A/N-This is going to be a VERY angst filled story. I have about 3/4 of the way of it planned out in my head, that said I'm not sure how it will end. But expect a few surprises along the very complicated way.

"She's pregnant" Robin said remorsefully.

Regina just stared at Robin, at the man she was in love with, who she thought was in love with her as well. But evidently he hadn't wasted any time in moving on from her.

"Regina," Emma began but Regina just turned and literally ran out of the apartment.

"Regina!" Robin started after her but was stopped by Emma. "What are you doing? I have to go after her."

"Not now, if you go after her now, she'll be too angry to listen to you. Trust me. Give her some time," Emma said as Robin just put his hands in his hair, thinking how messed up his life was. He had made a decision to try to rebuild his marriage with who he thought was Marian, but turns out it was Zelena. Who was now going to have his child, a child that had been made with lies.

"Oh dear husband, let her go," Zelena said gleefully. "Obviously she was a nobody, since you moved on with me in such a short time."

"I did not move on with you! You pretended to be my wife! You murdered my wife! And for what? To get back at Regina?" Robin was so furious, didn't remember any other time he had ever been this upset, this angry at someone.

"She deserved it all. You'll never get her back now, did you see that look on her face? That was a look of devastation, a look of pure pain, that you helped cause," Zelena said laughing at the situation.

Robin made a move to her, but was stopped once again by Emma. "That's enough out of you," Emma applied pressure to the side of Zelena's neck, knocking her out.

"She's fine, just out for a little while," Emma said as Robin nodded.

Meanwhile Regina was walking, trying to let her anger cool. She was thankful that she didn't have her magic right now, because she wasn't so sure what she would do right now, to Zelena, to Robin. How could he? How could he move on so quickly from her? For Zelena to know she was pregnant, they would have had to have gotten together almost as soon as they had left Storybrooke. Since Robin had left her behind. She couldn't deal with this right now, right now she just wanted to get back home, back to the one person she loved and who knew loved her in return. Henry.

She turned and started to make her way back, thinking how different she was not more than twenty minutes ago. She was almost back to the apartment, when she saw Emma putting Zelena into an SUV, she saw Robin standing there, holding Roland in his arms. When he saw her he started to make his way towards her but she quickly moved away and headed towards Emma instead.

"We were just about to come find you," Emma said.

"Let's go home," Regina said.

"Regina," Robin stared to say but was cut off by the look she gave him.

"I'll drive with Zelena, the rest of can ride with you," Regina told Emma.

"Regina, I don't know if that's a good idea," Emma said.

"Take it or leave it, I'm going home right now," Regina said as she quickly turned and got into the passenger seat and started the car while the others quickly got into Emma's bug and followed her.

An hour later, Zelena started to wake up.

"Ah, hello Auntie Regina," Zelena said as she rubbed her stomach. "Can you slow down just a little? Sometime mommies to be get a little car sick, not that you'll ever find out."

Regina fumed inwards, trying not to let it show how much her words cut her to the core. Her being an Aunt to Robin's child, and then the crucial one, her never being able to have a child of her own.

"I have to say, Auntie Regina, that Robin sure is good in bed. The way his hands moved on my body, the way he would tenderly make love to me...ah the memories will last a lifetime. Not as long as this little reminder, mind you," Zelena said patting her stomach again.

"Oh and something else you should know. Robin told me he loved me, and deleted you from his phone. He never wanted to hear from you again." Zelena taunted.

"Is your revenge against me complete now? You had to take him from me," Regina said.

"Not just that Auntie Regina, but his child will never be yours, only mine," Zelena said. "Everyday you see Robin holding, our child you will remember that that is something you will never experience. Never experience the thought of new life growing in your stomach, because when you love someone, one of the ways you want to express love is you want to make a child together. And that is exactly what your soul mate did, he loved me so much, he made a child with me."

"And how did you manage that? You had to pretend to be his wife, he didn't want you," Regina reminded her.

"Small detail, but the bigger one is he chose to leave with someone else, he moved on with someone else, made a child with someone else. So you think about that and let that set in," Zelena said.

The rest of the trip was in silence, Regina didn't say a word, she didn't have to. Zelena's words had done their damage, the pain had intensified to a level she couldn't imagine. Robin had chose to move on and make love with another woman, one he had loved at one time. If she believed everything that Zelena had told her, he also had removed her from his life. While she had been risking her life to try to find the author to get a happy ending with him.

She let all these thoughts consume her on the drive back, letting Zelena's words take affect. Along with how Robin had yelled at her, he had told her how he was with Marian, that he had moved on from her.

Once they arrived in Storybrooke, Regina pulled to the curve and let David take Zelena out of her car, while she went to Henry.

"Mom!" Henry called as he ran to her, she opened her arms and let a smile grace her face. Her little prince.

"You've grown even more," Regina said.

"I missed you. Did you find him, did you find Robin Hood?" Henry asked and had his answer as Robin, Emma, and Lily got out of the bug. Robin was getting Roland out and holding him in his arms.

"He moved on from me, Henry. He's having a baby with Zelena. Look I don't feel like talking about all this right now," Regina said.

"But...but he loves you Mom," Henry said.

"I thought he did, but that's not important now. All that matters is you. I'm going home, you want to come with me and we'll cook dinner together?" Regina asked as Henry nodded, he could see behind his Mom, that Robin was looking at Regina. He looked very pained, but no more than the pained look in his Mother's eyes.

"Let me go tell Emma, and we'll go," Henry said as he quickly went to speak with Emma.

Regina stood there, trying not to look at Robin. But he started to make his way over, she took a deep breath, waiting for the pain to intensify.

"Regina, I would like to explain," Robin said.

"There's nothing to explain. I'm a nobody to you, you moved on as you told me in the apartment. Congratulation on your impending fatherhood," Regina said as she knew her words would hurt, that's what she wanted them to do.

"Regina, you have to know, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you," Robin pleaded with her to listen to him, really listen to him.

"Save it!" Regina said.

"Regina?" Little Roland whispered out. He moved from his father's arms and put them out, like he wanted her to hold him.

"Go back to sleep, Roland," Regina said as she rubbed his back lightly, she felt Robin's hand move upwards to touch her. He felt her jerk away from his touch. Roland laid his head back down on his father's shoulder.

"What am I to tell him? He's not going to understand all this," Robin asked, feeling completely helpless.

"A forgetting potion, take away all his time of being with Marian being brought back," Regina said as Robin nodded. While she was furious with Robin, Roland was not responsible for his father's bad decisions. He didn't deserve to suffer. "I'll make it and send it with David to you."

"Thank you," Robin said, extremely grateful. He was in so much pain, mostly because of the pain he was causing her to go through right now. Add in that she didn't want to bring the forgetting potion herself, meant she didn't want him to be around her. But he couldn't just give her up like this without a fight.

"Regina-" Robin was saying.

"Don't come around me anymore. If you see me in town, go the other way. If you ever cared about me, you'll abide by my wishes," Regina said as she saw tears in Robin's eyes, but she couldn't stop the feelings she was having right now. She was so hurt, so raw right now. Henry came up and together they left Robin in their wake.

"I'm so sorry, Regina," Robin said to no one. He was a broken man right now, not bent anymore. Completely broken. He had inadvertently destroyed the woman he loved. And now he didn't honestly know if he could ever win her back again.

For the man who had given her so many Hope speeches in the past to Regina, now he was the one without any Hope.