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Title: "Boring"

In the last chapter: At Helga's and my first date, I finally collected the courage to tell her that I loved her. Her reaction to it was exactly what I had expected, but it surprised me when she told me to leave the skylight unlocked. When I woke up to myself being tied to my bedpost, I realized why. After some bittersweet, torturous foreplay Helga and I made love for the first time.

Author's 1st note: Last chapter… Feels weird, as always. My last author's note has a small spoiler for you for my next long-term story (when I say small spoiler, I do mean small. You'll know nothing serious until I write the first chapter xD) But for now, happy reading! :D

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Chapter 13: "So this is happiness"

I woke up rather slowly and sighed in happiness when the memories from the night before came soaring through my mind. I smiled as I reached out, expecting to touch Helga's hair or skin, but I was met with the usual fabric on my bed. I forced my eyes open and saw that she was gone. I looked around in my room and there wasn't a trace of her. For a moment, I wondered if it had all been a dream until I saw something very out of place on my floor; a pair of light pink, laced panties. I blushed as I stepped out of my bed, quickly pulling my boxers over my hips and then grabbed the panties. Those were definitely Helga's, I hadn't seen them properly in the darkness, but they sure weren't mine.

So it wasn't a dream, I thought with a crooked smile. I was pretty sure she wouldn't forget her panties, so it only made sense that she had left them on purpose. I shook my head in good humor before I heard a knock on the door. I gasped and put the panties behind my back just in time for Gerald to pop in.

"Hi, buddy! Uh, did I wake you?" he asked when he saw how little clothes I was wearing.

"Uh, n-no, but I did just wake up a second ago." I said awkwardly.

Gerald looked at me suspiciously. "What are you hiding behind your back?" he asked with narrowed eyes. I briefly considered lying or trying to hide them properly, but I knew Gerald would never let me go before he found out what it was, so I moved my hand away from my back and showed him the panties. He went bug-eyed. "No way! Those are Helga's?"

"Yes…" I answered in embarrassment.

"So you two…?" Gerald probed and I nodded with a meek grin. "Congratulations! Last night at your date, I guess?"

I tilted my head to the side. "Not… really at our date." I said with a secretive smile.

"Not at your date?" Gerald asked with a smirk and crossed his arms. "You're gonna have to tell me about this. And we need to celebrate it! Put some clothes on, we're going out!"

When I told Gerald about Helga's surprise, as modestly as I could of course, he was crazy with jealousy. He called me a lucky guy and I knew that I was for several other reasons as well. I couldn't believe how I could have gone from despising Helga to fall so madly in love with her. Life was strange that way I supposed.

Days went by and Christmas was approaching. I hung out with my friends through most of the holiday and Helga would tag along sometimes. She got along with the guys fantastically thanks to her somewhat boyish nature and I just felt so happy whenever I was with her. She made me happy in a way I never knew I could be. One day when we had all hung out as well, Helga seemed to have been smiling more at me than usual. When I asked her about it though, she just shook her head and pretended she didn't know what I was talking about. I knew there was a meaning behind that undying smile though, but I figured she just didn't want to admit that she was as happy as I was.

It wasn't until I came home, I realized why Helga had been smirking at me like that all day. I walked into the hallway and started taking my coat off when I heard my grandpa calling my name. He asked me to come into the living room in a strange voice I hadn't heard before. I got a little worried so I put my shoes down in a hurry and jogged into the living room. He was sitting in his usual chair with grandma in the chair next to his. Someone else was in the room though, sitting on the couch with their backs turned to me. I could see some blonde hair on one of them and some brown on the other one, both having short hair.

Grandpa nodded towards me to the strangers. I wanted to step around the couch to see who it was that had my grandpa so tongue-tied, but I was frozen to the spot. Time seemed to stand still as the two adults turned around and I saw their faces. It was like looking at one of those few pictures I always stared at on October the 5th. The day my parents left. I didn't understand how, but those familiar pictures had somehow come alive and were sitting on my couch in my living room as if they belonged there.

"Arnold." the woman said in a quiet, disbelieving voice and put her hand up to her mouth. She was on the verge of tears and so was the man, but all I could do was stare at them. It was like my brain had turned off and all I could comprehend was that the people I had all those pictures of had somehow jumped out of them and were right in front of me.

