Legend of the Pink Haired Demon

Chapter 36: Last night in paradise (Lemon)

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~Akane Resort~

A few days had passed since the whole ordeal in the Tower of Heaven. Erza had finally been able to reconnect with her old friends, which had been a joyous, but short-lived experience. After catching up with each other, they told Erza their plans to travel the country. The redhead could understand, if she had been trapped in a tower most of her life, the first thing she would do would be to have as many experiences as possible. Despite this understanding, it would have been a lie to say that the knight hadn't hoped her old friends would come to Fairy Tail with her. So when it did eventually decide it was their time to leave, Erza made sure that they received a grand farewell.

It was now the last night of their vacation. The mages of Fairy Tail had enjoyed a great day at the beach. Happy and Hitomi had spent the entire day playing and had exhausted themselves to the point that Natsu and Erza had to carry them to their room. While it was a little bothersome for the two, they didn't mind too much since it did mean that they could enjoy their date in peace. Luckily for both of them, no one from their past popped up, and they got to have a simple, but very enjoyable date. After said date, they decided it was best to return to their room and enjoy what would be a very long night together.

"Sit tight Natsu, let me freshen up and then we'll get started... And if you do join me, you won't get to see the surprise I got for you." Erza told her lover, before leaving for the bathroom. Natsu was a little disappointed that he wouldn't participate in one of his favourite pass times of shower sex with the red-haired mage. However, the promise of a surprise excited the pinkette and he was happy to wait for. Today, he was extra excited since both of them had finally recovered from their injuries and they no longer ran the risk of hurting each other. So the Dragon Slayer started happily undressing when as he watched his lover leave, getting rid of his stuffy shirt almost straight away.

'I wonder what she's got planned?' Natsumi questioned, popping up for the first time in since the tower of heaven. The demon's host was a little surprised to hear the spirit's voice again. Considering that she was in the Dragon Slayer's head, the cheeky demon knew this. "Oh, did you miss me?"She teasingly asked as she made herself visible to the man. The pink haired man blushed, but he didn't bother trying to deny it since it would only fuel the demon. Seeing this, the demoness hugged her host, burying the man in her bust. "It looks like my treatment worked... But it looks like you had to push yourself." She deduced out, rubbing her hand over the rather large scar on Natsu's stomach before forcing him further into her bust.

Natsu pushed the pink haired demoness back since talking was rather difficult with a face full of tits. "All I remember is being scared that I was gonna lose Erza and wanting to kill that Jellal guy, but everything else is fuzzy." Natsu admitted, making the demoness sigh. The woman hated having no recollection of what had happened after she had attempted to close the wound or what had happened for the past few days. "How about you Ur, can you fill in the blanks?" He prodded.

'Sorry, everything went blank once you started taking in all that magic, but I have my own questions about that girl.' Ur replied, getting the attention of both the host and the spirit. 'It's nothing major, I just curious as to how old she is.'

"Hmmm, she was about eight when I found her, so she should be around ten at the moment, but she did tell me that she gets older every time she summons that dragon... So I guess she's twelve at this point." Natsu replied. The man felt rather proud when he realised just how well his daughter was developing in terms of magic. He made a mental note to have a training day with the girl to check up on her progress. "Is anything else you wanna know Ur?"

'No, I was just curious... You kids sure are powerful these days... Actually, now that we're on the topic of powerful kids, how about you check up on Ultear when you have a chance.' Ur requested, with concern in her voice. The pinkette hadn't actually talked to the time mage since they had a rather small, but loud argument after he had gotten out of the tower of heaven. The two weren't truly angry at each other, they were both just being stubborn. 'She's only upset at you because she's worried about you.' Ur told her host.

"I know, but it doesn't mean she's gotta yell my ear off for an hour." Natsu pouted, remembering his last 'conversation' with his dark-haired lover. Considering Natsu looked half dead, Ultear freaked out when she saw the state her favourite Dragon Slayer was in after the tower. Maybe it was his exhaustion or the fact that he hadn't fully calmed down from his fight, but he just wasn't having it and started the most unproductive screaming match in the history of screaming matches.

