A/N: I've never written a Sam story! : O which is miraculous, really. But anyway, this loosely follows canon. When I say loosely, I mean it. Some aspects will be the same, but I'll change whatever I want at any time I see fit. Anyways, I hope you like it! : )

Chapter One: The Cross

"Its Becky," Dean grumbled, staring at his computer.

"Take it outside and burn it," Sam grumbled, rubbing his face.

"Nah," Dean smirked, accepting the Skype call to a frantic-looking Becky.

"Hey there, Becky. Let me guess, you love dosed some poor sap and need our help-"

"DRAGONS TOOK MY SISTER!" Becky blurted, looking on the verge of tears.

Sam raised his eyebrows, turning the computer towards him.

"Are you sure, Becky?" Sam asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Positive," she nodded, not even bothering to gush over Sam. In that instance, Sam knew that Becky wasn't lying, she really needed their help.

"I don't know what to do!" she cried, sniffling. "I don't know how to get my sister back and you guys are the only ones-"

"Yeah, yeah, okay—calm down Becky," Sam motioned with his hands.

"You have a sister?" Dean asked, finally speaking and sticking his head in front of the laptop. "Is she hot or does she act like you, now be honest-"

Sam swiftly smacked him on the arm.

"Don't be rude," he said through gritted teeth, making Dean roll his eyes. He was more sore over Sam being love-dosed by her than Sam was. If Sam could let it go, surely Dean could.

"What's her name?" Sam asked, looking back towards the camera.

"Her n-name is Evelyn," Becky sniffed. "call her Evie – you guys are coming, right?"

"Whoa, whoa," Dean threw up his hands. "how do we know this isn't some ploy to get Sam there so you can-"

"I'M NOT LYING!" Becky screamed, almost shaking as tears leaked down her face.

Dean instantly shut up, raising his eyebrows and leaning back, crossing his arms.

"I – I don't think she's lying, Dean," Sam muttered, frowning.

"Nah, I don't think so either," Dean groaned, throwing his arms up in defeat as he stood. "fine, fine. But I swear, if this is anything else-"

Becky was all-out crying now, and Dean fell silent with a sigh.

"It'll take us a day or two to go all the way to friggin' Delaware," Dean groaned, pushing his chair back and walking around the table.

"That's TOO LONG!" Becky cried, "she could die by then!"

"When did this happen?" Sam asked, watching Dean walk back to his room to pack, no doubt.

"Earlier today," Becky swallowed, "I was with her. We were in her room and I went to the bathroom. I came back and she was gone, but I got a glimpse of bat wings-"

"Yeah, its a dragon probably," Sam sighed, rubbing his face. They were difficult to kill. "Do you happen to know if your sister is a virgin?"

"Yes," Becky nodded, "I know she is. That's another thing that makes me sure. She's younger than me, shes only 18...YOU HAVE TO FIND HER SAM-"

"I will Becky," Sam cut in, trying to refrain from rolling his eyes. He really did feel bad for Becky. She was a good person, but like Dean, he had some bitter feelings. How could he not? But she made it right and her sister was no different than anyone else they save. She deserved to be saved.

Though he did agree with Becky, though he didn't dare tell her. He feared it would already be too late.

"We'll head out soon," Sam nodded. "hang tight Becky. It'll be alright."

"Oh, thank you Sam. You're such an amazing-"

"Okay, goodbye Becky," Sam cut in, waving and closing the laptop with a sigh.

Dean walked in the room with a bag.

"Ready to get your hands dirty?"

Evie woke up with a gasp, her head pounding as she slowly sat up. Bile role in her throat as her head swam, and her body throbbed from pain laying on the stone surface she felt beneath her.

"W-what..." she gasped, clutching her head and blinking furiously.

"B-Becky?" she called out weakly, as her vision focused.

She gasped, looking around the stone room she was currently in. It was like a prison cell in a dungeon. The decaying stone walls giving off an ancient smell—the walls leaking. The door was wooden, with a small, bar window near the top.

Her heart throbbed in panic as her breathing picked up, her survival instincts setting in. She moved, gasping when she felt something around her ankle.

She looked down, seeing a cuff attached to a chain right above her white keds.

He reached down, desperately clawing at the cuff to no avail and jerked on the chain desperately.

