So, here is my second attempt on fanfiction. The first one I started in German, and I wasn't really satisfied with it at all – not with writing Dr. Who in German, nor the impression I got from my OC that was in no way like she was in my head, and not with where the story was heading. (Or more likely: not heading.) I'm not that good at making up stories on my own, so this is now my second try, this time writing it alongside season two (and most likely three and four), and maybe with some adventures written by myself in between. (Yes, season two and as for this: with Rose ;-))

It is a bit of a cross-over with Perry Rhodan, a great German SciFi-Series, but you do not need to know anything about it for this story. My OC comes from the Universe of Perry Rhodan (I strongly recommend reading it though, if you like other SciFi besides Doctor Who, it is really really good). There is a lot of immortality and psychic stuff going on there, and I had always wondered what would happen if someone from there meets the Doctor.

As said, you don't have to now anything about Perry Rhodan for it is just an OC coming from there and besides that, this fanfic plays completely in the Whoniverse. Everything else there is to know about my OC and her universe you will find out along with our beloved Doctor. That is also the reason why I didn't post it under cross-overs: It is not really one.

Also, as you might have guessed by now, English is not my native tongue. So if I make any (major) mistakes, feel free to point them out, I always strive to improve my English-skills.
Other reviews that are not about pointing out mistakes are highly welcome as well. :-)

One more thing: The rating might change to M later on for different reasons, but I'm not sure about this right now.

Chapter I

Mira's POV

A humming sound that not only filled her ears but somehow also her mind was the first thing she realised as she finally woke up. A humming she had never heard before. More interesting though was the fact that she woke up at all.

The last thing she could recall was herself flying through the control room of her space jet. As a matter of fact, there definitely were more intelligent things to do than leaving your seat whilst your spaceship is being hit by turbulences.

On the other hand, what choice had she had with all energy gone from the controls and the main reactor about to overload? It had been either certainly getting killed by the inevitable explosion or perhaps ending up with her head against something whilst trying to reach the engine room (and then getting killed by the explosion). In her case unfortunately it had appeared to be the latter.

At least the 'hitting something' part she could clearly remember.

She opened her eyes carefully, but the light was dimmed and didn't hurt as she had halfway expected it.

The next thing almost instinctively did was checking for the small, egg-shaped device normally hanging around her neck on a silver chain. Luckily it was still in place.
It was her lifeline, quite literally, and tended to draw unwanted attention to itself, especially if someone was a bit to curious.

Whilst lifting herself up on her elbows she casually noticed that her head didn't hurt at all. Her hand reached for her temple, but the wound that must have been there was gone. She could just feel a bit of sticky, dried blood in her hair.

The room around her clearly looked like some sort sickbay judging from the beds and all sorts of devices. An alien one for that, but none she had ever seen before. And she really had seen a lot of alien technology in her life. There was no better way to describe it than organic. The material of the walls looked somehow coral, and the walls themselves were covered by strange... round things? .

Apart from the furnishing, the room was empty. No one here, neither living being nor robot. She reached out with her psychic senses – she was a mutant after all, if not a very useful one when she was on her own. But, thanks to her empathic abilities, she could at least tell if there was anything alive around in a certain radius. That was the moment when she first noticed the strange presence in her mind. It was just a slight presence and not more than skin-deep, but it shouldn't have been there. Nothing, well, almost nothing and no one should be able to get into her mind without her explicitly lowering her mental shields, not even when she was asleep or unconscious. She tried to shut it out, but the only response she got was a slight feeling of hurt and disappointment.


She obviously couldn't do anything about it for now other than watching her thoughts, so she stood up and headed for the door that was unlocked. Whilst opening it, she checked for the small weapon she often was carrying, but of course it wasn't there. Maybe it was still in the space jet, she just couldn't remember.

Can't help that either for now.

The door led to a wide corridor that looked pretty much like the sickbay, without the beds and stuff, of course. But again a lot of these round things on the walls. She couldn't even tell if she was on a space station, a spaceship or a planet. Normally she was quite good at doing so, but this time she was completely clueless.

She decided to turn right, for it didn't seem to matter. In both directions there was only corridor. Endlessly and empty corridors, for she must have been walking for at least fifteen minutes now, without sensing any other living being besides the everlasting presence in her mind.

Finally she came to a room that gave the impression of some sort of control room. It was a bit weird, because there was no actual main screen or something like that as she would have expected. It wasn't stuffed with positronics, consoles, tables and chairs and such like the control rooms she knew from the ships of the fleet.

Besides some pillars, which had the same organic-coral like structure than the walls, there was just a main console in the centre of the room, surrounding a huge column. All in all it looked a tiny bit provisional to her - judging by human standards, but for this was alien that didn't had to mean anything. Everything was bathed in a turquoise light that originated from the column in the middle of the console.

She took a closer look to the instruments and switches on the console, but she new better than to touch anything. There also was a small screen, but on it were nothing but strange, circular symbols. Not a hint of her whereabouts.

