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Chapter 10

Dark Archangel

  After what seemed like hours of a deep slumber, Myotismon awoke in a dreamy blur, groaning as he felt a hard metal floor against him.  Something about him felt different, as if he was completely drained of something, but he was unable to tell what.  It wasn't energy, though his exhaustion was overwhelming.  He attempted to sit up and contemplate this, but he felt something thick around his ankle, chaining him to something…  As he regained his vision, the vampire realized that he was in a cage, chained to the wall by means of shackles, and in a familiar-looking fortress.

  The worst shock was yet to come.  He felt no pain in his wings…  He whirled his head around to see if they had fallen off, but he shouted out and nearly jumped up from where he sat.

  He was no longer an angel; rather, he was no longer in his AngeMyotismon form.  His wings had shriveled away without a trace, his hair had waned back to its preferred masculine length, he was dressed in his blue medieval-style suit once again, and his sword and staff— though not with him at that time— had most likely disappeared.  However, his bats were not capable of recognizing him as their master; the Shadow Mode was much eviller and was the dominant portion of the united Myotismon.

  "What have you DONE TO ME?" he shouted, staring at his hands.  He pounded the floor of his cage, and a crashing noise echoed through the chamber.  "Who did this?  I was beginning to get accustomed to the life of an angel, possibly even ENJOY it, when this damn force changed me back and confined me within this cage, this cell!"

  "Who is that?" queried a male voice from across the room.  The vampire ceased his expressions of self-pity when he heard it.  He looked around the room, which had slightly familiar surroundings… it was about the same size as a living room.  The floor was covered with white tiles and the walls were the same color, except for one which was occupied by a panel of black square screens, and a silver control board underneath.  The brown door was closed and locked.  He immediately recognized it as the TV station, where he had been defeated for the first time.  Angemon was inside one cage, Angewomon within the other.  Angemon appeared to have an enervated look to them, but still enough energy to keep himself awake.  The other angel appeared to be in a deep sleep, if not deceased.

  "Is that you, Angemon?" asked Myotismon.

  "Yes," replied the angel.  "But who are you?"

  The vampire was reluctant to answer; the angel would be furious at him for no tenable reason, or a myriad of them…  Still, he wanted to free them from their cages; he was now a digimon of darkness again, so the curse did not affect him.

  He sighed and decided he had to tell the truth, no matter how troublesome the consequences would be.  "It is I, Myotismon, suffering the same agony as you, detained in a cage in this very chamber.  I do not know how I got here, or when, but it was not I who committed the same act to incarcerate you."

  "It was you," answered Angemon.  "You might not believe this, but you… you constrained yourself… it was a different form, clad in black leather and assisted by four human men.  They brought you in—you were still AngeMyotismon—and placed you in the third cage in this room.  The black man, who was the one who captured me, took two tranquilizer darts out of your body and laughed about how ironic it was that it took four to even impede an African elephant but only two to put an angel to sleep for a long enough time to do what they were doing.  When you were in the cage, the black haired one (who goes by the name of Rosseau and appears to be the one in charge) warned the other three that the Shadow Mode was arriving to see if they did their job.  The second he opened the door and stepped into the room, something abnormal occurred…"

  At that point, the vampire listened carefully.  If this pertained to the Shadow Mode in some manner, he must utilize it to completely extinguish him from the earth's surface.

  "Your body, though still dormant, began to glow bright crimson, the analogous color of your Crimson Lightning, so intense everything in the room was bathed in that color.  Your wings shriveled up and then fell off, dissolving on the floor of the cage.  Then your hair reversed the growth it experienced when you transformed for the first time, returning to its natural length.  The sword you had in your belt dematerialized as well.  When the light dimmed, I was temporarily blinded, but when my sight returned you were Myotismon once again.

  "'What the' –the black man uttered a vile four-letter word that I cannot bring myself to say— 'happened to the freak angel?' he questioned.  'Hey Myotismon, do you know what happened to him?'

  "The Shadow Mode, already a ghostly pale, turned a shade of white so ghastly even his fangs appeared less white.  He backed out of the room cautiously and frantically retorted, 'The spell has reversed itself, and he is the true Myotismon!  If I do so much as come into contact with his cape, I will reunite with that abomination and never fulfill my plot for world domination!'  With a swish of his cape, he escaped to another room, and the four men followed him.  The redheaded one returned to lock your cage, but then left.  You were out for about half an hour before you woke up."