"HELP!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, scrambling to her feet and staggering into the wall as her vision became blurry.

Pushing her pale hair out of her face, she cried out again, feeling desperate as she heard nothing.

She limped towards the door, the chain stopping her as she reached her hand out, not quite being able to reach it. She let out a cry of frustration, tears leaking out of her eyes as she laid down flat on the floor, stretching her body out as she reached towards the door.

At that moment, she heard footsteps, making her eyes widen. She scrambled back on her knees, her bare knees protesting against the movement on the stone floor.

A black hooded figure appeared through the window and she heard keys in the door.

She screeched, scrambling back and pressing herself against the wall, panting and sweating in panic.

She looked on, terrified, as a cloaked man entered the room, opening the door with a scary creaking noise.

"Hello there, beautiful."

"You can find her, right?" Becky said desperately in a parking lot, looking frantic.

"We believe we've tracked down the location," Sam looked over to Dean. They'd been there for two days, and he hated to admit it, but Becky was right. Every sign pointed towards Dragons. Which made things extremely difficult, as the only way they could be killed was by a Sword forged in Dragons blood. Luckily, no other girls had disappeared...yet. But, that did not mean that there were not other girls, or perhaps, Becky's sister was the first.

"Why didn't it take you?" Dean asked, crossing his arms.

"If you're implying I'm not a virgin..." Becky glared, then smiled. "then you'd be right! I have a boyfriend-"

"Congratulations," Dean cut in, not bothering to fake his interest. "Do you have a picture of your sister?" "

"Uhm – yeah," Becky said, pulling out her phone.

"Send it to 913 – 345 – 3983," Dean said, pulling out one of his many phones. "just makes it easier if we know exactly who we're looking for."

"I understand," Becky said, tapping her phone and putting it away as Dean's phone beeped.

"Now, Becky, you cannot go with us," Sam continued talking. "Dragons are extremely dangerous – I cannot stress this enough. This will be dangerous, even for us-"

"Damn," Dean cut in, raising his eyebrows and smirking as he looked at his phone.

"What?" Sam frowned, looking over.

"Check out the hottie," Dean smirked, showing his phone to Sam.

Sam sighed, looking at his phone regardless, but his eyebrows raised in surprise when he looked at the picture.

Becky was obviously in the picture, standing in front of a flower bush with another young girl, their arms wrapped around each other.

The other girl, her sister – he assumed, was wearing a pink sundress that came modestly to her knees. She was taller and thicker in size than Becky, and her pale blonde hair fell around her elbows, curling adorably at the ends. She was smiling brightly, her face heart-shaped was pale, almost in the extreme, with dark blue eyes and a very adorable button nose. Sam had the fleeting thought that maybe she never went outside and sat in her room on Supernatural forum boards like her sister. Sam wasn't sure he would say she was hot. She was definitely a pretty girl, but she was more cute than anything else. Her modest, simple clothing and somewhat innocent appearance because of her youth held him from thinking words like that. She wasn't his type, but he could admit she was pretty enough. But Dean didn't care about anything else—girl could be dressed up like a nun and he'd say she was hot as long as she had a pretty face.

"Look, Sammy's in lovveee," Dean joked, pulling his phone away, making Sam break his stare and roll his eyes.

"No, I'm not," he groaned. "not my taste; not to mention, far too young for me."

"You're such a lame ass," Dean rolled his eyes, "you got to see the potential man! Look past-"

"We'll find your sister," Sam cut Dean off with a warning stare, looking over to a rather put-out Becky. "don't worry, Dean was just joking-"

"No, its okay," Becky gave a half smile. "I know Evie's prettier than me..."

"Don't say that, Becky," Sam frowned, making Dean give him one huge, 'bullshit' look, but thankfully didn't comment. In all reality, Sam didn't think Becky was ugly, not at all. She was a decently cute girl; it was her personality that put him off so greatly. She had great aspects, her kindness and loyalty, but her creepy obsessions and over enthusiasm was draining and annoying. Maybe he was just getting old - well, he kinda was. But, he was sure her sister was not much different, being so young.

He was praying to God that her sister wasn't another crazy supernatural fan. That was the last thing he needed.

"You're so sweet, Sam," Becky cooed, holding her hands to her heart and looking at him with that obsessive stare, once again.

