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"Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man." Friedrich Nietzsche


An intense music echoed through the room, an amphitheater in a shape of a dome, where there empty red seats placed up to the ceiling.

Fortissimo. The maestro conducted his orchestra of violinists with care. This situation required such performance.

In the middle of the amphitheater stood a girl. Short blonde hair and green eyes. She wore a pink suit of armor with skirt. On her breastplate lay a bright green cross-shaped gem. It identified her as a magical girl.

Her two hands were wielding a long sword made of pure white light. She stared at the orchestra where the musicians had human form, but were only composed of a clear blue ink. It was only for a moment, because she could not take her eyes of the owner of this place.

"IIIIAAAAAHHHH!" Sayaka, in her magical girl clothes and armed with two cutlass, jumped toward her opponent.

The armored girl raised her long sword, positioning horizontally overhead, ready to absorb the blow.

Even if the blade of her opponent was made of light, Sayaka felt the impact as if it had struck the hardest metal. She felt the strong vibration of her blades. She believed the blow, coupled with the weight of her whole body, could lower the guard of the other swordswoman, but in the end there was only the bitter taste of a mistake.

The other girl, without showing effort, pushed Sayaka with the help of her sword and soon was preparing to give a thrust.

Out of balance, Sayaka's eyes widened in conclusion that she would never be able to defend that blow. Then she dodged, making a turn with her body. The blade passed close enough to pierce and tear her white cape.

Not offering a break, the girl swung her sword, aiming at Sayaka's torso.

The bluenette avoided being cut in half by making a small jump backward.

With a determined look, the armored girl was preparing a new attack. Her skirt swayed as she advanced to strike.

The last attack had left her exposed, I have to seize this new opportunity. Sayaka adjusted the position of her feet, longing to explore a counter attack. As soon as her opponent began to move the blade, she went for it.

However, the armored girl interrupted the movement.

It was late when Sayaka realized the intent in the green eyes of the other girl. Still, she tried to use an advantage she had to attack: she wielded two blades, her opponent, only one.

The armored girl, as if she expected such idea, released one hand holding the sword and parried one of Sayaka's blades with her gauntlet.

Big was the surprise of Sayaka when she saw her other blade being blocked by the opponent's one elegantly, even if being now wielding one-handed. Sayaka was with her arms open and defenseless. In response, instinctively, she gave a strong kick on the blonde's abdomen.

With the force of impact, the armored girl was thrown back, dragging the soles of her boots for several meters. However, she did not expressed surprise but contentment. As she returned to wield the sword with both hands, she said. "Well done mademoiselle Sayaka. I also noticed that you are wielding your swords more firmly than last time."

"It's because I don't intend to lose this time, Tart-san." Sayaka covered her with her cape, and, when she revealed herself, launched numerous swords against her adversary.

Tart blocked a portion with her sword. For the rest, her armor was more than enough to resist.

Sayaka jumped and, in the air with her open arms, invoked small circular portals of a phosphorescent blue.

Tart positioned herself, waiting for what was to come.

Closing her arms, pointing the swords in her hands toward Tart, Sayaka caused a torrent of blades arose through the portals.

With that metal whirlwind coming to meet her, Tart put her sword ahead and focused. Her blade of light unweaved and won a new form: a huge shield, which was more than enough to cover her completely.

The swords did not resisted when in contact with the light and shattered. Tart did not express any sings of fatigue to keep such defense, but she would not go on with it. Using her arms, she pushed the shield against the current. It advanced a little before stopping, before Tart made a gesture. As if the light of the shield was like a thread, the magical girl pulled it back and began to gather in her hand. It was becoming another thing, a great spear.

Sayaka's eyes widened. The spear was about ten meters long and radiated a strong light.

"AAAAHHHHH!" With a cry that came from the bottom of her lungs, Tart threw the spear at the whirlwind. It disintegrated everything that was in its path, leaving only a trail of light behind.

Sayaka, without hesitation, left the path of destruction, going back to the ground. With a bang, the spear struck the dome, creating a hole with a radius of several meters.

Even with part of the roof collapsing, the conductor kept the performance. The music could not stop.

Noting the damage caused, Tart brought her hand to her mouth. "Je suis navrée!" Realizing what she had said, she corrected herself. "I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry! I overreacted."

"Ah... haha." With a short laugh to hide her astonishment, Sayaka looked at the hole in the roof. "No problem. This can be repaired."

"I could have hit you." Tart stated.

"But you doesn't. It's alright." Sayaka sought to calm the other girl, remembering that she was a foreign. Numerous magical girls, from various eras and different places, lived in the Law of Cycles. However, thanks to the common language of witches, it was almost possible to forget such detail.

