Disclaimer: Digimon belongs to Bandai and Saban, not me, storyline is mine, no copyright infringement, don't flame me, blah, blah, blah, blah, don't sue me, blah, blah, blah

Disclaimer: Digimon belongs to Bandai and Saban, not me, storyline is mine, no copyright infringement, don't flame me, blah, blah, blah, blah, don't sue me, blah, blah, blah.

Son of the Dark Master, Part 1

Another one of fandom's weird (but thankfully, not very common) concepts for poor Matt, trying to explain why he wasn't attacked by Piedmon or Puppetmon or Machinedramon, blah, blah, blah, when he was separated from the team. If I get any info wrong, let me tell you that I've only seen up to the episode where Puppetmon is destroyed (thanks to Matt ^_~). So, like the concept of Matt's dad being a drunk (perhaps understandable) and abusive (not as understandable), some people have some idea that Matt is (gasp!) Piedmon's son or something like that. So here's MY story about it without too much about how Matt ended up… (double gasp!) human (is he?), and how Piedmon expects to get him back to being and accepting (good luck, Piedmon!) that he is his son. An alternative universe story (don't think it's too possible for Piedmon to be his father, don't Digimon come out of eggs, like Pokemon?). A little humor at the beginning cause I was feeling weird when I started it, and action/adventure/drama. As usual, my Yama-san is the main character, and for all of you who hate Michelle (everybody raises their hands), she actually isn't here, wonder of all wonders (somehow, I can always get her into one of my stories somehow, somewhere, someway). And if you do like Michelle… she still isn't here.

You know what? I think my summaries are a lot more entertaining than my fanfics. Maybe one day I'll just have a nice story with only summaries. That will probably end up the best story on my site.

Oh yeah. Matt is always Matt, he doesn't have another name (unless you count Yamato, but that doesn't count in my opinion). Let's say that Piedmon never named him. Didn't get the chance ^_~

And if any of you wonder why Piedmon doesn't act as a father… whadda ya expect? He never got the chance to act like one so he doesn't know how and he probably is unhappy that his son is the Digidestined of Friendship. Who wouldn't be (then again, who is a Dark Master that is supposed to be DESTROYED by the Digidestined and wouldn't be happy that their son is one of the Digidestined?)?

As usual, some Mimoe and Takari hints. I think of all the romances, I like Mimoe best, which is why it's hinted in so many of my stories.


A long, long time ago…

In a faraway kingdom known as the Digiworld, an evil Digimon had a son, who eventually ended up getting kidnapped by Gennai and sent to the human world.

The end.

Okay, so maybe that isn't the whole story.

What really happened after Gennai took away the baby was that he did indeed leave him with two parents in the real world, where he grew up, never knowing that he was a Digimon or a son of a Dark Master.

And eventually, he became a Digidestined. Ironic how fate plays, isn't it?

Meanwhile, his father, Piedmon, never gave up searching for him cause he had no life and wanted someone to pass down his evil legacy. When he found out that his son was in the human world being raised by humans and acting like a human, needless to say, he wasn't very happy, and took it out on poor (cough) Gennai, and he used his evil powers to make Gennai the old grouch he is today.

What he DIDN'T know, that Gennai knew, was that his son was gonna be a Digidestined, one of the humans who were to destroy Piedmon.

In conclusion, Gennai was in a pretty good mood, even though he was an old geezer, cause he knew something Piedmon didn't know and he was proud of the fact that Piedmon's own son was going to help defeat him.

But there was this prophecy (there are always prophecies, aren't there?) that if Piedmon should find his son and be able to use his power either voluntarily (I mean, the son be voluntary) or perform a ritual (that involves two levels of pain, poor Yama-san) that would eventually be able to allow Piedmon to use his son's vast powers (gonna take a lot of effort, let me tell you that), Piedmon's power will more than double, he will destroy the Digidestined, blah, blah, blah, take over the Digiworld, have a son to pass down legacy, blah, blah, blah, blah, Digiworld will forever be cloaked in darkness, no chance of escape for Digimon or humans in the real world, blah, blah, blah, blah… and Gennai wouldn't be able to have his daily cup of tea anymore to soothe his aching back.