What really startled her were the Post Its on the screen. Yellow, small Post Its, just like the ones that had been used on Earth, back in the old days. She hadn't seen them for centuries. In this environment they were even more than anachronistic. Where in three devils...

"Hello there! Nice to see you up and walking around!"

She outright jumped, turned around and took a few hasty steps back, until she felt a handrail in her back. She hadn't heard him coming nor had she felt his presence and at this moment he had just scared the living daylights out of her. She must have looked as shocked as she felt, because the man who was standing there was seemingly sincerely regretful as he continued: "Sorry. I didn't mean that, really. Sure you should be up right now? You're a bit pale..."

"Dammit! You almost gave me a heard attack!" she finally managed to answer, speaking Intercosmo rather than English, the universal language of the Milky Way Galaxy. Where she came from English hadn't been spoken for ages, so she really didn't think about replying in this old tongue.

Now it was on him to look bewildered. "What?"

"I said... wait. English?" she replied, still speaking Intercosmo.

Now as she had recovered from the shock he gave her, she had time to eye him closer. If she had thought of the Post Its as an anachronism, he just had beaten that. He was dressed in a brown pinstripe suit, probably from the early 21st century. Way out of date. And were these chucks on his feet? Well, at least that explained why she hadn't heard his steps on the metal floor. Above all, he clearly wasn't human, apart from him looking exactly like any human. Pink skin, all dark brown hair and eyes, tall and skinny. But there was something strange about him, something she rather felt than saw. Something that any non psychic – or younger - person probably would have just missed. A hint of timelessness, like it clung to the other immortals she knew for so long now. Something she feared she might have acquired for herself over time. Yet it was different with him...

Besides that, she didn't get anything from him at an empathic level. Not a hint of an emotion. Just enough to tell he was alive (and not a robot) and not human. It was as if her empathy just didn't work on him.

"Of course I can't understand your language," he almost yelled all of a sudden, making her jump again and snapping her out of her observations. "Well, that's brilliant. I'm the Doctor, by the way." He hold out a hand and she took it, still a bit perplexed.

"Mira... Rhodan," she watched him carefully, but her surname didn't seem to make any impression on him. It should, in all modesty, and so this added up to the list of concerning things she had encountered so far. Not only that she had made up a reputation of her own over time, there also was her father, Perry Rhodan. And at least in this context everyone familiar with Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy should have heard that name before and react to it in one way or another.

"Nice to meet you, Mira Rhodan."

"You speak English? British English?" she said, ignoring his former outburst. "You're not even human."

"Any problems with that?"

"What? No. I'm just trying to say that hardly any Earth born human speaks English these days. It's essentially a dead language. Plus you obviously don't understand Intercosmo, a language that exists for at least ten-thousand years now. Way longer than humans have been out into space. And you look as you just jumped right out of the 21st century. By the way: The Doctor? Not A Doctor? And what's your name? "

"Nope, The is right. Just the Doctor," he smiled.

"Fine," she said, covering her eyes with her hand, still leaning against the handrail. "Whatever. Something is seriously wrong. All I know is that there was a sudden interference, which led to a collapse of the linear field of the space jet and most likely caused an energy feedback all the way through the field projectors, the Kalup-Converters and finally right into the Blackshield-Reactor," she summed up what had happened so far, mainly to help herself making sense out of it all. "I hardly believe that this was sufficient enough to cause a major change in our timeline – on the other hand, the engine failure could be due to some weird changes in time, but this would be so bad I don't even want to think about it. Nor do I think that I was thrown halfway across the universe, where no one has ever heard about Earth or Intercosmo, for you clearly know at least one Earthen language. Leaves me with one rather nasty possibility..."

She finally looked up at him. He was now wearing glasses made of cardboard, just like the ones used for 3D images, back in the old days, before the invention of proper holographic technology.

"Do you think this is funny?"

"What? Why would I think that?" he put the glasses away and all of a sudden looked very serious. "What other possibility do you mean?"

"I guess been thrown all across the universe is ruled out then?" she said with despair in her voice.

Doctor's POV

He observed her carefully. Her rapid comprehension of the recent events was as astonishing as her technical knowledge, considering her age and the fact that she was human. She couldn't be older than twenty-five or at most thirty. It was always a bit hard to tell with humans, but her delicate features definitely looked rather like the ones of a grown up woman than like the ones of a girl just out of her teenage years.
Plus, there was something odd about her. Not only was she obviously not a part of this universe - so for him she (meaning her timeline) was little more than a blank sheet of paper when he looked at her - there was something else he couldn't quite put is finger on yet. Maybe it had something to do with the little device hanging around her neck. Even the scanners in the TARDIS coudn't make that much out of it.