'You weren't exactly the most reasonable person in that situation either.' Ur pointed out. Despite how loud both of them were, Ur could tell that it was nothing more than a little spat.

"Yeah, whatever, I'll make sure to get her something nice for the next time I see her... But that's gonna be pretty hard since she kinda destroyed the magic council." Natsu thought aloud, making sure to sound extra annoyed about the second part. Ur and Natsumi both rolled their eyes, but for different reasons. While Ur could understand why he was upset, she couldn't believe how immature the man was being. Meanwhile, the demoness was annoyed that she wasn't getting any attention from her host.

"Natsu~ You had your face in my tits a few minutes ago and you're still thinking of another woman." Natsumi pouted, jealously lacing her voice. She'd been trying to recover as quickly as possible for her host, and the fact that she wasn't getting any attention was getting to her. "And plus, it's been forever since you've even touched me... You could never keep your hands off me back when we were on the road." She continued, her tone now being a mix between annoyed and sexy as she forced him back into her bust. Much to her delight, she felt something hard press against her butt. The demoness smiled and then looked at her host with wanting eyes, but much to her dismay, he looked a little resistant. "Come on Natsu, I've been such a good little demon... I deserve to get something." She pestered.

"I guess, but I'm supposed to be spending time with Erza." Natsu replied, forcing the pink haired woman to intensify her pouting. Unfortunately, for Natsu, the demon was a lot more persistent than he expected.

"I'm not doing this just for me by the way... She's going to be sharing you when you get back to the guild, so I think it's in her best interest to get used to having another woman around." Natsumi explained in a rather convincing manner. The fire mage did think for a bit and really started to understand the demon's point. Erza was by no means a selfish lover, but she was a bit greedy and he couldn't imagine her being the best at sharing. In his lustful haze, the fire mage started to really consider the woman's proposal. The demoness saw this and lept at the chance. "I'm glad you're seeing it my way."

"Hey! I never said anything!" Natsu exclaimed, which only got him a giggle from the demoness. Natsu was ready to keep protesting, but he was shut up by the woman's lips. The beauty got just the reaction she was hoping for as her host started returning the kiss straight away. The way her host kissed her back made the pink haired woman especially excited, seeing as he didn't even try to hold back. Natsu quickly reminded her who was in charge, taking full control over the kiss, slipping his hands down the woman's pants and getting a handful of her full buns.

Natsumi found herself ecstatic with how riled up her host had gotten, but she was a greedy demon and this wasn't enough for her. She knew how wild the Dragon Slayer could get and she wanted just that, but she needed a little bit of time. However, it wasn't like she didn't have plenty of ways to pass the time. So when they eventually separated for air, the spirit gave her host another lustful gaze.

"You're getting really worked up, it looks like I've gotta take of this." Natsumi began as she grabbed her host's manhood. The woman smiled at her host's attempt to remain calm and play it cool as she found it utterly adorable. The pink haired demon started slowly making her way down, littering the man's body with kisses. She eventually got onto her knees before she gave the head of the man's member a quick kiss. "Natsu jr certainly looks happy to see me, I'm glad at least one part of you remembers who knows your the body the best." She continued, grabbing hold of the thick veiny shaft of her host.

"You can read my mind, of course you know all that." Natsu reminded with a heavy blush on his face. Natsumi giggled the Dragon Slayer's reaction and started peppering her host's shaft with kisses.

"Now, should I make you pay for ignoring me, or should I keep reminding you why I'm the best?" Natsumi pondered. Natsu grimaced as he remembered just how much control the demon could have over him. He'd learnt a while ago that resisting the woman was impossible, but it didn't mean that the man wouldn't try. Seeing the man's determined look, the demoness swiftly swallowed the man's cock.

Natsu let out a small grunt as the warmth and tightness of the demon's throat overtook him. However, the demoness wasn't going to let her host rest, taking him all the way to the base. She then pulled back to until only the head remained, leaving the man's member covered in a thin sheen of saliva before looking up at him with a look of pride. Natsu's face adopted a massive blush at this, which only made the demoness even more excited.