So Gennai had to keep the Digidestined of friendship (even more irony, isn't it? Friendship… evil… get it? No? Don't say I didn't try) away from Piedmon ever finding out that he was Piedmon's son or the other way around. Unfortunately… Gennai was a little detained when the Digidestined showed up, and he couldn't contact them, let alone help them, and he could only watch in anguish when Matt left the others (so did Joe and Mimi, but nobody cares about them right now. But Gomamon is a different story… Gomamon! Gomamon! Gomamon!) and pray that Piedmon wouldn't find out.

Unfortunately, Piedmon did find out.

And this is the story…

[Note from Pikachumaniac: If you think that was very screwy, it was because I was feeling very screwy this morning.

Early Morning + Fanfic writing = Not a Good Combination Cause You Get Screwy Stories]

* * * *

Piedmon didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the Seermon came into the room, telling him that his son had been located.

On one hand, he wanted to laugh and cheer in triumph. His son had been found, which meant that after he completed the prophecy, he would be able to destroy the Digidestined and take over the Digiworld, not to mention have his son back. That was good, right?

But on the other hand, his son WAS a Digidestined. The Digidestined of friendship, which made Piedmon want to puke. How could this happen? How could it be that his son was a Digidestined, one of the brats who were supposed to destroy him?

Well, at least his son had been found. That was a plus. And so be it if he was the Digidestined of friendship (which he hated most, and then hope, light, and love; Dark Masters always don't like those things. Courage (MWAHAHA! I have the courage to destroy you!), Reliability (You can rely on me to destroy those Digidoomed!), Sincerity (I sincerely hate your guts and am going to destroy you!), and Knowledge (Now I have the knowledge I need to figure out how to destroy you!) they can accept though.)

And it was even better that the Digidestined of Friendship should be separated from the other Digidestined, making it easier for him to swoop down and make him his prisoner, with only Metalgarurumon to worry about it. But Metalgarurumon was weak right now, having used his energy defeating Puppetmon, so he should have no problem defeating him and taking both to his castle on Spiral Mountain.

But if he wanted to have his evil son back before the next full moon, he had better hustle. The full moon was in two days, and when the moon was full was when he could truly use his son's inner power.

He smirked as he thought of it. Perhaps fate was playing into his hands. One of the Digidestined would be his key to destroying the others. And that Digidestined happened to be the guardian of the friendship, making it even more interesting.

What a delightful thought.

* * * *

Metalgarurumon kept running, Matt riding on. He couldn't face the others, not just yet. Maybe later… but not now. Definitely not now.

So they kept going, farther and farther away from his friends.

Yes. He knew now that they were his friends. His thoughts wandered back to right before the fight with Puppetmon.

As the two wandered farther and farther away from the others, Tsunomon suddenly looked up at him with shock.

"Matt! Your friends are in trouble."

Matt looked down at the Digimon.

And your point is? he thought, but he didn't say anything.

"Maybe we should check it out," Tsunomon continued.



Slowly, he turned back and started walking toward the direction where the sounds of explosions came from.

When he got there, he was in time to see the giant house almost squash some of the Digidestined.

Wargreymon and Angewomon were trying, and so were the other Digimon, but it looked like a helpless cause. If the Digidestined didn't do something soon, they were going to lose. And then the world was going to lose.



"Can you please digivolve?"

Matt masked his surprise at the command, but he knew he had to do it anyway. He couldn't let the others lose and than die, could he?

"Why?" Tsunomon replied.

Matt looked down at the Digimon.


"Why do you want me to digivolve?"


"Because what, Matt? I know why, but do you?"

Matt looked back and saw Angewomon thrown to the ground by the giant house.

Why indeed.

"Because… they're my friends," he replied softly.

