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I hated that Oliver blocked every single one of the shots I took with the Quaffle. Practice was ending soon, and I was glad. It was no fun today, at all. It just didn't make any sense to me. I could score on any of the other keepers. Today I was zero for only God knows how many shots I took.

I was getting really disgruntled as he threw the quaffle with a great heave to Angelina. She shot and scored. At that moment I wished I was Angelina.

Alicia zoomed up to my side and said, "Don't worry about it. You're just not having a good practice. But it's good in a way, because Oliver is doing well."

She was right. But Oliver was always great at Quidditch. I was glad that he was great, but I couldn't help feeling scorn. It just wasn't fair. He had natural talent, and I didn't. That means that I have to work twice as hard as him.

Don't get me wrong, Oliver is an okay guy. I know he's just being nice when he says "Next time, Katie!" and cheering me on. Maybe it's just because he is the captain and he has to be.

As he threw the Quaffle to me so I could have a go at him, he smirked. His smirk made me angry. It was like he thought or knew that I wouldn't make it past him.

I needed to prove him wrong. I put my game face on and zoomed toward him. With everything I could muster I threw the quaffle.

Of course Oliver made one of his glorious, dramatic dives to block it. God he is such a show off. But it passed him narrowly. I was so proud, I had bettered Oliver Wood.

Not that I hadn't before...but it was particularly sweet today. I was made to sit next to him in Potions class today, which wasn't too bad. I could tolerate him. But greasy Snape was handing back papers today.

I had stayed up late the day before it was due, writing it and perfecting it. Ok, so I admit that I am the Queen of procrastination. But, still I put my blood, sweat and tears into writing that bloody paper. Ok well, maybe I 'm exaggerating, but I really was proud of the finished work. I was so sure I was going to get top marks.

Snape handed my paper back with no emotion, much to my relief. I failed. I wanted to cry. But Katie Belel doesn't cry over papers. I wasn't that scary third year, Granger. I heard that the Boggart she was using in her DADA class turned into Professor McGonagall, and told her she failed all her classes. Failing was certainly not my worst fear. As far as I know I am fearless.

Next to me Oliver, got full marks. He was ecstatic. "I just through some things on a paper and handed it in! I can't believe this. I did nothing!" He was telling me. I was only half listening. Stuck in my own pathetic little world. I wanted him to shut up so badly. But, if I turned to him I might yell at him, then get yelled at by Snape. If I opened my mouth to tell him to yell at him, he would hear my voice waver, and then he would see Katie Belle cry. I must be PMSing or something.

Once, I got hit with a bludger and it broke my arm. I didn't even cry then. I just put on a painful grimace and bared with it the whole game until Harry caught the snitch, years later..well, you know what I mean. I don't even think anyone ever found out about my arm, except Madame Pomfrey,...and Oliver. He came and visited me. I was fine. I hated being treated like I was dying. I was fine. Curse him for that smile. He said that he needed me to get better as soon as possible. Just for his own pride, no doubt, so we could win against those slimy Slytherin. It was probably just important, if not more important, to me to win against them.

Still marveling at his crappy little master piece, he turned and addressed his girlfriend, Alisa, and showed her the grade. I never liked Alisa. I don't know why. She was pretty, popular and nice, too. Birds of a feather. But she always seemed a little fake to me. I couldn't tel if she magicked her hair like that or not. It was crazy; she kissed him on the cheek for a good grade? So stupid. It's fine that you live to snog each other but, please no PDA.

I was happy when the Quaffle flew past him. He snapped sarcastically and said "Nice job, Belle! I knew it was coming." And I couldn't help thinking that he let me score. It was just the kind of thing he would do, too. Conniving, and dishonest, and sweet as anything.

"Yeah, you did. There's more, if you like," I said sardonically. I wasn't trying to be mean but I can't help it, I'm a bitch.

"No, that's quite alright. I think that's all for today." and he turned around and yelled to George and Fred who were hitting bludgers back and forth to each other. "Bring it in guys."

We all landed on the ground and he said "All right, guys. That's all we've got time for." Then he smiled. At me. He did have a nice smile, but it just made me uncomfortable. And I kind of just stared back at him, blankly.

And practice ended, and it was about time. My two favorite twins came up and sandwiched me with arms around my shoulder we started walking. I like being the Weasleys favorite girl on the team. It's always fun. We were always pulling pranks on the rest of the team. Once Fred and I put one of his Weasley creations in Harry's locker. When it exploded, it was awesome. I'll never forget that look on Oliver's face. He was trying to be serious, mighty captain of the team, and yet I could tell he was bursting to laugh about it with the rest of us.

Alicia and Angelina started off towards the locker rooms. Harry and Oliver behind us.

Everyone left the locker room fairly quickly, but I spent a long time in the showers. I did not feel like going back to Gryffindor. I really wished that I had an Invisibility cloak to just wander around under.

When I got out of the shower, and had my clothes back on. Only Wood was left in the room. He sat writing about the days practice, no doubt. I half smiled at him sitting there. He looked like some little boy, drawing a picture.

That also just came naturally for him. If I was going to try for an innocent pose, people would tell me to "C'm off it, Belle. Smile like the idiot you are!"

I was jealous at Oliver for possessing raw talent at Quidditch, something I had naught. For being a great student, something I wasn't. Yup, he was about as perfect as was humanly allowed. He had someone to hold and kiss, I didn't. We were just really different.

And I hated him for always being so nice to me, even when I was being the world's biggest bitch. But if there was one thing we had in common, it was our immense love of sport.

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