Part of her just wanted to go into overdrive and suck him dry, but she also wanted to tease the man for ignoring her. Despite the strong musky scent emanating from Natsu's manhood, the woman chose the latter and started going at the man's sensitive head. Natsu let out another small grunt as the woman started to slowly work her special brand of magic on the man's head. Her mouth alone would have been enough to put the man away given enough time, but she had two hands and boy did she know how to use them.

One of her soft hands wrapped themselves around the thick meaty shaft of her host. Her hands started gliding her hands along the pinkette's length. She wasn't going to let any part of her lover's length go unattended. The beauty maintained a slow and methodical pace for a few minutes, which was more than enough for her to reduce the mighty Dragon Slayer to a groaning and grunting mess. She took a great deal of pride that her efforts had produced such great results. Things were only made better by the fact the pink haired man was on the verge of a rather explosive climax.

'I think I've teased him enough, time for the finishing blow.' Natsumi thought as she completely changed her approach. Suddenly, the woman's hands became swift and her tongue's assault one his tip became even more aggressive. So it came as no surprise that the fire mage only lasted a few more seconds against this approach. Natsu grabbed the woman by her long pink locks and forced his entire length down her throat. The demoness was more than happy to accept the forceful way her lover poured his thick loads of cum down her gullet. Natsumi giggled at the fruits of her labour for a few seconds before the bathroom door opened.

Natsu instantly perked up when he heard Erza re-enter the room. A perverse smile appeared on the man's face and his manhood sprung back to action as he took in the sight of his red-haired lover. Even the demoness turned around to check out the woman.

The knight strutted into the bedroom in racy a tight black open-back bunny suit with a turquoise trim, which was strapped around her neck into her collar. The outfit also displayed her midriff and plenty of her ample cleavage, which bounced with every step she took. Natsu continued to examine the woman, looking down and being graced with the sight of the woman's legs and thick thighs which were confined to tan see-through leggings. She finished the whole bunny girl look with white shoulder length gloves, a white cotton ball tail and three turquoise hearts decorating the bunny ear headpiece. If the outfit wasn't enough, Erza's sultry expression and the way her movements made all her assets bounce in just the right ways were almost too much for the Dragon Slayer. She continued to make her way to her lover, performing a sexy dance as she did so.

Natsu watched with hungry eyes as the enthralling redhead approached him. He quickly lost track of time as he eyed every inch of his lover's body. Like most good things, this performance did come to an end, but the Dragon Slayer didn't mind too much since it ended with the redhead being so close to the beauty."Dear Mavis, you're amazing." An awestruck Natsu stated. Erza smiled proudly at the compliment and pushed the man onto his back before straddling him.

"I'm glad you liked it, but that's only the beginning." Erza stated before going in for a kiss. It was a deep passionate offer that worked up the Dragon Slayer even more than he already was. Despite getting blown not too long ago, all he wanted at the moment was Erza. Thanks to the way her woman had seated herself, Natsu could feel his manhood being smothered by the knight's large, but firm ass. "Natsu, I'm going to make you forget about all that bunny you were eyeing up." She declared with a slightly jealous tone.

Natsu looked away with a slightly guilty look on his face. Their date would have been perfect if it weren't for a very flirty waitress in a bunny outfit. She'd been rather persistent and it took the man a little too long for him to really turn her down. "Well, I can say that you look way better than her." Natsu replied, getting a smile from the woman.

"I don't need you to butter me up, I already told you... I'm going to make you forget all about that harlot." Erza reminded, with a fierce determination. Natsu instantly took note that Erza could be rather hot when she was jealous, and he could tell it would only get better. "I wonder where we should start? It seems like you already had fun when I was getting myself ready." She continued, rubbing her ass against the saliva covered cock. The woman's smile widened as she continued to sandwich the man's cock between her cheeks and went in for another kiss.

Throughout the kiss, the pink haired man couldn't dominant like he normally could. As the kiss continued, Natsu found himself completely at the woman's mercy. This was by far their most heated kiss to date, which was helped by the woman's very active hip movements. The feeling of his manhood being smothered and stroked by his lover's full firm backside. Though he always knew Erza to be a talented woman, he never expected her to be able to move this way she was now. As a testament to her skill, the Dragon Slayer started moaning into the kiss, which only made the woman work even harder. Normally, Natsu would have tried to take back the reigns at this point, but Erza's ferocity and vigour were going to make that an impossible task.