"Right," Sam struggled to smile. "we'll call you, okay? We're moving in tonight – we'll get your sister back, okay?"

"Thank you guys," Becky cheesed. "you're the greatest people on the planet."

"I'm blushing," Dean chuckled, actually waving to Becky. "see ya kid."

They got into the impala, Sam sighing.

"So, we get the girl out," Sam looked over. "get the girl out without getting their attention. Find another sword and come back to kill them?"

"Nothing else to do Sammy," Dean shrugged, revving the engine and taking off down the road.

"Shhh, shhhh..." the man cooed, stroking a gloved hand down her tear-stained cheek.

"What do you want?!" she cried, flinching away from his touch.

"There, there," he cooed in a horribly sinister and soft voice. "I'm not going to hurt you – yet."

Evie screamed, scrambling away from him as her sore body protested greatly.

"I think I'll keep you around for a while," he chuckled darkly, turning his back and exiting the room, the door slamming behind him.

She cried, cornering herself and pulling her knees to her chest, praying to God desperately to help her as she clutched to the small cross around her neck.

As her memories rushed back, she knew something with...black wings had grabbed her. She told herself that it was a hallucination, but she knew it wasn't. Deep down, she knew that something evil – something inhuman had taken her, but her mind couldn't accept it.

"God...please, help me," she cried into her knees, squinting her eyes shut.

"I'll go down the right side," Sam whispered to Dean, nodding from around the corner of the sewers.

Dean nodded, holding his gun out and going to the left as Sam did the same to the right.

He walked quietly down the tunnel, hearing nothing but dripping water. He continued walking for what seemed like an eternity, almost getting ready to turn back to find Dean when he swore he heard soft crying coming from further down.

He instantly picking up his pace, quietly and quickly making his way when his eyes saw a wooden door.

He heard the soft cries coming from inside, rushing up to the door and looking in carefully.

In the corner, he saw a girls bare legs pulled up to her chest, her arms wrapped around them as her head laid on her knees, her shoulders shaking with sobs, her golden pale hair falling around her.

"Evelyn," he whispered quietly, hoping for their sake, she wouldn't scream.

She gasped, her head whipping up as she laid her legs down, pushing herself against the wall and looking afraid, her large blue eyes staring at him in alarm.

"It's okay," he shushed. "Becky called us. We're here to rescue you."


She gasped, hearing a soft, male voice say her name. She looked up, seeing a man with long brown hair and a handsome face staring at her through the window.

Was he with the other one? Was he here to hurt her?

She stared in fright when he spoke again.

"It's okay," he said, as though he was reading her mind, holding his large hands up, "Becky called us. We're here to rescue you."

Her heart soared in hope. Was this true? How else would he know her and her sisters name? Also, he wasn't robed like the other one...and his voice was deep and kind. She had nothing else to lose.

She nodded, swallowing thickly and struggling to stand as she heard him quietly picking the lock. She leaned against the wall, feeling weak as her heart beat thumped through her chest.

A clicking noise sounded through-out the room and the door was quietly opened.

A man, tall in the extreme, walked into the room, shoving his pick in his brown jacket. He was wearing a flannel shirt, faded jeans, and brown shoes.

He looked at her, noticing the chain attached to her ankle and approached her, pointing at it with a thin finger as he knelt down.

He looked up at her, and her mouth went dry, realizing that he was very, very handsome.

But now wasn't the time.

He was looking at her for permission to touch her leg. She understood and nodded at him as he reached out gently grabbing her ankle with calloused hands.

She took in a sharp breath, a tingling sensation traveling up her legs at his touch.

She seriously needed to get a boyfriend.

Hearing the lock click, she looked to see the cuff fall off and he raised.

"I'm Sam," he whispered, looking at her gently. All she could do was nod. She could hate herself later.

"Can you walk?" he whispered, noticing how she was leaning against the wall weakly.

She gulped.

"N-not w-well," she squeaked out quietly as he looked around.

"It's a long ways and we need to leave as quickly as possible," he whispered, "can I carry you?"

