Chapter 2
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"Tèa, please tell me why we're carrying all this stuff again?" Joey asked as he, along with Yami, Bakura and Tristan carried piles of Tèa's christmas shopping, all the while she was holding two bags of her own and Yugi was greatly emersed in a giant Candy cane about the size of his head.

"Because," She answered, "I'd figure you'd guys be a little more careful carrying your own presents then other things. Right Yugi?" she asked. The boy made a small sound of agreement as he continued to slurp on the treat. Yami shook his head and sighed. Now Yugi was going to be on a sugar kick for the rest of the day, and he was going to have to be the one to deal with his hyper Hikari.

"Besides, it was Yugi's idea. I asked him if he could think up of a way to get all of your guys presents back to my place without me having to call my parents, and that if he did, I'd buy him the biggest candy cane I could find. As you see he did!"

"But why did you have to go and get them wrapped?" Joey asked.

Everyone wanted to face fault at that moment at the moronic question, and as we all know, a stupid question deserves an equally stupid answer. "So you can't see them dimwit." Tèa growled. Joey groaned miserably. Everyone paused as snowflakes stared to fall from the sky. "Hey, it's snowing again." Tèa said.

"We better get back to your house Tèa before it really starts coming down." Yami said, and agreeing that it was the best course of action, they began to pickup the pace but being careful not to slip on the icy pavement, but it wasn't to be because Yami suddenly slipped and dropped his pile of boxes.

"Opps, careful Yami, those are really Joey's presents." Yugi smiled.

Joey paused and looked at the tumbled boxes scattered on the ground. 'All's fair in Love and War' Joey thought, and with without a second glance, Joey purposely dropped his pile and sent them scattering into the ice and slush.

"Joey, those were Tristan's!" Yugi said.

Tristan looked at his two friends in disbelief then he too dropped the pile of presents he was carrying.

"Hey, what are you doing Tristan?!" Yami declared.

"Well Joey wrecked my presents because you wrecked his so I might as well wreck yours."

Meanwhile, about a hundred feet above them, Jaime and Holly were on their way to America in search of a few children. Holly by now, had crawled out of Jaime's pocket and sat on the seat of the sleigh still eating the cookie Santa had given her earlier. the tiny little mouse was about half way done when suddenly the cookie slipped from her tiny paws and slid down to seat. Holly quickly gave chase to the fleeing morsel and caught it right before it became airborne over the side of the sleigh. Sighing happily and hugging her cookie, Holly was about to continue eating when a sudden gust of wind pushed her and letting out a loud 'SQUEAK!' Holly fell off the side of the sleigh.

Jaime looked over just as Holly fell. "HOLLY!" Jaime yelled and she quickly yanked on the reins to get the reindeer to swoop down and catch holly but the little mouse was falling so fast Jaime and the Reindeer missed! "No Holly!" Jaime screamed as her little friend disappeared.

Holly held onto her cookie for dear life as she continued to a fast decent towards earth. People and the ground began to come into her sight and Holly closed her eyes, not wanting to watch her own death. Letting out one last little scream she landed in someone's pocket. A little dazed maybe but perfectly all right!

Yugi twirled his head around this way and that. "What's up Yug?" Joey asked.

"I thought I just heard a scream but I guess not." The boy replied and continued of with his candy cane to get his daily dose of sugar.

Well it wasn't long before they all had arrived at Tèa's and she was able to stack the gifts next to the tree. Yugi was just beginning to get his sugar buzz when he suddenly heard a little voice.

"Help me!" it squeaked.

"Did anyone hear that?" Yugi asked.

"All that sugar is going straight to your head Yug." Joey remarked.

"No it's not." Yugi argued back, "Just listen" he said.

Everyone went silent and they only needed to wait but a second before they also heard a sound.

"Help me!" came that same small voice.

"See!" Yugi said.

"So where did it come from?" Joey asked. No one knew the source of the sound when Yugi felt a small lump in his coat pocket. gingerly he reached in and pulled out a small, shivering ball of white fur with a tail. Everyone crowded around to see what Yugi held in the palm of his hands. The small ball unrolled itself and looked up to see illegal sized violet eyes meet its adorable little brown ones.

Everyone now saw that the ball of fur had a cute little pink nose, brown eyes, and a holly leaf tied around its neck with a small piece of blue ribbon. "A Mouse?!" they all shouted in surprise.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me from my fall. I surely would've died if it hadn't been for your well placed pocket. Jaime will be so thankful." Holly said happily.

"Excuse me, but do you have a name?" Yugi asked as he held the mouse to eye level.

"I sure do! It's Holly, Holly the christmas mouse." She squeaked.

"Well Holly, I'm Yugi and this is Yami, Tristan, Tèa and Joey." Yugi introduced.

"Pleased to meet you." Holly smiled and cocked her head cutely.

"Same to you Holly," Yami said, "So tell us where you live and we can return you to Jaime."

"The North Pole!" Holly chimed.

"THE NORTH POLE!?" They all yelled and face faulted.

"Yes, in Christmas Town." Holly said, as though it were no big deal.

"Are you sure about that?" Yugi asked in disbelief, "I mean, maybe your little mistress was pretending her room was the North Pole or something."

"And do you run into talking mice everyday of the week?" Holly said.

The gang all looked at one another then back at Holly. "You've got us there." Yugi said. Holly gave some what of a smug look at the teens.

"And just how did you get all the way out here from the north pole, Holly?" Yami asked this time.

