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based off of the song "Temptation" by Destiny's Child.

I know you see me watchin' you.

"Helga Why don't you get it cut and get it over with?" asked Pheobe as Helga blew her hair out of her eyes for the umpteenth time.

"Because if I cut get it cut and the woman cuts it too short then she'll stlye it and I'll end up looking like Olga. Then I'll not only be forced to kill her but myself as well." Stated the blond in a matter of fact fashion.

"O....Kay," answered Pheobe while giving her a look that clearly said seek help.

Helga just rolled, her eyes, slammed her locker,and started down the hall.

"Look Pheebs if I cut my hair then I loose one of the things that makes me purely me and not a wannabe. No offence Lilla" She called out the last as she passed the red head.

Lilla just gave her a dirty look and kept walking.

"Why do you tourture that poor girl?" asked Pheobe not even trying to hide her laughter.

" Because she's a fake and a wannabe. Plus," She added with a small smile, "Its sooo easy."

"She does make it easy doesn't she?"

"Hell yeah,"

The bestfriends continued to walk down the hall laughing. Passing our favorite football head.

"There she goes man. That is your mission. Do you accept it?"

"Gladly," Said Gerald rubbing his hands together "It'll be a piece of cake."

"Hey " He called as he and Arnold jogged to catch up with the two girls, "Hey Pheobe, how would you like to go out on a date with the sexiest man in school?"

"I'll tell you what, bring him to me and I'll give him an answer to his face," Answered Pheobe with an innocent expression on her face.

"OOOOOO that had to hurt." quipped Helga

"Shot down before he even took off. Harsh," Said Arnold grinning openly.

Helga and Arnold grinned at each other sillily.

Slowly the grin on Arnold face slipped as he looked at Helga, for what seemed to him, like the first time. when he was finally able to tear his gaze from her face it was to look her up and down, finally returning to her face. Aparantly what he saw pleased him because he smiled at her.

Helga blinked and blushed feeling slighty uncomfortable with the way he was lookiing at her. Helga shifted and turned her attention back to Pheobe and Gerald.

"Come on Pheobe that was an accident! She fell in my lap," Gerald said

Helga had to snort at that, which drew Geralds angry stare. Helga just gave him an innocent "what?" look. Gerald shook his head and turned his attention back to Pheobe.

"What about the cheerleader I see you around with constantly, uh? Won't she be upset that her boyfriend is trying to date someone else?"

"Thats not my girlfriend! We're just dating," Said Gerald.

Pheobe just made a snorting sound.

"Come on Pheobe give me a chance,"

"Not only did you cheat on me once before, but your 'dating' someone already. WHat do you think my answer is going to be?"

"Yes?" Asked gerald putting on his puppy eyes

"Try again, Baka!"

"I'd advise against that," interjected Helga.

"hey, babe" someone behind Helga said

Helga spun around quickly trying to hide her guilty flush."


Wait a minute why is helga feeling guilty. And who is that guy talking to. Better yet who is that guy?
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