"Arnold," grandpa said and I moved my head mechanically to look at him. "they are your parents. Stella and Miles."

I looked back at the two adults, knowing full well that they looked almost identical to the people in the pictures. They were older though and seemed tired and dirty. It was Stella who moved to stand first and walked to me shakily. It was like she was afraid that I'd disappear if she made any sudden movements. Once she was close enough, she put a hand on my cheek and eyed me for a long time. She couldn't believe that I was standing right in front of her either.

"M-Mom?" I asked shakily. She made a small gasp at being called that and then nodded. "Mom!"

I sprung into the woman's arms and she held me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. I looked towards the man who was walking towards us as well and I stretched out my arm for him. He wrapped his arms around us both and I held them both closely as we fell to our knees. We were a pile of sobs and shivers and it was like my head could only understand one thing; my parents had come home.

I'm not sure for how long we cried while hugging each other, but I suddenly found myself in the couch between them both. My mom was holding my hand and my dad had a hand on my shoulder as they told me about what had happened in San Lorenzo. On their way to the Green Eyed Village, their plane had crashed and their friend Eduardo had died in the accident. My parents were lucky to have been able to survive for long enough to find the Green Eyes by themselves. By the time they got there, they had to be nursed back to health before they could get to work and figure out an antidote for the deadly sleeping sickness that had been plaguing the Green Eyes for more than a year at that point. It took years to find an antidote, make it work as it should and to finally cure everyone of the sickness and make sure it wouldn't infect them again. By then, my parents' problem was to find a way home. The plane had crashed and Eduardo, their only contact to civilization was dead. It meant that they were stuck there until someone would happen to come by and the Green Eyed village wasn't a place people took a stroll.

"How did you get home?" I asked as I looked between my parents, unsure who to look at. I wanted to look at them both all the time, but I didn't want to let go of them either.

"A pilot came to the Green Eyed village, saying he had been looking for us for months." My mom replied in a smile of disbelief. "We couldn't believe it."

"But… how?" I asked in dissatisfaction. I had waited for them for so many years, I couldn't accept someone popping up out of nowhere, bringing them home and not letting me thank him.

"He said that someone hired him to track you down. The person even gave him a picture of a map of San Lorenzo. God knows how that person found it!" my dad answered in complete disbelief akin to my mom's.

"But… who send the pilot there? Who had pictures of a map of San Lorenzo?" I asked in confusion.

"We have no idea. The pilot said the person wished to be anonymous." My mom said. "I wish I knew who it was too, honey. I want to thank them for letting me come back to my son."

She kissed the top of my head as she said that and I smiled for a second. It faded soon after that though. I felt so many emotions towards the person who had brought my parents back to me. Utter happiness was one of them, but I also felt frustration because I didn't know who it was. I wanted to thank them, I wanted to tell them what an amazing thing they had done for me and my parents. Why would they choose to be anonymous?

"Well!" grandpa said and leaned back in the couch. "It's a good thing we know who it was, eh, Short man?"

I looked at him in confusion, as did my parents. "We do?" I asked.

Grandpa blinked at me, sighed and pointed at my dad. "Miles, I blame you for this boy's denseness!" he declared and then looked back at me. "Who do we know that has enough money to hire a private detective and pilot who also happens to have seen the map to San Lorenzo?" he said in a loud, somewhat sneering voice.

I blinked a couple of times before a name came crashing down on me. "You think - - "

"I know." Grandpa corrected me. I jumped out of the couch instantly and ran to the hallway.

"Where are you going, Arnold?" my dad asked behind me.

"I'm going to see the person who brought you back to me!" I replied as I struggled with my boot. Thank God it was just the kind that had to be pulled on because I had never felt more in a hurry in my life.

"You know who?" my mom asked as she and my dad appeared in the doorframe with my grandpa and grandma.

"I-I have a very strong feeling." I answered and swung my coat around my arms. I kept telling myself that there was no way my grandpa could be right about this, but it was the only person who made sense.

"It's his girlfriend." Grandpa said with a teasing neigh in his voice.

"Girlfriend?" my parents asked in excited voices.

I blushed under their intense stares. "She's… I-It's new." I insisted. "But I guess not really…"

"He's known her since they were 3-years-old." Grandpa said with a toothless grin.

