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Explosive Dragon

Wildfire & Dragons

In Which Draco Is Obessed With A Muggle TV Show & Harry Regrets Ever Showing It To Him

"That was awesome, yeah!" Draco cheered as they finished the last episode of Game of Thrones season two. "Let's watch season three, yeah!"

"No," the raven next to him said picking up and closing the laptop. "I want to watch Criminal Minds."

As Harry entered his workshop after a long night of marathoning Criminal Minds he was greeted by the sight of his best friend wearing muggle lab coat, surrounded by several cauldrons filled with some kind of glowing green bubbling liquid, and laughing like a manic.

"What are you doing Draco?" Harry asked eyeing the glowing green goo. He may not have known what it was, but if it was made by Draco it was probably flammable.

"Creating wildfire, yeah!" the pyromaniac cackled as he added what smelt suspiciously like kerosene to one of the cauldrons. "Pass the blowtorch, yeah."

"You are aware that wildfire isn't real right? Game of Throne is just a TV show." Harry pointed out as he levitated the requested blowtorch to the blonde. "And even if you could somehow recreate wildfire, who gave you permission to do it in my workshop?"

"So I'm a pyromaniac with access to magic, yeah." Draco laughed as he torched the caldron he had just poured kerosene into, causing a eruption of green fire. "As if fictionality would ever stop me, yeah."

The Boy-Who-Lived sighed as he drew his wand to extinguish the flames. "Aquamenti."

The spell failed to douse the magical fire.

Draco cheered as he watched his creation burn. "I've done it, yeah! Praise the Lord of Light, yeah!"

"...Why did I ever think introducing you to the Game of Thrones was a good idea?" Harry asked himself as he watched his friend celebrate his success. He really shouldn't be surprised that Draco tried to recreate wildfire after seeing what it had done to Stannis's ships.

Harry had been in the middle of working on his latest project (creating an antidote for two of his most recently created poisons) when he heard the massive explosion outside. He had almost dropped the ground lavender into the wrong caldron.

"What was that, Harry-sama?" Colin asked looking up from his assigned book on monkshood. "Is Draco trying to recreate the Kamehameha again? And if so should we go with Plan D-4, D-7, or V?"

"No, we don't need to use any of the Plans." the Boy-Who-Lived sighed. "Given that he's recreated wildfire and the explostion came from outside in the direction of the black lake I'd guess that he's recreated a certain scene from the Battle of Blackwater."

"Do you have any idea what that little stunt of your's has done, Mr. Malfoy?" Professor McGonagall demanded glaring furiously at the blonde student in front of her. "Half of the merpeople living in the black lake are dead along with at least a third of the native wildlife!"

"So, yeah?" Draco asked boredly tilting his head to the side. He honestly didn't understand the problem, so what if a few merpeople died in the creation of his art. If anything they should be happy to die in such a glorious manner. Draco planned to do the same, exept he was going out in a bang not a blaze of fire.

"So? So?" the transfiguration teacher repeated indigently. "You killed a hundred and twenty three merpeople! Not only are they an borderline endangered species, but they are also sentient creatures! If it were up to me I would have expelled you for this! Bu-"

"This is a violation of my first amendment right to practice my religion, yeah! I am a follower of the great Lord of Light, R'hllor, yeah! Seriously I just filed the paperwork yesterday, yeah." the pyro said stamping his foot and pointing at his head of house accusingly. "I demand a lawyer, yeah!"

"We're not in America!" Professor McGonagall growled slamming her hand down on her desk. "And even if we were this is a private school, so that doesn't apply!"

Draco scowled looking away. "I still demand a lawyer."

"You don't need a lawyer! For reasons I can not comprehend the Headmaster has decided against expelling you, dispite all of your past misdeeds! Instead of expelling you, he given you detention with Professor Snape for three hours after school every day till the end of the year!" the cat animagus snapped. For the life of her Minerva could think of no good reason why the boy before hadn't been expelled long ago. He was a menace.

"So two weeks of detention, yeah." Draco shrugged turning to leave before thinking better of it. This was the perfect chance to say the line and make a cool exit. "The night is dark and full of terrors. Good night Professor."

And then Draco left, leaving an angry and confused professor behind him.

Harry questioned his student as he turned the page of his book. "Colin, what poison is found in monkshood?"

