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Terror In The Night


The alley was dark. Most alleys in Gotham were.

The man at the far end, backed against a padlocked fence was scared. He has every right to be.

Blocking his exit was a small nymph brightly clad in yellow and red, grinning merrily at the frightened captive.

He wasn't afraid of the nymph.

It was the enormous looming shadow behind the brightly clad nymph that was so troubling to the already rankled man.

"Don't hurt me!" the man begged.

The shadow's lips pulled back in a grotesque smile. "I'm not the one you should be afraid of," it informed the confined creature cowering before it.. The white demonic eyes of the shadow trailed down to the nymph at its feet.

* * *

Collapsing into a wooden dining room chair, the haggard young man contemplated his coffee with a sigh. "Bruce, I can't believe you did that," Dick Grayson informed his father figure.

Bruce Wayne simply turned another page of the newspaper, picking his coffee cup off the table for another quiet sip. "Show you father your growly face," he instructed the girl in the chair at the corner of the table, who sat coloring a mermaid and a fish in an oversized fun book.

Mara Grayson flashed her tiny baby teeth, all the way back to the molars. The incisors shined white and dangerous in the mid-morning light. "GRRRRR, daddy. Grrr." She clamped her teeth shut a few times, clicking them for dramatic effect.

Dick sighed. "She coulda got rabies."