I do not own any Disney characters named herein, and am only borrowing them to tell a nonprofit tale meant for entertainment purposes only.

Kim Possible: Super-Girl

By LJ58


"Kim, look out," shouted the lanky, sandy-blonde teen that leapt impossibly high to land in the middle of nineteen armed Henches looking to rush his longtime friend and partner in what was now known as Team Possible.

Kim Possible, the willowy redhead who had been proving she was a basic, average girl that could do anything turned even as she had been disarming Professor Dementor's latest doomsday weapon, and realized even Ron couldn't drop all of the nineteen Henches alone before they were on her.

Behind them, only half exposed in the doorway into the main lab, chortled the helmeted madman who had lured them in with the usual scenario, and was now apparently trying to overwhelm them with sheer numbers as yet another wave of Henches rushed out after what was actually the fourth group they had waded through since their arrival.

"No big," she glared, and turned to lift her smaller fists as she took a familiar martial stance to the now famous, some would argue infamous, monkey-master.

Kim drew back even as the first Henches swarmed her.

"KP," Ron shouted, dropping three Henches at once with a combination sweep and kick, a simultaneous elbow, and a good old-fashioned right.

Only more were still coming, and Ron stared in horror as the added numbers literally buried Kim's smaller, slighter body under the wall of taller, brawnier men. He knew Kim could handle herself well enough, but sometimes numbers could, and did take a toll.

Even as he began to call on the mystic powers he now embodied, a growing snarl sounded that made some of the men actually cringe, and fall back.

Then there was a virtual explosion of bodies as Kim shrieked, "Off, damn you," and the nearest man she rose to face was then smashed through most of the crowd of Henches before he slammed into a wall, and bounced hard to land on his face.

He didn't move after he hit.

Everyone, even Ron, gaped as they all turned to Kim who was staring only at the offending lackeys still around her.

"Next," the redhead all but growled as she seemed unaware her usually bright, green eyes were literally glowing with an eerie, ethereal glow.

"KP," Ron rasped as the Henches began to back away.

"Let's finish this," Kim said, heedless of whatever was going on as she snatched up a stun baton, and turned, half leaping, drove it down into the machine's central core as the computers around her began to spark, and explode in tandem.

"Time to go," Ron shouted, and started to clear a path even as Kim's eyes tracked, and found Dementor who was gaping at her with hugely rounded eyes behind his trademark helmet.

"Impossible," he rasped. "Not even you can….."

Kim moved, and in a blur of speed that Ron couldn't even track, she was suddenly at Dementor's side before he could make yet another of his trademark escapes. She lifted up the stunned dwarf's body in both hands, and spat, "If you knew how sick I was of this same old song-and-dance," she told him bitterly, then released one hand to raise a clenched fist over him.

"KP, don't," Ron shouted, seeing that increasingly whitish glow intensify around her eyes. "You got him. Just let GJ have him. It's over."

"It's never over," Dementor began a familiar rant.

Just before Kim dropped her fist down atop his head.

Dementor dropped from her other fist like a shapeless sack, and landed on the floor at her feet. He didn't move.

"Kim," Ron said, walking toward her, not one conscious Hench left in the lair by then as those had all fled after Kim's unnatural display of strength that she couldn't have managed even with her trademark battle-suit.

A suit she was not currently wearing since Wade was working on a few upgrades for it yet again after the last one shorted out during a major sitch, as Kim called them.

"No big," the redhead turned to smile at him, dusting her gloved hands. "It's done, and so is bucket-head," she quipped.

"Yes, big," Ron told her. "You'd better be glad he wore that helmet. Because you almost killed him."

"Ron," the redhead sputtered. "I would never….."

"Look at his helmet," Ron told her.

Kim looked down.

The helmet, half on, half off the unconscious man had a very pronounced dent in the top where she had dropped her fist. A single glance told her he was bleeding from his nose, and ears, too.

"Now, look at that, and tell me, 'No big,'" Ron told her.

She followed his finger, and saw the smoldering ruin of the machine, and its controlling devices. As well as the more than dozen unconscious men still laying where she had thrown them.

"Since when could you do that even with your suit," Ron asked her. "Something's going on, and we'd better call Wade, because I think you just trumped mystical monkey-power, and went straight to mad strength like Hego's!"

Kim stared at her hands, and frowned.

"But….. I wasn't even glowing," she frowned.

"Your eyes were," Ron told her. "Didn't you notice?"

"They were?"

"Call Wade," he told her as GJ began to finally show to take in any prisoners, or any salvageable tech their often laughable experts might be able to use.

"I'll call Wade," Kim said with a dark frown as she only then began to realize just what she had managed, and how easily.

Pride aside, she knew even she wasn't that good. Or that strong.

Ron said nothing more as Will Du lead the familiar agents in blue into the lair.

Will paused, eyed Dementor, and asked, "What did you hit him with," in an accusatory tone.

"My fist," Kim told him, knowing Will was looking at Ron when he spotted the warped helmet, and finished removing it to find Dementor was bleeding from his scalp, as well as his nose and his ears.

"Medic," Will shouted as he turned from examining the unconscious man.

"Agent Du," a man called out, leaning over the man Kim had hit just before rushing Dementor. "This one is already gone. His entire jaw looks…..pulped."

Kim turned paler than usual as she eyed Ron.

"Call Wade. Now," was all Ron told her, saying no more as Will Du narrowed accusatory eyes fixed on her.

To Be Continued…