Chapter 1: Prologue

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Cleo sighed happily, unable to remove the smile tugging at her lips. It had to be at least two in the morning. The night was filled of such a large amount of emotion, she felt as if her chest was about to explode. She leaned her back against the door as she saw the car headlights pull out of the driveway in the corner of her eye. The night just then began to sink in, and Cleo's jaw dropped in excitement. The female dropped her bag and ripped her heels off.

"Guys!" Cleo shouted, already halfway up the stairs. The 'guys' were really Emma, Rikki, and Bella. Cleo only shared a flat with Rikki, but since Cleo was to be out for the night, the girls came around for a sleepover. After senior year, Emma arrived back home, filled with the wonders of the world. She was quite shocked to find Bella inhabiting the Gold Coast. Emma held her guard up at first, not trusting Bella completely, but this was soon solved after about a month. The girls were quick friends, as the girls were both level-headed and open to change.

Cleo reached the top of the staircase to see her friends sprawled across the futon in its bed form, marathoning old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"What are you on about?" Rikki asked, mouth stuffed with popcorn.

Cleo was standing in front of the television, hands folded over her chest, the unmistakable smile still stubborn in its place.

"Oh no, she's got a bad case of the Lewis bug." Bella giggled and looked at the other girls. Rikki responded with a hearty laugh, but nothing from Emma. Emma's eyes were frozen on Cleo's hands - the left one to be particular.

"Oh my god." Emma breathed out. Rikki and Bella furrowed their eyebrows in confusion, but then followed Emma's line of vision.

Sure enough, there was a huge rock on her ring finger, which led to a parade of screams, 'CLEO's, and 'YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED'S. All four girls jumped on the bed, and though she'd go to her grave denying it, even Rikki squealed.

After jumping up and down on the bed for a good ten minutes, the breathless girls formed themselves into a circle, all attention on Cleo.

"I honestly didn't know Lewis had it in him," Rikki said, shaking her head.

"How did he do it?" Emma asked quickly, anxious to know all the details.

"It was perfect - the music, our places, the adventure - was perfect. Lewis is perfect," Cleo replied, looking up as if the proposal was playing on the ceiling.. She was lovestruck, to say the least, and the task of getting some sense out of her was daunting to say the least.

"Oh my, somebody's in love," Bella laughed at Cleo's state - unable to even form proper sentences.

A distant ringing came from the corner of the room, and Cleo was shook out of her state. "Oh, that's me," Rikki said, as she went to retrieve her phone. The girls were looking at her in anticipation as a look of confusion crossed Rikki's face. "Unknown number. I'll be right back," Rikki explained, as she went downstairs to answer the call.

Emma, Bella, and Cleo continued to admire the ring that Lewis had so carefully chosen, and they got so lost in the excitement that they nearly didn't realize Rikki had came back. She looked taken aback, not able to take her eyes from her phone. Emma was the first to realize this, and she questioned with concern, "Is everything alright? Who was that?"

Rikki shook her head, "I - it was no one." Emma examined Rikki, and accepted the response. Emma had known Rikki long enough to know when she was trying to hide something. There'd be no use in prying, though, because Rikki could be more stubborn than a child who wanted ice cream.

Cleo continued to go over the details of the whole night over and over, each time Bella and Emma getting more into it. Rikki attempted to act like she was as into it as them - and no doubt, she couldn't be happier for her friend. It was the call she received that shook her up - more specifically the person who called her. Needless to say, she was a bit withdrawn afterwards.


It was a long night for the girls, no doubt. It had to be at least five in the morning when they fell asleep. The excitement over Cleo and Lewis getting engaged still resonated within the air. They were a young couple - both the age of twenty three, but they were Cleo and Lewis. They just worked, and everyone had seen it coming from the age of sixteen.

When Bella awoke, she had a massive headache. Somehow, she'd ended up on the ground - whether she was kicked off or she rolled off - who knew. She felt disgusting and exhausted. She looked to see if any of the girls were up. Cleo and Emma were passed out on the bed, and Rikki was nowhere to be seen. Bella glanced around for a clock and it was an early eight o'clock. Bella had this habit where she couldn't sleep more than three or four hours when she wasn't in her own bed. She groaned, and made her way to the kitchen where she presumed Rikki would be.