"Simple really. Me and my mistress were on our way to the south pole to visit her cousins because Christmas town is literally experiencing a total break down. Last week all the ovens to make the cookies didn't work. The week before that, Jack Frost went on strike and refused to make any snow until he got a 10% raise or he'd join a labor union. Now some of the presents have gone missing, the some of the elves have gone on winter vacation and the reindeer are sick! If this keeps up, we're going to have to cancel christmas!"

"WHAT!?" they all yelled in surprise.

Holly gave a little nod. "Sadly, I'm afraid this is true. Unless I can find some people with christmas cheer and spirit in their hearts then christmas is doomed."

The gang looked at each other for a brief moment and they all grew smiles as the same idea ran through their minds. Tèa spoke for them. "Holly, maybe we can help. We all have the christmas spirit in our hearts."

Holly looked at teenagers and blinked cluelessly then she smiled. "Yeah, I guess you'll have to do. Now we just need to call Jaime to come and get us!"

"What's her number?" Joey asked.

Holly shook her head. "No, she's flying the reindeer. There's a special way to call them. Let's go into the back yard and I'll show you!" Holly said, and that's what they did. As they stood out there in the blistering cold Holly pricked one of her large ears up towards the sky as though she were listening for something.

Yugi was shaking like a leaf and his teeth were chattering. "Holly, please hurry up! I'm freezing my tinsel off!" the poor boy said.

Yami slipped off his extra coat and wrapped it around him. Yugi smiled and quickly thanked him before Holly spoke up. "Okay, they are right over top of us so repeat after me:

"Come Dasher, Come Dancer, Come Prancer and Blitzen. Comet, and Cupid, and Donner, and Vixen." Holly smiled, "And now take this verse and yell it at the top of your LUNGS!"

"Seems kinda stupid there Holly." Joey pointed out.

Holly whipped out a pop cork gun and pointed it at Joey. "Say it now or You'll pay." The little white mouse growled threateningly.

Joey glanced at his friends then sighed. "Fine, Fine."

"Good, and remember people.... with feeeeeeeeling." Holly remarked.

Yugi shrugged "Careers were made on worse." and so they all took a breath and chanted"

Yami: Come Dasher
Joey: Come Dancer
Tèa: Come Prancer
Tristan: And Blitzen
Yugi: Comet and Cupid

They all stood around and looked at each other. Nothing had happened except they had made complete fools of themselves, but suddenly a faint jingle sound was heard. Not a word was spoken as the sound grew closer and closer, louder and louder then "LOOK OUT!" Holly squeaked.

At that moment everyone dived for cover as a big red sleigh came crashing into Tèa's yard. 4 Reindeer were hitched up to the reins and a small girl, smaller than Yugi, groaned as she regained consciousness from her wicked landing.

"JAIME!" Holly squeaked in delight and nimbly bounced over from Yugi's shoulder to hers.

"Holly?.... HOLLY!" Jaime laughed and squeezed the mouse to death. "I'd thought I had lost you." she whispered sweetly to her little friend.

Holly giggled, "No chance. I'm like a boomerang. I keep coming back but that's not the best news, lookie what I found." and Holly pointed to Yugi and his friends. "Kids with Christmas spirit in them and before you argue with me, they managed to call the sleigh and you here and need I remind you that only those with christmas spirit can do that!."

Jaime nodded. "All right everyone, into the sleigh now. We have to make it back to the North pole double time so I can show Santa we got replacements." Jaime grabbed the reins as everyone jumped into the sleigh. Jaime tuned to the deer. "Up, up and away!" and with a sharp snap of the reins the reindeer took off like a flash.

Once in the air, Yugi tapped the little elf girl on her shoulder. He had to know where they were going and more importantly if this was real or not. Jaime looked back with a look that said 'What?' and Yugi asked "Just where are you taking us exactly?"

"To the North Pole silly, where else?" Jaime giggled.

"Why?" asked yugi again.

Jaime sighed in defeat, she felt like she had explained this a million times, and she had, just not to these kids, it was to Holly. "We're going to the North Pole because Santa needs some help. It's mass chaos over there and we need desperate help or santa will cancel christmas."

Yugi nodded as he took all this in. "Okay, and so what are we suppose to do?"

Jaime grinned mischievously "Oh you'll see" she chuckled and they continued on their way to the pole.


"There it is people! Christmas town and if you look to your far left you'll see Santa's workshop and castle!" jaime said and Christmas town finally came into sight.

"COOL!" They all yelled.

Joey was practically beaming "Oh man, I can't wait to meet Santa, I have to tell my christmas list."

"Which runs a mile long." Yugi sighed. Jaime giggled and had the reindeer land back by the stables.

"Jaime, this is quite a distance from christmas town." Tèa said with a shiver.

Jaime nodded, "Yup and that's because this is the reindeer stables," she chimed as she let the reindeer back into the barn. "Come with me." she ordered and led the group behind the stables into the enchanting woods. Jaime examined a small bush and picked something from it. She turned to the group and held out her mittend hands which held white and blue berries.

"Santa won't allow regular humans into the village so this should take care of it. Take a few each." Jaime said with an innocent little smile. Well they did and Joey and Yugi took the first taste test.

"Not bad." Yugi and Joey said and the others quickly followed. Suddenly Yugi felt queazy and slightly disoriented. He closed his eyes and waited for it to pass. Just as it passed Yami's voice made Yugi snap his head up.

"'re a.... you're a..."

"A REINDEER!" joey shouted.

To Be Continued... (tomorrow)

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