"Come on, keep up." Moordryd called as Decepshun raced along and I growled.

"I am." I grumbled, Quiksilva speeding up as I gripped the saddle. "Just shut up." I called out when I heard Moordryd's laughter. We were on our way back to the Dragon Eyes compound, keeping up a quick pace despite my head still not feeling right. At least my helmet stopped the ceiling from smashing into my face, I thought with a tiny smile as we gained on Decepshun.

It took a little longer to reach the compound due to the foot traffic and that gave me a few minutes to wonder about my newfound ability.

"How can I talk to other dragons? I thought I could only talk to you, 'silva." I said as Quiksilva waited for an Earth class dragon and his rider to move out of our path. Once they did, Quiksilva moved forward as I stared at the path ahead.

No idea, Rayne. Maybe when we talk to Connor he might know, Quiksilva growled as he raced along on the street, trying to make the ride back as smooth as he could.

"You think it's a good idea to talk to Connor, huh?" I asked him and he snorted, giving me a quick nod. "Cool then that's what we'll do. After lunch of course." I added, hearing a distinct rumble and he growled, a chuckle emerging. "Yeah so I'm hungry."

"If you guys are finished, we're almost there." Moordryd's voice interrupted and I looked over as he grinned at me. "But we'll never get there if you two don't hurry up."

"Oh you're hilarious, Paynn in the butt." I shot back, leaning close to Quiksilva. Whispering to him, he let out a low growl. In the blink of an eye we shot past Decepshun and Moordryd, who both stared as my Psi class dragon easily overtook them. "Try and keep up!" I laughed when they finally raced after us. I was so caught up I almost missed my Com Link beeping.

"Rayne, watch out! Wraiths!" Parmon yelled in warning. Confused, I looked around not seeing anything out of the ordinary. "Right in front of you...never mind." He muttered as Quiksilva hit something on the street and I yelled in shock. Grateful I'd kept a good grip on the handles of my saddle, I jerked forward as Quiksilva skidded across the pavement. Seeing the wall I braced myself not expecting him to leap towards it, rebounding off with a growl.

"Thanks for the warning, egghead." Moordryd snapped, Decepshun rushing over. With a screech, the wraith we'd slammed into righted itself. "What is my father doing, spying on us?"

"I'm not spying on you. I want you and Rayne to come to my citadel. I have...things to discuss." Word answered from the VIDD COM on its chest, not expecting Moordryd to steer Decepshun away from the wraith. "Moordryd, what are you doing?"

"I have nothing to say to you...father. Are you coming or what, Rayne?" Moordryd muttered and I sighed, looking as the wraith waited patiently. "Fine. You can talk to him." He added, Decepshun racing away as I watched.

"I'll be there soon, Word." I replied as Quiksilva snorted, looking at me with wide amber eyes. "I know but someone needs to talk to him. I guess it's me." I whispered.

With another screech, the wraith took off and Quiksilva hurried after it. Just hope I'm not doing something stupid once again, I thought as I cut off Parmon's voice mid sentence.

"Artha, she's going to see Word." Parmon told his friend who rolled his eyes. "Now where are you going?" He asked as Beau magged Artha.

"To follow Rayne...as the Dragon Booster of course." Artha said, reaching for his amulet. "Release the dragon."

Oblivious, we ran towards Word's citadel keeping the wraith within eyesight. "I hope we're not running right into a trap. Wouldn't be the first time huh, boy?" I said to Quiksilva who growled, his paws a blur before the citadel appeared in front of us. Not missing a beat the wraith keeping running and we followed on its heels, soon coming to Word's computer room.

"So you're here." Word said, hunched over his keyboard and I nodded. Quiksilva magging me onto the floor, I waited a little nervously as he turned around. "Where is Moordryd?"

"He couldn't make it, something about the academy." I replied. Before I could add to that Word held up a gloved hand and I stopped, not sure what to say as he stepped over to me. Now towering over me I tried not to shake as he frowned at me, his eyes cold.

"It wasn't enough to take my dragon, you had to take my son away from me too." Word whispered and I blinked as he turned back to his keyboard.

"I never took your son away. You pushed him away by keeping the truth from him." I growled and he spun around, furious. Stomping towards me, I watched as he pointed towards the door. "I'm not going anywhere!" I shouted, Quiksilva tilting his head to one side as I glared up at Word. "Your son loves you but you keep pushing him away. All he wants is for you to say you're proud of him but no, you can't even do that."

"I never said I wasn't..." Word trailed off when I snorted. "Why are you still here?"

