The next day Robin and Regina were at her home, where Robin tried to look after Regina and Regina tried to look after Robin, but it was Tink who looked after them both.

"I want both of you to rest up, besides you have my little ones to look after," Tink said as she looked down into the little two faces in their cribs. They had set up the cribs in Regina's room, until the nursery could be redone a little bit for the babies.

"Is she always like this?" Robin asked as he turned to look at Regina in the bed beside him.

"Worse, she's like an annoying moth that won't leave you alone," Regina said.

"I heard that!" Tink said as she walked out of the room.

"Well, now that our children are settled, I think its time you and I had a little talk, don't you?" Robin asked.

"Yes, I know it's one that is long overdue," Regina said.

"I sorta understand why you felt the need to hide the fact that I was the father," Robin said,"I didn't do a good job in putting you first, like I should have. That being said, I'm saddened to know all that I missed out during the pregnancy. You finding out about the baby-babies, even though I was there somewhat for you, it still hurts to know that I wasn't told the whole truth about them."

"I also understand your anger you have towards me, the hurt you have. I regret all the lies I told to you, like that Jefferson and I slept together, and lying to you about you being the father, everything I said that hurt you," Regina explained. "I was so hurt over how you just left Storybrooke and just seemed to forget all about me. I risked my life trying to find a way to get you back, to get us back. And once I found everything I needed to go to you, I find out you've hooked up with my sister."

"I didn't know-" Robin began.

"I understand you didn't know that she was pretending to be Zelena, but it didn't make the hurt go away, or hurt less," Regina explained. "It was how you just fell back with Marian, after you told me you had chosen to be with me. I mean I understood leaving Storybrooke to save who you thought was your wife, but to just give up and never call me to even let me know you're still alive, it just hurt my heart."

"I wanted to call you, I picked up my phone so many times and just looked at your picture, my finger only inches from the screen," Robin said,"but then I knew it would just make the suffering I was going through to hear your voice, but never be able to touch you again, touch your skin, touch my lips against yours, or to run my hands through that silky hair of yours."

"And then when you said, you were with Marian, that this was the new reality, i just felt like I was just nothing to you, since it was only days that you left me to go back to her," Regina explained.

"I felt complete loss that I never would see you again, I knew I still loved Marian, even though I knew in my heart that I was no longer in love with her," Robin said. "When the truth was revealed that Marian was Zelena, all I could feel was disgust, and how she had tried to do everything she could to hurt you, using me to do so. I'm not sure I'll ever forget the look on your face when I had to tell you that I thought she was pregnant with my child."

"It was such a pain in my heart, and it only intensified when I thought she was going to give you the one thing I thought at the time, that I never could," Regina said.

"Even if we never could have had Hunter or Hope, we have our boys," Robin said,"And we have each other, and that is all that matters now."

"You mean you can forgive me for all that I did to you, to them?" Regina asked.

"I love you, Regina. I love our children, all four of them now," Robin said,"While I am sad on what I missed out on, like I said, a part of me understands and the other part that is hurt, will recover from it."

"Robin," Regina said softly.

"My heart has been yours since I met you, there's no explanation for it, but it was always meant to be," Robin said as he took her hand in his.

"As mine has been yours since we met, as much as I fought against it," Regina said.

"Then we can do this, together. We can have everything we ever wanted," Robin said,"I have it all under this roof, I have Roland, Henry, our babies and you, My Queen."

"Evil Queen," Regina whispered.

"My Queen," Robin corrected her. "But we can do this, we can be the kind of parents our children need and deserve. Loving parents. We both love them all so much."

Robin leaned in and kissed her, but as luck had it, his son, Hunter chose that moment to make his presence known. Robin laughed as he removed his lips from hers and said,"Hold on, let me go see what's going on with the little man." Robin moved from the bed and went to the crib where his new born son was moving around in.

"Hey little one, what's all the fuss about?" Robin asked as he picked him up in his arms.

"Bring him over, he might be hungry," Regina said as she started to undo her pajama top.

Robin brought him over and carefully handed him to Regina who took him to her breast and jumped slightly as he latched on immediately. "See, he was just hungry."

"Lucky fellow," Robin said as he caressed his son's tiny head.

Regina giggled at Robin's words and said,"They'll be time enough later."

"I can wait, as long as I have all of you," Robin swore to her. A few minutes later, with his belly now full, Hunter Locksley went to sleep in his mother's arms.

"Robin, he needs to be burped," Regina said as she handed him to his father, who took him to his shoulder and started to pat his little back. "You're quite good at that."

"Roland was an eye opener, he taught me things about babies," Robin said.

"As Henry did me," Regina said as she smiled as she thought of a small Henry.