"Pseudaconitine," Colin answered not even bothering to look up from his own book. "And given the vast quantities the flower contains once monkshood is eaten death is almost instantaneous. It's so poisonous that even mere skin contact can result in death by asphyxiation."

"Correct as usual, and-" the raven was interrupted by his phone going off. The ringtone (that was definitely not what he had originally set it to) gave away the caller.

"What do you want Draco?" Harry sighed as he answer the phone. Draco rarely called him unless he needed something or was bored out of his mind. "And when did you change my ringtone?"

"Well my man, I'm in jail and I need you to pay my two hundred gallion bail, yeah." the blonde answered shrugging. "They only accept hard cash for bails and I don't have enough on me to bribe the guards let alone pay bail, yeah. As for your ringtone I did it last week, yeah. I rather like Pryomania, yeah."

"I'll do it if you pay me three hundred gallons afterward." the Boy-Who-Lived agreed deciding to let the ringtone go. "And why are you in jail?"

"Apparently three baby dragons where found in my room when the auror's raided our mansion, yeah. I, of course, had nothing to do with them and am totally being framed by some one who's house I burned down five years ago, yeah." Draco explained playing with the box of matches that the guards had failed to confiscate from him. "Their presence has nothing to do with my recent purchase of all the A Song of Ice and Fire books or my desire be like a certain badass Mother of Dragons, yeah."

"Where did you even get three baby dragons? The crack down on the dragon trade has made it difficult for me to even get my hands on dragon venom." Harry demanded. "Tell me who your supplier is!"

"Just because I'm a known pyromaniac and Game of Thrones fan doesn't mean that I had anything to do with the dragons, yeah. I've already called my lawyer and she said that theirs no way that they can convict me, yeah." the blonde pouted in mock offense. "The warrant for the search specified that it was a search for my father's suspected illegal items, not mine, yeah. I wonder how they'll justify entering and searching my room, yeah. I had three dozen sound proofing and protection spells on that place, yeah. They would have really wanted to get into a teenage boy's room, yeah. My lawyers going to have so much fun with that, yeah."

"As interesting as I find your defense strategy," the raven said staying focused on his primary objective of obtaining a new venom supplier. "I seriously do want to get in contact with your supplier. If they can get you three baby dragons then they should have no issue getting me venom."

"I have no idea what your talking about, yeah." the pyro hummed. "I might if you could come and get me out of jail, yeah."

Harry sighed. "I'll be there in an hour."


"Are you going to do anything about the feud that your minion's gotten into that that first year, yeah?" Draco asked as the two walked to their potions class. The blonde was actaully mildly curious about the entire situation. The level of anamosity between the two boy was crazy. Last he'd heard the Nigel was in the hospital wing puking his guts out and everyone suspected that Colin had caused it. Nobody could prove anything of course, Harry had taught the brat well.

Harry looked at his friend with clear confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh this is rich, yeah." the blonde pyro laughed. Harry was completely oblivious to the war between his minion and fanboy. The shitty artist, the one who prided himself on know these kinds of things didn't know about any of it. "I can't believe it, yeah!"

"What do you find so amusing?" the Boy-Who-Lived demanded still completely confused by Draco's outburst.

"Nothing, yeah." Draco waved him off still grinning like a manic. "It's nothing at all, yeah."

Who Let The Dogs...I Mean Cats Out


"Hurry up Akamaru," A larger then average kitten hissed at his slightly smaller litter mate. "We're going to miss our chance to get out of this hell hole."

Akamaru struggled to lift his small fluffy white body out of the painfully pink cat basket that their 'owner' had placed them in. "Can't, need Kiba help."

Kiba scampered back to the basket and his little brother/partner. Carefully hooking his claws into the top of the basket he pulled himself up and jumped back down into the nest. "Ok Akamaru here the plan, you try to jump up again and I'll push you."

The younger kitten nodded before leaping up, trying to get out of the cursed basket and get to freedom. His little claws scrabbling at the edge trying and failing to get a grip. Kiba used his head to push his sibling over the edge and out of the basket. The larger kitten climbed out and joined Akamaru on the floor. "Come on, we need to leave before she comes back."

Both brothers shuddered at the thought of that horrible pink monstrosity catching them.

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