"Okay, guys, remember," Jack said. "This is a quick in and out. Find those invisble flying things, trank 'em, we're gone."

"Jack," Daniel said slowly. He raised on arm, pointing off into the woods. "Isn't that Apophis?"

Everyone looked; sure enough, there was Apophis tripping gaily through the woods with two Jaffa guards.

"I see that gold skirts aren't just for shipside," Jack commented. "Let's capture him."

"They're coming this way, sir," Sam noted. "And this looks like a great position for an ambush—plenty of cover, and we'll be shooting from about ten feet away."

"Sounds good," Jack said. "Remember, these guys aren't wearing helmets. Like Sam says, we're going to be about ten feet away from them, so I want headshots; one shot, one kill. Take your snipe, then immediately fire a burst into the body to be sure. Wait for my signal before firing."

Two minutes later...

"Agh, what was thaaaa..." Apophis said as a series of trank darts hit him in the chest, dumping enough sedative into his system to drop a herd of elephants and completely overwhelm his parasite's healing ability.

"—!" said the Jaffa as a pair of P90 bullets turned their brains into Jello. A split second later, Teal'c's staff blast made the second Jaffa's head explode like an egg in a microwave.

"Well, that was surprisingly easy," said Teal'c.

"Yeah, can you imagine if we had all sprayed bullets wildly and jumped up out of cover to shoot?" Jack said.

"Someone might have died!" Sam said. She glanced at the cooling bodies of the Jaffa. "Well, someone we like might have died," she corrected herself.

"Oh, cool," Daniel said as he stripped off Apophis's previously-shown-to-be-weaponized jewelry. "Check this out; it's some kind of personal forcefield. Would have stopped those trank dart cold—good thing we took Apophis out by surprise before shooting at the Jaffa."

"You are correct, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c added gravely.

"Okay, guys, round 'em up," Jack said. "I want to get Mr. Guyliner here into a nice comfy cell back at SGC; we can come back for the invisible bugs later."

[Team goes home, episode ends]