Epilogue: Dusk and Dawn

The Long Night lasted half a generation. It was a brutal, long and costly battle, with countless meeting brave ends.

But Westeros endured.

Some say the Targaryen dragons were instrumental to the destruction of the White Walkers, with Balerion setting the Night's King ablaze during the final battle, with the Prince Who was Promised riding upon his back.

Jon Targaryen died and was reborn that night; as was necessary to bring about the next dawn. When he reawoke, he spoke of a young man with dark hair stopping him at the gates of the afterlife and sending him back with a smile. The only other person who understood this was Ginny, who broke down and wept happy tears at this declaration.

The Lannister name was redeemed by Tyrion, who organized the final attack and brought much needed reinforcements to the wall in their most dire hour, along with his wife Daenerys and her dragon. For his valour, Tyrion would serve as Hand of the King following Rhaegar's retirement until the day he died.

Following the night, ties between the North and South, famously continuous, were strengthened. Houses shared trades and gifts more than ever before.

In the following years, there was peace. Jon often flew North of the Wall to keep peace with the Wildlings, and he was always met there by an archer named Ygritte. Some time after, Jon returned home with his son Jaehaerys III; the heir to his throne.

Later, Aegon was blessed with twin children, Aegon the Seventh and Viserya. A few years later, Rhaenys Stark gave birth to a son named Eddard.

Across the ocean, Queen Ginerva I prospered. Surprising absolutely no one, her knight and right hand Jamie Lannister eventually became her husband.

Their firstborn daughter, Luna Joanna, was brought to visit Westeros shortly after her tenth nameday. There, she struck up a close friendship with Jaehaerys and Viserya. Their parents good naturedly discussed the possibility of them marrying when they came of age; Harry Black and Ginerva Targaryen had already married the previous year, so the possibility was no longer as outlandish as it may have seemed years ago.

Luna grew to be a powerful witch, as much so as her mother. Born after her was Molly, a healer and a politican. After her, Tyris, a born swordsman.

Eventually, Luna Joanna and Jaehaerys III did in fact choose each other, bringing magic into the Targaryen line and dragons blood into the line of Gryffin d'Or. In time, they had two children of their own – Hadrian Targaryen, the eldest, the Bane of Hells as he became known as King; and Edith Gryffin d'Or, Death's Gentle Mistress, the younger.

At 112, Queen Ginerva let go of her life, following her second husband into the next world, finally, finally at peace.