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Warnings: This fic will contain triggers, some swearing, scenes of a sexual nature and some dubcon moments. If that's not your cup of tea, this one's not for you.

Give Unto Me

Chapter 1: Incentivising Insemination

"Have you seen the Prophet this morning Hermione?" Harry asked of her when Hermione Granger made her way into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, her feet clad in their bright pink bunny slippers and her hand covering her mouth on a yawn.

"I just got up, Harry," Hermione laughed at the notion, causing Harry to blush.

"It's disgusting," Ron raged over his breakfast, furiously stuffing hunks of sausage into his mouth and looking half-crazed, his red hair standing in a rumpled mess and his blue eyes wide and angry.

"What is it?" Hermione asked, glancing at Harry who came over looking rather fraught and a little disgusted to hand her the paper before making himself and Hermione a cup of tea.

Hermione smiled at him in thanks as she accepted the paper and reached for some toast. She, Harry and Ron had spent the summer in the aftermath of the Final Battle living at Grimmauld Place, waiting on the time when they would be able to return to Hogwarts to complete their final year of education. The Ministry and Headmistress McGonagall had granted everyone who had suffered through the year of Voldemort's control over Hogwarts the opportunity to repeat the year as it should've been studied. Hermione wondered how they intended to deal with having a flood of new first years coming in and sticking them in classes alongside last year's repeating first years. The class sizes would be huge. But that wasn't really Hermione's problem. The fact was they were repeating their seventh year.

As such, they were returning to Hogwarts in September.

"More stories about known Death Eaters weaselling their way out of Azkaban and claiming the influence of the Imperius curse?" Hermione asked Harry, unable to even look at Ron when he was exhibiting such disgusting manners. She had to check. More than once since the Final Battle she'd begun reading the paper only to be caught unawares by some horrid and ridiculous story that made her blood boil. Just last week there had been an exposé on the life and death of Remus Lupin, riddled with inaccuracies about his allegiances during the war.

She, Harry and Ron had grown so angry with the report that they had stormed the Prophet office in Diagon Alley and had demanded that they run a re-write apologising to the friends and family who had survived Remus for their pain and to ensure the truth about the werewolf was known by the world. Hermione tried not to think too hard about how she'd hexed several unhelpful assistants, secretaries and reporters who had tried to interfere with their mission to speak with the editor of the paper, demanding stories and snapping photos of the trio whilst enraged.

"Not this time," Harry said grimly, "It's worse."

"Am I going to accidentally set something on fire again?" Hermione asked seriously. That particular incident had been a result of an article by Rita Skeeter, who was once again at large and printing lies, that had attempted to romanticize the war.

"Honestly, I'm not sure," Harry admitted, "Just read it."

Sighing to herself and making sure to take a deep, calming breath, Hermione focused on the front page of the newspaper and felt her stomach turn immediately when she saw the headline.

Incentivising Insemination

Early yesterday morning reporters of the Daily Prophet were approached by the Ministry of Magic in regard to a delicate matter indeed. It seems that as a result of the wars, the decrease in the population of magical folk within wizarding Britain has become a problem. With the number of births not yet increasing despite the end to the war, the Ministry has instigated an insidious offer to incentivise young witches and wizards to contribute to replenishing the population.

According to the Ministry, there has been put into effect an incentive to encourage witches and wizards to begin reproducing, offering highly coveted rewards to anyone of age, in accordance with their guidelines, if they consent to becoming parents.

That's right folks. The Ministry wants to bribe you into having babies.

As if this notion wasn't insulting enough, the Ministry wants not only to bribe people into parenthood via a Five Thousand Galleon bonus at the time of birth for each couple; they also want to stipulate who you play parent with in order to receive additional personalized rewards for doing so.

You read that right. They want to tell you who to breed with!

According to Ministry representatives there is a list of approved matches that the Ministry will bend over backwards to accommodate, should both parties consent to reproducing with one another.

Full details of what one must do to be eligible to receive the incentives for each party on the List of Matches have not yet been disclosed, however, it is confirmed that the Ministry is willing to offer these folks whatever they might want in return for their cooperation. It is however, a requirement that the reproduction take place between each stipulated pairing in order for either party to collect their reward. It's not simply enough to go out and shag just anyone. A Ministry representative has confirmed that there is a contract in place regarding each Match, the terms of which must be met should each party wish to partake in the program.

In addition to that they want to start with the repeating 7th year students of Hogwarts. Rumours suggest that students will be specially accommodated and the school will be fantastically reimbursed to allow the pregnancy of students seventeen years and older and in fact, to encourage it. Headmistress McGonagall was unable to be reached for comment on the situation, however, members from the Board of Governors for the school have confirmed there have been several new additions to the school during the rebuilding following the Final Battle.

Such accommodations suggest that the contracts in place require each match to be coupled up even whilst at school for the term of each pregnancy. One can only imagine the potential for abuse, but then, if the students are already expected to be getting pregnant, what worse things could they get up to? Parents everywhere must now live in fear of the school fostering the idea of their babies being pregnant before Graduating. Merlin only knows that this reporter's parents would have been furious at such a notion.

Ministry representatives have provided the Daily Prophet with a detailed list of Approved Matches in order for anyone interested to begin looking into their incentivised insemination, which can be found on Page 2. Persons on the approved list are urged to contact the Ministry for further details of what they are being offered as an incentive and how to go about getting their contracts in order.