  The vampire realized something.  "But we are digimon, aren't we?  We must be able to escape these cages."

  Angemon's face fell.  "Angewomon attempted to cut through the bars, but the Shadow Mode's darkness infected this cage, reflecting the attack back at her.  She is still out cold from the darkness, but since you are now a virus type, you can penetrate these bars because you are immune to it."

  The angel was interrupted as the door opened with a creak.  Immediately it seemed as if both the Thermostat and the fluorescent lighting on the ceiling had gone out of commission, but as a flock of loyal bats fluttered into the control room, both watchful digimon knew that for sure, it was the Shadow Mode.  Their prediction was verified to be correct as the dark vampire entered the room, cautiously peeking at his supplement's cage to see if he awakened.

  "Don't you even think about it, Angemon," threatened the vampire, opening Angewomon's cage.  "By the time you figure out how to escape, I will be long gone with Angewomon and Myotismon.  And then I will dispose of you in a suitable way…"

  The expression on Angemon's face had transformed from calm to frightened to furious.  "Don't toy with me, Myotismon!" he shouted.  "HAND OF FATE!"  He stuck his hand through the bars of the cage and made a fist.  A white beam of light shot out but ricocheted off an unseen force field and straight back at its parent, knocking him from the end of the cage he was standing to the back, which was touching the wall behind him.  As he hit the wall, the Shadow Mode took a rope of his Mega Crimson Lightning and wrapped one end around one of the bars.  As Angemon fell to the bottom, the entirety of the cage glowed a neon red surrounded by surges of electricity.  The second he hit the ground, he screamed and writhed in pain, a slight hissing sound resounding through the room, his body emitting steam.  "YOU WILL REGRET THIS!" he shouted.

  "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" demanded Myotismon.

  The Shadow Mode turned his head around and refrained from electrocuting the angel.  He drew his whip back and disgustedly said, "Myotismon?  You finally awoke?  Well you are here to stand by helplessly as you witness your girlfriend's death!  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"  He reached into the cage and pulled Angewomon out.  Holding her in his arms like a mother holds a baby, he left the room in an instant.

  "Myotismon…" Angemon gasped as the light and heat returned, "…you are our only hope.  My trust is in you, and if you rescue her… I will… be…"  He hit the floor of the cage, as if he had just fallen asleep.

  The vampire grew both concerned and outraged, seeing red.  What if the Shadow Mode killed Angewomon?  The entire digital world would suffer.  And Angemon… he came here just for her safety.  If it hadn't been for him… if only he had not have been so evil… he was the one who landed two of the digital world's most prestigious angels in this predicament, and he must find a way to rescue Angewomon.  It was not for himself; he was not on his own mind.  He chose to do this out of his formidable love for her… and Angemon.  The entire digital world as well.  He did not care if he died trying, either.

  "ANGEWOMON!" he shouted.  "The Shadow Mode will pay for what he has done!"  Without thinking, out of unadulterated fury, he utilized the first attack he could think of.  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  For an unexplainable reason, the whip of lightning phased through the bars on one side and then again, and those bars touched twice by the lightning fell to the floor beside it with seven clangs.  At first Myotismon was perplexed from this phenomenon… why hadn't the lightning fried him like Angemon, or reflected?  Then he understood: The heat of his anger and his love combined cut through the metal bars, giving him acess to perform the deed his heart was set on.

  Despite a lack of energy from the capture, he began to wake up, stand, then run out of the door to where he assumed the Shadow Mode would be: the control tower on the roof.

  "It's an emergency," Tai explained to his fellow digi-destined and digimon, who were standing on a street corner when the sun completely set, bundled up in whatever winter clothes they had.  A cold draft blew through, carrying snow with it from the black clouds in the sky above.  The nimbostratus clouds shielded them from the sight of the moon above, which was a ghastly shade of blood-red, three times as scarlet as it had been when Angemon was captured.  "Myotismon returned and now he captured Gatomon, probably to take care of some unfinished business with her."  He looked at his sister, who was wailing into his coat.  "Wizardmon told me about it."

  "I'm sorry, Kari," apologized Sora, kneeling down and patting Kari's back.  "I'd be devastated if I lost Biyomon to him, especially on Christmas Eve—"  She turned her head to see Rena running up to them.  "Rena Yuriko?  I heard about your rescue!  That angel who rescued you—"

  "Is Myotismon!" exclaimed Rena.  "And he's been captured by a bunch of Americans in black suits who took him in the direction of the TV station!"