Once again, their kiss came to an end and the way Erza looked at him was far more intense than the last. Despite their kiss coming to an end, the woman kept moving her hips as she stared down her lover with the hungriest look he'd ever seen. As she did this, there was only one thing Natsu could say to his scarlet-haired beauty. "I love you so much." Natsu muttered as he stared back at her. Something about powerful women just did it for the pinkette and despite the bunny outfit, she looked like the most powerful woman he'd ever seen.

"That's what I like to hear, but now you're going to show me just how much you love me." Erza replied with a fiery look in her eyes. The redhead sat herself up a little more before squeezing her cheeks together harder. The added friction only made this better for the man, who was struggling to keep it together. "So, should I put it between these?" She started, grabbing her full bouncy breasts. "This?" The woman continued, pointing to her mouth. "Or should I keep it right where it is?"

Natsu's poor, overstimulated mind went into overdrive when he was presented with his choices. He simply couldn't choose between all these amazing options. Natsu had still yet to decide which feature he liked the most about the woman's body. It could have been anything from her soft luscious lips, her long toned legs, he loved every little feature of the woman. Seeing that the man wasn't going to give her answer, the knight smiled and decided for him. She was quite comfortable where she was and she felt rather powerful at the moment. "Erza..." Natsu grunted.

Erza smirked when she felt the man's cock drip pre-cum onto her ass. Seeing that her work was already starting to pay off, the knight found herself getting even more excited for the main event. So she did the only thing she could and started moving even faster, which instantly proved effective. "Cum Natsu, I want you to cum all over me." Erza exclaimed with a delighted look on her face. Natsu simply couldn't resist the knight's ass, and he found himself reaching his limit only after a few minutes.

"Fuck, I'm gonna." Natsu stated breathlessly. The Dragon Slayer enjoyed the last few seconds of this heavenly experience before giving Erza what she'd worked so hard for. Erza could barely contain her excitement as she felt Natsu's cock heat and throbbed between her firm cheeks. With one more small grunt, the pinkette burst before releasing a rather large load of cum onto the woman's back. Erza mewled as her lover's warm seed sprayed all over her back and while the fire mage's cock twitched excitedly. "Dear Mavis, you've gotta do that again sometime." Natsu breathed out.

"I'm glad you enjoyed, but don't get too comfortable. We've barely even started." Erza reminded before looking back at the man's hardened cock. She then turned her attention back to the man, with a very pleased look. Erza readied herself to reposition and mount her lover, only to be pushed forward and start smothering said lover with her breasts. Moments later she felt a tongue running along her back, mainly the parts that had been splattered with the Dragon Slayer's cum. A strong blush appeared on Erza's face as her back was licked clean. The knight didn't know how to react to the soft warm muscle dancing long her back, so she just stayed still and waited until it was over.

Natsu found himself blushing as the erotic scene played out in front of him. "Natsumi?" Natsu quizzed once he'd freed himself from Erza's heavenly breasts. The knight turned around and was greeted with the sight of a smirking demoness with long straightened pink hair and onyx eyes. The demoness was naked as naked as they came, leaving every inch of her smooth, lightly tanned skin exposed. Erza felt a smidge of jealousy as she inspected the woman's busty yet athletic figure.

"I bet you forgot all about me, and what we agreed on eariler." Natsumi reminded with an excited grin on her face. Erza found herself a little thrown by how playful the pink haired woman was being. However, she glad that the demoness wasn't holding a grudge against her. "And nice work working those bunny buns, it's rare seeing Natsu like that." The demon complimented, making the knight blush that little bit harder.

As the demon smiled at her, Erza decided to speak her mind. "He's mine!" Erza declared as she smothered the man beneath her. This reaction certainly caught Natsu off guard, but the demoness saw it coming from a mile away and just continued to grin. "I know you're always watching, you must know just how much I've improved." She continued while glaring daggers at the demon.

