A/N: Hey, all. This has been stuck in my head ever since I saw Luke Mitchell show up in season two of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I felt like drabbles worked with the way I wanted to tell most of this story, but there are some expanded parts that are much more than 100 words. There are some spoilers for season two of "S.H.I.E.L.D", and there is some violent content.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" or "H20: Just Add Water". They belong to people much richer than me.

He still has nightmares.

He sees the orange tails, limp and lifeless. He sees the harpoons, glistening with blood. He sees her mouth open in a soundless scream-soundless because his brain cannot comprehend the sight in front of him.

Sometimes he gets there on time. Sometimes he holds her and thanks God that he saved her.

Those times are rare.

The majority of the time, he's too late, and all he can do is watch.

He'd always been told that imagination is more graphic than reality. He now knows that is a lie.

Reality is so, so much worse.

Skye reminds him of Bella, but not because of how similar they are. It's because they're so different.

Bella was bright, with sunlight for hair and the ocean she so loved as eyes.

Skye is dark, intense, with roots in the earth she can now manipulate.

Bella had the voice of a siren in legends.

He's never heard Skye sing.

Bella had her gifts since she was a child.

Skye, with her new gifts, was like a child—afraid of them.

He loved Bella.

He likes Skye.

He couldn't help Bella.

He will help Skye.

But she is not Bella.

Maybe this was meant to be, he thinks, watching the sunset over the valley.

Water and electricity didn't mix, right?

Why would they? Lincoln wonders.

Will hides his presence.

Being an Inhuman was a destiny he inherited without prelude. He couldn't have known.

Known what? Lincoln asks himself.

Will hides even deeper.

Lincoln allows himself to relish his gifts. He zaps a boulder and watches, satisfied, as it tumbles down the gorge.

"Hey," a voice says.

He turns and sees Skye. "Hey," he replies.

"Whatcha thinking about?" she asks.

He forces a smile. "Just…thinking."

She sits down next to him.

"Do you believe in mermaids?" he suddenly asks one day.

Skye looks at him and laughs. "Sure, along with fairies and the boogyman."

He says nothing. She looks at him with curiosity.

"Do you?" she asks.

He looks at the clouds. "Maybe," he replies. "Why not? Aliens are real. Why couldn't mermaids be?"

Skye shrugs. "I guess?" she says hesitantly. There's a pause. "It would be pretty neat to meet one," she finally admits.

"Yeah," he agrees.

Another long pause.

"You okay, Lincoln?" she asks, looking at him with those dark eyes.

"Yeah," he lies.

She doesn't ask him again.