Tart questioned, still afraid. "You want to continue?"

"Yes." Sayaka crossed her two cutlasses.

"Very well." Tart, lifting the gauntlet on her left arm, summoned a new sword of light, that floated until she wield it with her right hand. "I'll be waiting for your next assault."

She is very strong and experienced. Sayaka narrowed her eyes, a bluish aura appeared under her feet. But I am faster. Leaving a blue trail in the air, Sayaka charged towards Tart.

Now holding the sword with both hands, Tart was preparing for the meeting of the blades.

Suddenly, though, when got close enough, Sayaka stopped.

For a brief moment, Tart was confused with the intentions of the other one, but soon saw Sayaka applying a lunge with both cutlasses. Not wanting to bet that the blades would not reach at that distance, she stepped back.

It was just what Sayaka was expecting. While her opponent made the move, she went toward the side with intentions to outflank her.

Tart in response whirled around, carrying the sword with her.

Sayaka was aware that she could never stop such blow. Instead, she leaned back, letting the sharp sword of light pass through a few centimeters from her neck.

Tart, seeing that she missed, sought to brandish the sword again, now in the opposite direction.

Yet, Sayaka prevented the momentum using one of her swords and advanced. Sparks came out where the two blades touched.

Taking notice of Sayaka striking with the other cutlass, Tart stepped back and brought her sword close to the face, in an upright position to defend herself. Without delay, just after the impact, she pushed the sword.

"Guh!" That was unexpected to Sayaka. She received rudely the side of that bright sword on her face. It made her close her eyes, a serious mistake she knew she had to fix immediately. Then she saw that her opponent, taking advantage of that moment, had raised the sword for a definitive blow.

Before the blade came down, bringing the end with it, Sayaka managed to step aside. It was enough to narrowly escaping unharmed, but could not say the same for one of her cutlasses: the sword of light broke it, leaving only a stub of sharp metal near the hilt.

Tart pressed her advantage with another blow, her gaze did not provide any expression of pity or mercy.

Sayaka used the other cutlass that she still had to stop the attack, but it also did not resist and ended up in several pieces. Then she bent down and the sword passed close to her blue hair.

It was all or nothing.

With a somersault on the floor, Sayaka approached a surprised Tart. She got up quickly, getting face to face, and stuck what was left from the base of her cutlass in the space between the breastplate and arm, piercing the pink thick fabric and the flesh beneath.

Tart's face tensed, but soon came with a slight smile. "Excellent. You acted as if your swords were part of you and you as part of them." And then she grabbed the arm that Sayaka had used to hurt her.

Sayaka tried to pull her arm to escape, but in vain.

"However..." Tart continued. "...there is a difference between handling a blade and fighting."

Sayaka lifted her chin when she felt the blade of light touching her neck.

"I would not say this was a good exchange, mademoiselle Sayaka."

"Yeah... I have to concede." Sayaka removed the cutlass.

Tart released Sayaka and undid her sword of light. After retreating, she raised her arm and looked at the wound. A trickle of blood ran over the armor.

"Is it alright?"

"It is just a flesh wound." Tart said as she lowered her arm. "You evolved a lot. You keep training hard, right?"

"Sure." The cutlasses of Sayaka evaporated in a cloud of bright little musical notes.

The maestro, seeing it as a sign, conducted the orchestra for a more slow and gentle melody.

"I remember our first sessions." Tart spoke in nostalgic tone. "When the Holy Maid entrusted you to accompany in Her sacred mission."

Sayaka smiled, but not before frowning. "Oh yeah... hehe... I would never forget."

"You were absent for a quite amount of time." Tart continued. "It is unfortunate that the girl that you would rescue refused the salvation."

"Yeah..." Sayaka looked away.

"Fortunately you all have returned safely. It was a great honor in being Her guardian."

Hearing the statement of Tart, Sayaka said in a more serious tone. "It's not true. I don't deserve any of this." She looked down at her hands. "I'm an awful person. I made a lot of bad things."

"If you see yourself like that." Tart put her hand over her cross-shaped soul gem. "I understand why the Holy Maid trust you."

Sayaka glanced at Tart.

"By coming to this place, under Her care, the Lord enlightened me with a new mission." Tart looked up, as if there were someone to be seen. "Like his Son healed the sick, I must guide the witches to the path of light." Then she turned to look at Sayaka. "It is not an easy task, as many were corrupted by the power with which they received and live in their megalomaniac or depressing reveries. There are many souls still lost here, but you are not one of them mademoiselle Sayaka."

"Maybe." Sayaka turned to Tart, with a slight smile. "But I believe I need to redeem myself. I should follow you."