"But we only met again recently!" I insisted without knowing why. I sighed; I didn't have the time to discuss this right now. "I-I have to go and see her and find out if she really was the one who got you here. I-I'll be back soon, ok?"

"Please bring her back here." My mom said and took my hand. "We want to thank her too. And we want to meet her, of course."

A broad smile spread on my face and I nodded. Once I had opened the door though, a thought struck me and I turned to give my grandpa a warning look. "Don't go into too much detail, ok, grandpa?" I requested. He waved his hands innocently as if agreeing, but as soon as I closed the door, I could hear him talk excitedly. With a small sigh, I started running towards Helga's house.

My hair felt empty and to the brink with thoughts at the same time. Was it possible that Helga had done this? Had she really enough money to have made my dream come true? Had she really spent it on me when she could have spent it on herself? If the pilot had been looking for my parents for months, that meant she had hired him months before all this. It must have been back when she looked at the map. Could she really have decided to do such an amazing thing for me back then? Back before I fell in love with her, while I was still pining for Lila? It seemed so unreal.

I was completely out of breath when I reached Helga's house and rang the doorbell. "I'll get it!" I heard Helga's voice yell from inside the house and I quickly ran my hand through my hair and readjusted my clothes before she opened the door. She looked at me in slight surprise, but then smiled. "Arnold? What are you doing here?"

"My parents…" I said and took a breath to calm myself down. "My parents have come home."

Helga's eyes widened in shock and then she grinned widely at me. "Really?!" she asked in excitement and wrapped her arms around me. "That's amazing, Arnold! And just in time for Christmas too!"

"Yeah… I guess I have a Christmas angel watching out for me." I said suggestively. She leaned back and I could see the suspicion in her eyes. "It was you, right?" I asked. "You… You're the only one who has seen the map, you're the only one who could have done this."

Helga let her hands fall away from my shoulders and crossed her arms. "You're welcome." She stated dismissively.

"Welcome?!" I repeated in disbelief. "Helga, you've spent who knows how much money to hire a pilot to go and find my parents who have been lost in the jungle for years and you're saying I'm welcome?!"

"Arnold!" Helga said and stepped outside, closing the door behind her. "There's a reason I asked to be anonymous. I don't want to get into a huge, mushy thank you scene. I don't know what to do in situations like that, so just accept the you're welcome and go back to your parents."

"Well, I want to get into a big thank you scene!" I shouted back and Helga rolled her eyes. "Do you have any idea what you've done for me? Year after year, I've been pining for my parents. Had nightmares about what happened to them, dreamt about them coming home. I've been waiting and praying that they would come home and now they're here. They were sitting in my living room, alive and well, and I have you to thank for that… Do you have any idea what… you've done for me?"

Despite having cried for so long earlier, I could feel tears prickling at the corners of my eyes again. Helga sighed when I put my hands up to my face. "I can see what I've done for you. You weren't even this emotional when you found out your dream girl was gay."

"What dream girl?" I asked and looked at Helga. I huffed. "Lila? No way… It took me a long time to realize it, but you are my dream girl, Helga. I never thought you would be, but you are and not just because of this. You're - - "

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm a mountain spring, a summer breeze and still can't handle cheesy moments." Helga interrupted.

I wanted to say so much more, but I forced myself to hold it in. "How did you do it?" I decided to ask instead.

Helga looked away awkwardly. "I lied." She said. "When I told you that Bob was angry about losing a client before our first date… He had actually just realized that I had taken enough money from his account to pay for the pilot's expenses."

My eyes widened. "You stole from your dad?"

"Don't tell me you wish I hadn't?"

"No! No…" I admitted. "But how didn't he find out until now?"

"He doesn't check his account until he needs to know what's in it. He's stupid like that. He's probably changed the code now though so don't expect any other expensive favors from me." Helga explained with a smirk.

My shoulders slumped. "You're amazing, Helga." I told her truthfully.

"Yeah, yeah, you're head over heels for me, completely devoted and can't imagine life without me. I got it." Helga said playfully and opened her front door again. "Go home to your parents, Football Head. You've got a lot of catching up to do."

I knew that Helga was right and I also wanted to get back to them as well. "Thank you, Helga." I said casually. "Was that un-mushy enough for you?"