"To tell you that Moordryd loves you! For dragon's sake he's all you have left of Zulay and you keep putting him down like he means nothing to you. Do you know how badly you've hurt him?" He didn't answer so I did it for him. "I was there when he needed someone who cares. Eventually I grew to want to spend time with him, unlike you who only uses him to steal dragons or boss him around. We're going to the academy together whether you like it or not." I snapped, spinning on my heel. Before I climbed back onto the saddle I let out a tired laugh. "Oh and by the way...Quiksilva chose me to be his rider and best friend. Deal with it."

That was...drac, Quiksilva growled as we headed towards the Dragon Eyes compound. The way you stood up to Word.

"Don't know why I said what I did. I guess I kind of feel sorry for him." I told Quiksilva, not understanding a word that my dragon growled. "I know that sounds really weird coming from me but without Moordryd, Word's kind of alone."

Let's just get back to the compound and rest for a while, my dragon growled and I nodded stifling a yawn. Arriving at the compound I grinned, waving at Cain who greeted me just inside the gate.

"Hey, how did it go with Word?" He asked and I shrugged, Quiksilva magging me. "That bad, huh?"

"Not bad exactly. I told him what I thought and Word let me go." I replied as I followed Quiksilva towards the stables. "Kinda glad he didn't sic one of his wraiths on me."

"Moordryd's been in his room ever since he got back. I tried to talk to him and he just ignored me. Like that's a surprise." Cain explained and I sighed, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

"He's just being difficult. I'll talk to him." I replied and Cain gave me a smile. "Before I forget could you make me a sandwich or something? I haven't eaten in hours." I asked and he laughed.

"Easy. I'll get Rancyyd to bring it to you." Cain answered, heading in the direction of the kitchen. After he left, I lead Quiksilva towards the stables making sure he had food and water in the nearest stable to us.

"I just hope Moordryd'll talk to me. After everything that's happened lately.." I gave Quiksilva a smile when he nuzzled me. "Thanks, 'silva."

Trust yourself, he growled before he headed over to the food trough. Dipping his head in, I watched him eat for a moment before I took a deep breath. Heading towards the living quarters I wondered if Moordryd would be okay.

"Guess I won't know until I try." I whispered, making my way towards Moordryd's room. Now standing outside his door I gently knocked.

"Go away, Cain! I said I don't want to talk!" Moordryd shouted through the door. With an eyeroll I knocked again. "What part of I don't want to talk do you not understan...oh." Moordryd said as he opened the door to find me standing there, eyes staring at him.

"Not who you were excepting huh?" I asked and he just shrugged, disappearing into the room. "Can I come in?"

"Knock yourself out." Moordryd muttered, slumping onto his bed and I rolled my eyes. Closing the door quietly behind me I headed over to the bed.

"Why are you being a pain?" I asked, sitting on the edge of his bed and he snorted.

"If my last name didn't give you a clue I don't know what to tell you." Moordryd answered, turning his head to frown at me. "Now could you leave?"

"I'm not going until you listen. I spoke to Word and while we have our...disagreements we both want what's best for you." Moordryd didn't answer and I sighed, lying beside him. "I know you think you hate him but he does love you. Yes and I know that sounds really weird coming from me but...I don't want to split you up."

"He kept my mother's death from me. That's impossible to forgive." Moordryd whispered and to my shock I heard him swallow. "Now are you done?"

"Stop it!" I yelled and he turned over, eyes wide. "Sorry but if shouting's the only way I can get your attention then so be it. You're lucky to even have a parent left, unlike me, so stop acting like you have a Dracoslug up your shorts." He didn't speak and I took a deep breath. "If you keep insisting on being a jerk I might rethink our relationship."

"Wow...where did that come from? You're sounding more and more like my father everyday." Moordryd whistled and I growled, turning onto my side so he couldn't see my face. "Rayne, look at me okay?"

"No...don't want to." I sniffed, fighting back tears of frustration and something else. "Made me remember you have a dad and I...I don't!" I buried my face into the pillow beside my head, sobbing uncontrollably. "No parents and you hate me!"

Rolling his eyes towards the ceiling with a sigh, Moordryd rolled over and after a slight hesitation I felt his arms wrap around my waist. I didn't resist and he pulled me against his chest, holding me close as I sobbed. "Shhh...for dragons sake will you calm down?" He hissed, glancing at the door to his room.

"No! I'm driving you and your dad apart! What kind of person does that?!" I snapped, eyes puffy and he sighed. I tried to curl into a ball, bringing my knees towards my chin but he gripped me tighter and I couldn't move. "I just keep messing everyone up." I sobbed, a little quieter now.

