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I sat in silence as dad drove the SUV to Beacon Hills high. It wasn't the first day of high school (or Freshmen year for me; junior year for my brother.) But it was our first day at Beacon Hills High.

It wasn't the fact that we were transferring schools; we had changed cities too. Beacon Hills was dad's hometown, and after mom... After the incident, he decided it was best for us two kids to get a head start where he had grown up. He even suggested Blake get back into lacrosse and I get back into archery and softball. We've both been playing and competing in our chosen sports since elementary school and we both had stopped when Mom... Died.

I take a shakes breathe and try to focus on something else... Anything else to get my mind off it.

"Bailey, are you ok?" My dad asked with concern as I met his gaze in the rear view mirror. I nod and pulled out the pendant he had given me. I remember it like it was yesterday, dad had just told me the 'family secret' and this pendant came with knowing. It was a wolfs paw print inside of a circle; pretty simple but it actually meant a lot.

"Dad remember we have lacrosse tryouts today." Blake said breaking the silence.

"Call me when it's done." Dad said dropping us off at the doors. I gave him a quick hug before grabbing my back pack and following my older brother inside.

I shifted my backpack on my shoulders. Me and Blake had already gotten are schedules and books, so no worries there.

"The lacrosse team has morning practice. Are you coming to watch?"

"Well what else am I going to do? Wait... I'll be back." I tell my brother as I head inside the cafeteria. I had spotted a Hot Cafe and decided I could use some coffee. Thankfully, they had my favorite; Medium Americano, black.

"Thank you." I say and smile as they hand me my cup. I go back into the hallway. I sigh as I catch my brother disappearing around the corner. "Blake! Wait up!" I yell as I pick up my pace. Just as I turn the corner, I crash into someone. I jump back just in time as the cup slips from my hand and spills all over the floor. A few drops splatter on my sneakers but that's it. "Oh my god!"

"I'm so sorry!" I hear someone yell out as they grab my arms to steady me. I look into blue-green eyes. A boy with brown-blonde hair is looking back. I shake my head to compose myself. "Are you ok?" He asks.

"I'm fine." I mutter looking down. Luckily, a janitor is walking by. He sees the mess and comes over.

"Why don't you kids get to class. I got this." He says with a nod of his head. I nod my thanks.

"I'm sorry about your shoes." The kid says again. "I'm Liam by the way."

"Bailey." I say as I tuck a strand of hair out of my face. "What class are you looking for?" I ask curiously.

"Not a class. The Lacrosse field." Liam says pulling out his phone.

"Oh! That's what I'm looking for too." I say and then laugh seeing Liam's confused expression. "My brother plays and wants me to come watch the morning practice." I explain just as we find the locker rooms. "I'll see you outside." I say with a small wave.

I sit in class and try to focus on the lesson but, I can't. I close my eyes and drum my pencil on my desk. It's only second period, and then lunch. Then my last three periods of the day. First I had Spanish, way to early for that, and now I was sitting in Algebra. Liam was in my second, third and last period. Besides him, I had met a girl named Violet who was in my second and fourth period. Those were my only two friends so far. I'm about to put my head down when I see something glistening out of the corner of my eyes.

I see a semi thin chain hanging around Violet's neck. I look a little closer and I gasp in shock, realizing what it is.

To anyone else, the necklace would look like a circular locker with a stone or diamond or whatever on the cover, like the purple jewel that covered Violet's. But it was far from a locket. I had one just like it in my backpack.

It was a thermal cut wire.

"As a reminder, it's an open tryout today. All positions available. This is a rebuilding season, people. Jackson's gone, Lahey's gone... Greenberg, the one guy I actually wanted gone... Was held back. Again. Get your asses on the field. " I hear the Coach yelling as I walk by the locker room. Liam was already in there but I went to the Hot Cafe to get another coffee so I was late getting there to just watch the practice. I head outside to the bleachers. I see two girls who look friendly enough and I take a seat in front of them.

"Are you new?" I hear a voice and I turn to see a pretty Asian girl with dark hair and dark eyes smiling at me. I nod my head with a small smile.

"I'm Kira." She continues on and holds out her hand. I take it as she points to the girl next to her. "This is Malia."

"I'm Bailey." I say as I scoot up the bleachers one seat so I'm sitting next to the girls.

"So why did you transfer?" Kira asks folding her hands together.

"Uh- we moved, from San Diego." I say avoiding her gaze.

"Why did you move?" Malia asks cutting into the conversation as the Lacrosse players do laps around the field as a warm up.

"My mom died." I say looking down as Kira and Malia both freeze.

"I'm so sorry." Kira says taking my hand.

"How did she die?" Malia blurts out. Kira gives her a small glare.

"Work related accident." I say looking at the field. The team has stopped running by now. I watch as two of them stop, one leaning on the other for support. The rest of the team is doing push-ups, half assing them except for Liam; he's pushing it out non-stop.

"What's wrong with you?" Malia asks suddenly looking at Kira.

" Me? Nothing. " Kira says shaking her head quickly.

"You reek of anxiety. And it's distracting. What's going on?" Malia grills Kira.

" Scott and I sort of had this thing happen. But it wasn't much of a thing. And I'm starting to think it never was anything at all. " Kira says looking down with a heavy sigh.

"Who's Scott?" I ask and Kira points to a kid on the field with thick, dark brown hair.

"Her boyfriend." Malia says looking back down at her book.

"He's not my boyfriend. We're nothing." Kira says twisting the lacrosse stick in her hands. I watch as my brother pours a cup of water over his head.

"What do you want it to be?" I ask Kira turning back to face her.

"More. " She says staring at Scott as the team lines up at goal. The goalie is in the net and every one else is lined up to shoot shots through, aiming to get passed the goalie.

