indy reaches for the two items when out of the stream a large crocodile that Indy didn't see comes at him. There is only about a foot between Indy and the large croc with the disk and gun stuck in the middle. Indy slowly reaches for them but as he gets close the croc snaps his jaws at Indy's hand. Indy sees a bear trap off to the side and carefully reaches for a small log nearby. He throws it and sets the trap off. The loud snapping noise startles the croc just enough that Indy is able to grab the gun and disk and gets to his feet. Indy doesn't even get to take a step when the croc starts to chase Indy! Indy starts to run. He figures he can make it to the cliff just a few yards away. Up ahead Indy unknowingly runs through 6 or 7 bear traps setting each one off as he hits them but moving out of them faster than the jaws of the traps can close on his foot! The croc is right on Indy's heels snapping his jaw at them as often as he can. Just as the croc is about to catch Indy's leg in his jaw, Indy reaches the tall waterfall and jumps for it! The croc retreats as Indy falls into the water. Just ahead is the river boat and it is starting to leave. Indy swims as fast as he can and reaches the back paddles. He grabs on to one of them as it lifts him up to the top. Once at the top Indy jumps to the railing and climbs aboard! Many surprised people are there murmuring to themselves as Indy sits down on a bench soaking wet. A ticket taker walks up to Indy.

Ticket taker: Excuse me! Do you have a ticket or fare money?

Indy pulls a couple of notes of Australian money out and hands them to the ticket taker. The ticket taker hands Indy a ticket.

Ticket taker: Thank you! Enjoy your ride on the Maiden's Jewel.

The steam paddle boat proceeds to take a drenched Indy with his new find down the river towards a setting sun.