"If you've improved so much, why don't you prove it?" Natsumi inquired before engulfing herself in flames. After a few seconds, the onyx-eyed woman had changed into a bunny suit of her own. It was identical to the one Erza wore apart from turquoise being replaced red and her leggings were much darker. "You've got great taste red... Oh, and you can call me Natsumi or just Sumi, your choice really." She greeted while posing.

Seeing the challenge, the knight stood up and started facing the shorter woman. "If it's a challenge you want, that's exactly what you'll get." Erza declared with a look of pure determination. Natsumi grinned back at the redhead, looking more confident than ever. 'So this is the kind of competition I'll be facing.' She thought.

The two then turned to look at Natsu, who'd decided to just let things play out. He was quite happy with the outcome, he'd just doubled the number of busty bunnies he had without doing anything. Seeing this, he decided it was finally time to act. In the blink of an eye, Natsu grabbed both the bunnies and threw them onto the bed. "I think I've done enough sitting around for one night." Natsu said. He was pretty tempted to continue letting things playing out, but he was a lot more tempted to take back control.

As Natsu tried to decide which one he wanted, he climbed onto the bed. Both the fire demon and the knight started making their cases. Erza undid the straps of her top and let her tits bounce free. Unfortunately for her, Natsumi managed one-upped her by presenting her large derriere and ripped off her stockings, exposing her sopping maidenhood. As great as boobs were, the warm snug pussy of the demon was just that too good to give up. "I'm glad you made the right choice." Natsumi congratulated when she felt two strong hands grab her hips. She let out a small cry when her host rammed his entire length into her moist maidenhood. "Fuck! Right there... The direct route is always the best one." She pointed out before the Dragon Slayer gave her ass a strong slap.

Instead of pouting at the scene that was unfolding in front of her, Erza decided to get involved as best as she could. "Don't leave me out Natsu." Erza instructed as she clung to the Dragon Slayer's side. Natsu continued to thrust his hips into the demon and he was now able to enjoy the feeling of Erza's massive melons against his arm.

"I'd never do that to my knight." Natsu replied before going in for a kiss. Wanting a little more of the redhead, the pink haired man grabbed a hold of the ass that had so easily brought him to climax. It came as no surprise to Erza that their lip lock was a heated one, but she had no idea that the man would be this worked up. He kissed her with a ferocity that completely put her own to shame that she absolutely loved. The man's passion was one of her favourite parts of her spiky-haired lover.

Natsumi was in a similar position to her fellow bunny, only she was obviously enjoying herself much more. The demoness could barely remember the last time her host had fucked her, and it was completely worth it in her mind. Considering how she'd chosen her form, the fact that they were like a lock and key was no real shocker. It was more that fact that something so simple could make her feel so good. "Come on Natsu, harder!" Natsumi bellowed, relishing in the feeling of her womanhood being torn asunder.

The demon's cries didn't fall on deaf ears, and the man gave her exactly what she wanted. As Natsu started going at the woman harder, he couldn't stop himself from staring at how much the demon's ass bounced and jiggled with every quickening thrust. It only got better when the woman started perfectly backing her ass to meet his movements. Natsu let out his own moan when he felt the demoness tighten around him even more. It was an overwhelming sensation for the man, who had to separate from his kiss with Erza. "I'll get back to you in a bit." Natsu grunted out.

Not wanting to be left out, the knight got on all fours next to the woman and presented her soaking maidenhood to the man. "Come on Natsu you've got fingers, don't you? Why don't you keep them busy right here?" Erza suggested as she spread her flower for him. The woman's logic made perfect sense to the man and he was more than happy to give the knight she wanted. "I'm glad that you're not wasting any time." She moaned. Her moans only got louder as the pinkette's talented digits seemingly knew just what to do. The re-quip mage quickly lost control of her voice when her lover's fingers started thrusting in and exploring her tight warm cavern.

Natsu had expected to remain in control, but it turns out that he sorely underestimated his needy knight and attention starved demoness. Natsu now found himself on his back with the demoness riding his manhood and Erza mounting his face. He'd tried his best to come back from this, but their coordinated attack was just too much for the demon. He wasn't sure how'd this happened to him, but he wasn't hating it. The feeling of the demon's buns bouncing up and down his length and the taste of redhead's sweet strawberry scented essence were doing all sorts of things to him.