Her heart jumped into her throat. She was pretty sure that being that close to a man, especially one as hot as...Sam...was going to give her heart failure. But, what choice did she have? She was dizzy, limping and weak. A part of her worried about her weight, even though this man was clearly muscular. She wasn't exactly a string bean, and she worried for moments that he wouldn't be able to lift her. If the situation were any different, she would object like her life depended on it – just to stop him from feeling how heavy she actually was.

She weakly nodded, feeling her face flush as she looked down to the ground, like the idiot she was.

"Okay, here it goes," he whispered, as she felt one arm circle around her upper back and another behind her knees.

He swiftly lifted her bridal style as though she weighed nothing, making her gasp and clutch his flannel shirt. The smell of aftershave, hotel soap, and a slight smell of leather and whiskey entered her nose. Usually, she would have thought she wouldn't be attracted to those things. But, on him, it was refreshing and...clean. Masculine and just...raw. She partly wondered if her mind was thinking things like this to distract her from her current situation. Either that, or she was completely bat-shit crazy and desperate.

"It's okay," he said in a comforting tone. "I got you. Have you seen any other girls?"

She continued staring at his chest in embarrassment, shaking her head, 'no.'

"Good," he whispered as she looked up through her lashes, flushing when she saw him giving her a kind smile. "Lets go."

He carried her towards the door, looking carefully down the tunnel, before pelting down the hallway. She was bouncing in his arms and she reached up, locking her arms around his neck on instinct. He appeared not to notice as he continued his swift pace.

She closed her eyes, not even wanting to see this horrible place anymore. She tried not to rub her hands against the silky, soft hair she felt under them.

She bit her lip, feeling more safe by the moment. His pace slowed and she opened her eyes, only to gasp quietly when she saw another handsome man standing in front of her, holding a gun to the side. He wasn't as handsome as Sam in her opinion, but his green eyes and chiseled, classic good looks were hard to deny.

"Find any other girls?" the man whispered in a deep voice, looking at her and winking briefly before turning his eyes back to Sam, making her eyes widen and flush.

"I want to check that other tunnel," Sam whispered. "take her and get her out of here and come back."

Her eyes widened in panic and she tightened her grip on Sam as the other man approached her.

Sam paused, looking down at her with concern as she looked at him with scared eyes. She already trusted Sam enough, as he had got her out but she was feeling too traumatized to do it again.

"I don't think she wants to go with you," Sam whispered, looking at him. "okay, you go and I'll take her and come back."

"Aw, come on sweetie," the other man whispered, "I won't hurt you-"

"Dean, we don't have time for this," Sam said quickly. "you go, I'll be right back."

"Yeah, okay," the man shrugged, looking slightly put-out.

She'd feel guilty later.

Sam rushed her down one tunnel, as she closed her eyes again. After a bit, she felt him stop. Opening her eyes, she saw a ladder.

"I need to put you over my shoulder," he whispered, looking down at her. "is that okay?"

She bit her lip, nodding quickly.

He maneuvered her easily, to where she was over his strong shoulder by her stomach, looking at the ground as she clutched the back of his jacket.

"Hold on," he whispered, beginning to climb the ladder.

She closed her eyes, holding onto his jacket so hard she was sure her knuckles were white. Before she knew it, he was moving her again, carrying her bridal style and running across a road, towards an old, black car.

"I'm gonna sit you down," he said in a normal tone, gently standing her up straight as she wobbled unsteadily, clutching his jacket.

"Whoa, you okay?" he asked with concern, his dark eyes looking worried as he held onto her back.

"Y-yes," she nodded, swallowing as he opened the back door, helping her in.

"T-thank you..." she sniffed, looking up at him and twisting her hands in her lap.

He gave her a warm smile, making her heart flutter annoyingly.

"Its no prob-"

"Go, go, go!"

Sam was cut off, whipping around to see Dean hauling serious ass towards the car.

Sam instantly shut her door, climbing in the passenger seat as Dean jumped across the hood, climbing in the drivers seat.

Her heart was thumping in panic as she looked around, afraid that...thing would see her and grab her again.

Dean wasted no time in starting the car, squealing wheels as he pelted down the road.

"What happened?" Sam wasted no time in asking, looking over.

"That fucking thing realized she was gone," Dean looked over, nodding towards the backseat. "he starting screaming, 'Where is she?' and 'I'll kill you if you took her.' man, this is bad."