  All the digi-destined and digimon appeared baffled at what the girl they barely knew said.

  "So, according to what I just heard…  Myotismon captured Gatomon, but Americans in black suits captured Myotismon?" questioned Izzy, the most intelligent of all the digi-destined, who was examining his digivice.  The wind ruffled his short auburn hair, and he reached into the pocket of his pea-green coat and donned a raspberry-colored knit hat.

  "No," answered Wizardmon, who sounded the calmest of all the sixteen who were in their group at the moment.  "I performed a spell that split Myotismon into two parts… AngeMyotismon the angel, and Myotismon Shadow Mode, a demon who is even more sadistic than Apocalymon."

  The digi-destined stared at the wizard.

  "I don't believe him," said Matt.  The others silently agreed as to not hurt Wizardmon's tender feelings, except for Tai and Rena.  They were the only ones who did.

  "You will not believe this," Izzy proclaimed.  "I am getting readings of not only Gatomon's presence in the vicinity of the television station, but Patamon as well!"

  "But we haven't seen Patamon at all," said Gabumon, Matt's digi-destined partner digimon.  "He never came to our— unless he was captured by Myotismon before he could come!"

  "What are we waiting for?" asked TK.  "We need to get them back before Myotismon kills them!"

  "Right," agreed Joe.  "And we need to make it quick before we catch pneumonia."  He was quite phobic of sickness, and it showed by his heavy overcoat, mittens, a scarf, a hat, and earmuffs.  "It's way below freezing here, you know, and the weather has been quite unseasonable all year—"

  "Enough about that, someone digivolve and carry all of us to the TV station!" said Mimi.

  "I've got that covered," said Gabumon.  He began to glow the color corresponding to Matt's digivice, a soft sky-blue color.  "Gabumon, digivolve to… GARURUMON!"  In the place of the yellow lizard in a blue dog coat, stood a blue snow wolf with darker cerulean tiger stripes.  He knelt down so all thirteen others could gain access to his back.  Rena, like all the passersby, backed away with a scream, but Tai laid his arm on her shoulder and reassured her that Garurumon was OK and wouldn't eat her.  Rena jumped up onto his back and felt his smooth, sleek fur coat.  It was pleasantly warm underneath her legs.  She was seated between Tai and Kari, whose crying had diminished into sobbing.

  "Hold on," warned Tai.  "If you slip, I've got you."

  "Tai, am I sensing a spark between you and Rena?" Agumon teased.

  "Agumon, this is no time for teasing!" scolded the Keeper of Courage, his cheeks and ears glowing pink.  At that point, Garurumon galloped off at record speed towards the TV station, dodging any obstacles in his way, including fearful people and emotionless vehicles.

  Five minutes later, they had made their way through the dark halls up to the roof of the TV station, where they defeated Myotismon for the first time.  They looked all over for the vampire and the angels.

  "Rena, why don't you and Kari go look for Gatomon?" suggested Matt.

  As Rena and Kari opened the door on the roof to return downstairs, the Shadow Mode appeared, Angewomon floating in the air, a crimson light aura surrounding her entire body.  She appeared to be asleep yet in pain, though the only evidence of that was her mouth open as if screaming in agony.  Her skin had already changed its tint into a snowy white color.

  "What are you doing to her, Myotismon?" asked Tai angrily.

  "Merely disposing of her… draining her of energy and life so I can absorb her powers, enough to rule the earth!" answered the Shadow Mode.  He darkly chuckled to himself and added, "And you digi-destined are not going to stop me with your feeble strength!"

  "We'll show you who's feeble!" retorted Agumon.  "Everybody digivolve!  Agumon, warp digivolve to… WARGREYMON!"

  Garurumon de-digivolved back to his rookie form.  "Gabumon, warp digivolve to… METALGARURUMON!"

  "Biyomon, digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!  Birdramon, digivolve to… GARUDAMON!"

  "Tentomon, digivolve to… KABUTERIMON!  Kabuterimon, digivolve to… MEGAKABUTERIMON!"

  "Gomamon, digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!  Ikkakumon, digivolve to… ZUDOMON!"

  "Palmon, digivolve to… TOGEMON!  Togemon, digivolve to… LILLYMON!"