"I would be honored, but you already have an important function." Tart joined hands, which were strained. "When I heard that our Holy Maid had been out again, this time alone, the first idea that came to me was coming here. If anyone knows anything about her, would be you."

"And I say again in front of your concern." Sayaka gently lifted her chin and took a deep breath. "It's all right."

"But She gave no details?" Tart asked.

"I only know it's an important mission..." Sayaka paused and pursed her lips before proceeding. "I know you won't like what I'll ask, but I need that the situation here remains calm."

Tart frowned, an almost imperceptible movement. "I see. I must avoid sin, but I will look for the best way for this information not afflict the spirit of the girls here."

"Do it." Sayaka agreed.

Tart got a more relaxed posture. "Well... so I take my leave."

"Thanks for the fight. I still need to improve a lot." Sayaka winked.

"You fought well, but continue to train because there is always a day where you need to raise your weapon." Tart answered.

Two large wooden doors opened slowly, emitting a long creak.

Sayaka gestured toward the passage. "Just go straight and you will get out of here without difficulty."

"I will pray for our Holy Maid." Tart said. "And for you too. I will wait for news."

"If I have something new, you'll be the first to know."

"Thanks." Tart followed the exit. As soon as she passed, the huge wooden doors closed.

Sayaka, still in the center of the amphitheater, thought aloud. "Will she always call Madoka like that?" She looked up, where was the hole in the ceiling that Tart had created. There were some of her familiars, long green-haired girls with orange skin. Their uniforms brought school memories, while the tears of them during the repair of the damage made to emerge feelings that she would not want to cultivate.

The music stopped.

Sayaka turned to the orchestra. The maestro and his violinists awaited the order of their master. Their faces writhed, changed shape, sometimes earning the familiar features of a boy...


The conductor bowed in obedience and broke down in a pool of blue viscous liquid. The same happened with the other musicians.

Sayaka then approached the conductor stand, composed of varnished wood. It had a small compartment where she put her hand and pulled an object. For a moment she held her breath as she contemplated what was on the palm of her hand: a black sphere with a metalic pin and ornaments, with a pink bow tied on its top.

The seed of a fallen goddess.


Under a nightly cloudy sky, the Mitakihara channel's port depended on its few lamps for ilumination. Not that it was necessary because there was not much movement, even less in the area where were being built the new and modern port terminals.

"Where are you hiding?"

To Kyouko Sakura, this was not the best place to hunt, but it would be enough for the occasion.


After jumping over a set of containers, she spotted a lone demon.

The figure which wore a white robe should have three meters high. When he noticed the presence of the magical girl, he turned his head in an erratic movement, revealing his face masked under a veil of miasma.

With her spear in hand, Kyouko advanced. "Aaahhh!" But, when she was about to pierce her target, he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

As if someone had switched a TV channel, the demon reappeared behind Kyouko in a curtain of static. He revealed his white hand under the robe, with shining fingertips.

With a smile, Kyouko did not even bother to look back. She just squeezed tighter the baton of her spear, causing the other tip, that stood at the base of it, to lauch like a harpoon, accompanied by a chain. The only difference was, compared to the original tip, that the detail in the base of the blade was painted in yellow.

Before the demon could point his fingers toward Kyouko, the tip of the spear went through his chest. What ensued was something the girl had witnessed countless times. From the wound, the demon began to crack as if he was made of eggshell. From the cracks came a black liquid that clung in the creature's surface. The demon threw open his mouth in complete silence and his body twisted as that black viscous layer took him completely. Finally, he lost his humanoid form, reducing size. Everything began to coalesce into a single small point, forming a cube, which fell and bounced on the floor.

Suddenly, several demons appeared around the long red-haired girl.

"Heh." With a gesture with her spear, Kyouko brought the tip back to the baton using the chain. "Do you think you ambushed me with such an obvious bait? You all like useless sacrifices, huh? Why don't you come here and sacrifice to me?"

The demons, some of which did not reach two meters high while others passed five, revealed their hands.

Kyouko jumped towards the containers. Soon she became target of concentrated white light beams, which left from the fingertips of the creatures.

Kyouko escaped, but one of the containers was not so lucky. The beams melted and cut the metal like butter, providing a clear preview of what would happen to a victim of flesh and bones.

Using the side of one of the containers, Kyouko supported her foot and took a new leap. Whirling in the air, she hovered over a dozen meters on that group of demons. During the movement, the staff of her spear was subdivided into several parts, connected with chains. One of the tips, like it was alive, snaked around the girl, involving her in a protective field consisting of the baton subdivisions.