The women were pretty much in their own worlds at the moment. Erza maintained a strong grip on her lover's long pink locks as she ground her weeping flower into the man's face. The knight was quickly learning that she loved dominating her lover. When she'd first mounted the man's face, she'd started off rather slow, but she was in a completely different zone now. She now moved wildly, her voice was out of control as her lover lapped up everything she had to offer. "Fuck! That tongue is magic!" Erza cried out as another orgasm ripped through her body. Her body quivered and twitched, but she didn't stop the moving. She simply turned around to see if the demoness was done yet.

The fire demon rode the man like she was born for it. Her maidenhood easily took in the long thick cock over and over. Luckily for the redhead, Natsumi was getting very close. The way her mouth hung open as she let out loud laboured moans and her steadily slowing movements were dead giveaways. Natsumi's wasn't alone though, the Dragon Slayer could barely take the assault on his senses. The women's moans, Erza's strawberry scent and the feeling of the demoness's maidenhood coiling around his rigid manhood were sending the man into overdrive. "Do it Natsu, cum inside me already." Natsumi outright demanded, reaching an exceeding powerful climax.

Not having much more in terms of stamina anymore, Natsu succumb to the embrace of the woman's tight snatch. The demoness let out an elated moan as her host shot her full of his thick seed. 'Too good.' Natsu thought. The demoness slumped when as she enjoyed the feeling of pure bliss. Natsumi would have loved to enjoy some sleep right after a powerful climax, but the red-haired bunny had other ideas and she had to wait just a little longer.

The moment she saw the other woman go down, she did hesitate to push her off her lover. The knight licked her lips when she saw that the Dragon Slayer still looked hard as steel. Erza quickly positioned gently positioned her soft wet lips against the man's bulbous head, using the man's strong body to hold herself up. "Sorry to keep you waiting so long." The Dragon Slayer apologised, looking up at the woman. Having got what she wanted, the demoness decided to return to her host.

"Don't worry Natsu, that magic tongue kept me entertained." Erza reaffirmed. Despite saying this, the hungry look had not left her face. The woman looked even more worked up than she usually did. The look in her eyes and the way she groped and played with herself made her desire as clear as day. Natsu felt his heart race as he stared at his newest lover, who looked more like a succubus than stoic knight at the moment, and the fire mage loved it. "Natsu, you're mine the rest of the night." Erza declared before impaling herself on the pinkette's manhood. The woman let out a loud passionate moan when she felt her tight maidenhood being spread wide once more.

Natsu could only let out pleasured groans and moans as the red-headed bunny-girl did what bunny-girls did the best. Erza bounced on the man's cock with a vigour that easily outdid that of the napping demon and expression of pure lust. The Dragon Slayer once again found himself enthralled by another one of Erza's erotic display.

The young fire mage found himself completely unable to chose where to look. However, it's not like he could be blamed, any man would struggle to pick between the woman's big bouncing breasts, her wild wide hips or the hungry look on her face. Luckily for him, Erza made the choice for him, leaning over and giving the man full access to her large breasts. "I can't let you do all the work." Natsu muttered before getting down to business. Just as she had hoped, Natsu grabbed one of the firm lumps of flesh with his strong hands while he took the other nipple into his mouth.

Erza let out a breathy moan as her boyfriend's mouth and fingers assaulted her sensitive endowments. However, even these sudden bolts of pleasure weren't enough to slow the woman. In fact, it only her movements even wilder. "I wouldn't want it any other way Natsu." Erza smiled through her moans. Despite the large disparity in their experience, the lewd knight was determined to give her lover the ride of a lifetime.

The erotic sounds that already filled the room only got louder as Erza worked her ass off. Both had their favourites. Natsu loved the sound of the knight's ass slashing with his hips and Erza found herself addicted to Natsu's muffled moans among other things. Though they didn't know everything that'd happen tonight, they both knew they'd enjoy every second of it.