His crest began to glow.

Tsunomon digivolve to Gabumon!

Gabumon warp digivolve to… METALGARURUMON!

Metalgarurumon jumped into the clearing…

Why didn't you go back then? You obviously aren't so useless, being able to destroy one of the Dark Masters. Why didn't you go back? a rational part of his mind asked the other.

Cause I wasn't ready, that's why, the majority replied.


Why not?

"I must be losing my mind," Matt muttered.

"Talking to yourself?" a voice jeered.

Metalgarurumon stopped and growled at the blackness in the bushes.

"Piedmon!" he growled angrily.

"So nice to see you remember me. Now if only you can remember your own past, dear boy," Piedmon laughed, walking in front of the duo.


"Matt, don't listen to him. Remember Cherrymon?"

How could I forget?

"Shut up, you overgrown chew toy," Piedmon snapped, "Trump sword!"

Although Metalgarurumon jumped to avoid being hit by the swords, one still managed to cut into his back leg, causing him to de-digivolve to Tsunomon, who instantly collapsed (hard to do when you're only a head).

"Tsunomon!" Matt rushed to the aid of his Digimon.

"A boy and his Digimon, how sweet," Piedmon mocked.

"You're one to talk!" Matt yelled back.

"Now, now, is that any way to talk to your father?"


* * * *

"Joe, I'm tired, can we sit and rest a bit?"

"Mimi, we need to find the others."

"But can't we stop and rest?"

Before Joe could explain why, Gomamon make a sarcastic reply, Palmon make a comforting statement, or Orgemon say anything at all, a voice could be heard yelling, "Trump Sword!"

Mimi gave a small gasp.

"Oh no, it's Piedmon!" she cried, her mind guilty with the death of Chumon on her hands.

"Ahh! We better hide!" Palmon yelped.

"But what if he's attacking one of our friends?" Gomamon argued.

"Okay, let's go see… quietly," Joe made the decision.

The five peeked over the bushes, where they could see a clearing.

"A boy and his Digimon, how sweet," Piedmon was saying.

"You're one to talk!" Matt yelled back.

"Now, now, is that any way to talk to your father?"


Matt had the same expression that both Mimi and Joe had. They stared at each and mouthed the words "Matt is Piedmon's son??????"

"I'm hurt, you don't recognize your old man."

"You're insane."

"I assure you, I'm not. You think that I enjoy the fact that my own son is one of those Digidestined brats???"

"I think you've lost whatever little sense you had before Metalgarurumon blasted Puppetmon."

Gomamon and Palmon exchanged looks and mouthed "Puppetmon's been destroyed???"

Piedmon stamped the floor angrily, looking like a small child having a temper tantrum.

"I KNEW this was going to take forever to convince you!"

"Good luck, I'm not convinced."

Piedmon glared at his "son."

"No matter, I'll simply perform the ritual and take over the Digiworld before worrying about convincing you, my heir of evil."

"Whoa, now you're seriously freaking me out," Matt picked up the half unconscious Tsunomon and began to slowly back away from the evil Dark Master. (that was redundant. Evil and Dark Master?)

"My son, you shouldn't be like this."

"I am NOT your SON, you *#$%^@^$* freak!!!!"

"Don't talk back to me that way! Now come over here, now!" Piedmon barked.

"Are you KIDDING ME??? Do I LOOK like I have a DEATH WISH???" Matt continued to back away, but Piedmon took a step forward for every step that Matt took back.

"Look, this reunion has been fun and all, but we have to get back to my palace. I have a whole Digiworld to conquer, son."

"Don't call me that!!!"

Matt finally broke into flat out running, but Piedmon was on him in a flash, grabbing him with his too long arms.

"Let go! I'm not joking, I'm not your kid!"

"I don't think we need to worry about him anymore… or these," Piedmon ignored Matt's curses (and he knew a lot of good ones too) and struggles as he plucked Tsunomon from the boy's grasp, took the Digivice and pulled the tag and crest from his neck, leaving the now completely unconscious Digimon, Digivice, tag and crest on the ground before disappearing… struggling Digidestined and all.