"Was he a fussy baby like Roland was?" Robin asked, he heard his son burp and quickly cleaned them both up.

"At the beginning he was, but over time we both adapted," Regina said.

"Well, maybe we'll both be lucky with these two," Robin said as he placed Hunter back into his crib.

For the next several weeks, Robin and Roland stayed with them at the mansion. Robin during the day would go and check on his merry men, often bringing Roland and even Henry with him. Henry enjoyed spending time with Robin and Henry, learning more about the outdoors with them.

One night after much asking, Regina relented and let them have a camping trip in her back yard. She watched as Robin had prepared a fire pit for them, she was standing at the back door, holding Hope as she watched Robin talking to the boys and smiled at the image.

This was her family, her reasons for being Regina Mills.

One night a few days later, Robin checked the room once more to make sure everything was perfect, before he headed upstairs to get Regina. "Would you please come downstairs? I have a surprise for you."

Regina moved from the cribs she was standing by and put her hand in his as he led her downstairs. "Robin. What is going on?"

"Patience, my Queen," Robin said.

"I'm just Regina," Regina reminded him.

"Regina, close your eyes," Robin said as he put his hands over her eyes and led her into the living room. He put her down on the pillows before the fireplace he had set up for them.

"Now, open them," Robin said as he removed his hands from her.

"What's all this?" Regina asked.

"I thought we could enjoy a treat like this to ourselves," Robin said as he revealed a nice little picnic set up before her fireplace.

"What about the children?" Regina asked.

"Henry and Roland are on baby duty for an hour," Robin said.

"Oh really?" Regina asked with a smile.

"And if it becomes too much, I told Henry to call down to us and I would come up to help," Robin said.

"I see," Regina said.

"I had Henry order a pizza for the boys to feed them tonight," Robin said.

"And I took the liberaty of having us some sandwiches made, and fruits, along with a some delicious apple cider," Robin said as he poured their glasses and gave her one,"To our future."

Regina smiled as she clinked glasses with him, moments later they started to eat their food. After awhile Robin took a strawberry in his finger and started to feed Regina, by putting the sweet fruit to her mouth. She opened her mouth and bit into the fruit, a small trail of the juice escaped her mouth and he took his thumb and sucked it into his mouth. Regina smiled as she then took a strawberry of her own, and offered it to him. He opened his mouth and sucked it into whole, letting his lips caress her fingers with his lips and tongue.

"Delicious," Robin said.

"Where did you get the fruit?" Regina asked.

"Not what I was talking about," Robin said with a wink.

Regina let out a small laugh as he moved to grab something to his right, she smiled as she realized what it was.

"I thought, since we had a fireplace it would be fitting," Robin said as he set up two sticks that was prepared for smores.

"I remember the last time we had smores, before..." Regina said with a small wince.

"This time will end very differently, I promise you, milady," Robin said with a wink,"but would you mind checking to make sure I have yours set up correctly. I'm still getting used to this world and would hate to mess up your smores."

Regina smiled as she looked over the smore, and as she was about to put it before the fire, she saw something.

A ring!

She removed it from the marshmellow it was embedded in and looked at Robin who was smiling at her.

"I was hoping you would find it," Robin said as he took the ring from her.

"What...what are you saying?" Regina asked.

"I think there is only one answer to that," Robin said as his eyes stared deeply into hers.

Regina couldn't move, couldn't breathe. She could

"Regina Mills, when we met we were not on the best of terms, in this world or in the missing year," Robin said,"But in both of them, I feel in love with you. With my memory of you or without, it made no difference. My heart knew what it wanted, needed."

Regina was looking at him with tears in her eyes.

Robin went to his knee before her,"I have made so many, many mistakes with you, Regina. I can not afford to make one more. Not a single one. We have more than children between us, we have love. It started in the missing year, I felt it flowering between us. It brought us back together after everything."

"Regina Mills, I love you," he said to her, his voice quiet."All my life. The mother of my four children, the treasure of my heart. A heart that I have held and my greatest treasure that I stole."

"Will you be my wife?" Robin asked.

Regina took a deep breath and whispered,"Yes," as she kissed him. Softly and silently. Robin picked her up and carried her upstairs and together they made love to the other. Sealing their love...forever.

Later that night, Henry heard his bedroom door open and in walked Roland, holding his stuffed animal, the stuffed animal Regina had given him in the missing year. "What's wrong Roland?"

"Henry, so after tonight will this make us brothers?" Roland asked.

"Come here," Henry said as he patted the bed beside him. Roland ran and leaped into the bed. "We're a family, now and for the rest of our lives, little brother."

"Thanks, big brother," Roland said as that night all the Locksleys and soon to be Locksleys were finally just...


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