  The armor-plated dinosaur and snow wolf, the gigantic eagle, the magenta beetle, the cross between a walrus and a wolf, and the floral fairy turned to face the vampire as their human partners' digivices glowed and quivered.

  "If we could take him out as ultimates, let us do it," said Lillymon to Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.  She took out a mini-cannon made out of leaves and shot a pink missile out at her target.  "FLOWER CANNON!"

  Zudomon produced a primitive steel hammer and swung it around.  "VULCAN'S HAMMER!"  He struck the roof of the TV station with a crack, and a beam of white flew towards Myotismon Shadow Mode.

  "HORN BUSTER!"  Megakabuterimon joined his pincers together and generated a ball of electric surges.  A broad bolt of white lightning charged out at the vampire.

  Myotismon Shadow Mode held out his hands, producing a dark force field.  The Vulcan's Hammer and Horn Buster dissolved immediately, and the Flower Cannon reflected off of it and headed back for Lillymon.  As it hit her in the stomach, she let out a scream and fell to the roof, hunched over and clutching herself where the cannon buffeted her.

  "LILLYMON!" screamed Mimi, rushing over to her Lillymon, who had de-digivolved to her in-training form of Tanemon.  She held her in her arms and asked, "Are you OK?"

  "…No," gasped Tanemon.

  "LETHAL DARKNESS!" shouted the Shadow Mode, spreading his cape and letting loose a sea of darkness, complete with vibrations in the air that resembled sound waves.  As the blanket covered Zudomon and Megakabuterimon, the Arctic creature's legs trembled and the beetle's wings began to beat less rapidly.

  "It's too cold, even for me…" moaned Zudomon, shivering and hitting the roof with a loud boom.  "My energy is completely drained, Joe; do something!"

  "I CAN'T!" cried Joe.  "My digivice was affected by the darkness!"

  "Same as mine," added Izzy.  "The power is kaput!"

  "NO!" wailed Megakabuterimon.  He ceased his flying and hit the ground, then he and Zudomon de-digivolved to Motimon and Bukamon.

  "Garudamon!  Be careful!" admonished Sora as the snowfall grew more abundant.

  "Don't you worry, Sora!" shouted the eagle, soaring above the clouds.  Myotismon Shadow Mode followed her into the upper atmosphere, and ten seconds following, Garudamon tumbled downwards to the roof and de-digivolved to Yokomon.  "He… his darkness… overwhelmed me!"  Even the blue flower on top of her round pink body had wilted.

  "Who is next?" questioned the Shadow Mode.

  Meanwhile, Rena and Kari had reached the dark control room and saw two empty cages, the other occupied by Angemon, who was motionless but was still awake.

  "Is anyone in here?" asked Rena, frantically scanning the room.  "Hello?"

  "Angemon!" exclaimed Kari, running over to the angel's cage.  She grabbed hold of two of the bars and looked down at the weakened angel on the bottom.  "Are you all-right?  What happened to you?  Where's Angewomon?  Is she hurt?"  Rena immediately followed the keeper of light's lead and stared at the second angel she had ever laid eyes on in person.

  "Angewomon… was taken away by the Shadow Mode!" answered the angel, gathering all the energy he could manage to articulate this simple phrase.  "And so was… My…"  He lay limp on the floor, only able to breathe and not complete his sentence: "And so was Myotismon."

  "Your what?" asked Rena, bending down to touch the angel.  "Your wings, your halo, your friend, your power?"

  "His power," Kari deduced.  "He's so tired and limp… unable to help…"

  "You… can… save… her…" the angel began.  "Tell… TK… how much I… I… care for him…"  There was silence once again; the only sound that could be heard were what sounded like shouting, crashing above them on the roof, and male voices.

  "It sounds like the others are in trouble!" Kari vociferated.  "We need to help them, Rena!"  She and the other girl ran out of the room only to be stopped by Smith, Richards, Rosseau, and D.  Rena immediately recognized them as the ones who captured Myotismon when he was still AngeMyotismon.

  "Well well well," said D, wrapping his left hand around his concealed gun.  "Look who we have here.  Two trespassers on our new territory."

  "Who are you?" questioned Kari as Rena snuck off to get something heavy enough to knock them out, whispering that she would be all-right if Kari stalled them.