Her heart was thumping in the backseat. Was it going to come after her again?

"I don't think he'll take another girl," Dean said, "he wants her – and really fucking bad."

"W-what?" she croaked from the backseat, panic running through her veins. "what was he? Is he going to find me again?"

Dean looked over to Sam for moments.

"A dragon," he blurted, speeding onto the highway. "yeah, I know—But they can look like people. They have a thing for virgin girls-"

She immediately cringed and turned red in the backseat, her heart racing.

"A-a dragon..." she murmured. Could she really believe this? Then again, she knew what she saw. She knew that...thing had wings. She easily believed that there was evil in the world, she just expected demon or something...but a dragon?

"We can't take her home," Dean said over to Sam. "he sounded...obsessed and really insulted we took her. He knows her scent and he'll go after her. We can't kill him right now, so what the hell are we supposed to do?"

Sam let out a sigh of being overwhelmed.

"Take her to the bunker, I suppose," he finally said, sounding at a loss. "there's nowhere else I can think of that she'll be safe. Its completely warded. I don't know if there are wards to fend off Dragons, but I'm sure there are. In any case, if he's after her right now, we don't have time to look it up. Its probably highly complicated anyways. This way, he won't find her until we can locate another sword and kill him."

"I agree," Dean nodded, glancing back at her. "we could look at this as a good thing. If he really is obsessed with her, then he'll just keep searching without being able to find her. Its a good lure. Keep him distracted until we can find what we need to kill the piece of shit on wings."

"Yeah, that sounds really good," Sam said, appearing to sound thoughtful.

"Sorry sweet cheeks," Dean looked back at her with a grin. "you may have to look at us for a while."

"W-where are you taking me?" she asked, feeling panicked. Of course, she trusted them to an extent. After all, the did save her. But...taking her to a...bunker? She didn't know about that. She just wanted to go home—despite their names sounding vaguely familiar, she had no idea who these people were.

Sam turned around in his seat, looking at her gently with a smile on his chisled face.

"I'm sorry, I know you must be scared-"

"Annndd the vagina talk starts—OW!" Dean gasped as Sam whacked him on the head, rolling his eyes and looking back at her.

"As I was saying, I know you're afraid and really have no reason to trust us a lot," Sam smiled at her encouragingly. "but we are just trying to help you. We're hunters. We hunt things like that for a living. If you like, you can talk to Becky and she'll explain some things to you."

"Y-yes, I want to talk to my sister," Evie nodded as Sam smiled, handing her a phone.

With shaking hands, she dialed her sisters number, putting it to her ear as it rang.

"Hello? Dean? Sam? Did you find my sister?" came Becky's high pitched voice, oddly making Evie relax.

"Becky, its me. I'm okay-"


Evie flinched, scrunching her face and holding the phone slightly away from her ear as her sister burst into questions like: "What did they do? Did they hurt you? What happened? Isn't Sam hot?"

"Becky, calm down," Evie sighed, rubbing her forehead as she swore she heard Dean AND Sam both chuckle. "they said he was still after me..." she swallowed, looking down at her dirty white skirt and blue top. "they said they're taking me to their bunker."

"Yes, you'll be safe there, Evie!" Becky exclaimed. "you trust me, don't you?"

"Of course-"

"Then trust me when I say to do whatever Sam and Dean say," she continued. "I even told you about them! Don't you remember?"

"Becky, just remind me," she sighed, putting her head in her hand and rubbing her forehead again. "I don't feel like thinking."

Becky launched into a rant about those books she was obsessed with, how it was real, how they saved the world and on and on.

Evie was shocked mostly through the whole thing, but she knew Becky was a lot of things, but she wasn't a liar. If she was telling her this, then it was true. Deep inside, she knew she was handling it way too calmly, but her body was just limp with exhaustion to process much more. She had no idea how long she was there. It couldn't have been more than a couple days, but the few moments of rest she got when she allowed herself to close her eyes always resulted in her jerking awake in fear.

"I understand," Evie sighed. "Okay, I'll stay with them. I need to lay down before I pass out." she grumbled in the phone.

"Call me when you get there! I'm so happy you're okay!" Becky cried. "I love you!"

"Thank you, for calling them," Evie smiled, she really did love her sister. And she knew Becky loved her as well. "I will and I love you too, bye."

