A/N: Just a silly crackish fic for Independance Day- Happy 4th of July! I was also tired of watching President Laura Roslin die (or First Lady Marilyn whichever one it is ;) Disclaimer: I own nothing of any sort.

"The Doctor's... Think you're gonna be just fine."


A whooshing sound emitted from the side of the bed and the couple looked up. A big blue box had materialized in the hospital room.

The President and his wife looked on in bewilderment. "What?"

It read 'Police Public Call Box.'

A man in a bow-tie stepped out of the box.

"Oh! Oh. Oh my. Um, hi. Was I interrupting something?" The man spoke in a British accent.

A mysterious blue police box seemed so little compared to giant ships of aliens intent on bombing the world.

"Um, what date is it? No, wait, never mind." The man stuck out his tongue and smacked his lips a few times.

"Oh! July 3, 1996- the day before the American Independence day. Ooh. Is that...?"

They both stared.

"Internal bleeding..." The strange man murmured sadly.

The bow-tie man looked down and then up before muttering, "This isn't a fixed point- tomorrow is."

He grinned. "Be right back?" The man dashed inside and then came back out within a few minutes.

"Here." He lifted his palm and golden sparks wafted into the air.

The president started out of his shock and began to get up but the British man quickly waved him down.

"Nanogenes. Very nice healing factor. She'll be right as rain in a few minutes. Actually, that doesn't make sense. What's right about rain?"

Thomas and Marilyn both looked at each other in bewilderment. The golden sparkles finished tending to her and they flew back into the man's palms.

"Good day."


The man turned and said with a grin, "Yes?"

"What did that do? Who are you?"

"You'll find out soon enough... And- well, most call me the Doctor."

The Doctor stepped into the box and vanished.

A doctor came back into the room with a clipboard and glanced at the computers. He gave a start and then began typing furiously. After a second he turned to the President and the First Lady.

"Ma'am? I am happy and astonished to say that you are completely healed! It's a miracle!"

The couple just grinned.