Joe and Mimi continued to stare, even several minutes after Piedmon had dissapeared, taking Matt with him.

Then, the two started screaming (why? Don't ask)… loud enough for the other Digidestined to come running over to them.

* * * *

This is all a bad dream.

I am not Piedmon's son.

Maybe it isn't a dream. Maybe Piedmon is simply on drugs. Do drugs have the same effect on Digimon that they do on humans?

But I am still not Piedmon's son.

Maybe Piedmon was lying.

I am not Piedmon's son.




Matt suddenly opened his eyes and found himself in what looked like a normal room…except normal rooms didn't have bars over the windows or three inch thick wood doors with heavy duty locks that only open from the outside.

"Maybe not," he murmured to himself. If Piedmon was his father… he shuddered at the thought.

Let's just not think about it.

He tried to open the windows or door, knowing that most likely, it would be useless and pointless. The room was pretty bare, except for a bed, writing desk, chair, and bookshelf with a few books on it. Sighing, he laid back on the bed, wondering how the hell he was going to get out of this mess.

Then he came in.

"I'm so glad to see you're awake, son," Piedmon said cheerfully.

Matt ignored him.

"Come now, aren't you glad to see your dear old dad?"

It was as if he hadn't even been there, or that he was a ghost or something. Piedmon continued to talk and joke and whatever, and Matt continued to ignore him and not acknowledge his presence.

After a while, it gets annoying and boring.

Piedmon seriously considered thrashing the boy, but decided against it cause he didn't want him turning against him anymore than he had. Finally, swearing and cursing, he strode out of the room and slammed the door so violently that books fell from the shelves and the chair toppled over.

Matt sprang up and tried to open the door again, but Piedmon had locked it again.

After several minutes of unsuccessful attempts to open the door, he finally gave up and let out his anger and frustration by pounding on the wood door.

I hope this doesn't mean that TK is related to Piedmon too. Shit, does this mean I'm not TK's older brother?

Don't be ridiculous. Of course you're TK's brother. You always have been, and you always will be his older brother.


* * * *

"Joe! Mimi! WHAT IS GOING ON????" Tai yelled as the Digidestined ran towards the hysterical couple.

"Oh no, Orgemon!" Sora shouted.

"No! Don't hurt him, he's our friend!" Mimi kept the others away from the giant Digimon.

"How did you find us?" Joe asked.

"It's hard not to hear you guys screaming so loud. What made you so frightened? It's not here anymore, is it?" Sora asked.

"Tsunomon! And Matt's crest and Digivice! Oh no! What happened to my brother?" TK wailed as he ran into the clearing and towards the unconscious Digimon.

"Matt… he… Piedmon… Matt… son… he…" Mimi tried to say.


"Are you two all right?"

"No, they're not all right," Gomamon replied, his olive green eyes scared.

"What happened? Tell us!" Tai persuaded the two Digidestined.

"Well… Piedmon came over and attacked Matt and Tsunomon…"

"So he has Matt prisoner? We have to help him!" Tai turned to leave before Joe put a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait. There's more."

"Like?" Kari prodded.

"Hey! Tsunomon's waking up!" Izzy called out to the others.

"Tsunomon? What happened to you? Where's Matt?" TK asked the Digimon.

"Piedmon… he attacked, I couldn't save him," Tsunomon blubbered.

"That's okay, Tsunomon, you did your best," TK tried to console the Digimon.

"Piedmon… I don't know, he said Matt was his son!!!!!!"

"WHAT?????" all the Digidestined (except Joe and Mimi cause they already knew) screamed.

"Tsunomon's right," Joe confirmed.

"Are you crazy?"

"That's what Matt thought," Mimi replied.

"I can't believe it!!!!!! That's not possible, is it???" TK wailed.