Morning eventually rolled around and the couple was enjoying their usual morning cuddle. Both were expectedly exhausted from a night of bed breaking sex and the intimate shower that punctuated their night together. Erza was currently laying on top of her lover, running her hair through his hands as he slept. Even though he was still sleeping, Natsu was still holding onto his lover. "I guess Mira is right, he is pretty cute when he sleeps." Erza muttered as she stared at her lover.

As much as she enjoyed their nights together, she loved how peaceful their mornings together had been. The mornings were the only times she was left alone with her thoughts and the knight would have dreaded that prior to the tower. The mornings hardly brought pleasant thoughts to her mind, if she wasn't lamenting about her pasted, she'd be struggling to figure out her feelings for the Dragon Slayer. Luckily, that wasn't the case any more, the knight had finally started looking forward. "I wonder what our future will hold Natsu?" Erza pondered.

Natsu began to stir and wake up when he heard Erza's soothing voice. The redhead continued to smile as her lover woke. "Good morning Erza, you look happy." Natsu greeted with a large smile. The Dragon Slayer was glad to see the woman in such high spirits, but it was pretty clear that something was on her mind. "So what are you thinking about, must have been pretty good if you're smiling like that?" The Dragon Slayer questioned.

"I was just thinking about my future, I have been since Sho and the others left." Erza started as sat up. Natsu watched as the woman's expression became a little more serious and this made him a little concerned. Natsu expression also became serious as the woman began to speak. "And I realised that I'd been driven by my past for long that I had no idea what I wanted from my future." The woman confessed as she moved to the side of the large bed.

"Erza..." Natsu worryingly muttered as he also sat up. His mate's tone and the fact she wasn't looking at him was concerning him. He wanted to help the woman, but it seemed like he couldn't. Even with all his concerns, Natsu decided to stay silent and let her finish.

"I still don't know exactly what I want out of life, but I know don't want to lose what I have with the guild, Hitomi and what I've gained with you." Erza continued while she went over the mark. Natsu let out a small sigh of relief at the confession, but it was clear that she wasn't done talking. "I've realised that I don't care what the future has in store for me, I just know that I want to spend it with people I love... So please do your best to keep your promise Natsu." She requested as she looked over her shoulder at the man.

"Erza, I'm not gonna break that promise." Natsu declared sternly, bringing a smile to the knight's face. While she didn't wholeheartedly believe that the man would stop risking himself for other, but it was enough to put her at ease.

"Thank you, Natsu and I'll also to keep my end of the deal." Erza said with a gentle smile. Happy with their little conversation, Erza got off the bed and stretched her slightly sore body before looking back at the man.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she found herself examining her lover's back for the first time. So it was more than just a little surprised when she saw the large red markings decorating his back. She could make out eight distinct sections and recognised one as being similar to the mark she'd received from Natsu. "What are these markings Natsu?" She questioned, pressing her hand against the markings.

"That's my mating mark, each part represents one of my marked mates." Natsu stated as he started getting off the bed. This only furthered the woman's curiosity, who started to examine the man's back even more.

'Well that sword is obviously me, those runes must be Levy, I guess that Wyrven is Lisanna, the key must be Sorano and the demonic one must be Mirajane... Wait, who are the other three?' She wondered as she continued to look at the man. The woman could see two more demonic looking markings and one that appeared to be a dragon wrapped around an hourglass.

At first, she thought one of the demonic markings belonged to Natsumi, but it became obvious that the markings were completely unrelated to the fire spirit. 'So there are three more, I guess I should have expected that since he was gone for a year and a half.' She told herself. However, she decided to keep to keep it to herself, she knew the man had his reasons for keeping his secrets. She trusted him enough to for that.

"I don't think my back is that interesting Erza." Natsu teased as he turned around. The woman blushed and backed off a little, making the Dragon Slayer let out a small chuckle. He'd seen pretty much every side of the woman over their stay at Akane Resort and seeing her flustered was as adorable as it was rare. "We should probably start getting dressed, Hitomi is probably going to burst in here any second... Which is kinda a shame." He said, eyeing up the woman's body with hungry eyes.

Erza would be lying if she said she wasn't tempted, but someone had to be a responsible adult and it certainly wasn't going to be her lover. However, it wasn't like she didn't know how to have a little bit of fun.

