The Witch Queen

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The war had ended, but Ginerva Molly Weasley had come to loath the people she had saved.

Her lover dead, her children killed while she was out by the Ministry, her family broken and permanently separated by death and despair. How had it come to this after the war that had been fought?

The problem with had been part of the system before Tom Riddle had ever shown his face to the sheep and the masses.

Umbridge became Minister of Magic, because some people just didn't know when to let it go. But when you foster a concept that you can get away with anything if you're 'valuable to society', people will change the laws to make it legal.

Ginny knew it was a mistake to spare the Malfoys. Harry had agreed with her, but he had just wanted to put all of this behind them. He was repayed for all the good he had done with a knife slitting his throat in his sleep. All so Malfoy could claim superiority in wizarding culture.

They killed her children when she wasn't there, when she had been called by Hermione in an emergency. They wanted to make a statement.

Ginny would go on to return the favor.

She went on a rampage through the Ministry. She killed Malfoy, his father, his mother and his wife. She killed every Ministry member who had said 'aye' to her husband's murder and the murder of her children, as well as those who should have been there but chose not to in order to uphold the status quo. She decapitated Umbridge and threw her body over the wall.

But in the end, when her rage cooled, she realized she had nothing to live for.

The veil Sirius had fallen through all the way back in her fourth year was said to be a boundary between life and death, because no one had returned from the other side. In the end, Ginny walked down to that old room and walked through the cold silver light, and fell.


Of course, death didn't await her.

Something much stranger did.

Ginny woke up again, a child of barely more then six, in a medieval castle. Luckily for her, she was mistaken for a 'serving wench' and was allowed to work in the kitchens. However, she quickly discovered there was nowhere safe in this castle when it was run by Aerys Targaryen.

One of the bakers knew how to read and write the strange new language she was surrounded by, and he took pity on the little red haired scrap who had more courage in her little finger than most of the Kingsguard possessed in their entire bodies.

His name was Micah, and he taught her how to read and write Valyrian and the Common Tongue. He was her father figure, fending off the unsavoury and dangerous men who gave her lustful or disturbing looks, who threatened a brothel owner with a butcher knife when he came looking for 'new investments' and set his eyes on her. He reminded Ginny about compassion, about love.

So when Aerys ordered him executed on a psychotic whim when Micah delivered his dinner too slowly, Ginny used her magic for the first time in this world to help him escape. She froze the guards and Aerys in place and took Micah outside.

"Can you ride a horse?" Ginny asked anxiously as they burst into the stables.

"Yes," Micah muttered, "But there's only a pony left, that can't take both of us-!"

"Then leave without me." Ginny insisted. "I'll be fine. Just run north and don't ever stop."

In the end, she had to cast a mild compulsion charm on Micah to convince him to leave without her, which she felt very guilty about. Swearing she would make it up to him, she turned around to return to the kitchen and found herself face to face with one of the Kingsguard.

"If you want to make a clean escape, you should have left through the back." Jamie Lannister told her coldly. "It took me quite a bit of time to mislead the guards to give your friend a good head start."

Ginny frowned up and him and crossed her arms. She didn't fear their swords or arrows; she could cast a non verbal shield charm in her sleep. She was one of the most powerful witches of her generation, one of the 'sacred twenty eight', as Draco had said when he approached the weeping widow with a new 'proposition'.

Even the muggle blood analysis would have had trouble identifying his body after that.

"Why bother? You sit there in your silver armor not doing a damn thing while he burns women and children like me alive. What's different now? Why help me?"

She expected to at least get backhanded with a metal gauntlet, but Jamie hesitated. In that moment, she realized who he was – a naive young boy who had wanted to be the knight of fairy tales, only to walk into a twisted and backwards court.

"A knight's duty his to his king," Jamie told her with false confidence.

Ginny looked intently at him. "Is that what they say? My mother didn't think so, before she was killed. She told me; 'the only thing required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

It was funny; she had no sword or knife, but that day she dealt Jamie Lannister a blow like he had never experienced before or since.

Whether he took the words to heart or was desperate to assure his conscience Ginny wasn't sure, but Jamie Lannister delivered her to the safest place in Westeros – a maid in waiting for Princess Elia Martell.

She was Prince Rhaegar Tarygaren's wife. The man had inherited his father's stunning looks, but none of his cruelty. As mad as Aerys was, he feared Rhaegar's popularity among the people; he wouldn't hurt the royal family for that very reason.

He didn't know that his son was disgusted by him and planning to supplant him in time.

"What on earth did you tell Lannister to make him bring you here?" Elia asked, having gone out for a walk. She asked Ginny to come with her, supposedly as a lookout.