"It'll do." Helga said and stepped inside, but then turned around. "Hey… if you don't have any other plans as such then… then you can come to the recital with your grandparents and parents. There's also gonna be a party afterwards if you want to that is."

"The recital?" I asked in slight confusion, but then remembered that Princess Tutu's premiere was at Christmas eve. "We'll be there!" I declared. "We'll definitely be there!"

Helga grinned at me. "Good because I already reserved your seats. You're gonna have to sit next to my parents and Olga though, just so you're warned."

"I can manage if it means to see you as Kraehe." I teased and stepped up on the stoop. Despite her warnings about cheesy scenes, I couldn't leave before kissing her. I caressed her neck with my fingers and she sighed into the kiss. This was the most wonderful feeling in the world, I was sure.

"Merry Christmas, Arnold." Helga whispered with a loving smile before she walked inside and closed the door.

I sighed happily before I decided to go home. "Merry Christmas, Helga."

When I told my parents that my girlfriend was the one who had brought them back, they were more than happy to be told about the recital on Christmas Eve. I spent every waking moment with my parents on the days up to Christmas. We were all oddly nervous about going to Circle Theater together. My parents were nervous about dressing up and going out in public after 15 years of being in the jungle. I was nervous about them meeting Helga and so were they, once I confessed that. My grandparents were the only ones who were completely calm about the whole thing.

Once we were inside and had gotten to our seats, I noticed Lila's dad down the front row. I waved at him awkwardly, but he smiled at me casually and waved back. The first two rows in the theater were obviously reserved for family because I could easily see who were the parents of both Justin and Matt; they were both splitting images of their parents. I sat awkwardly next to Bob who didn't recognize me until I introduced myself. As soon as the orphan comment came back, my parents introduced themselves as well and Bob was shocked to see them right before him. I couldn't wait to tell Helga about how funny his face had looked when he realized that my parents were alive and well.

"Promise us, Arnold," my dad whispered to me. "you'll tell us who it is as soon as she is on."

"Trust me, just wait for his face to get love-struck and you'll know." Grandpa snickered.

"Grandpa!" I sneered in embarrassment and hoped that Bob hadn't heard him. He obviously hadn't and seemed to be more focused on the fact that Olga was Nika were here. With that being said, he hadn't said a single word to them since she had requested that they switched seats so that she and Nika could be next to us. I had a feeling that she had done that for my sake so I didn't have to feel the pressure of him next to me. I had thanked both her and Nika for it, and Nika beamed when I had signed to her.

A hush came over the audience when the lights dimmed. I sat on the edge of the seat, excited for the recital to begin. Olga nudged at me playfully and something told me that Helga had probably told her what had happened between us. It made me a little shy to think about her knowing about us, but I was also very grateful. It was thanks to her that we met as kids after all. Who knows if we would have fallen in love if it hadn't been for that?

The sound of something resembling raindrops falling to a calm beat echoed in the room. I recognized the melody as Morning Grace, the opening theme for the story. Lila stepped out to the stage and I noticed my parents looking at me. I rolled my eyes when I realized that they were looking for the love-struck expression my grandpa had told them about. They looked back at the stage though after confirming that Lila wasn't the girl. Justin came out on the stage and Lila moved around him, showing clearly that her character, Tutu, was in love with him. Then Matt appeared as well, stepping between Lila and Justin as if to protect him from her. Justin had a neutral look on his face through the whole thing since his heart was supposed to have already been lost.

Then Helga stepped out on the scene in that black costume. I knew that I was staring at her when I heard my dad lean closer to my mom and told her that it was obviously Helga who had just stepped out on the stage. I blushed at how obviously love-smitten I must have looked since he didn't even hesitate to tell my mom that Helga was the girl. I stared intensely as Helga pulled Justin away from both Matt and Lila, putting her arms protectively around him.

I was completely enchanted through the entire recital. I noticed Helga looking at me from time to time when she had the chance and both Olga, my parents and grandparents nudged at me whenever they noticed her doing that. I didn't care about their teasing though, I was too engulfed in the story. When it was time for Helga to do those fouettes that had made her twist her ankle the last time I saw her doing them, I held my breath. She went through with them with perfect grace though and the audience gasped at the intensity of her dancing.

