Summary: It's not that he can't be tamed, it's that... he just doesn't want to be tamed for some reasons.

Taming Natsu Dragneel


He pushed her against the wall, his hand holding both of her hands. A grin was plastered on his face and a light dust of pink on her cheeks, no one knows if that was the influence of the alcohol she drank or because she was pushed on the wall by Natsu.

But for most inside the guild, it was a mere... it was just their mere imagination, a dream but for the two mages, it was not, it was reality.



Anyways... how did Cana Alberona got herself between a wall and Natsu Dragneel?

And... why was her cheeks... pink?




That's the current situation of every Fairy Tail members except Cana.

Everyone are drunk besides her and she was grinning like a maniac thinking she had already won, but no, she hasn't yet. Natsu Dragneel isn't drunk yet and when Cana realized this, her huge grin disappeared and was replaced by disbelief which the Fire Dragon Slayer laughed on to.

"Hahaha- hiccup- haha!" Natsu laughed. "You will never tame me!" He grinned and hiccupped again.

- well half sober that is.

"Let's see about that!" Cana challenged, she must've really wanted the prize so she'll have to do her best just so she could get it - including attacking him. She grabbed her cards but before she could attack him, he already pushed her against the wall, catching everyone's attention.

Her brown eyes met his own black ones, it wasn't the playful kind nor the one in battles. It was more of a cocky, arrogant, and at the same time teasing manner.

"Sorry Cana..." Natsu started, holding Cana's hands above her head and he leaned to her side, to whisper, "I don't want to be tamed..." He hiccupped, she could even smell the alcohol on him causing her cheeks to get a bit pinkish - maybe she was turned on by that scent, a scent that was currently coming right out of his mouth. "Nor... be a tamer." He whispered once again and pushed himself away from her and the wall.

Cana looked Natsu in the eyes, her eyes furious at what he did to her. Was it because she got embarrassed? or was it because he left her hanging in some... ways? Then her eyes widened, she realized something. His eyes...

Weren't his eyes black? She asked herself, confusion mixed in her features. The change of colors intrigued her a bit, as if it was a pit, a pit with no end. She continued to stare in his eyes, lost in curiosity and wonder, Why does it look like... as if flames were dancing in his eyes? She thought, For a flame that could get things burned, why do I feel like I'll receive warmth instead? She closed her eyes, maybe she was drunk and she did lost to him, she shook her head. No. She told herself and opened her eyes again, staring into his eyes, she squinted her eyes and found-

"Is- hiccup- something on my face?" Natsu asked, raising his hand and was ready to wipe it off if there is something on his face.

"Nothing. It was nothing, Natsu." Cana said, which is true, there was nothing on his face and what she saw in his eyes earlier was long gone. Natsu decided to look at her in the eyes, trying to decipher the look she was giving him earlier.

Maybe it's because of what I did to her earlier. He thought. "O- hiccup- k." He said as he shook his head. "-hiccup- Damn it." He growled, now pounding his chest a bit.

Cana looked at Natsu with calculating eyes, whatever she saw in his eyes, she wanted to see it again.

Mira on the other hand saw the whole scene, sure she was kind of tipsy but the memory of Natsu pushing Cana on the wall will forever be burned in her mind, by burned, it would stay there. The look in her eyes was of determination, it was either... to get Natsu and Cana together or her to interfere between the slightly growing tension - sexual tension between the two.

Her kind smile was replaced with her devilish one's that resembles in her younger years, it was a challenge she wanted to try, a challenge she wanted to play, a challenge... she wanted to-

Maybe she wanted to tame the childish pink haired dragon slayer not like how the red haired clanking tramp- Erza tamed and controlled Natsu, but in her own little devious way.

"Oi, Mira! could ya get me some wa- hiccup- ter?!" Natsu shouted.

Her devilish smile soon disappeared and was replaced with her usual kind one. "Sure." She said as she left the counter.

"Tha- hiccup- anks!" Natsu shouted.

Behind everything that happened, a man in his dark corner with his metallic drink had a smirk on his face, "Gihee." Gajeel has one thing in mind, he has to get a lot of jobs to not witness the upcoming wa- dramas. He lift his mug up and drank it all in one swift motion. He stood up from his place and went to the request board, he took random jobs as Panther Lily looked at him with a calculating look. "Come on." He said as he walked straight to the guild doors, it doesn't matter if they have to travel at night because behind that they knew they could protect themselves pretty well - but for Gajeel he has another reason, he took a glance to the blue haired bookworm who was laughing beside Lucy.

"Tch." He returned his look on the doors and pushed it open, a smirk crept on his lips.

I wonder how are they going to tame... a dragon slayer- knowing that... whoever plays with fire could get themselves burned... or was it burnt? Ahh! Whatever.

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