Meanwhile, the other tip dipped toward the ground, opening a crater. Kyouko smiled. The damage she had committed would have created a delay in construction and many questions if she was not in a great miasma.

The miasma is the way that demons found to conceal themselves. Although a magical girl naturally can see through it, someone inexperienced could easily mistake it with a fog. But the truth is that everything was faded, the colors gave way to paler shades, whitish ones.

An experienced girl, however, knew that this artifice of demons was quite helpful...

Kyouko's soul gem shone with intensity. Several spears sprouted from the ground and impaled the demons that were there, but not all of them. The attack was not fast enough.

Some demons managed to dodge, teleporting close to the magical girl, floating in midair.

Kyouko then spread her arms, the gesture made the chains around her to expand, whipping the demons along the way. Meanwhile, the tip pursued and eliminated one by one.

Until it was blocked by a big hand.

Kyouko narrowed her eyes. When it comes to demons, size is power and who that remained was the largest of the group. The palms emanated a strong light, until he disappeared from her sight.

Feeling the presence of magic through her soul gem, Kyouko found that he had returned to the ground. The demon pulled his arms back.

Kyouko made the subdivisions of her staff to reconnect again, making the spear back to its original form.

The demon punched the air with his two open hands. From his palms, he shot a large beam. If was not the miasma, maybe that column of light could be seen in Tokyo.

The beam was losing its power and intensity. Then the demon noticed that in the middle of that white light was another color.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Kyouko came down vertiginously with her spear, where the tip emanated a red aura that flickered like a flame and protected the girl from certain death.

The devil witnessed the girl going through his beam. When she got close, he stopped the attack and teleported in a sufficient distance to avoid the spear.

This was his last mistake.

When Kyouko hit the ground, her aura exploded in a wave that swept the area. The demon disintegrated instantly.

While the new grief cube touched the ground, Kyouko relaxed and ran a hand through her gem. "Tch... What a blunder. I hafta use so much magic against such trash."

So Kyouko heard a continuous sound, a mantra. Below her, a large luminous aura formed.


The magical girl jumped away as fast as she could and rolled across the floor. A luminous eruption occurred where was the aura. She got up and saw who had attacked.

It was a giant, a demon with more than ten meters high. He was floating in a lotus position.

Kyouko adjusted her spear. "Hmmm... You should be responsible for all this miasma. Come join your friends?"

The demon raised a hand, palm up. On it appeared a luminous sphere that began to gain size.

Kyouko sighed. "A suicide... what a drag." With a gesture, a great spear came out of the ground, ruining the concreted floor definitely. Then, with the spear in her hand, she lunged into the air. The big spear, mimicking, did the same toward the demon.

The demon extended his other hand, creating a luminous force field in front of him. The tip of the spear melted when it get close. The ball was increasing, already looking like a small sun.

"Tch..." Kyouko felt all that energy accumulating. "If he continues, this whole place is going to fry." Her gem shone again, aware that this time she had no choice about spending her magic.

However, she stopped upon hearing the distant sound of gunfire. Like shooting stars, a hail of bullets was seeking its target.

The demon again gestured with his free hand. The force field made the bullets explode without hurting him, creating a cloud of smoke. He then lowered his hand, which ended up being pierced by a javelin.

Not exactly a javelin, but a musket. Through the smoke, countless muskets with bayonets came and hit the surprised demon. They shone in a yellow light and turned into ribbons that tied and applied a constriction on the creature. The demon, in that situation, could not keep his hand steady. The large sphere of light began to swing...

"Uh oh..." Kyouko raised her spear and a wall made of interwoven red chains formed between the demon and her. The chains 'burned' in a reddish aura.

A bright flash that passed over the top of the wall announced that the ball had exploded. Kyouko witnessed one of the terminal cranes melt from base to tip. When the worst was over, she undid her wall. Where was the demon left only large portion of scorched earth.

Hearing the sound of boot touching the ground, Kyouko turned. "Not bad, but that was kind of dangerous. Next time you better warn me when you'll do it."

"Warn?!" Mami Tomoe was tense. "You come to tell me about warning when you decide to leave me behind unceremoniously?"

"Ah... relax. You're taking care of those demons there quite nicely alone." Kyouko gave a smirk. "And you see? They didn't even touched me."

Mami struck the ground hard with the butt of her musket. "THEY ONLY NEED TO HIT ONCE!"

"I know! I know!" Kyouko raised her two sided spear. "But I had to test this new toy and nothing better than an extreme situation, right?"

Mami reached out a hand and Kyouko's spear began to emit a yellow glow.

"Hey!" Kyouko exclamated.