"Uh… actually," Izzy's voice trailed off.

"He's lying! Matt's my older brother!! He can't be Piedmon's son!" TK continued to wail.

"Well…" Kari tried to comfort her friend, but to no avail.

"If only Gennai could clear up some of this," Tai slammed his fist on a tree nearby… and it went right through, causing him to lose his balance.

A beam of light suddenly shot up, made of many lights, and a familiar figure could be seen.

"Look! It's Gennai!"

"Digidestined… I have some bad news."

"Oh goody, just what we want," Joe muttered darkly.

* * * *

Piedmon slammed his fist on the wall angrily, looking very unlike the "happy" clown he usually was. If only that #%^!^#$%^#*&@^T#&$ Gennai hadn't taken his son in the FIRST place!! Then he wouldn't be stuck explaining WHY the HELL he WAS his son or have to do anything to get him back to the dark side (if he ever was a part of the dark side).

Heaven… for Piedmon… would be a place where he could watch Gennai slowly be killed every single day for the rest of eternity.

But NO! He had to stay HERE and perform some ritual on a kid who wouldn't listen to him, believe him, or even acknowledge his presence when he tried to say ANYTHING to him.

Suddenly, a Seermon rushed into the room, and Piedmon had to resist throwing some of him swords at it. After all, it had been HIM who had caused the mess in the first place, bringing the fact that his son was the DIGIDESTINED of FRIENDSHIP (of all things) to his attention.

"Everything is ready, my master," Seermon said quickly, probably thinking the same thing as Piedmon had.

"Uh huh."

"Have you had any luck…" Seermon began timidly before shutting up, bowing, and quickly running out of the room.


Seermon gulped.

"Yes, oh evil one?"

"Get my… son ready, whether or not he believes it or not."

Seermon quickly bowed again and ran out.

I WILL take over the Digiworld with the powers you possess, Yamato Ishida, and you will come to accept that I AM your father, whether you like it… or not.

* * * *

"All right, Gennai, let me get this straight. You're saying that Matt, our Mr. Don't Touch My Hair is Piedmon, Mr. I Am The Dark Master So Ha I Will Destroy You's son," Tai began.

"That's right."

"And YOU were the one who brought Matt to Mr. and Mrs. Ishida."


"Does that mean Matt isn't my big brother???" TK wailed (he does a lot of wailing in this story, doesn't he?)

"Don't worry, TK, I'm sure he won't want to give you up either," Sora comforted the young boy.

"I still can't believe that Matt is Piedmon's kid. It's not possible, is it?" Izzy asked.

"Well… usually, it isn't. But in his case, yes, it is," Gennai replied very calmly.

"Okay, so is this all the bad news you have for us?" Joe asked.


"I knew it! How did I know that wasn't going to be all the bad news?"

"There is a prophecy…"

"Another prophecy? Could you please give us a translation this time, Gennai?" Mimi begged.

"Don't worry, I'll just give you a summary."

"Is it bad?" Kari asked.

"Well… in a matter of speaking… yes."

"Just tell us already!" Tai yelled.

"You see, Matt has some inner power, one of the… uh… well, special qualities which distinguishes him from having a human father. If Piedmon completes the prophecy/spell, he will be able to channel most of that power and use it against you."

"So? How much power can Matt have? I mean, he never seemed different from any of us," Izzy argued.

"No, he does have a lot of inner power, even more than Piedmon and the other Dark Masters combined."

"Hold it! Are you telling me that Matt can defeat all the Dark Masters without any of us or the Digimon???" Mimi practically shrieked.

"With a thousand years of training, yeah," Gennai replied.

"Oh. So how come Piedmon can use his powers?"

"Cause he's had several thousand years worth of training."

"Ah, well…"

"So we have to save him. Let's go," Tai replied.

"Good luck, Digidestined," Gennai said softly as the group began to walk towards Piedmon's castle on Spiral Mountain.

* * * *

About the same time as the Digidestined's conversation, Piedmon strode into a room that… well, resembled a torture chamber.