  "The name's D," replied the black man.  "These are the dunderheads Smith and Richards, and this is my employer Rosseau.  Only those who die know that we have been the kings of crime back in America, and when we exploit the angels for money, we will be the richest men in the world!"  He extracted his gun and pulled the trigger, aiming for Kari's chest.  "It looks like it's past your bedtime, little girl.  And do you know what we do to little girls who wander the halls of strangers' headquarters after dark?"

  Kari quivered and stepped back towards the wall.  "That's terrible what you're doing to Angemon and Angewomon!" she asserted without thinking.  "People like you should be in hell!"

  "Hey!" Rosseau realized.  "What happened to that fat girl who was with you?" he asked Kari.

  "I'LL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH ANGELS!" echoed a voice in the halls.  As the four men turned their heads, Rena took a wrench and swung it at their heads.  She hit D, who tumbled into Smith.  Both hit the wall, and Smith got knocked out as his head hit it.  Richards tripped over the two of them, and Rena whacked him on the head as well.

  Rosseau, realizing that his three right-hand men were out cold, grew slightly insecure and trembled.  "I'm not afraid of you, Fatty," he lied to Rena, backing away towards the door.

  "That's Fatty You-Reek-O to you, ugly!" shouted Rena, running up to Rosseau and shoving him into the hall.  He hit the door behind him and fell to the ground.  Before he could do anything, Rena took her scarf and tied the antagonist's feet together, and then the ponytail holders out of her hair and did his hands.  Rosseau lay squirming on the ground like a worm before she and Kari brought him and his three employees into the janitor's closet, locking the door from the outside before they could wake up.

  "Wow."  Kari stood there, motionless, her mouth in an O shape.  "Where did you get the wrench?"

  "It was stuffed between the handle of a door and something else, and I found out why.  They held all these people hostage so they could claim the TV station as their own," answered Rena.  She whipped her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed the number of the police.  She held it up to her ear and waited a few seconds before she said, "Hello, police?…  I have to report a hostage situation in Odaiba…  Four men held all the employees of the Channel 7 TV station hostage and locked them in a room…  No, Kari and I are holding them in a closet.  Please come before they escape!  Thank you… My name?  Rena Yuriko… Thank you so much!  Bye!"

  She opened the door to a room and saw dozens of people tied together on the ground by ropes, bandannas around their mouths.  She said,  "Don't worry; the police are coming to take the four men to prison.  Kari and I will untie you—"

  Suddenly a loud bang, which was Garudamon hitting the roof, resounded throughout the room.  "We have to help the others!" Kari exclaimed. "We're sorry, but the rest of Japan, maybe even the world, is counting on us!"  They rushed out of the room and up the stairs as the flashing lights of police cars pulled up to the TV station.

  "TERA FORCE!"  Wargreymon produced an orange ball of energy that was as large as a house and hurled it at the Shadow Mode.

  "METAL WOLF CLAW!"  A blue beam of energy, complete with sharp claws at the end, bolted out at the vampire, who blocked both attacks with his cape.

  "He's INVINCIBLE!" screamed TK.

  Izzy opened his Pineapple computer and accessed his Digimon Analyzer.  "I'm afraid you're right, TK," he said.  "Myotismon Shadow Mode is said to be the most potent evil digimon ever, despite being only an ultimate.  His vampiric Lethal Darkness can drain the power out of any and all digimon.  The bats in his Raging Nightmare are more powerful than the bats from his Grisly Wing and can kill slowly, tearing through ANYTHING.  His most dangerous attack is his Mega Crimson Lightning, which can kill if utilized in a certain way… no digimon can stop him, with the exception of one."

  "Please let it be Angemon!" exclaimed Matt.  "He's got to be fine…"

  "Wizardmon!" added Tai.  "It's got to be him."

  "No, it's Angewomon!" argued Sora.  "Why else is he trying to kill her?"

  "What does it say, Izzy?" asked Joe.


  "ANGEWOMON!" screamed Kari, seeing her digimon partner floating in the air and slowly dying.  "What has Myotismon done to her?"  She began to sob again.  Rena ran over to where the other digi-destined were.

