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Entering the main room of the Stitchers lab, Kirsten sees the body of a young woman lying in ice. Unphased by the group discussion going on in Maggie's office, the blonde enters the room asking, "Why didn't anyone call me?"

Turning around, the entire team in the program stares at her and her roommate who tries to show her unwillingness to be there.

"She died didn't she? Stitch me in," Kirsten commands pointing to the bay downstairs that houses their newest stitch.

"It's not that simple. She isn't like the rest of the people you've been stitched into," Cameron tries to explain.

"Is she human?"

"Yes, but-"

"Then I don't see what the problem is," Kirsten replies leaving the conference room and office to put on her wet suit. Cameron, Camille, and Linus exchange worried glances wondering if they can stop her.

"Her mind should still be fine though, right?" Linus queries. The other people shrug as they head down the stairs. When Kirsten comes into the room fifteen minutes later, Cameron, Linus, and Camille try to explain to her about the memories, but Kirsten ignores them and enters the tank of water and waits to be stitched.

"What do you see?" Cameron asks.

"I'm in a blue room. Maya is talking angrily with someone, her boyfriend maybe?"

"Anything else?"

"No, wait. There's a ring on the man's left hand. Maya wasn't married was she?"

"Not according to her records," Camille calls out. With a deep inhale, Kirsten lets out a steady breath before speaking again.

"I smell something off," She states, "It's a really strong fragrance. Can you turn the smell down?"

"Sorry, I don't have that capability," Linus states as he works with the controls on his console.

"Is there anything in the room that-"

"No. She's in her apartment, crying. Her memories are getting jumbled. I can't-"

The stitching operators watch as Kirsten quickly puts in the passcode to bounce before taking in a lungful of air and turning to the side of the glass container to vomit. Quickly, Cameron goes to help his friend while Camille turns away saying, "Not cleaning that up."

By now Kirsten is questioning her actions never reacting to a stitch as violently as she has today.

"You okay?" Cameron asks trying not to wrap her in a hug. As he stares at his friend with concern in his eyes, the man can see the questioning look in her eyes. Returning quickly to her usual demeanor, she states, "I'm fine, Cameron."

"You just threw up."

She nods explaining it is simply a side effect from the stitch before walking away.

"Yeah, I know. We were trying to tell you-"

"Kirsten!" Their boss calls cutting off her employee's rant. Sighing, Kirsten goes to change before heading up to Maggie's office.

"How bad do you think she's affected?" Linus asks coming near his friend. Cameron merely shakes his head wondering if Camille will want observation duty.