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Chapter 1

3 months later

"Isabella, Isabella! Where are ye?" Edward shouted, as he frantically looked around the walled garden for his wife. She had been there walking beside him not more than a second ago and the next thing he knew she was gone. He didn't understand it. He hadn't heard anyone approach them and she hadn't made a sound as she disappeared. Had someone taken her? Had the traitors finally revealed themselves? "Please, Isabella, answer me," he begged, eager to know that his wife was okay.

He heard a small laugh coming from behind him, but before he had the chance to turn around, something or rather, someone jumped onto his back, covering his eyes. He peeled the delicate hands away from his face, turning around to frown at his wife as he lowered her to the ground. "Are ye trying tae kill me?" he snapped.

Isabella shook her head. "I was only playing. I meant no harm." She didn't understand why her husband was so upset. Surely he knew that she hadn't really been in trouble? His actions were puzzling. He hadn't been the same since Garrett had been killed. She thought that he would be more relaxed now that their troubles were gone, but her husband was far from relaxed. He was always wound up so tight, and he was still insistent that she have a guard with her every hour of the day. Isabella hated being guarded. She felt like she was being treated like a child who was unable to look after herself.

At first, she had thought that Edward was just being overprotective and with time he would let her roam free without a guard. She had been wrong. If anything he had grown more overprotective. His behaviour had her worried. She wondered if there was more going on than he was willing to tell her. "I'm sorry that I scared you," she said, reaching up and stroking her husband's face, hoping it would soothe him.

Edward didn't want to admit to his wife just how much she had scared him. "Come, let's return tae the castle."

Isabella sighed. She wasn't ready to return home. She enjoyed walking in the private garden, but she knew better than to argue with him when he was in a mood like this. She put her hand on his arm and let him lead her down the hill, towards the castle gates.

Upon entry of the walls, Emmett flanked her side, a sure sign that her husband was now leaving her to attend to other matters. Edward kissed the top of her head. "Stay out of trouble, wife."

Isabella nodded and headed inside, in search of something to pass her time. As she climbed the stone stairs, her head began to spin. She clutched the wall, trying to keep her balance as she waited for the feeling to pass. It wasn't the first time that she had experienced this light headedness.

"Are ye okay, mistress?" Emmett asked, concerned, but before she could answer him, everything went dark and she felt herself slipping on the stairs.