  "RAGING NIGHTMARE!"  Myotismon Shadow Mode spread his cape, unleashing a swarm of bats that knocked Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon back to the ground.  Though the dinosaur's shield was up, the bats flew around it and began nipping away at his flesh.  The two digimon writhed in pain as their energy began to slowly seep away.  Finally, they de-digivolved to their in-training stages of Koromon and Tsunomon.  The vampire landed on the ground as Tai and Matt picked up their out-cold digimon.  "It looks as if you digi-destined are done for… defeated after so many victories… you never knew that I could survive after a second death.  And Wizardmon, you fool, escaping my grasp.  You will all pay a price for fighting me… your power is so delicious."

  "Don't kill them!" shouted Rena.  "Especially when you saved my life as—"

  "SILENCE!" snapped the Shadow Mode.  "I never saved your trivial life.  I have never even seen your face before.  For interfering, you will all be doomed to die."  He advanced on the frightened group of digi-destined, his right hand glowing scarlet.  A protracted whip of Crimson Lightning protruded from the radiant hand and dragged itself on the ground.  The snowfall became a blizzard, and the wind glowed.  "What a way for you digi-destined to die!" he exclaimed.  "Alone in the cold in the dead of night!  MWAHAHAHAHA!"

  The seven of them huddled together, holding their in-training digimon in their arms.  Rena hugged Wizardmon protectively.  What a way to go, thought Tai.  No one to save us, stuck together in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve…  We need a miracle!

  "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" shouted a voice that sounded exactly like the Shadow Mode's.  All of a sudden, they saw Myotismon flying in the air above them, and were perplexed as to whether this was a miracle or a set-up.  The digi-destined and Shadow Mode saw an image of AngeMyotismon flashing on and off on Myotismon's body and grew even more confused.

  "It's the angel who saved me!" Rena exclaimed.  "Only he looks… different…"

  "TWO MYOTISMONS?!" shouted Matt.  "Both are going to get it if our digimon wake up—"

  "Matt, I am here to defend you and the other digi-destined and digimon," assured Myotismon.  "He is my darker half, so I must delete him before he makes this world his own."  He landed in the snow in front of the group and shielded them with his cape.  "Shadow Mode, this will be your final undoing!  You have infected me with your darkness, and now I will dispose of whatever darkness lingers within me!"  He darted to the side and grabbed Angewomon out of the red sphere, which disappeared.  Her paleness remained.

  "Why don't we take this above the clouds in an aerial battle?" asked the Shadow Mode.  "That way, those little insects won't be able to save you this time!"  He flew into the air like a rocket and disappeared above the clouds.  Myotismon followed.

  "He's here to save us," said Tai.  "I could tell."

  "What should we do?" asked Sora.  "What if he's the only one who can destroy the Shadow Mode?"

  Wizardmon paused, then answered quietly, "He is."

  The tops of the clouds were grayish-black with blood-red light reflecting off of them, slightly rounded off at some points.  It was eerily beautiful and placid.  Both vampires emerged from within and hovered in the sky, their capes spread behind them.

  The Shadow Mode's lips curled into a grin.  "Finally to defeat you… but if we come into contact, we will reunite as one again, and you will be inclined to take over the world once again…"

  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  Myotismon unleashed a whip of Crimson Lightning, which did nothing as it hit his Shadow Mode's chest but make him laugh.

  "Do you miss your bats, Myotismon?  I hear they do not follow you anymore!  RAGING NIGHTMARE!"  The moon's red shade deepened as the throng of millions of bats flew towards their former master, screeching and flapping their wings.

  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!  CRIMSON LIGHTNING!  NIGHTMARE CLAW!"  Attempting his best to stop the bats, the vampire unleashed whatever attacks he could manage to paralyze and destroy the bats, but they were so overwhelming they began to chew away at his flawless skin and drain his power.  He let out a shout of agony and began to drop onto the surface of the cloud, surprisingly able to do so despite not being an angel.  It is over… after all I tried to do for Angewomon… I love her and both worlds and I do not want to have my darker half as their king…  If this is the end… I want Angemon to know I am sorry for not fulfilling my promise to him and Angewomon to know how much I love her…

  Suddenly, eight beams of light with the same primary colors of the visible spectrum shone on him and seemed to give him his energy… and they formed his moon staff and sword, exactly as he had as AngeMyotismon.  He knew it was the digi-destined who assisted him, so he must thank them for all they did for him.  He took the staff and sword as his Shadow Mode spotted him.

  "You believe those pitiful weapons will help you?" he taunted.  "MEGA CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  The deadly beam flew out at him, but he held up the sword in self-defense… and did not die.  The Shadow Mode's face twisted into a puzzled expression.  "What the bloody hell happened?"