Evie sighed, ending the call and handing it back to Sam with a small smile.

"So?" he gave her a small smile as she looked at him tiredly.

"So...I vaguely remember her yammering on about those books, but to be completely honest, I'd kinda zone out when she did. It was like a reflex," she flushed as Dean snorted in a laugh and Sam's eyes glittered in amusement. "But, I know my sister wouldn't lie to me. She wouldn't put me in any danger, either. So, I'll..." she swallowed, looking down. "do whatever you guys think is best I suppose."

"Cool!" Dean piped in, smacking his hand on the steering wheel. "we'll have fun. I get tired of looking at Sam all the time. Despite all that glorious hair, he isn't pretty-"

"Anyway," Sam cut off Dean, glaring over at him and rolling his eyes as a smile curled on Evie's lips. "what my brother means is, we won't mind having you around at all. If you're wondering if he's always this annoying, the answer is yes."

"I'm not annoying," Dean exclaimed, looking scandalized. "you're annoying with your bitchface-"

"You should rest," Sam nodded to her. "It'll be a long while before we reach Kansas. I know you must be exhausted. Sleep as long as you like. I'll make sure Dean shuts his trap."

Sam smirked at her, making her heart race as her grin broadened even further.

"Okay..." she said quietly, leaning back on the large, leather seat. It was actually quite comfortable. "thank you, Sam. You too, Dean." she giggled as he raised a hand in acknowledgment, seeming pretty proud of himself.

"It was our pleasure, Evelyn," Sam smiled, turning back around.

"Evie..." she muttered, feeling sleep over take her very quickly.

Sam looked back when he heard her correct him, only to see her breathing softly, already sound asleep. He gave a small smile, looking over her. The only thing that made him frown was her clothing. The modest white skirt and the baby blue tank top was covered in dirt, though her skin wasn't very dirty. Her long hair was definitely tangled and messy, but all in all, it didn't really look that bad. His eyes trained on a silver pendant shining around her neck.

It was a cross.

He frowned. She was religious? Well, he supposed that made sense. She was a virgin and she dressed very...modestly. Her innocence was evident in how she reacted with him, but he supposed that would be hard to judge, given the situation. She could be a completely different person than that. If her snarky comment about ignoring her sisters rant was anything to go by, it was definitely possible. Her pink lips were parted slightly as she breathed, watching her move to her side, letting out a small whimper in her sleep. He knew it was from her body being sore, and he knew he should have given her some pain medicine. It was too late now, as she needed sleep more and he wasn't about to wake the girl up.

"How long you planning on staring at her, you creep ass?"

Sam rolled his eyes, tearing them away from Evelyn as he turned around.

"I was assessing the damage," he pointed out, telling the truth. "It doesn't seem like her body has any serious injuries that I can see. Just sore in the extreme from the stone floor and very weak from exhaustion."

"Well, let her sleep," Dean gruffed, ringing out his hand. "last thing the girl needs is to wake up with your sasquatch ass watching her. This ain't some horror movie."

"Dean..." Sam trailed off, but he couldn't help it when a smiled tugged on his lips, shaking his head.

Dean shoved his hand in a bag of peanuts, humming to himself as he shoved them in his mouth.

"I'm going to sleep," Sam said, "try not to wreck and kill us."

Dean threw a peanut at his head.

Sam looked back once more to make sure she was okay. He frowned, sitting back up when he saw her slightly trembling in her sleep.

"She's cold," Sam whispered. "want to turn on the heat?"

"Seeing as I'm sweating and its warm out so, no," Dean rolled his eyes. "give her my jacket or something."

Sam's eyebrows lifted in surprise when he motioned towards his brown leather jacket next to him.

"What?" Dean hissed. "I'm not gonna let the girl be cold."

"It's fine, I'll use mine. I've been wearing it so its warm," Sam shook his head, shrugging off his brown jacket, stretching in the backseat and gently laying it over her upper body. He gave a small smile when she almost immediately stopped shivering, closing her small hands around the collar of his jacket and half tucking her face into it.

He smirked, turning back around in his seat and sinking down, trying to tune out Dean's annoying, low, humming. He was too tired, and eventually passed out just as heavily as Evelyn...Evie.