Mikey/Renet - 100 Ways to Say 'I Love You' - "You might like this"

Rating: K

Words: 630

Mikey gaped and looked around the museum in awe. There were so many aliens and humans milling around, looking at exotic paintings and statues, and no one paid him any attention at all. He couldn't believe how much New York would change in a hundred years, but he was seriously digging all of those flying cars outside the large paned windows.

This wasn't really what he had had in mind when Renet appeared in his living room and had offered to take him on a trip through time. Mikey had thought more along the lines of seeing a famous battle or the invention of the pizza, but he wasn't the one driving the time scepter.

"It's been really cool coming to the future and all, but why'd you want to bring me to a museum?" Mikey asked Renet as she inspected a splotchy picture in an ornate frame.

She started, as if she had remembered something important that she had forgotten. Impulsively, she grasped his hand led him further into the exhibit.

"Come on, you're gonna like this."

She pulled him along the gallery, pushing past a crowd of people looking at a large exhibit. The hall opened into a wide atrium, where about a dozen people roamed lazily around a set of large bronze statues in the middle of the room, surrounded by a red velvet rope.

"Voila!" Renet announced, raising her hand like an assistant on a television game show toward the great statues. Mikey's jaw dropped as he studied the faces and realization dawned on him.

"Dude! It's… It's us."

The statues were massive, each about eight feet tall. The lights reflected off the surface of their bronzed skin and made them almost look golden. All four brothers were posed dramatically with their weapons, sightless eyes staring at enemies that had been long since defeated.

Mikey recognized Leo at once, standing at attention and pointing to something in the distance while shouting a silent order. Donnie was dressed in what looked like a lab coat, with his laptop in one hand and his bo staff in the other. Raph, with his characteristic battlefield snarl, was crouched low in his fighting stance, the points of his sais shining under the bright lights of the exhibit hall. As for Mikey himself… He looked awesome! He was swinging one of his chucks in a downward arc, and Mikey could almost hear the statue crying out 'Booyakasha!'

They looked absolutely wicked, and he couldn't take his eye off of them.

"We're like, superheroes!" he said breathlessly, grabbing the velvet rope.

"Yeah!" Renet said as she closed her hand over his. "They dedicated the statues to you years ago, to thank you guys for saving the world so many times."

Mikey beamed at her before he turned his big blue eyes back on the statues. His wide smile slowly wilted and was replaced with a confused frown.

"Hey Renet?"

"What's up Mikey?"

"What happened to my arm?"

The left arm of his statue was missing up to the elbow. In fact, all of the there was something funny about all of the statues. Like, Leo only had one sword, and he usually didn't wear sunglasses… And what happened to Raph's eye? Part of Donnie's shell was missing too.. What the heck?

Renet fidgeted nervously, then pointed at something, immediately changing the subject.

"Hey! There's a great pizza place across the street! Want some?"

"Heck yes!"

He sprinted ahead of her so he could study the menu choices to make the best informed decision. However, half an hour later while he munched on a jelly bean and green pepper pizza, Mikey looked back toward the museum, and wondered if his arm would be the only thing in his future he would be losing.