  "I am Myotismon, the Dark Archangel of the Digital World!" exclaimed the vampire, rising into the air.  An image of AngeMyotismon flickered on and off on his body before he returned to Myotismon again.  "It is my duty to destroy the infection of darkness that is you!"  He took his sword and staff and pointed them at the other vampire, then touched them together.  "MYSTIC RADIANCE!"

  The Shadow Mode's eyes grew to twice their size as he saw his counterpart, the only one capable of defeating him, produce his most ardent attack of all.  Six beams of purple and red light, almost like laser beams, shot out of the sword and staff and curved like water in a fountain, hitting its target as he stood still, petrified.  As they touched him, an explosion of white light occurred, so powerful it blew the clouds away from Tokyo.  Huge fireworks exploded in the sky in explosions of white and blue light, visible from all windows.  Everyone in Tokyo looked up at this beautiful sight, seeing their moon change from red to an orb of silver again.  The digi-destined looked up and saw that it meant that one of them had been defeated for good.

  When the display of fireworks ceased, the clouds gathered again and began sprinkling a soft snowfall on Tokyo, and Myotismon floated down to the roof of the building.  "I wish to thank you digi-destined for assisting me," he acknowledged them.  "Your light stopped darkness…"  He saw Angewomon lying on the ground, still unconscious.  He knelt down and, remembering that angel tears could heal, he squeezed tears out of his eyes which fell on the angel maiden's face, turning it from a deadly white into a healthy rosy color.

  "Myotismon?" asked Angewomon.  "You saved my life… and I knew you saved both worlds as well…"

  Then another surprise visit took place: Angemon flew onto the surface of the building and embraced TK.  "I never forgot about you; I was captured before I got the chance.  I couldn't have saved you even if I had the chance; Myotismon is the true angel."

  The vampire bowed his head at this respectful comment.  The true angel…

  "Wizardmon, I believe you have met your digi-destined," continued the angel, "Rena Yuriko."  A portal that resembled the Gate of Destiny opened in the sky and shone a beam of white light on the vampire, who did not even flinch at this incandescence.  "But now, we angels are being summoned to the digital world… have a wonderful Christmas, digi-destined!"  It drew Myotismon into the portal, and Angemon and Angewomon followed.

  They found themselves in the white marble hall once again, which took on a holier and more breathtaking appearance than ever.  Myotismon stood between Angemon and Angemon, looking up at the Grand Council of Angels in the white courtroom podium.  Seraphimon sat at the one that towered above the others, and five angels sat on each side.  He did not see, however, the audience behind him, as his eyes could not be drawn away from the angels.

  "I suppose you are wondering the reason as to why I have summoned you," Seraphimon addressed Myotismon.  "You, though not assuming the form of AngeMyotismon, have undertaken an act that was verified to be benevolent, selfless, and out of respect for others besides yourself.  By successfully defeating and deleting the Shadow Mode on Earth, you have quelled all digital darkness that has entered the real world as well as given both worlds salvation."

  All ten other angels of the Grand Council nodded in agreement.

  "Angewomon, though your act of unauthorized entry into the real world was impractical, you will not receive a punishment as this was done out of love for AngeMyotismon," continued Seraphimon, as if he were reciting the order of business off a piece of paper.  "The same for Angemon, only his act was committed out of love for his female counterpart.  Perhaps it was better, after all, that they entered the real world… if they had not, this might not have occurred."

  "Seraphimon," asked Angewomon, "has the banishment charge been lifted?"

  "Yes," stated Seraphimon.  "For the most heroic deed of singlehandedly defeating his own Shadow Mode, in turn saving all worlds from his domination, Myotismon is no longer banished from the digital world.  If you would turn around, Myotismon, there is a myriad of digimon who came to thank you."

  The vampire slowly turned around until he faced what was behind him.  There were four rows of ivory seats that resembled church pews, all of which were filled with a variety of digimon, nearly one of every Data, Vaccine, and even Virus type that ever existed.  A banner in the color for the North, South, East, and West hung behind each row, and each Guardian stood at the back of the row that corresponded to their region.  Several balconies above the seats were also filled with digimon.  Those who were apt enough to do so, applauded and cheered.  The vampire had never felt so accepted or been treated like a hero in any of his lives.

