Forever Interesting

Author's Notes: I know it's been ages, and that this isn't my best or longest work. I've got a cold, but this is the first chance in awhile I've been able to update this series due to writer's block and school. I hope to start updating this regularly again, I already have my plans for this set. Hope you enjoy this rather random installment!

Disclaimer: As you see not, I own not. So therefore, suing is bad. For I am but a poor teen.

Couples: Tommy/Kimberly, Jason/Trini, Billy/Adam, Aisha/Rocky, Zack/Kat, Tanya/TJ, mentions of Ashley/Andros and Phantom/Cassie, Zhane/Karone, Leo/Kendrix, Maya/Mike, Dana/Carter, Kelsey/Chad, Joel/Angela.

Time Frame: A day after 'Forever Close'.


She heard the doorbell. She heard the frantic tapping and sliding against the hard wood floor. And it was then she heard the shriek. Kelsey just knew that was trouble. It always was. She took off at a run to the front of the house.

"Cocoa! I love you but get off! Cocoa! Off! Carter, I can hear you laughing and I'm going to castrate you if you keep laughing! Joel, you too!"

Kelsey had to save her laughter as she tugged her chocolate lab off of the blonde doctor. "Sorry Dana…You okay?"

Her friend laughed, straightening her casual jeans and white tank top. "I'm better than those ones will be once I'm through with them. Where's your husband? I remember having a conversation with him about Cocoa.."

Chad then came to the door, an apologetic look on his face, several bags in his arms. "I tried the gate idea. It didn't work. He jumped over it. Don't hurt me, please. Either of you."

"We'll let you pass this time, Chad," Kelsey rewarded her husband with a quick kiss. "But maybe it's time we took him to training school…"

"Training school? That dog is just like you, Kels…It doesn't need school, it needs a shrink!"

"Are you implying that Kelsey needs a shrink, Joel?" Ryan asked carefully from the back of the jeep, knowing what this might turn into.

"No…It just came out like that. Really." He paled as the energetic former yellow ranger stalked towards him. "I love you Kelsey!" He chimed, ducking as low as he could get in the jeep.

"Something tells me that isn't going to work this time," Carter stated, unable to stop his grin as the self-proclaimed Sky Cowboy piled duffel bags on himself to hide.

"Did it ever work?" Chad asked, handing the bags to Kelsey when she reached for them before turning back to the house.

"No." Dana watched with amusement as Kelsey added her bags to Joel's hiding place none-too gently. "Kels, I'll help you get him later. We do have to get to the hotel early if you want to swim."

"Fine…But we're going to come up with something good." She climbed into the jeep at last, ready to have a good time. "Now what're we waiting for? Let's go!"

Chad shook his head as he walked down to the jeep once again, having locked the door. "This is going to be an interesting trip…"