Blake is first, and the goalie blocks his shot with ease. Liam goes next and his shot goes past the goalie. A few more kids go then Scott is up but his shot bounces off of the metal frame that supports the netting. I can hear the coach yelling but I don't pay attention to what he says.

"Isn't the captain supposed to be one of the best players on the team? Or at least good?" Kira asks with a worried look and I nod my head, assuming that Scott was the captain.

"McCall and Stilinski, grab the long sticks. You're covering goal for two-on-twos. Let's go! Line it up!" The coach yells as Scott and the kid he was with earlier get by the goal.

"Thats Stiles." Malia says proudly. Garret, a kid from one of my classes and somebody else I don't know, go up against Scott and Stiles who defend the goal with ease.

"That's my boys! Those two are like sons to me. " The coach yells as I shake my head. "That's how you do it! That's how it's done!" The coach yells again. Next up is Liam and Blake.

"Who's that?" Kira asks pointing at Blake.

"My brother." I say shaking my head as he gets knocked down by Scott and Stiles but Liam scores the shot. I smile proudly at my friend.

"That was luck!" Malia yells standing up. "Do-over!"

"Sweetheart, there's no do-overs. This is a practice. " The coach says waving her off while Malia cups her hands around her mouth to yell back.

"Ten bucks on Scott and Stiles!" She says crossing her arms with a determined look on her face.

"I'll take that action. Hey! Get back in there, Dunbar and Carson!" The coach yells and Malia sits back down with a proud and determined look on her face. The coach blows his whistle and the next thing is just a big blur as Scott, Stiles, Liam and Blake all end up in a big pile on the field. Scott and Stiles stand up, they appear to be fine but Blake gets up holding his arm and Liam sits up; but doesn't stand.

" I'm okay, Coach. I'm all right. Ahhh! I think it's my leg." Liam yells when he finally stands up. Scott and Stiles help him off the field and Blake follows.

"I'll see you guys around" I holler to Malia and Kira as I chase after my brother.

"It's a hairline fracture, but it'll heal soon." I tell my dad. "Yea... Ok... Alright. Bye." I say as I hang up my phone. "Dad said he'll be here soon." I say as I leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Blake yells after me and I ignore him as I look for Liam. I know he was brought to the hospital too.

I walk around for a few minutes until I find a nurse who gives me his number after a few minutes of begging.

"Honey.. He might be out of it. We gave him some painkillers but, the doctors are just now getting a look."

"Ok, thank you." I say as I make my way to room 302.

"It's broken, isn't it?" I hear Liam ask as I approach the room. I stop just outside the door.

"It's definitely going to need an X-ray. " The doctor says as he writes something on his clipboard. I pear around the corner.

"It's broken. And it's my fault." Liam says softly as he looks down defeated.

"You want to tell me what happened?" The doctor says crossing his arms over and giving a slight tilt of his head.

"I went up against two juniors. One of them is captain of the team." Liam says as he looks down at his hands. The young boy looks so defeated and the tone he's using right now could almost break me.

"Remember what we always say? Play smart, not hard." The doctor says placing his hand on Liam's shoulder.

"Are you mad at me?" Liam asks as he looks up, a worried expression on his face.

" No, of course not. Your mom might be mad at me for getting you into lacrosse, but maybe we should both wait for the X-ray before we panic. And trust me... I have more reason to panic than you. It's not over yet. Wait for that X-ray. " The doctor reassures Liam and walks out of the room. I wait until he disappears around the corner before going in.

"Liam?" I say standing in the doorway. Liam sits up at the sound of my voice. "Can I come in?" I ask and he nods. I go and stand by his bed.

"It might be broken." Liam says moving his ankle a bit. He grimaces in pain. I put a hand on his arm for support. He sighs and looks down.

"It's not your fault Liam. Accidents happen. If it helps my brother got hurt too." I smile.

"That doesn't help." Liam says looking into my eyes. I sit down on the edge of his bed. "I... I don't want him to be disappointed." Liam continues on.

"Who?" I ask curiously.

"My stepdad." Liam says, then seeing the confused look on my face."That's who the doctor was." I open my mouth to reply just when I hear a growling out in the hall. I get up with Liam right behind me as I look out.

"Hey! Anyone hear that?" I yell, then getting no response I turn around to face Liam. " I thought I heard someone... "

"Bailey!" Liam yells just as something tackles me from behind. I roll over to see a boy with white pupils and rows of sharp teeth. I pull my legs up and kick him back just as I jump to my feet and pull out the knife I keep in the waistband of my pants. I'm too late though as the teen drags Liam down the hall.

"Liam!" I yell getting a firmer grip on my knife as I run after them. I get to the stairs just as Scott does and I see blood on the walls and the rails.

"Who are you?" Scott asks as we run up to the roof.

"I'll explain later." I say pushing past him and swinging the door open. The crazed blood covered teen has Liam in a choke hold.

"Get back! " The kid growls.

"Don't. You don't need to do this. Whatever it is. Whatever you are, we can help you. " Scott says as we inch closer. " Let me help you. " Scott continues and for the first time I notice his red eyes and the other werewolf features he shows.

"Wendigos don't need help. We need food!" He roars just as Scott tackles him and they start fighting. I run over to help as Liam gets knocked off the roof, losing his grip.

"I can't hold on!" Liam yells as Scott bites his arm and the other kid knocks me back. Something large pulls him off me and throws him to the side before throwing a tomahawk in his back. Scott pulls Liam up as I stand up and the man puts a finger to his mouth-less face before disappearing.

"Liam!" I yell kneeling by his side, letting my knife drop. Liam hold his arm where Scott bit him and blood pours out of the wound. I look at Scott as Liam whimpers and yells in pain. "You freaking bit the kid!" I yell as I put an arm around Liam to comfort him.

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