Apart from that, she looked quite normal. A bit pale, but this could be due to the life on spaceships without a sun above her head. About 5ft 6in in height, and quite lean, almost fragile. Her rather pretty face was framed by a bunch of dark auburn hair, tied in a now rather dishevelled bun. But it were her eyes that were really remarkable. Huge, bright and of a light steel grey colour, with a slightly darker ring around her iris and definitely at odds with the rest of her rather young appearance. Although, there was something in her gestures, about her attitude, that didn't seem to fit in as well.

"What day is it?" she asked suddenly.

"Well, that's a bit difficult." he said, rubbing the back of his head. The TARDIS was in drift mode, so time and dates really were quite relative. "What day should we have?"

She looked at him in a way that made quite clear that she had enough of question and answer games for now.

"Mira, I'm afraid it doesn't really matter what day it is. There has been no change in any timelines. Well, when I say no change, I mean, no major changes in the timelines concerning you. Not recently at least. Nor did you came out at the other end of the universe. But there is a reason why I don't understand your language and why I haven't seen a ship like yours before."

"Yeah. The same reason why you most likely have never heard of the Cosmic Hanseatic Organisation? The Great Arkon Empire? The former Solar Empire?" She looked at him with a mixture of hope and fear in her eyes. A gaze so intense that it almost made him want to look away.

"No, I haven't heard of them. Mira, I'm so sorry. But you seem to be in a parallel universe. Or you came from one, depends on your point of view," he finally replied.

Instead of answering she turned around, her hands resting on the handrail, and looked down on the floor.

"Mira, you're alright?" he asked after a moment, stepping at her side.

"I'm thinking." She turned her head to face him, looking incredibly tired. "Thank you, by the way."

"What for?"

"Well, you obviously rescued me. I have no idea how you managed it, there were hardly minutes left, but nevertheless: Thank you."

"You're welcome!" he said cheerfully. "Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything for your ship. It's gone."

"Guessed that much. Anyway," she continued after a deep breathe. "For this is not happening to me for the first time, I know that there is normally some sort of singularity. A crack in space between two universes. Or at least leading out of the universe you are currently staying at. Did you perchance scan for something like this?"

"There was one. It's gone now. Wasn't stable, only lasted for a few seconds," he answered, a bit puzzled about her knowledge regarding parallel universes.


"What do you mean, it happened before?"

"I'm cursed, that's what I mean. Whenever there is something going on involving parallel worlds, time jumps and whatnot, then it's always me. Always. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. I'm attracting it. It haunts me. As said, I'm cursed, I really am."

Whilst speaking she had started wandering around the console room, her hands in the pockets of the dark blue jacket she was wearing, which looked suspiciously like a uniform.

He knew she had travelled through time before, because of the high levels of artron energy she had in her body. Well, it could happen occasionally, even without a time machine, there where always cracks and rifts in time and space, but considering her age, and as for that she hadn't had much time to gather all the artron particles, it must have happened rather frequently, against all odds.

"Nah, there are no curses," he finally said.

"Then call it destiny. Or rather fate in this case. Whatever you like."

"Fate? Destiny?" He pulled a face. "Really?"

Her only answer was another one of these intense glances, so he decided to let go of this topic for now.

"Where are we anyway? Is this a spaceship?"

He nodded.

"Good. Then would you please be so kind and drop me on some planet with space travel? Proper space travel, FTL. I need a ship somehow. When this singularity is gone, I need to find another one. Somewhen, somewhere. I can't stay here, that's for sure." All tiredness was gone from her face now, and had been replaced by determination. Her sudden chance in mood caught him quite off guard. Maybe it was just the shock about having almost died and now being stuck here.

For she was starting to wander around the room again, he stepped over to her, took her gently by the shoulders and said: "Mira, look at me." When he had her full attention, he continued: "Just let me get this right: You want to be left on a planet, all on your own, without even speaking the native language there. Steal.."


"Get your hands on a spaceship that you most likely can't pilot..."

"Oh, you have no idea..."

"And go searching for a singularity somewhere, no, everywhere in the universe, a singularity that most likely does nor will ever exist?" He looked intensely at her, eyes wide and brows arched, searching for any sign that it was just the shock speaking out of her, but there still was nothing but determination. And slowly he started to believe that she did not only mean it, but was also capable of doing so.

"What else do you suggest?" she asked almost angrily, whilst stepping back and out of his grip, her arms crossed. "The language might be a bit of a problem, I admit that, but it's not the first time I'm... organising a spaceship. And by organising I mean borrowing a ship that's not really in use anyway. Not steeling from someone who needs it. And well, about the piloting-thing, the principles of physics apply to everything. It might take some time to figure out how the engines work and such, but it is not impossible. If you know the basic principle, hyperspace travel, linear-flight or whatever, then it's more or less easy. And about finding a singularity... Well, I have no illusions about that. There is next to no hope, and I'm very well aware of that. " She sighed and then continued, her voice hardly more than a whisper, "But what else should I do? Give up without even trying?"