"I'm afraid to tell you, milady," Ginny answered.

Elia chuckled. "You have nothing to fear, my child. The smallfolk have every right to despise my father in law and those who guard him from retribution."

Ginny looked at her in surprise.

"We're not all like him," Elia said, reading the redhead's expression. "Some of us remember why we are noble."

Ginny nodded in acceptance of this, feeling a warmth towards the older woman as they stepped out into the garden.

/A Little While Later/

"Milady...aren't you upset?" Ginny asked in confusion.

Rhaegar had returned from the north, but he was not alone. A woman was with him, her name was Lyanna Stark. She was one of the most beautiful creatures Ginny had ever seen, and Rhaegar was clearly enraptured with her.

Elia shook her head. "No, little chickadee." She had taken to calling Ginny that in honor of her brilliant red hair. "Our marriage was arranged, we had never known each other prior to that. Rhaegar enjoys my company, and we are friends, but it isn't love. That is." She gestured to the couple, who were heading towards the Tower of Joy.

Ginny looked oddly at her. To her, marriage without love was a foreign concept. Even in the archaic world she had left behind, women were more likely to run off them being forced into a marriage with someone they despised.

"I envy you little folk sometimes." Elia remarked. "You choose you who want to spend your life with. While we are surrounded by gold and safety and jewels, we rarely have much choice at all."

"...She's pregnant." Ginny remarked, speaking of Lyanna. She could tell thanks to her heightened senses; magic does strange things to you when you get older.

"She is?" Elia looked almost excited at the concept, which confused Ginny further. "Rhaegar must be overjoyed. He loves children of all walks of life. You should see him play with Viserys sometime."

Ginny had an inkling there was a little more to it than that, but respectfully refused to push.

"I'm not looking forward to bickering with Oberyn over the annulment." Elia sighed. "He loves me very much, he'll take this as a gesture of dishonour. It isn't; Rhaegar promised me that my children would remain royal even after he married Lyanna."

"That's very kind of him." Ginny murmured.

"Indeed. The Barantheon's will be a more difficult sell, I imagine. One would think oddly; Robert would never be faithful to Lyanna if he married her, and she loathes him for that, for treating women like disposable entertainment. He'd be better off single, siring enough bastard children to run all of King's Landing." Elia scowled a bit when she said this.

"They're used to having their cake and eating it too," Ginny said disdainfully, before quickly adding, "If I may say so."

Elia chuckled again. "Of course, chickadee. Just make sure you keep your silence once we go back inside."

/Many Days Later/

"You asked for me, Lady Lyanna?" Ginny curtsied in her plain dress and gazed at the beautiful soon to be princess who was lying exhausted on her bed, childbirth drawing dangerously near.

"Yes, Ginerva." Lyanna gasped. "Please, I want to you protect Rhaegar."

"Your lover is the greatest swordsman in all of Westeros." Ginny said in puzzlement. "I don't doubt he will succeed."

"Please," Lyanna whispered. "Westeros will need him, as much as I do. Protect him. Make sure he'll win against Robert."

Ginny nodded slowly. "Yes, milady." She said quietly.

Hurrying down to the armory, Ginny slipped inside as the Targaryens and their loyalists prepared to go to the Trident. She placed a portkey charm upon Rhaegar's black armour, ensuring that if he became in danger, he would immediately be taken away from the Trident to the Blackfyre house in Essos. That, she figured, would be enough.

Then, upon Elia's pleading, she went to see Queen Rhaella and ensure her safety.

/The Sacking of King's Landing/

In the end, Ginny had to rescue Viserys and the newly born Daenerys from the grasp of traitorous Lannister soldiers. With a burst of Fiendfyre, she roasted them before taking Dany and leading Viserys out by the hand.

She made it to Elia's Tower, but only after Gregor Cleange had stabbed her fatally in the stomach.

Ginny blasted a hole straight through his chest, and crucioed Armory Loch until he was choking on his own blood.

Quickly apparating to the Tower of Joy, Ginny used magic to sustain Lyanna though labor. While weak from blood loss, Lyanna lived, and Ginny brought her back to the tower and asked her to help carry Aegon and Rhaenys.

Ginny ran downstairs to do some quick recon when she witnessed Jamie Lannister run Aerys through with his own sword.

Ginny watched him in wonder as he collapsed back on the Iron Throne, looking worn and haggard. It took him a moment to notice her.

"'s you..." He gave an unsteady laugh. "It would figure that it would be you, here, seeing this now..."

Cautiously, Ginny took a few steps towards him wondering if he had gone mad. But he made no move to attack her.