  The accord continued for five minutes, until Angewomon laid a hand on his shoulder and told him to turn around again.  He faced Seraphimon, whose usually emotionless face had a slight grin on it.  "As another reward," stated the Grand Angel, "you may choose how to live your life.  You may become an Angemon, remain Myotismon, or be reconverted into AngeMyotismon."

  At first, the vampire considered becoming AngeMyotismon again, but then he heard Angewomon softly whispering into his ear, "It doesn't matter whether or not you're an Angemon or Myotismon, or take the appearance of your Shadow Mode; you are still the same digimon to me: my hero and my love."

  Myotismon had reached his decision after Angewomon whispered it to him.  "Lord Seraphimon, though a life as an angel is quite tempting, I choose to remain Myotismon and to stay in the real world… the digi-destined might need my assistance…"

  "And I opt to stay at his side as his bride," added Angewomon, wrapping her arms around him.  "I love him very much…"

  "I, too, also wish to live in the real world," Angemon chimed in.  "May I be their bodyguard in the case they need me, and stay with TK and the other digi-destined?"

  "You three may live life the way you please," alleged Seraphimon.  "Myotismon, with power granted to you by the Grand Council of Angels, you will be the guardian of the real world, defending humans from entering digimon that could be evil.  Angewomon, by the power invested in me, you and the vampire will be wed as soon as possible.  Angemon is now their official bodyguard.  Finally, Myotismon, with his vocation of being a guardian angel, you will need a change of outfit."

  A white light surrounded the vampire as he felt his feet lifted off the ground.  Every digimon in the room stared at him as if he were transforming into AngeMyotismon for the second time.  He felt himself surrounded in an orb of light as his blue suit and black cape became something more angelic in appearance.  He felt his feet touch the ground and the light disappeared.

  All the digimon got a good look at his new suit.  His cape looked exactly like his old one, except the black had become white and the red was now silver.  It was so light and feathery it felt as if it wasn't there, but still gave him warmth.  The cape was clasped together by a gold bat-shaped clasp with a blood-red ruby in the center.  His blue bodysuit changed into something more futuristic and revealing in appearance, just like his suit as AngeMyotismon's.  The only parts of him that were covered were his arms, the top of his chest, his neck, and everything underneath where his belts were placed.  Otherwise it took on the appearance of his old suit, except the bat symbols and lining had become silver, and what was blue was now white.  He had two belts like his former ones.  They were slung around his thin waist, and at three inches below his navel they were placed lower than his other ones were.  They were gold with silver studs and crescent-moon-shaped buckles, with two gold straps slung around the side and connecting in the back.  He wore white gloves like his former ones, and had lighter white boots.  They had silver bottoms, and the right one had a silver bat on it and the left had a silver moon.  To top it off, his crimson mask had not altered in shape but in color, now a dazzling white.  He truly was a sight to see and one could tell that he was an angel, despite his lack of wings.

  "I… I… I feel as if I'm AngeMyotismon once more…" breathed Myotismon, staring at his new ensemble.  "I love it, it feels as if it's not there but provides a new warmth!"  He turned around, and the digimon assembly ooh-ed and aah-ed in awe.

  "I love it too," murmured Angewomon, wrapping her arms around him again, "my dark archangel."

  A new life had begun for Myotismon as the Guardian of Tokyo, beginning on Christmas Day.  The entire world, somehow, got informed out of it.  Was it because it was on the front page, like the news of Rosseau's capture.  He was wanted in 37 states and five countries, it turned out, and Rena capturing him had earned her a reward that was more than money: popularity.  She was frequently visited by the vampire and the angel on special occasions, but that, other than defending the world from unwanted visitors, was the only time he came down from the sky.  Chip Tajiri, former nerd, had also become a good acquaintance.  The digi-destined were also the only ones who could travel into the sky to see him.  Tokyo, as well as Earth, had gotten one of its greatest Christmas gifts ever: a guardian, his angelic bride, and his bodyguard.

  To this day, some say he can still be seen at his post in the clouds, keeping a watchful eye out for his city, so far away yet so close.  With Angewomon at his side, he silently rules over Earth in a new way, defending it in times of need, keeping peace throughout all dimensions.  Everyone knows of his presence and respects him, knowing that without him, chaos will ensue.  He was once a vampire, once an angel, but he is now a combination of both.  He is known by his title of Myotismon, the Dark Archangel.