After agreeing to seek out help, Moordryd called Decepshun and together we headed to the one place I knew that might have answers. Once we arrived at Penn Stables, Moordryd gave me a frown clearly not happy at being here.

"Before you get mad I came here to see Connor. He knows more about the ancient legends than anyone I know." I told him after Quiksilva magged me to the ground. Giving his snout a pat I headed for the house, not noticing Moordryd and Decepshun exchanged an eyeroll. Leaping down he followed me as both our dragons headed for the stables, deciding to wait for us.

Just as I reached the front door of the house it opened and I jumped back, bumping into Moordryd as Artha stood in the doorway.

"Oh sorry, Rayne. Didn't see you there." Artha said as I shook myself. "What's up?"

"I have a plan to take down Armeggaddon and...why are you looking at me like that?" I replied, crossing my arms when his eyes went completely wide.

"For a second there I thought you said something about taking down Armeggaddon. You're kidding right?" Artha asked as I crossed my arms.

"No she's being serious." Moordryd muttered as I frowned at them both. "Rayne, there's no way we can take down Armeggaddon even with the other boosters."

"Wait hold up. Other boosters?" Artha asked as I rolled my eyes this time. Ignoring them I headed towards the dragon cave leaving Moordryd and Artha to catch up.

We rode the elevator in silence, both guys looking at me then each other before we reached the cave. Still annoyed at them for thinking I was being ridicouls I walked out and once I saw Connor I called out.

"Rayne? What brings you here?" Connor asked as I walked over. "Is something wrong?" He added, frowning at Moordryd once he saw the anger in my face.

"Rayne wants to find the other boosters and take out Armeggaddon." Moordryd said, giving me a glare. "That's a really stupid idea."

"Oh so I'm stupid now, is that it?" I growled stepping towards him. Before a fight could break out Connor put his hand on my shoulder. "He's the one insulting me." I muttered.

"The other boosters? Do you mean the boosters of power and balance?" Connor asked as I stood next to Artha's dad and I gave him a nod. "How do you know about them?"

"I studied the books Parmon lent me. So is it true that their gauntlets and amulets are missing? Can we find them?" I asked only for Connor to hold up a hand.

"Slow down. Finding the gauntlets and amulets will be very dangerous and difficult. They were sealed away many years ago and only the Dragon Priests know where they are now." Connor explained as I walked over and leant against a wall. "But they keep themselves hidden away and it will be very difficult to find them."

"Then I'll go since no one thinks I can do anything on my own." I grumbled as both Moordryd and Artha looking a little guilty. Before I could leave Connor called me back and I growled, thinking that he didn't believe in me either. "I'm the Light Booster and I've been trained in the ancient ways. I can do this."

"Not on your own. Look I'm going with you whether you want me to or not." Moordryd said and I gave him a nod, silently grateful.

"Hey I'm the Dragon Booster so count me in." Artha added and I broke into a grin as he and Moordryd walked over. "Where are the Dragon Priests?"

Once Connor gave us the last known location of the Dragon Priests we headed back to the stables. Once inside I called for Quiksilva who raced over, almost bowling me over.

"Yeah I'm happy to see you too, boy." I laughed as he licked my face. "Ready to go on a little trip?" I asked and he snorted, rolling his amber eyes at me.

"See even he thinks your crazy." Moordryd teased, chuckling when I put my hands on my hips.

"You know I'm seriously reconsidering this relationship. Just keep teasing me, Paynn in the butt." I grumbled, Artha laughing as I put a saddle on Quiksilva who leant down so I could adjust it.

"Hah, Paynn in the butt." Artha laughed, only to yelp when Moordryd Mag-Blasted him into the nearest wall. "Hey!" He yelled climbing to his feet and I narrowed my eyes at the pair of them.

"No fighting, guys. We're supposed to be working together to find the Dragon Priests then the missing gauntlets and amulets." I sighed as Quiksilva magged me and as he headed outside I wondered if it was such a good idea bringing them along.

Any excuse to fight, I thought as we waited near the track. Hopefully those two can control their tempers because I need them to work together if we're to have any hope of preventing a war between dragons and humans.