It was a normal for Conker, he was heading to Berri's house.

Berri was in the living room.

Conker came in "Hey Berri." He greeted.

"Hey Conker." Berri said.

Conker closed the door.

Berri smiled, slapping his rear.

Conker yipped in surprise.

Berri kissed him.

Conker smiled "How's my naughty girl been?".

Berri turned around and wiggled her butt.

Conker grabbed her arm and took her to the couch.

"Are you gonna spank me?" Berri asked.

Conker nodded.

Berri went over his lap.

Conker raised his hand, bringing it onto Berri's bum.

Berri smiled, shaking her rear.

Conker smiled as he continued the action.

Berri giggled as her rear bounced.

Conker soon lifted Berri's skirt, revealing her white knickers.

Berri blushed slightly.

Conker went back to spanking.

Berri smiled as her boyfriend spanked her.

Conker stopped when her tush was pink.

Berri sat up and patted her lap.

Conker happily went over.

Berri gently rubbed his bum and began firmly spanking him.

Conker moaned happily as he was spanked.

Berri smiled as his bum bounced with each smack.

Conker relaxed over Berri's lap.

Berri continued for a few minutes.

Soon Conker's butt was red, he sat up.

Berri then asked "Do you want to play truth or dare?".

Conker nodded.

"Truth or dare?" Berri asked.

"Truth." Conker said.

"What do you like more me or spankings?" Berri asked.

"You." Conker said "Truth or dare?".

"Dare." Berri said.

"I dare you to take off your knickers." Conker said.

Berri did so, revealing her bubble butt "Truth or dare?".

"Dare."Conker smiled.

"I dare you to lick my feet." Berri said, showing her feet.

Conker licked them.

Berri giggled at that.

"Truth or dare?" Conker asked.

"Truth." Berri said.

"Have you ever spanked Pipsy?" Conker asked.

"Yes." Berri nodded "Truth or dare?".

"Dare." Conker said.

"I can't think of anything." Berri sighed.

"I win!" Conker cheered.