I want to thank TheBigCat for betaing this for me i am great with the writing but the grammer and spacing i have probs with so big thank you. this story takes place at the end of time part 2. right after the doctor go's to see Rose a last time. a story about love redemption and finding it in your heart to forgive. it will not be an instant oh i love you story relationships take time to build and trust has to be earned. hes lost her twice now once by accident and the second on purpose. its a long road to love. so hears the first chapter of See you

He stood by the door as he watched her run up the stairs; the words see you still playing in his head. If only she knew that he would be seeing her again. But not this him. Not for a while yet. He was done, he knew it, and the Ood standing in front of him knew it too. He had said his goodbyes, saving her for last.

He had not meant to make a noise, but the pain hit him when he was not expecting it. But then she had turned and he had to speak. How could he not? If he had to go, well, her voice would be the last thing he wanted to hear. He knew she was happy in the other world- Pete's World- with his metacrisis self. He could grow old with her, tell her the words he never could say because she would wither and die. He wished them well. By now, they were traveling; learning the worlds of that world, seeing a different sky than the one above him.

He did not want to go on.

He could stop and just let the cycle end; not make it back to the TARDIS. He thought about it for a moment but could not do it. It would cheapen all that he had become and what she had made him- more than that, what he believed.

So he entered his ship, his friend. He ran his hands along the console, over the jump seat, along the coral struts, reliving all the memories. He walked along the grating to the spot where they laughed on the floor after a bad landing. It was not fair, this was not fair. Would he have given it up if he had known how bad it was going to hurt?


He might have. But that meant he would never have seen her smile, that tongue-in-teeth smile. He would have never seen her beautiful eyes light up when she laughed or fill with tears when it became too much. No, he could have never given that up.

He missed her. First the void had taken her from him, then she had found her way back, crossing many universes to find him, to help him. Then the pain of losing her again just hours later when he left her back in Norway in another universe, because his other self needed watching. Oh, his Rose, how he missed her. Maybe with the new regeneration the pain would ease.

It was time now; he could put it off no longer. The golden Light was getting stronger and stronger. This was gonna be one hell of a regeneration.

Allons-y, Rose Tyler, was his last thought as the light started to take over. His arms were outstretched, his neck arched back. The light shooting through it all stopped as quickly as it had begun. But how? What was going on?

He was still him- two arms, two legs. He ran his hands up- great hair, sideburns, mole in the centre of his back- still there. How was he still him? He looked around and saw- no it couldn't be. Must be a mirror- or he had gone crazy? It was bound to happen one day.

But there, standing in front of him, was… well, him. A slightly older-looking him, but him all the same. The him he had left with Rose a year before.