When he walked in, several Seermon and Bakemon came and started bowing and jabbering loudly about how they did their best and his son was ready, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

And in the middle of the room (poor him) was Matt, strapped to a table and not looking very happy. (UNDERSTATEMENT! UNDERSTATEMENT!!)

Piedmon sighed. He was getting VERY impatient, and his son wasn't helping with any matters.

"All right, Yamato, you can make this easy or hard, depending on whether or not you're stubborn or not."

No reply.

"It happens to be that you are indeed a Digimon, and your powers and inner strength surpass even mine."

The only acknowledgement Matt made that he had heard was his eyes growing a little wider.

"I'm sure now you're wondering how you're going to be able to use this power against me, but it happens to be that it takes several years to train the powers."

Matt slumped back against the table. Of course, it had to be too good to be true.

"So now you have a decision. Either you let me use your powers by channeling my control through your body… that's the easy choice… or I'll just perform the ritual on you and take it by force… and trust me, it won't be very pleasant."

Piedmon felt himself sweating a little. Those piercing azure blue eyes were really quite uncomfortable, but he tried to ignore it. He barely surpassed a sigh of relief when Matt turned his head away from Piedmon so he could no longer see the blue eyes staring intently anymore.

"So, son, what would you like? A nice, quick, painless channel or an agonizingly painful one?"

There. THAT oughta get his attention.

"And let me guess. You're going to use that 'inner power' to destroy my friends and take over the Digiworld," Matt replied softly.

Piedmon looked over at him. He didn't know whether or not to be happy that Matt had FINALLY acknowledged his presence or angry that he was still being a stubborn fool. He chose to be satisfied.

"Very perspective. Must have gotten that from me."

Matt gave him a look that clearly read Don't push me.

Quick and painless. Yeah right. His thoughts wandered back.


"Why?" Tsunomon replied.

Matt looked down at the Digimon.


"Why do you want me to digivolve?"


"Because what, Matt? I know why, but do you?"

Matt looked back and saw Angewomon thrown to the ground by the giant house.

Why indeed.

"Because… they're my friends," he replied softly.

His crest began to glow.

Tsunomon digivolve to Gabumon!

Gabumon warp digivolve to… METALGARURUMON!

Metalgarurumon jumped into the clearing…

=End of Flashback=

He had that crest of friendship for a reason, and it wasn't to let his friends fall in the hands of the enemy… father or not.

Piedmon sighed. He had expected this resistance.

Why me? Why is it always me?

"Fine then. Have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you," he replied, couldn't help feeling a pang of guilt for his son's bravery and stubbornness.

As Piedmon left the room, Matt sighed with relief, but relief was short lived. Especially when one of the Seermon came to him.

"That wasn't a very smart move, kid."

"And how would YOU know?"

The Seermon shrugged (is there a such thing as a Seermon? And do they have shoulders? Just checking).

"Don't say I didn't warn you," he replied ominously as he walked over to a machine and began pushing buttons and pulling levers.

And then… nothing could be felt but pain.

* * * *

"Tai, do you have ANY idea where we're going?????"

"Of course I do!!"

"Then where are we going?"



"We're going to Piedmon's castle on spiral mountain."

"Yeah, but do you know how to get there."


"Are we lost?"

"Heck, you guys sound like Misty and Brock from Pokemon."

"And how would you know? Are you a secret Pokemon fan?"

"Of course not!"

"Tai likes Pokemon! Tai likes Pokemon! Tai likes Pokemon!"

"What is Pokemon?" Patamon asked Tsunomon.

"It must be a type of food," Tsunomon replied.

"No, Pokemon is a TV show."

"What's a TV?"

"What's a show?"

"Forget it."

* * * *

Slowly, he opened his eyes to see Piedmon standing over him. He blinked, trying to remember what had happened. A huge jolt of pain from his back screamed, bringing back the memories.