Hermione stared at the paper for a moment in disgust.

"Have either of you had a chance to look at this list of approved matches they're talking about?" she asked both boys, who sat eating and watching her read the article, waiting for her reaction.

"Why do you think Ron's so cranky?" Harry asked darkly, waving his hand and indicating that Hermione ought to flip to page 2 and continue reading the rest of the reason that her two best friends looked so horrified and cranky this morning.

"Be warned," Harry said, reaching out and stopping her for a moment before she could focus on the list of pairings that took up the entire second page of the paper, "You're not going to like it, Hermione."

Hermione nodded, holding Harry's green gaze for a moment before turning her attention once more to the list.

Anastasia Candlewurst and Nicholas Worthington

Angelina Johnson and George Weasley

Arabella Dontes and Michael Corner

Astoria Greengrass and Harry Potter

Charlotte Pennington and Terry Boot

Edwina Appleby and Seamus Finnigan

Ginevra Weasley and Blaise Zabini

Hannah Abbott and Ernie MacMillan

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy

Jessica Frankfurt and Charles Weasley

Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander

Padma Patil and Theodore Nott

Pansy Parkinson and Ronald Weasley

Parvati Patil and Dean Thomas

Susan Bones and Justin Finch-Fletcherly

Tiffany Entwhistle and Gregory Goyle

Tracy Davies and Neville Longbottom

Hermione stared at the list in utter horror, skimming over her own name for the time being as she searched for those of her closest friends. She felt sick to her stomach at the very idea of seeing her name published in the newspaper next to that of Draco Malfoy and at the idea that so many of her friends were paired with people they would never willingly choose to spend any significant amount of time with. The only exceptions she could see were Angelina and George's match, in addition to Susan Bones being paired with Justin Finch-Fletcherly and perhaps Hannah Abbott being paired with Ernie MacMillan.

The rest of the names on the list were nothing but a blur to Hermione as she tried to comprehend this new information. It just didn't make sense. Why would the Ministry want to bribe anyone, especially people matched this way, into having children with one another?

"Is this some sort of joke?" Hermione asked, lifting her eyes to those of Harry, choosing for the time being not to even look at Ron. She didn't doubt that the reason he was so furious had entirely to do with the notion of her being paired with Malfoy. Not that being paired with Parkinson would be any less appealing to him than Hermione's match was to her.

"I don't think so," Harry answered, "From what I can tell the article is correct. I mean, it's by some woman name Margret Duboir not Rita Skeeter, so I assume it's true. Isn't it disgusting?"

"It's awful," Hermione agreed, "I feel sick even just reading it. What could the Ministry possibly be thinking with this?"

"I don't know, but I'd like to find out," Harry answered, "What could they possibly have to offer all of us as an incentive to want to reproduce with such people?"

"It must be something they think we'll be unable to turn down," Hermione told him thoughtfully, "I don't imagine people like Malfoy are any more thrilled by the idea than we are and I can't ever see myself and him being civil to one another, let alone intimate enough to have a child together. What could they have to offer that would make either of us want to go for that?"

"I'll bet it's something you won't want to turn down," Ron said, his voice low and sinister sounding, causing Hermione to look over at him in concern. She'd never heard Ron sound so dark and unnerving. His expression was dark too and Hermione wondered what he thought they might have to offer them all that would have them go for the deal.

"I don't know," Harry hedged, "It would have to be something pretty sodding good for me to go for this idea."

"Oh, it'll be something good," Ron grumbled, looking moodily into the crackling kitchen fireplace.

"Why are you so angry Ron?" Hermione asked, frowning at him in confusion. Hermione didn't understand his mood. After all, it was one thing to be put out and disgusted by the notion of the Ministry offering to bribe people into having children. Especially people who didn't particularly like each other, but it wasn't something to be furious over. They weren't being forced to accept the deal. In fact they didn't even know the terms of the agreement.

"You'll do it," Ron told her without looking at her, causing Hermione to gasp in outrage and Harry to look annoyed, "You'll do it, Hermione. You'll end up agreeing to it, and so will Malfoy."

"And just what makes you so sure?" Hermione demanded, her own temper flaring at the very notion.

"What's the one thing you want but can't achieve?" Ron demanded right back, turning his angry blue eyes on her, "The one thing you've been trying to do since the war ended?"

Hermione felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach and her heart began to race inside her chest. The one thing she'd been trying to get done since the war ended was to restore her parent's memories. She'd managed to locate them a little over a month ago, but she'd been completely unsuccessful at undoing the memory charms she'd done on them. They still had no idea who she was and were currently still living in Australia. If there was one thing the Ministry could offer her that might make her even consider letting Draco Malfoy knock her up, it was the promise of having the Ministry's best people working to restore her parents to her.

A knowing look passed over Ron's furious face.

"And what do you think those Ministry bastards are going to offer Malfoy to get him to go for it?" Harry asked, clearly coming to the same conclusion that Hermione and Ron had.

"They'll give you your parents back by restoring their memories," Ron said coldly, looking away from Hermione and Harry and back into the fireplace, "They'll give him his parents back by releasing them from Azkaban."

Dread and horror threatened to consume Hermione at the very idea.