Once Mytho had his heart restored and Kraehe had realized that he was truly in love with her and Fakir and Tutu had confessed their love as well, the recital was over and the curtains fell. Everyone instantly stood up in their seats and were giving a standing ovation. I heard my grandpa whistling and Helga looked in our direction. She smirked when I whistled as well and I noticed her rolling her eyes in good humor.

After showing our tickets to a sort of bouncer, we were allowed backstage for the cast party. I, along with my family, were searching the crowd for Helga. I pointed at her once my eyes had caught her and I marveled in her beauty. She was wearing a white dress with a big, tulle-filled skirt that went just above her knees. It had a heart-shaped neckline and was decorated with pink marbles down the right side which created a trail of flowers. It looked like a perfect dress to wear after a ballet recital. She was still wearing her Kraehe makeup though so the black eyeliner, dark purple eyeshadow and blood red lips gave her a bit of an edgy look as well.

I told my parents that I would go and get Helga and they stayed dutifully behind. Once I was close enough I could hear her talking to Mademoiselle Pavlova. "I hope you understand my decision." She told the older woman and I stayed back when I saw the serious looks on their faces.

"I have known for a long time that this was what you wanted, Helga." Mademoiselle Pavlova said with her thick Russian accent. "What I don't understand is why it took you so long to take a stand and give it straight to me."

Helga hummed thoughtfully. "I guess I finally realized that I've been a hypocrite. I've told people all my life that they shouldn't let what anyone else thinks matter, but I've let my parents decide this for me my whole life. It's over. I want to make my own decisions from now on. I might start doing ballet again if I miss it, but then it'll be my choice."

Mademoiselle Pavlova smiled and put her hand on Helga's shoulder. "I am very proud of you, Helga. I do hope you'll return to ballet someday. I will miss you and your raw talent. Good luck." She said, patted her shoulder and turned around to walk towards some of her other ballet students.

"You're quitting ballet?" I asked gently and Helga shrieked as she turned around and saw me. "Sorry."

"Stop sneaking up on me." Helga said with a sigh and then nodded to my question. "Yes, I told Mademoiselle Pavlova that this was my last recital. I'm officially done with this world."

I smiled at her. "You don't think you'll regret it?"

"You heard her," Helga said as she gestured towards Pavlova. "if I do change my mind, I can always come back. No harm, no foul."

"Good point." I said and turned to look at my family. "My parents would love to meet you."

"Figures." Helga said and sighed. She cleared her throat and arched her back. "Bring it on."

I snickered as I put my hand on her back, hoping she found it soothing. "Helga, I'd like you to meet my parents, Miles and Stella." I said once we had reached them.

"Nice to meet you." Helga said awkwardly and offered her hand, but both of my parents pulled her into a tight hug.

"Thank you so much." Mom whispered gratefully.

"And for taking such good care of our son as well." Dad added.

"Taking good care? He clearly hasn't told you much about me yet." Helga joked and stepped back awkwardly. She was instantly pulled into a hug by my grandpa and grandma though. "Yeah, yeah, I got you your son back! Enough with the mushiness!"

I grabbed at Helga to pull her away after I noticed that she seemed genuinely uncomfortable with the attention. My family understood the meaning behind my action and started asking her about her ballet instead. I was relieved to see that Helga was talking kindly to them, but she was being herself through the whole conversation. I deeply regretted ever thinking that Helga wasn't the kind of girl to bring home to your parents. She had been feeling as awkward as I thought she would, but she had also handled it absolutely perfectly, never faking her way through the meeting. My parents loved her and my grandparents still thought she had grown into a wonderful woman.

"I need something to drink after all that talking. Come with me, Arnold." Helga said, grabbed my hand and pulled me away from my family. Once we were at the table with drinks, she sighed in relief. "That was more family time than I've ever spent my whole life."

"You did well, Helga." I complimented her and poured a cup of punch for her. She thanked me before gurgling the whole thing. "Where are your parents?"

"Oh, they're here somewhere." Helga replied just before a roaring shout could be heard in the hall. "There's Bob." She declared and turned around to see him come running towards us.

"Helga! What is the meaning of this?! Why did your teacher just tell me that you've decided to quit ballet?!" Bob shouted loudly, earning the attention from everyone in the room.

"Because I finally decided to stop pretending. I don't like ballet, Bob, never have and never will so I decided to quit."

Bob was red with anger. "I haven't spent thousands of dollars on your lessons to have you quit! I forbid it!"