And it certainly didn't help when he discovered a steady trickle of blood coming from the side of his mouth.

Then he noticed that he was glowing. Literally. A soft blue light flickered, faint but definitely visible to the naked eye.

"I see you're awake," Piedmon said slowly.

"Uh huh."

"I warned you, didn't I?"

"Uh huh."

"Why didn't you listen?"

Matt thought this was getting ridiculous… but anything to shut him up. He sighed and leaned back against the stone, ignoring the pain stabbing in his back.



"Because," Matt replied flatly.

"Because is not an answer."

"It's a perfectly good answer."

"Why are you so stubborn?"

Matt glared back at him.

"Shouldn't you ask yourself that? After all, aren't you the holier than thou father?"

"If you hadn't been taken away, I would have whipped some obedience into you."

"But you weren't."

Piedmon glared back into the defiant blue eyes and decided to change the topic of the conversation.


"So what?"

Piedmon watched his son intently.

"You want to continue the process or just voluntarily give up your power?"

"What do you think?"

Piedmon shook his head.

"Why must you be so stubborn?"

"Didn't you already ask that? It's redundant."

Piedmon couldn't help but stop his eyes from pleading silently.

"It'll be a lot easier on you."

Matt shook his head.

"No. No, it will not," he replied flatly.

"Trust me, it will."


"Then I'm sorry," Piedmon said simply before stepping back and rummaging through a small drawer.

Before Matt could make a sarcastic reply (or a reply at all, jeez, I seem to be cutting off a lot of people in this fic, don't I?), a needle suddenly painfully jabbed itself into the area where the neck meets the shoulder. The sudden pain made him cry out, but only for a second or two. Then he felt his mind begin to drift away, and before he knew it, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

"Sweet dreams," the Seermon sneered softly (softly enough that Piedmon wouldn't hear, get angry, and blast him) as Piedmon freed the child and carried him away.

* * * *

"How much farther can it be?" Mimi whined pitifully.

Sora couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"We should get there in a couple hours," Izzy replied.

"We can't stop! We got to save him! Lucky there's a full moon tonight… we will be able to see our way even when it's night."

* * * *



This whole thing WAS a nightmare.

He found himself screaming as he watched Piedmon channel his power and destroy his helpless friends, one by one, sneering as the last victim was… his brother.

Anger, guilt, emotions of rage enveloped him.

Soon, there was nothing left of his friends and… his brother.


How could that happen?

Piedmon turned to him.

"They weren't your friends. You were just somebody else they could use. You were never their friend, and they were never yours. There is no such thing as friendship, it simply ceases to exist."

"You're wrong! They were my friends."

"Look then! If they were your friends, would they have abandoned you?"

"They never abandoned me! You took them away from me!"

Piedmon laughed hoarsely.

"Believe what you want, my son, but it won't get you anywhere. Friendship, like all good things, is simply an illusion. It never existed, it never will. Friendship is a dream that the people try to grasp, although it always eludes it. Eventually, they tell themselves they have it, but in the end, they never do."

Fog began to surround him, and he soon saw nothing but the misty white clouds and seven figures slowly coming closer.

"Tai…" he choked out as he saw the familiar face of his friend step in.

"Sora… Joe… Mimi… Izzy… Kari…" he continued to stammer as they all came in.

Finally… TK.

"TK," he sighed with relief. They were alive! They weren't dead!

But this wasn't right, was it? Hadn't he seen them all blasted?

As he wondered, he suddenly looked up.

Matt found himself surrounded by his friends, each with a face filled with rage.

"So, how's Piedmon's loyal son doing?" Tai asked sarcastically.

"I never asked for it," Matt snapped back.

Tai rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, Mr. Hotshot, I'm sure you didn't. That's why you just allowed him to channel your power to destroy us."

"I didn't…"

"Choice? There is always a choice," Tai's image began walking away into the foggy mist.


It was too late, Tai was already gone, disappearing in the mist.

Sora looked at him, her reddish brown eyes filling with tears.

