Tails Vs. Dora the Explorer

Note: I crated this crossover fanfic because I hate Dora, I also wrote this for laughing material for the internet to enjoy Rated T for Violence and Language

"Tails I need you to test this machine for me" Said "Pfffft,Hell no!" Said Tails "I know it's one of your evil schemes Eggster, last time you asked me to be a test monkey for a time machine, you nearly caused a paradox dammit" Afterword, there was an awkward moment of silence. "You see Tails..." Said the fat man "My dream was to torture Dora the Explorer and I need you to test this escape proof torture device on her" Tails thought about it. He always wanted to torture Dora, but he wasn't sure if he could trust Eggman. He thought about it a little bit more than smirked. "Ok Eggface, I trust you" Eggman hands Tails the device. "All you have to do is press the red button to Start the machine and it will do it's thing" Said Eggman. "But..." Asked the two tailed fox, "How do I get to Dora?". Eggman hands Tails yet another device, "It's a teleportation devi..." "No shit Sherlock" Said Tails interrupting Eggman's sentience "All you have to do is press the blue button to go to Dora's homeland" Said Eggman, "But do not lose the device, it's your ticket back to Station Square". "Ok" Said Tails With a proud expression on his face "I won't let you down Eggster". He pressed the blue button and ZAP! He was gone in a flash.

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