The tip painted in yellow crumbled into a ribbon, which flew and was absorbed by the uniform of Mami. "These improvements..." The blonde looked at the bayonet in her musket. "...I did so that our hunts be more efficient and safe, not the contrary."

The world around them started to get blurred, the landscape oscillated until the colors began to gain more life. When it finished there was no craters, the ground was not scorched and the containers, as well as the crane, were not melted.

The miasma had dissipated.

Mami took a deep breath. "Do you understand? This is necessary in the face of our current situation."

"Okay. Okay..." Kyouko nodded.

Looking around, Mami continued. "Let's take the cubes before anyone show up."

Both searched and collected the grief cubes. Mami put all in a small bag made of ribbons that was wrapped around her right thigh, under her skirt.

"How many?" Kyouko asked.

"By my count, 42."

"Heh." Kyouko was biting her lip. "Fresh cubes to our great collection."

Mami shook her head. "Don't say that Kyouko, you know that's not good."

Kyouko put the spear lying behind her neck and stretched the back. "Hmmm... How long, huh? Already a month?"

"Not yet, still left two days." Mami answered.

"So this Sunday? We should celebrate."

"No." Mami spoke dryly. "There is nothing to celebrate. What shall we do this weekend will be two cleanups."

Kyouko noticed the intense look that Mami addressed to her. "Hey... you can leave it to me, I won't run away."

Mami sighed, relaxing her stance. "Sorry... I... I'm worried."

"Yeah..." Kyouko agreed. "As much as I hate that bastard, I have to..." Then she suddenly stopped and put her hand on her gem.

"You felt it too?" Mami held her musket with renewed firmness.

"Yes, the magic. There are at least three." Kyouko turned to where that feeling originated. "But there's no more miasma, right?"

"Uh-huh." Mami confirmed, knowing what it meant.

Across the border between the pitch of the night and the lighting of the lamps, a magical girl came up with her opulent white dress with bluish details. Above her ash blond hair she wore a mitre. "Good evening Mami Tomoe-san..." The girl's olive green eyes directed to Kyouko. "... Sakura-san."

"Huh? You know our names?" Said Mami in surprise.

Unlike her colleague, the expression of Kyouko was much more hostile. "Oriko..."

Mami was curious. "Y-You know her?"

Falling and landing just beside Oriko, another magical girl appeared. She had dark brown short hair and wore an eye patch on the right side. The exposed eye revealed an iris of bright color, like a live coal. Her uniform, unlike her companion, was tighter, comprising of a black jacket over a white shirt with a red tie. Her sleeves ending in long white ruffles, covering her hands almost completely. The jacket had a tail and two long loose belts coming out from her back, at waist level. Matching the visual, wore black boots with half white pants, which came at the height of thigh. Also it was possible to see parts of what would be a black microskirt under the shirt.

The girl stared at Kyouko. "Hiho! Hothead."

"Oh shiiiit..." Kyouko aimed the spear. [This is bad, Mami. Bad!]

Mami was startled by the sudden telepathic message. [What does that mean?]

Before Kyouko formulate an answer, the third girl revealed herself. In fact a little girl, who came running and stopped in front of Mami. She had a volumous green hair, which reached at shoulder height. She wore a white cap with fake cat ears. Her clothing was somewhat fancy, fully frilly, including her shoes and gloves. The predominant colors were white and green, with golden adornments, especially a spherical shape that was next to a ribbon tied at her neck. Another ribbon, big and green, formed a bow on her back.

Mami stepped back.

"Huh?! Who is this little brat?" Kyouko spoke, confused.

Oriko frowned "Yuma?"

The girl's blue eyes sparkled and she gave a wide smile. "Aaawwwww! I'm so happy to see you so closely. The Mitakihara's great heroine!"

"Great heroine?" Mami was perplexed.

"I'm Yuma Chitose, aspiring magical girl and guardian of Kazamino!" Yuma struck a pose. "Can I call you senpai, yeeees?"

"Eh... ummm..." Mami opened her mouth, but no words came out.

"Calm down Yuma!" Oriko rebuked. "You will have time to talk to her."

"Ah..." Yuma waned. "Sorry mama."

"Mama?" Kyouko gave a puzzled look.

With attention focused on her, Oriko continued. "First I want to say that we came here with no hostile intent in mind. I am Oriko Mikuni."

"Mikuni..." Mami muttered.

"The person next to me is Kirika Kure and... well..." Oriko smiled. "...my dear Yuma has already introduced herself. We are here because we have a common problem and I have something to share that is of extreme urgency and interest to you two."

"Huh?" Kyouko lowered her spear. "A common problem?"

Mami asked. "You mean..."

"Yes." The expression of Oriko became more serious, as if a shadow was falling over her features.


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