Bella spotted Rikki as soon as she made her way down the stairs. Rikki was observing her coffee intently. She seemed to have been in deep thought, as she continued to stir her drink without taking notice of Bella. It was quite a surprise, seeing her up, as Rikki had always been the latest riser of the girls. "You're up early," Bella observed.

Rikki's eyes shot up - she looked startled. She recovered within a matter of moments and responded, "Yeah, couldn't really sleep last night - er, this morning." She shrugged, and began to sip her coffee.

Bella raised her eyebrows, "Why's that?" Bella began to make her way to the fridge. It was no surprise that she knew her way around the flat. All the mermaids gathered here multiple times whether it was full moon day, or simply a girls night. Bella scanned the shelves of the fridge, and her eyes set on the fruit salad that was in the front of the fridge.

Rikki answered quickly and sharply, "Nothing. It doesn't matter." Soon realizing the harshness of her response, Rikki added, "Sorry, I'm just tired and -," Rikki was about to add on, but stopped herself from venturing further into her thoughts. "Just tired," she concluded.

Bella was surprised at the fiery response from Rikki, especially so early in the day. Bella shook her head and insisted, "No, it's my fault for prying." After knowing Rikki for such a long time, Bella knew when a red flag was popped up. Rikki had her boundaries, just like everyone else. Bella then went for a new conversation, "So, what are your plans for the day?"

"Nothing, really. I'll probably just catch up on my sleep and go for a swim. You?" Rikki responded, cooled off from her outburst just a few seconds ago. The call she received earlier had set off a whole lot of emotions - all of which Rikki did not want to deal with.

"I'm actually helping Will with moving today," Bella answered, leaving out Zane's name. Sure enough, Zane and Will were renting a flat together. While they hated each other years earlier, they'd attended university together - and they just so happened to be roommates. They learned to stand each other, and eventually they became friends, hence the moving in together after college was finished. Rikki and Zane kept their distance from one another, and when they did see each other, sadly enough, they acted as if nothing happened between them. They went back to their usual routine of ignoring each other, no matter how badly they wanted to look back. Neither of them were very good with handling their emotions - never had been.

"Oh," Rikki responded shortly. She knew Zane and Will were moving in together, and the topic of Zane remained to be an awkward, touchy subject. The girls sat in silence for a few moments, then Rikki made an offer, "Hey, I think I'm gonna head for a swim to Mako. You up for coming?"

"Actually, I think I'm gonna try and sleep some more. You alright on your own?" Bella asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Always am," Rikki responded with a smile and wink, as she made her way for the door.


Emma groaned as the sunlight invaded her eyes. She stretched her arms out, and breathed in deeply. She sat for a minutes, letting the previous night sink in. First they were swimming, then ate pizza and watched some television, then Cleo arrived and... she was engaged! The excitement gave Emma a burst of energy, and she jumped out of bed. Her eyes had adjusted, and her eyes wandered the room for a clock. When her eyes landed on the blue dolphin clock placed on the coffee table, she nearly had heart failure. The clock read 2:30 in the afternoon. Emma was always an early riser, so you can imagine how late this must've been. She glanced over to find Cleo still asleep - in fact, she was laughing in her sleep. That was a quirk of Cleo that Emma had noticed years earlier, at one of her previous sleepover birthday parties.

Emma's schedule was now completely thrown off, which she was not fond of in the slightest bit. Sure, breakfast was delicious at any time of the day, but Emma felt helpless when she would up with most of the day gone. She sighed remembering she had to wish her parents farewell, as they were going on a trip to volunteer in Uganda. They'd asked Emma to come with them, but she chose to stay home and try to sort everything out, now that she'd completed university. She majored in education, and had been helping out and being a student teacher in some of the Gold Coast schools.

Alongside Emma, Elliot was also to stay home. He'd grown up to be a responsible boy - almost as much as his older sister. He wanted to stay home, and finish his final year of school with his friends. He stayed in their childhood home, and Emma promised to keep a close eye on him.

Emma decided she should get a move on, and get ready to wave off her parents. She wrote a small note to Cleo, and talked to Bella for a bit as she passed through the kitchen. Her day had just started...already halfway over.


And, I suppose that's where you could say it all started - that particular night. Little did the girls know what trials and tribulations the events of that night would bring upon them. But, that's the thing about life - one day you're high up on the clouds, the next you've fallen flat on your face. But, against all odds, these girls would always make it through. Well, hopefully.

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