Rather than using her magic to dress instantly, she decided to do it the old fashion way. This meant Natsu got to enjoy something that simply didn't happen, which made the already erotic show hotter. The redhead loved the intense stare she was getting from her lover, and an idea popped into her mind. "Come on Natsu, I don't think my back is that interesting." Erza teased as she started buttoning up her blouse.

"Gotta disagree with you there, I see plenty to be interested in." Natsu retorted, garnering in a blush from the knight. The man felt rather proud and continued to enjoy the fleeting sight of Erza's bare skin until she finished up. "No armour?" He asked as he looked at his lover.

"It's not that odd, isn't it? You've seen me without it before." Erza asked, sounding a little more defensive than usual.

"That's only when you're naked or when you get dressed up, I've barely ever seen in casual clothes." Natsu pointed out, making the woman pout a little. "I like it though." He added. The woman let out a small sigh of relief when she heard this and started staring at the man. "What's wrong?"

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" Erza questioned with a smile. Natsu sighed as his hopes of a quickie died. He quickly got up and started getting dressed with a slightly disgruntled look on his face. However, that quickly turned into a look of shock when a sword flew right next by him. He turned to the woman and gave her a confused look. "Why don't you get dressed a little slower, it's not fair that only one of us gets to enjoy a show." She clarified.

Natsu didn't know if he was scared, turned on or a dangerous combination of both. The pinkette chose to do what the woman wanted and do a great job of it. He hoped a quickie with the busty redhead would become a reality.


"Are you alright Hitomi." Happy asked his friend as the young girl woke up. Much like every morning after the tower, the pink haired girl had woken up from a nightmare.

"Of course, it's just a bad dream." Hitomi replied, attempting to play it off. Even the winged cat could see the obvious distress on his friend's face, and he so desperately wanted to help. However, it was obvious that she didn't believe she needed help. "Come on Happy, I've already woken up late and we're already burning daylight!" She declared with a bright smile on her face.

"Hitomi..." Happy almost pleaded. The youngest Dragneel just shook her head and re-affirmed that she was alright. Seeing that the cat wasn't buying it, she jumped out of bed and sprung onto her feet.

"They're just bad dreams, I'm not going to let it get me down and neither should you." Hitomi pronounced as she stood atop the bed. Her companion still looked a bit uneasy, but it wasn't as bad as before. "All right, help me pick out a new outfit and I'll get you as much fish as you want." She offered.

The blue cat attitude instantly changed at the mention of fish. "Now that I think about it, if you're offering me fish, you must be ok." Happy deduced, completely forgetting his concerns.


The group of mages and their cat eventually completed their morning rituals, packed up and enjoyed a shared breakfast. They were now in the lobby preparing to make the trip back to Fairy Tail. The group were currently checking out of the resort. "Looks like you two certainly enjoyed your stay." The receptionist greeted as she noticed the distinct lack of space between the lovers.

Rather than blushing, the redhead simply grabbed her lover and brought him into her bust. "Yes, we certainly did." Erza replied, keeping the man against her firm breasts.

As the older mages got everything sorted with the receptionists and Happy enjoyed the fish he'd been promised, Hitomi admired her new sword. Despite where the sword had come from, the young girl was still excited to receive the gift. 'I can't wait to show Miss Mirajane and Sorano-sensei.' Hitomi thought, looking down at Ikaruga's long blade. However, her excitement died when a certain someone made themselves known again.

'Oh, I can't wait to see them either.' Sister added, her sweet voice carrying a malice to it. The young girl had deduced that the girl speaking to her was the cause of her constant nightmares. She would confront Sister, but the young Dragneel wanted to keep Sister away from her thoughts.

'What do you want with me, I already refused your offer?' Hitomi asked, annoyed that the girl hadn't left her alone.

'I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer, I know you'll give in when your world eventually comes crashing down.' Sister stated, still remaining sounding more cheerful than ever. This only proved to unsettle the young Dragon Slayer more. 'I'll leave you alone for now Nee-chan, let's just hope you find yourself in more trouble soon.' She said, giggling to herself.

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