"What are you gonna do to stop me, Bob?! Put string on my ankles and wrists and force me around like a marionette? I'm quitting, get over it!"

"I am not giving you a ride home if you're quitting ballet." Bob said threateningly and crossed his arms. His smirk was screaming that he thought he had won.

"Fine, I'll just spend the night at Arnold's place then." Helga stated casually and cocked her head towards me.

Bob looked between us. "Wait, don't tell me that he's your boyfriend or something? Are you yanking my chain, Helga?! First you quit ballet and now you're dating the orphan boy?!"

"Hey!" Helga shouted warningly and put her cup back on the table behind us. "First of all, if you wanted to have a say in what goes on in my life, you should have been a dad to me! Second of all, Arnold's parents are right over there so he is not an orphan and even if he was, I forbid you to talk about him that way! I am done with this charade, Bob! You and Miriam are not allowed to be here anymore. Diego!" she shouted and the bouncer appeared in the doorframe. "Escort my parents out, please."

Diego looked at Helga in confusion, but he grabbed Miriam gently by the arm anyway. She clearly had no idea what was going on as she gave her glass of wine to my dad who took it in absolute confusion. Diego went to grab Bob as well and he struggled against him, but Diego was much larger than he was and he quickly got both of Helga's parents out of the hall. We could hear Bob's shouting disappear in the distance and the silence in the room was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

Helga frowned and glared warningly at the band who started playing music again as if nothing had happened. People slowly went back to their chatting when they realized that the ordeal was over. Helga sighed and put her hand over her head in frustration. I put my hand on her shoulder and she smiled at me.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your Christmas eve with your family." Helga apologized.

"You haven't ruined anything, Helga. I'm proud of you for standing up to your dad… and thank you for what you said about me as well." I told her honestly. I noticed my family's worried stares, but I just nodded at them with a smile to tell them that it was ok.

"Yeah, thanks, but I have a feeling I'm not gonna be allowed back home for a while." Helga said thoughtfully.

"You can come home to us." I insisted.

"A-Arnold, I didn't say that to Bob to guilt trip you into - - "

"You're spending Christmas with us, Helga." My grandpa insisted as he and the rest of my family approached. "We were going to ask you anyway."

"Really?" Helga asked suspiciously.

"Absolutely!" my mom insisted. "We want to get to know you more, Helga."

Helga looked at them all one-by-one and then a very innocent smile spread on her face. "Thank you." She said in a somewhat timid voice and I couldn't help but kiss her cheek. She was too cute. "But the night is still young and I'm not gonna let Bob ruin the rest of the party! Excuse me while I steal your son for a dance."

I laughed, happy that Helga was already back to her usual self, as she pulled me out on the dancefloor. As I put my hand on her waist, I noticed my grandparents and parents start to dance as well. "You sure you're ok?" I couldn't help but ask as we danced.

"I'm fine. It was bound to happen. I'd rather spend Christmas with you anyway." Helga confessed and gave me a lingering peck. We stopped dancing for a moment to enjoy the kiss, but then we went back to dancing to our heart's extent. "Oh, and just so there's no misunderstandings… I love you too."

I flinched at Helga's words and a wide smile spread on my face. I smirked at her mischievously and twirled her under my arm, forcing her to fall backwards so that I was hovering above her. "I guess I'll go home now." I quoted playfully.

"Don't you dare!" Helga warned in disbelief, but she was laughing as I swung her back up.

We continued dancing for a while before I felt a finger tap me on the shoulder. I turned my head and saw Lila smiling innocently at us. "May I cut in?" she asked.

For a moment, I expected her to take my hands, but she stepped between me and Helga and started dancing with her. Helga laughed in disbelief and I couldn't help but laugh as well. I was so proud of them both tonight honestly. Lila had really come out of her shell and Helga had stood up to her dad and handled her meeting with my parents really well. I stayed leaned up against the wall, smiling whenever Helga smiled in my direction as she danced with Lila and I thought: So this is happiness.

The end

Author's 2nd note: FYI, I named the bouncer Diego as a hint towards a mobile game I have loved for a long time. It's called "Hollywood U", it's definitely a lot of fun! Diego isn't a big character as such, but he is such a sweetheart! So, yeah, I wanted to honor that game by naming the bouncer Diego :P

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