"Look if I talk to my father will you promise to stop blaming yourself, again?" Moordryd whispered, silently grateful that everyone in the Dragon Eyes had the common sense to keep their distance when he was in a foul mood. "Rayne, he messed up okay?"

"O..okay." I whimpered, closing my eyes which sadly didn't stop the tears from leaking down my cheeks. "Just...trying to help you and...your dad."

"Yeah I know. I didn't mean to yell at you." Moordryd answered and I sniffed, my version of a nod seeing as I couldn't move. "So...how's the head? And leg too, I guess."

"My leg still aches. Head itches too and I can't even scratch it." I complained, rubbing at my eyes with a hand. "Hey you're not allowed to laugh at me after you upset me." I grumbled, hearing a very faint chuckle.

"Hey I never agreed to that rule." Moordryd answered, freeing a hand and I sighed as he stroked my hair. "Besides you have a pretty hard head." He added and I managed a weak laugh.

"Yeah I kind of do. Not happy about a ceiling falling on me though. Could have gone a lifetime without that happening...and the Muhorta." I whispered, a yawn escaping as I snuggled into the blanket. "Just thinking about that makes me..."

"Scared?" Moordryd filled in, not expecting me to roll over so I was facing him.

"No...sleepy." I mumbled, snuggling into his chest. "You're warm."

"Yeah I already knew that. You know I'm supposed to be packing for the academy." Moordryd answered, wrapping an arm around me. "But I guess I can stay here for a while." Not that he had any say in the matter as I sighed again, eyes drifting closed.

Sometime later that day...

"How long is she planning on sleeping?" Cain asked, leaning against the doorway of Quiksilva's stall.

"What makes you think I know?" Moordryd answered and Quiksilva lifted his head from the trough, a snort escaping. "She's your rider."

Like that means anything to me, Quiksilva growled lowering his head again.

"Look if she doesn't wake up soon she won't be ready to go to the Dragon Academy." Swayy commented and they all turned to see her standing in the doorway.

"Fine I'll wake her up. Didn't know it was my job." Moordryd muttered, ignoring his friends' laughter as he headed towards his room. But as he opened the door he stared, finding the room empty. "Rayne, where did you go?" He whispered just as a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

"Gotcha!" I said, giggling when he snorted. "Your cheeks are bright red." I pointed out as I hugged him.

"No they're not." Moordryd protested not that I bought it. "I came past to ask if you're ready to go to the Academy tomorrow. If you can play tricks on me I guess you've already packed."

"Um...not exactly. But really what do I need anyway? I only have the clothes on my back, my helmet and Quiksilva...oh and you of course." I added when he raised his eyebrow.

"Speaking of clothes..." He trailed off, untangling himself from my grip before he started towards his closet. "I have something to give you."

"Ohh what is it?" I asked, eyes lighting up as he opened the closet. "I want to see."

"Calm down, you're the most impatient person I've ever met." Moordryd teased, turning around with something in his hands. "I was going to give you this at the academy but I don't think you can wait that long."

"Oh drac." I whispered as he handed me a jacket and long pants. "Is this...?"

"A racing jacket and pants? Yeah." He answered as I looked the outfit up and down. The pants were a deep purple, so dark they were almost black and the jacket had black sleeves and it was a lighter shade of purple. To top it off I noticed the Dragon Eyes symbol on the right side of the jacket. "What do you think?" He asked, blinking when I brushed my lips against his. "I'm guessing you like it." He coughed and I grinned, nodding.

"I love it. It's perfect." I replied, gently setting in on the bed before I gave him another hug that he returned. "Hey I never got to ask. Besides us and Cain who else's going?"

"Rancydd and possibly Swayy and Blarre." Moordryd answered, arms wrapped around me and I sighed looking at the bed. "You still don't like those two do you?"

"It's not that but after everything they've put me through...but you're the leader of the Dragon Eyes so it's your call." I replied and he gave me a quick squeeze. "I can pretend to get along with them if that's what you want."

"Rayne, they're not that bad. Give them a chance...in exchange for the racing suit?" Moordryd answered and I rolled my eyes this time, leaning in to kiss the tip of his nose. "Is that a yes?"

"It's a yes. Should have know you'd use the outfit as leverage." I complained. "I guess I can still Mag-Blast them into the stable wall if they annoy me." I added, giggling at the wide-eyed stare Moordryd gave me. "Kidding, kidding."