During a stormy night an six year old Eli laid in his bed shaking under the covers.

The power had gone out and the only light was that of flashes from the lighting.

Eli ducked under the blanket at the sound of thunder. After a few moments he hears the door creaked open, he peeked out to see what caused the sound.

"Who's there?" He called out there was no repley but something small jumped on his chest. He gave a small scream before the thing ignited it's head to reveal to be a slug.

Eli went from being scared to annoyed.

"Burpy! Not Cool." He told him.

The slug whom is Burpy simply laughed like chirping before he jumped to Eli's night stand.

The door creaked again but loudly this time. Eli looked to see his dad standing with flash light.

"Are you okay Eli?" He asked him for he heard Elie heard his son scream, he walked over to the bed.

"Yea, Burpy just scared me." He explained while Will looked over to his slug whom is whistling like he did nothing but he still had a smirk on his lips.

"Hey dad can you read me a story?" He asked his dad.

Will smiled. "Sure." He told him as he went to a book shelf and pulled story book. "What kind of story you want to listen?" He asked him.

"I want a story about dragons." He asked excitedly forgetting about the storm outside.

Will smiled and began to read Eli the story. After awhile the storm had passed and Burpy had fallen asleep on the table, Eli is about to follow aswell.

Will looked down to his son and slug. He got up and procceded to leave to his own room, but was stopped by the sound of Eli voice.

"Dad are dragons real?" He asked tiredly.

Will turned back to him with a smile. "Yes son. Dragons do exsist in slugterra, all kinds of them and one day you will have your own dragon." He confirmed his son curiosity and continued out.

Eli smiled as he closed his eyes and began to dream about to have a dragon to ride on.

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