"I'm sorry. He's right. You have the blood of the Dark Master running in your veins, and you are our enemy. Or by now, were."

With that, she followed behind Tai.

"I'm allergic to Dark Masters. I'm sorry, Matt, I know you didn't want it this way," Joe said quietly, and he slowly backed away and dissapeared as well.

"Why? Why did you let us get destroyed?" Mimi sobbed, her eyes shining with unshed tears as she followed Joe.

"The technicality that you will follow our 'father's' footsteps is too great. And the fact that your powers helped destroy us only supports the theory as well," Izzy rambled about technical junk as he slowly dissapeared.

All that were remaining were TK and Kari. Matt looked at them desperately, his blue eyes begging.

"Good-bye,, Matt," Kari said slowly as she turned and started running after the others, a trail of tears marking her path.

"I… I have to go, Matt," TK looked away and slowly followed Kari, his own blue eyes filled with tears.


"Sorry, but… I don't have a choice in this," TK stopped and looked at his older brother, tears streaming freely from his eyes.

"Bro…" Matt reached out to hug his younger brother.

TK snapped.

"You're not my brother! You never were! It was all an accident!!! I don't love you anymore!! I HATE you!! You're just… somebody I met, that's all! Just get away from me! And stay away! You're the enemy, and you're definitely NOT my brother," he screamed, tearing away and his figure ran, farther into the mist before disappearing.

"TK!!" Matt yelled, trying to go after him, but the mist was keeping him penned in a small area. After pounding madly on the mist, trying to find a way through, he slumped down, teardrops raining down from the cobalt blue eyes. It had finally happened. He had lost everybody. Tai, Sora, Joe, Mimi, Izzy, Kari… and TK.

Someone. Anyone. Why don't you believe me?

He stayed there, slumped in his position as he rested on his knees, sorrow enveloping everything. No emotion left but sorrow. His friends were gone, each voluntarily leaving him. Because HE was the son of Piedmon. Because he had the blood of a Dark Master running through his veins.

There were no more emotions. None but sorrow. All was gone; love, fear, courage, happiness, hope, friendship, anger… they no longer existed, all overpowered by the overwhelming strength of sorrow.

"No… TK," he cried as he continued to beat the fog barriers half heartedly, finally losing all sense of hope and finally… giving up.

He had finally given up.

* * * *

His eyes suddenly sprang open. A quick glance around the room showed him that he was back in the room he had first woken up in.

A dream. It had just been a dream.

But the memory was still there, all too painfully clear to ever forget. Normally, he wouldn't be so affected by a dream (well, nightmare was the better word), but this was different, like looking into the future to some awful destiny.

Destiny. How he loathed that word. Whoever invented that stupid word should have been flayed within an inch of their life.

That dream… it was like witnessing his deepest fears come to life. First it was watching his friends get killed, and then them abandoning him because of the fact that… no more denying it… he was Piedmon's son.

He couldn't stand it any longer. He felt… like he had betrayed the others in the team. He… he was useless, and it was going to be his fault that the others would lose the battle against Piedmon… and their lives as well.

No longer able to contain the emotions that threatened to eat him alive, he finally gave up.

He buried his face in his gloved hands. Tears streamed continuously down his face, his heart beat rapidly, and his breathes came out in short ragged breathes. He had never felt so useless, defeated… scared.

Throughout all this anguish, he never noticed that his hands (let alone his entire body) were no longer bathed in a softly glowing blue light, just visible to the naked eye, but now it was all too apparent, the bright blue light almost blinding (actually, it was blinding if you looked at him too long).

=I bet some of you are thinking, that dream wasn't THAT bad. Well, excuse me, I'm not that great of a writer, and besides, I've been in a hurry these past few days =

That's the end of part 1. Unfortunetely, this story was getting a lot longer than I was planning for it to, so I decided to split it into two and get this part up while I finish the rest. I'm doing pretty well in this story, considering the extremely weird idea…