Forever Scheming

Author's Notes: Well, I finally saw "Forever Red" this morning, and this plot has been floating around in my mind since the last few scenes. Time to get the show on the road!

Couples: Tommy/Kim, Trini/Jason, more coming later, if people want another chapter.

Time frame: A few hours after the ending of "Forever Red".

Main inspiration: "Are you kidding me?! I was the one doing all the work while he [Tommy] was in the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberley!!" – Jason

Summary: Two old friends have a little chat about two other old friends, do a bit of scheming.


Jason sighed to himself, flipping through the channels in his motel room. Despite the interesting programs, his mind was not able to concentrate. The adrenaline from the events of that day still pounded within him, but that wasn't what was keeping his attention.

It was more his best friend, his Bro, Tommy. How he'd rarely smiled during the entire adventure, how he hadn't joked around. He'd been withdrawn, conservative…Almost as if he were trying not to feel emotion. Any kind of emotion, whether it be happiness, sadness, despair, or love..Love! That was it!

In his first bodily movement in an hour, Jason leaped to his feet, went over to the phone, and dialed the all too familiar number.


"Tri! It's Jason."

"Jason! Hi! How did it go today?" He knew she meant more than the mission.

"The mission went great, the other part of this didn't. Devoid of most emotion, and ran off right at the end. How was your 'mission'?"

"Failed, and greatly so. Kimberley isn't like she used to be, Jason…Not peppy, no huge grins, no giggles. Not even when I brought up our…"

"Our what?" Jason couldn't help the grin that grew on his face, despite the circumstances. Trini never faltered, that was a fact.

"None of your business, it's girl stuff. Jase, what's happened to them? Wait, stupid question. Better one: What can we do about it?"

"I don't think there's anything we can do…They'll have to work it out on their own, and quick. Hopefully they won't chicken out and will show up at the big get together."

"If they avoid each other, I swear, I'm locking them up in a closet or small room, whichever is closest."

"Remember to install a video camera this time."

"Oh yeah!"