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How long I was out, what I did. Gone. I have no memory of what happened. I can make a solid assumption based off of the burning forest behind me, but I do not know for sure. Perhaps they were right locking me up in there, perhaps I am to great a menace to let free. What ever their reasoning, I think what I just did justified their decision. How did this happen? I thought that leaving that damned place would save me from my insanity, but I was wrong. How cruel is the world that I escape one prison just to be caught in a much more torturous one.

Entry 3 (I assume)

Giratina turned away from the flames and cradeled his head. He could scarcely believe that he did that, but the evidence was undeniable. He had burned the forest and killed dozens of innocent lives. Worse though, he had undoubtably drawn her attention. She would send him back to that evil place. Perhaps is was for the best though. He had proven that he had no ability to control his actions. He didn't deserve freedom. He didn't deserve happiness.

"My lady, we are getting reports that there is an incident in eastern Sinnoh. The local pokemon, well those who survived, claim to have seen a demon destroy their homes," a Latios said. He had just heard the news himself, and wasted only enough time to check its validity before delivering his report.

"Surely it couldn't be him? There is only one entrance and exit. I felt certain that he would never think to look where I had hid it," she said, her voice wavering a little. Her face betrayed fear. "We stopped him once, sure, but I don't know if we can do it again. He is undoubtably powerful and on the trail of blood again."

"Milady, do we really have much of a choice in the matter? Even if we fail we must try. We are honor bound to do that much," He replied, but he did not know the threat as she did. He had not seen his power, his hate, his passion. It is a powerful thing to witness, and she wasn't sure if she could do it again.

"I suppose you are right. We cannot allow his violence to spread. For better or worse I must fight him. It is a pity it turned out this way. I had hoped that time would soothe his anger, but nothing seems to have changed." She said rising. The stakes were extremely high. If she didn't defeat him the whole world could be plunged into evil, but would it really be any different if she didn't act on it?

"Dammit, why did this have to happen now?" Giratina asked staring at a freshly formed crater that had been home to dozens of pokemon. Why had his insanity taken over after his escape? Shouldn't escaping the Distortion World have cured him of all of his mental instabilities? He didn't have long to ponder his next move as he heard his name called with a thunderous crash.

"Giratina, come here and fight me," Arceus called standing, as she looked down on him, looking calm as ever. If he hadn't known her so well he would have no idea she was scared shitless of him.

"Arceus, I am not here to fight," he said, knowing damn well that she would assume otherwise. How was he supposed to explain that he had no control over his actions?

"Are you not? I daresay that crater disagrees. What, did you think that you could start killing people and I wouldn't care much? You must have lost your damn mind," she said, not believing a word he said. Why should she?

"Exactly. I am having moments of insanity. I didn't willingly do this Arceus," he pleaded. She had to believe him even though she had no reason to. He wouldn't believe himself if he was in her shoes.

"Prove it," was her simple reply. Giratina knew he was screwed. There was no possible way to prove his insanity to her. All he had was one desperate plan that could be shot down easily.

"I surrender. I give myself over to your judgement without fight," he said lowering his head in submission.

"You know this doesn't convince me," she said narrowing her eyes, expecting some sort of trap.

"I know, but it is a start. There is no reason for you to believe anything I say or do," he said not looking up.

"Very well, follow me back to the Hall of Origins." she said turning.

Well, this turned out better than I expected. When we got back she didn't return me to my own personal hell, but instead locked me in a small cage. I don't really know what is more preferable. I hate small spaces. With a passion. I need out of here. It is driving me crazy. Still, I guess it is an improvement anyways. At least here I get to see people. I am not completely alone. I see medics, legendaries, children, and even her on a regular basis. Interesting stuff, I guess.

Entry 5

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