Crossover between NCIS Season 2 and The West Wing (end of Season 4/beginning of Season 5)

Chapter One the top of the hour, Upfront with Tom Glassberg. Now, Erica McKenna with a news update from the ZNN studios in New York.

The Washington Dispatch and Washington Post newspapers are reporting that a group of high-ranking Republican congressmen met overnight to discuss President Bartlet's continued capacity to govern given the Qumari kidnapping crisis, now in its 11th day.

All four senators and six representatives named in the Post and Dispatch reports have refused to comment on the meeting. None have been seen on Capitol Hill so far today. House Speaker Glen Allen Walken also refused comment on the meeting.

Democratic Party leaders from both houses met the media briefly this morning, reiterating their faith in the President and his ability to govern. House Minority Whip Howard Van Gelt:

"This President has consistently shown he is able to handle crises from Day One. His actions, especially given the extraordinary situation we are in with our two kidnapped citizens, are probably the reason we haven't put troops into Qumar nor crossed paths with the Russians."

These are live feeds from Washington. On the left is a crowd gathering in front of the White House lawn for the 10th straight day, for a vigil later tonight for the President's daughter, Zoey.

And on the right of your screen is a smaller crowd gathering at the Navy Yard, in front of Naval Criminal Investigative Service headquarters for NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd. She was kidnapped 11 days ago by this man, Ari Haswari, a rogue Israeli intelligence officer now confirmed to be working with the Qumari regime. Four days ago we learned that Zoey Bartlet was kidnapped in Paris by a Russian mercenary also working for the regime, Sergei Mishnev.

And here is a live shot from our camerawoman on board the USS Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf. Just off its bow is the Russian supercarrier Ulyanovsk. Both carriers and their supporting ships are in the Persian Gulf, just off Qumar and its main port...


Navy Yard

Tony DiNozzo and Tim McGee looked down from the windows adjacent to the Major Case Response Team's bullpen, at the growing crowd gathering near the building.

On Day One - after Haswari called Gibbs and gloated that he had kidnapped Kate, following with his recital of the audacious demands set by the Qumari regime - forensics specialist Abby Sciuto created a small shrine for her best friend Kate.

By Day Four, when Mossad Officer Ziva David arrived to aid in the investigation - and Gibbs' team learned of her relation to Ari - the shrine had drawn over 500 people for an evening vigil nicknamed 'Pray for Kate and Zoey'.

"You going down there?" McGee asked Tony, as both saw the growing crowd gathering near the shrine. "Abby's there."

"Abby's always there," Tony said, solemnly. "She can be there for us. We're on the job."

"Yeah, I know," McGee said. "You haven't been there yet-"

"McGee, I was there to help Abby set it UP," Tony snapped. "OUR place is HERE. Trying to FIND her. IF they LET us."

DiNozzo turned, sulked to his desk, and stood there for a moment. Then, in a fit of anger and frustration, he screamed an obscenity and kicked the trash can right next to his desk. The can hit the nearby monitor and bounced back towards the aisleway in front of Gibbs' desk; the six paper cups of coffee, the empty Chinese take-out box and dozen candy bar wrappers formerly in the trash can were now spread out in front of the monitor.

"Tony," McGee said, as Tony stood in front of the monitor, his back turned from the probationary agent, and his hands clenched. "Tony...TONY! TONY!"

"WHAT?" DiNozzo turned and shouted at McGee. "WHAT do you want us to do? Go down there and hold a CANDLE? PRAY?-"


"STAND here, McGee? Like they want us to do?"

"I'm with you, Tony. I'm just as frustrated-"

"As what, Probie?"

McGee, as patient as he's been during this crisis with everyone - including Tony and especially Gibbs - had enough.

"As YOU, DiNozzo. I'm frustrated, pissed, waiting on THEM to save her. Pissed that we can't do something, that we're benched, that we got CAUGHT."

McGee stopped talking, seeing the four people coming their way from the rear elevator. Tony only noticed himself and the younger agent inching his way towards him.

"YOU really think YOU were going there?" Tony said, not caring about the growing crowd of staffers overhearing their 'conversation'. "YOU would've been here, in MTAC, or on a SHIP, while Gibbs, and ME, and Super Mossad Ninja and the SEALs went to rescue Kate and the President's daughter. But that's not gonna happen now, IS it? They're both DEAD, McGee, and it's the-"

Tony's rant was stopped cold, by a harsh elbow to his gut and a slap to the back of his head.

"GODDAMNIT KATE, WHAT in the HELL are you-"

Tony shut up, trying to figure out why Kate decided to dress like Abby, then realizing that this WAS Abby, and that Kate wasn't there, even if the elbow DID feel like Kate's own.

Abby, hands on her hips, spoke up emphatically a few moments later.

"Buster. You need to calm down RIGHT NOW," Abby said, as Tony noticed Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, his assistant Jimmy Palmer, and former assistant Gerald Jackson standing next to McGee's desk. "You going crazy like this, isn't going to do ANYONE any good."

Tony began to calm down, even as he began to feel the aftereffects of Abby's Kate-like elbow, and her faux-Gibbs headslap.

"Anthony," Ducky said calmly. "We understand your frustration, and feel it ourselves. This time of crisis is a time to remain CALM and rational...Anthony, that is what we need from you the MOST right now."

DiNozzo looked at Ducky, then back at McGee, then at Gibbs' empty desk, and finally at Abby, who reached out and drew him into a tight hug.

"We need you, the real you, the cool-headed YOU, right now," she whispered in his ear. "We're going to find her, and Zoey. Gibbs is NOT going to stand by and let something bad happen to them."

If only you knew the details, Tony thought.

He looked at his boss's empty desk.

"Where's Gibbs?" he asked aloud, to no one in particular.

"Upstairs. MTAC," McGee said. "With Director Morrow, Assistant Directors Vance and Shepard, Officer David and that scary little woman."


As he and the others watched the live feed from SEAL Team Six's joint operation with the Russian Spetsnaz officers, Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs kept hearing a song, running on a loop in his mind.

You are my grace and you are my home

And you dwell in my heart

You are my peace, and with you it's two

And dwell inside of me

All doubts, all the changes, I'm staying with you

All melodies, all directions, I remain yours

For you are what my heart has chosen

After all it has gone through

Yes you are what my heart has chosen

And to your embrace always returned... you...

Close to you, to your feelings

And with you it's real

Please excuse me if I did not say

You are in my room, my love

All the doubts ...

For you...

You are special, I know

And that is secret that connects it all

And without you, without your words

I am alone, I am lacking

All doubts ...

For you...

He heard the entire song - recorded on cassette, by its Israeli composer sung in Hebrew, given to him by Officer David - in his own voice (in English, of course).

Gibbs had worn his poker face well during this crisis, even when that song wormed its way back into his mind during the most inopportune of times.

No one, he judged, knew exactly HOW he felt about Agent Todd.

But they knew what he WOULD do to get her back.

Neither he, nor Morrow, Vance, Shepard, Ziva nor Henrietta Lange reacted visibly to the SEAL Commander's word that no one was in the so-called safe house, outside the Qumari capital. His own stoicism masked well the heartbreak in his soul.

"So we're back to square one," Morrow finally said, before stepping in front of MTAC's giant monitor. "Everyone. Give us the room."

After the technical assistants cleared out, leaving the six men and women alone, Vance walked over to a terminal. He punched a few buttons, and a moment later the images of White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry and Russian government official Anton Pavlenko appeared.