"Ser Lannister-"

"Don't call me that," Jamie waved her off. "They'll all be calling me Kingslayer soon enough. And let them do it. You were right...the vows, everything, it's all bullshit...the smallfolk, the little ones, they would have been burned to ashes by him, the bastard..."

Ginny felt wrong footed. Initially she had thought Jamie was like Draco – pompous, secure in the family's supposed superiority. And yet in a single swing he had revealed kindness and bravery benefiting of the true image of a knight.

"It doesn't have to," She said, surprising herself. "Go, tell them I did it. They'll believe you over me."

Jamie looked up at her in shock, but firmly shook her head. "No, little girl – this is my act, my sorrow – I won't saddle you with it and cower behind my name.

And you think all honor is lost, Ginny thought in wonder. "Ginny," She said.


"That's my name. Ginny." She gave him a small smile. "Stay safe, Jamie Lannister. This world could use more honest souls like you."

With that, she turned and returned to the tower, to find that Elia's body had been removed while Lyanna hid with the children. (thanks, Varys.)

"Who took her?" Ginny demanded.

"Lannisters." Lyanna spat in response, her eyes glowing with righteous anger despite still being weak from childbirth. "Wrapped her body in red to present to king Robert Barantheon."

Ginny saw red.

/Some Time After the Battle – the houses gather to accept Robert as King/

Ginny was beyond enraged. She had passed by that point a long time ago, entering a cool lake of concentrated fury.

With the flick of her wand, she immobilized every man, every soldier, everyone in the room. Then she stepped over to Viserys, still clutching his baby sister, and offered him her hands. Lyanna, still carrying the sleeping Aegon, Rhaneys and Jon, smiled encouragingly. The silver haired prince looked at them in wonder but accepted, letting her lead him away from his would be killer.

Then Ginny walked down the stairs and unwrapped Elia from the Lannister red cloak, a tear streaking down her cheek when she examined the stab wounds on the brave mother's stomach. She was gone. All there was now was to take her back home, to her family.

Taking the body, she placed Elia on the floor on the cloak, which she charmed into a portkey. Gently placing Rhaneys and Aegon down on it, she motioned for Viserys to sit as well. He did so carefully, still watching her as if she were an angel.

"What did you do?" Lyanna asked in amazement as she stared across the room.

"They're not dead, just frozen." Ginny said through her teeth. "Stay here, this is a portkey that will take us straight to Dorne. Excuse me a moment, I have something to say."

Standing up tall, Ginny turned around and faced down the Lannisters, the Barantheons, the Tyrells, and the rest of the amalgamation of people who had reached the city.

"A King is defined as the protector of the realm." She stared, straining to keep her voice even. "It is his sworn duty to defend those who have less than him, to safeguard those who live on his lands. It is a burden and a terrible responsibility...or its meant to be! Yet Aerys the Mad goes merrily on his way, setting men, women and children on fire and none of you lift a finger to rescue them! How many people would he have had to murder before you decided that was enough!? But that's not why you're here, is it!? You're here because your PRIDE was hurt! You're here because your unwilling fiancee ran away! You're here seeking power for your own sake! AND YOU CLAIM THAT YOU ARE FIT TO RULE!?"

"How many people are dead due to noble Lannister sacking the city? How many tens of thousands of innocents, unaffiliated with Aerys's madness? Do you even think that matters, or are you more interested in the hideous chair behind me? How many have been tortured, raped and murdered as you crossed the lands for the sake of petty slights!? How about the mother at my feet, stabbed to death? The children, no more then babes, nearly bashed against the wall by your men!? How are you any different from Areys if these are the terms under which you claim rulership!? That is as foolish as trading a scorpion for a direwolf! At least Aerys was mad to begin with, unable to suppress his urges and the words that leapt into his head unabated!

"Rhaegar Targaryen was planning to unseat his father for this very reason. A good, just man, though not faultless – he did ask Lyanna to come to King's Landing with him. But reparations were headed in the direction of the North, who's lady he intended to marry after peacefully breaking with Dorne. But you would have denied the Martells Elia's body to bury after your man desecrated her and slaughtered her children! YOU CARE NOTHING FOR THOSE WHO DEPEND ON YOU, BUT IT IS ONLY THROUGH THEM THAT YOUR 'NOBILITY' HAS MEANING! I HOPE YOU LIVE FOREVER, IN THE UNFEELING HELL YOU BROUGHT UPON THIS WORLD! HAIL ROBERT BARANTHEON, FIRST OF HIS NAME, KING OF THE SEVEN GRAVEYARDS AND PROTECTOR OF BONES AND CARRION!"

With that, she vanished, the portkey spiriting the Targaryen children and their protectors away to Dorne.

End Prologue

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